Enjoy 2 Days Cruise Trip from Sydney

2 Days Cruise Trip from Sydney
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If you’re short on time but still want to get away from it all, a two-day cruise from Sydney may be just what the doctor ordered. With its stunning Harbour Bridge and iconic Opera House, Sydney is a great starting point for various water-based pursuits. The following tip is for getting the most out of a rejuvenating but brief two-day cruise trip.

Five of Sydney’s Best Two-Day Cruises

2 Night Sampler Cruise

It’s one of the most cutting-edge vessels, with mind-blowing features like never-before-seen amenities and experiences like never-before-seen cuisine. Experience a multi-sensory airborne adventure in Live. Love. Legs, where you can get breathtaking views from the North Star and a cocktail served in binary at the Bionic Bar®.

Capabilities And Infrastructure

  • The North Star observation capsule, located 300 feet above the ocean, has the Guinness World Record for the highest viewing deck on a cruise ship, providing breathtaking views in every direction.
  • In SPLASHAWAY BAY, we measure fun in barrels. Water slides, water cannons, waterfalls, and more await your children at this improved and expanded water park. Everyone will get drenched when the drench bucket is full.
  • RIPCORD BY IFLY: Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of skydiving, and the RipCord by iFLY simulator brings that experience to you without ever having to leave the deck.
  • Get in the driver’s seat of the only bumper cars at sea and prepare for endless excitement. At SeaPlex, the world’s largest indoor activity space, rush hour takes a thrilling spin.

Australia Cruise

While sailing on Crown Princess, you can take in panoramic vistas of the world. When you return to the ship after a day of exploring the coast, you’ll be greeted by a peaceful ambiance filled with world-class entertainment and dining options spread across the ship’s approximately 900 balconies and stunning three-story Atrium.


You can eat as much as you want, whenever you want, on the Princess®. Every hour, our chefs are hard at work in the kitchen, preparing delicious dishes from scratch. From unlimited buffet options to gourmet pizza, frozen snacks, delectable desserts, and more, Princess delivers unequaled all-inclusive dining options around the ship.

  • Eat the Way I Want to
  • Clam Bar
  • Global Eatery


You can have fun at any time of day or night on any Princess cruise. Visit The Shops of Princess, participate in cultural celebrations at our Festivals of the World, or pick up a new skill at one of our many onboard workshops.

Discoveries Through SEA Programmes

  • Like a Las Vegas Casino
  • The Plaza
  • Princess Street Shops
  • Auction House & Art Space
  • Gallery of Images
  • Hot Tubs & Freshwater Pools
  • The Sports Field
  • Linked Royalty
  • WiFi MedallionNet
  • Enjoying Some Afternoon Tea

Disney Wonder

Think of a place where kids and their parents can enjoy the imaginative escape only Disney can provide. The Disney Wonder, with its 11 decks full of restaurants, pools, leisure, and more, is renowned for its classic design, current innovation, and timeless whimsy and is ready to carry you to exotic locations just waiting to be explored.

Onboard Fun

Immerse yourself in a never-ending parade of unforgettable experiences designed to thrill and amaze you and your loved ones. Here, Disney’s famous quality and service are surpassed only by the magic that awaits you around every corner.

In this edition of SPOTLIGHT AT SEA, we’ll look at some of the ship’s newest features and must-do activities that will excite the whole family and help you make memories that will last a lifetime.

  • The Tiana Lounge
  • Bar Crown & Fin
  • Academy of Marvel Super Heroes
  • Boutique Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
  • The Musical Extravaganza That Is Frozen
  • Scents Salon & Spa

Royal Princess

You will be made to feel at ease and home the moment you step foot on board. You’ll feel right at home on your Princess® ship, thanks to the warm and welcoming service the crew provides. Floor plans, amenities, and furnishings are examples, and your specific cabin and cruise line may offer something different.

Where to Eat

Princess, feel free to eat anytime. Every hour, our chefs work tirelessly to provide delicious, made-from-scratch meals. Gourmet pizza, ice cream, luscious desserts, and an unlimited selection at the ship’s buffet are just a few of the many delicious options at Princess’s all-inclusive dining venues.

  • Eat the Way I Want to
  • Clam Bar
  • Pizzeria Alfredo
  • Ascension Court
  • A Global Hangout
  • Tranquilo Grille


There is always something fun on a Princess cruise, no matter the time of day. Visit The Shops of Princess, participate in cultural celebrations at our Festivals of the World, or pick up a new skill at one of our many onboard workshops.

Discoveries Through Sea Programmes

  • Like a Las Vegas Casino
  • Ocean Boardwalk
  • Royal Reception Live on Stage
  • The Plaza
  • Princess Street Shops
  • Auction House & Art Space
  • Hot Tubs & Freshwater Pools
  • The Sports Field
  • Wi-Fi MedallionNet®
  • Enjoying Some Afternoon Tea

Travel on the Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth will transport you with her timeless art deco style. This Queen is really lovely, and she oozes elegance and sophistication. Get ready for a trip of a lifetime. Queen Elizabeth ushers you into a peaceful realm, where her expansive decks provide the ideal setting to enjoy a seamless Cunard voyage. Enjoy the resort’s unending entertainment, plush lodgings, and myriad culinary options.

Her sparkling chandeliers and art deco accents complement modern conveniences for a memorable vacation. Relax in her exquisite conservatory, watch a show at her Royal Court Theatre, or play croquet on her Games Deck. As usual on Cunard, the decision is yours.

At Sea with the Queen

On this luxurious Cunard liner, you can enjoy the shows and the art deco decor to your heart’s content. The opportunities are unlimited from listening to live piano music while sipping a magnificent cocktail to relaxing on her open decks.

  • Other Dining Options 
  • Gin and soda
  • Kids’ Stuff to Do
  • Kitchen & Main
  • Fun Pack
  • The Classic Afternoon Golf Game
  • Party Night 
  • An event including live music
  • A Show for the Evening


What can passengers on a 2-day cruise from Sydney expect?

A two-day cruise out of Sydney is a well-planned mini-vacation. Visitors will see Sydney’s famous sights, including the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, from a new and exciting perspective while on the sea.

In addition, the cruise often provides an all-inclusive package with a wide variety of onboard entertainment, delicious meals, and a short excursion to a nearby coastal area, culminating in a revitalizing maritime adventure.

Do any countries we plan to visit on our cruise require visas?

If a traveller already has the right to enter Australia, they normally do not need a special visa to take a 2-day cruise out of Sydney, as the cruise’s itineraries are usually within Australian seas.

However, itineraries can vary widely from cruise to ship, so passengers should double-check their chosen voyage’s particulars and ensure they can legally enter each stop.

Does the cruise fare include food and entertainment aboard the ship?

Absolutely! Most Sydney-departing 2-day cruises provide all-inclusive itineraries. The cruise fare typically includes many high-quality dining experiences, from casual buffets to formal dinners. In addition, there are many free entertainment alternatives for tourists, including concerts, dance shows, parties, and games. Always double-check with your cruise line for the fine print and applicable restrictions.

Is there a minimum or maximum age requirement for a Sydney 2-day cruise?

Vacations on a cruise ship are great for families because they are usually well-suited for people of varying ages. However, some of the ship’s venues and entertainment options, including as the casinos and shows, may have age requirements.

Not all cruises welcome unaccompanied adolescents; some may even need their parents’ permission for particular activities. For specific information on the cruise line’s age policies, passengers must consult the terms and conditions or contact customer service.


A two-day cruise out of Sydney is a fantastic way to see the world if you have limited time but want to relax, explore, and learn about new cultures. Sydney’s breathtaking coastline provides a picture-perfect background for any trip, no matter how short.

Every detail, from the breathtaking vistas of famous locations to the sumptuous on-board amenities, is designed to provide passengers an unforgettable experience. Although brief, the experience is nonetheless unadulterated.

A two-day cruise from Sydney captures the essence of a big maritime experience, promising passengers an unprecedented journey of discovery and refreshment. Whether it’s the prospect of new lands to explore, the excitement of onboard entertainment, or the appeal of gourmet dinners under the stars, a two-day cruise from Sydney has it all.

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