Enjoy 3 Day Kakadu Tours from Darwin

3 Day Kakadu Tours from Darwin
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Discover the stunning Kakadu National Park on this three-day tour, which offers fascinating waterfalls, prehistoric rock art, and expansive plains as you discover more about this intriguing region of the nation.

Darwin is near numerous other remarkable locations in Australia, such as Kakadu National Park. For good reason, Kakadu National Park is among Australia’s most well-liked tourist spots!

The park has some of the most breathtaking scenery in the nation and a wealth of species. Kakadu National Park offers activities for all visitors, including hiking through the rainforest, breathtaking waterfalls, and old Aboriginal rock art. 

What Makes a Darwin Kakadu Tour Worth It? 

It’s no secret that most visitors to Kakadu National Park begin their journey in Darwin. It is, after all, the capital and nearest airport of Australia’s Northern Territory, giving it an ideal starting point for visiting Kakadu. Travelers can quickly and easily explore Kakadu National Park’s top attractions because of its ideal location. However, many people considering visiting Kakadu are unaware of the park’s size. Approximately 20,000 square kilometres make up this national park, making it one of the biggest in the nation. 

Without worrying about getting lost, you’ll be able to see all that the park offers when you have an experienced guide at your side. Not only that, but most tour operators also provide transportation to and from Darwin along with all the gear you’ll need for your Kakadu expedition. That means all you have to do is kick back, unwind, and enjoy the journey.

3 Day Kakadu Camping Tour

This 3-day small-group safari is our favourite tour and the ideal choice for tourists on a tight budget who wish to see Kakadu without going over budget. After being picked up from Darwin, you will immediately begin your tour and spend three thrilling days hiking, swimming, seeing wildlife, and exploring the park.

In a 4×4 vehicle, you and your buddies will drive through the park, stopping at all the popular attractions. Buley Rockholes, Jim Jim Falls, and Aboriginal Rock are just a few of the tour’s highlights! Take a three-day trip to Kakadu and swim in the plunge pool at Jim Jim Falls, watch the sunset at Ubirr, or relax at Wangi Falls.

You’ll be returned to Darwin, rejuvenated and prepared to continue your Australian trip, following an exciting three days in Kakadu National Park. Each person on this tour pays $950 AUD, which covers all meals, camping gear, entrance fees to national parks, and round-trip transportation from Darwin.

A qualified guide who will show you all the best spots to view wildlife and take in Kakadu’s natural splendour is also included in the price. All that’s required is an adventurous spirit. We thoroughly enjoyed this Kakadu tour during one of our visits to Kakadu National Park. We suggest camping under the stars in Kakadu National Park at least once, which is one of the best aspects of this vacation. For those who love the outdoors and don’t mind spending a little money, it’s the ideal choice. 

Tour Specification

  • Three Days and Two Nights
  • Permanent campsites for two nights
  • Entry ticket for Kakadu Park Pass
  • Enter the Wetlands River Cruise
  • escorted nature hikes (about 3 kilometres, ages 2-4)
  • Qualified Outback driver educator
  • complete remarks on local tours
  • Air-conditioned minibus transportation
  • Highlights of the 3-day Kakadu Litchfield Tour
  • See Kakadu National Park, which is recognized as a World Heritage Site.
  • Examine the Aboriginal Cultural Center in Kakadu.
  • Take a Wildlife Cruise in the Wetlands of the Mary River
  • At *Cahills Crossing, keep an eye out for barramundi and crocs.
  • Ubirr Rock’s breathtaking Aboriginal rock art and sunset vistas
  • World-class Aboriginal rock art sites: Ubirr Walk (weather and season allowing) or Burrungkuy (Nourlangie)
  • Explore Barramundi Gorge (Maguk) or Jim Jim Falls, two of Kakadu’s most striking waterfalls and plunge pools (conditions/seasonality permitting)
  • Gaze upon century-old magnetic termite mounds with admiration.
  • Discover the awe-inspiring waterfalls and secret waterholes in Litchfield National Park.
  • Swim in the pools at Wangi Falls, Buley Rockhole, or Florence Falls.


Take a Crocodile and Wildlife Cruise on the Mary River Wetlands after leaving Darwin to begin your journey. This is a terrific way to see various top-end birds and some juicy, salty apex-predator crocodiles. We travel to Kakadu National Park and stop at the Bowali Visitor Center, which provides a stunning overview of the park’s flora and fauna. After unwinding at camp, we head north to Cahills Crossing, which is the border between Kakadu and Arnhem Land.  

We’ll head to Ubirr Rock at dusk, home to one of the planet’s best-preserved Aboriginal rock art collections. This highly noteworthy location allows us to ascend to a high point for an amazing sunset across the Nadab Floodplain. It also features a variety of rock art styles. Following a long day, we return to our comfortable tent, cook dinner together, and spend the evening with our fellow travellers.


Dinner and Lunch. Accommodations: Bush Swags or Permanent Tents at Jabiru Campground (communal facilities). Route traveled: 420 km. Hike Length and Level: 1 km loop; 2-4

Day 2

We get up early on day two and head south to Kakadu National Park. Today, we will hike through lush monsoon rainforests and swim in pure plunge pools and waterfalls surrounded by rocky cliffs and steep escarpments as we take in the area’s breathtaking natural beauty. We usually go to Twin Falls or Jimmie Falls when they’re available during the season. 

Alternatively, we’ll halt at Yurmikmik (Motor Car Falls) or Barramundi Gorge (Maguk). Numerous factors influence accessibility, but your guide will ensure the greatest possible experience. If we have time, we visit Nourlangie Rock, another site of native rock art where archaeologists have discovered artefacts over 20,000 years ago. After investigating the area’s historical, social, cultural, and environmental developments, we return to the camp for a filling supper and a well-earned nap.


Morning, lunch, and dinner meals. Accommodations: Bush Swags or Permanent Tents at Jabiru Campground (communal facilities). Distance Traveled: 150 km. hiking distance and grade: between 1.5 and 4 kilometres.

Day 3

Passing through Pine Creek, a tiny pioneer hamlet in the Katherine region outside of Kakadu National Park that gained notoriety for its gold discovery in the 1970s, as one heads south. We travel to Litchfield National Park after making a brief breakfast stop at the Adelaide River. We lose ourselves in the natural haven of Litchfield’s waterfalls, spring-fed streams, and craggy sandstone escarpments during the day.

We’ll take some time to relax in the gorgeous rock pools and waterfalls at Buley Rockholes, Wangi Falls, or Florence Falls. After touring the remarkably striking Cathedral and Magnetic Termite Mounds, head back to Darwin and check your lodging around 7:00 p.m.

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Meals: Lunch and Breakfast. 500 kilometres is the driving distance. hiking distance and difficulty level: between one and two kilometres. 

What Will Be Included In The Package

  • Permanent Safari-Style Tented Campsites for Two Nights (2 x Jabiru)
  • There are shower and restroom facilities in campgrounds.
  • consists of two breakfasts, three lunches, and two dinners.
  • Aboriginal culture and the study of rock art
  • Wetlands River Cruise at Billabong
  • Entry prices for Kakadu Park passes
  • escorted nature hikes (up to 3km, ages 2-4)
  • A certified Outback driver guide will be hosted.
  • Cooling 4WD off-road bus transportation
  • complete remarks on local tours
  • specific Darwin inner-city locations for pickup and drop-off

What Will Be Not Included

  • You can rent sleeping bags to you on board for $40 AUD, which covers the cost of cleaning. It is more than OK for you to bring your own. Direct payment to the tour operator is required.
  • Any meals that aren’t listed on the schedule. We advise bringing food for people on specific diets because there aren’t many options in the outback.
  • Accommodation transports before and after the tour schedule to a designated pickup location.
  • Getting travel insurance is strongly advised.
  • Personal costs

What to Pack

Bring your own sleeping bag and pillow (if staying in a swag), refillable water bottle (3 litres), a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuit, beach towels, and toiletries, comfortable, sturdy hiking shoes (tread closed-toe shoes), and all-weather clothing (extreme conditions including wind, heat, cold, day/night). You should also pack a 15 kg soft bag and small day pack, tropical strength insect repellent, mosquito or fly net (summer months), flashlight, headlamp, or torch, cash for snacks and meals, and bring your own bedding (if staying in a swag).

Where to Gather 

The Travelodge Resort Darwin, 64 Cavenagh St., Darwin City, will be the main gathering place for this tour at 6:30 a.m. Guests will be waiting for collection at the main gates of Cavenagh Street.

  • 6:25 – 3 Buffalo Ct., Darwin City – Frontier Hotel Darwin
  • 6:30 – 64 Cavenagh St., Darwin City – Travelodge Resort Darwin
  • Darwin City, H on Smith Hotel, 81 Smith St., 6:35
  • Darwin City’s The Cavenagh Hotel, 12 Cavenagh St., 6:40
  • 6:45 – Mini Bus Zone for the Tourist Precinct, 69 Mitchell St., Darwin City
  • Darwin City, H on Mitchell Hotel Apartment, 105 Mitchell St., 6:50
  • 6:53 – Darwin City’s DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Esplanade, located at 116 Esplanade
  • 6:55-Mantra on the Darwin Esplanade, located at 88 Darwin City Esplanade

To avoid missing your tour or being late, please come five to ten minutes before the time and location you have designated for pickup. Please wait outside the hotel’s front door rather than in the foyer.

Terms of booking

Our Agreement

We are the ones that make all of the reservations. You have agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions stated in these booking conditions by making a travel reservation with us. We will accept your reservation based on this information. The services listed on your invoice and/or booking confirmation are the ones that will be rendered. AC003612 is the accredited bus number.


Dates and itineraries are indicative only as of January 1, 2022; they are valid through March 31, 2024.

Customary Circumstances

Before making a reservation with us, please take the time to read and comprehend the terms of booking listed below. Before making a reservation, we highly advise you to review the information about your product or service to ensure you know the schedule, requirements for physical activity, and style of the tour you are taking. If travellers do not read the terms and conditions of their booking, GLT will not be held accountable.

Despite our best efforts, GLT will not be held responsible for any disease, injury, loss, damage, delay, or inability to participate in the tour that arises from circumstances beyond our control. It is strongly advised that all travellers obtain travel insurance that includes COVID-19 coverage in case of an unforeseen cancellation.

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We can change routes or itineraries, car classes, prices, operating days, and even cancel trips in unanticipated events. This is particularly true when the weather changes with the seasons and/or when parks are closed for customary landowner celebrations. On some tours, hiring other authorised tour operators may occasionally be necessary. The fares are displayed in Australian dollars and are accurate as of the publication date, although they could fluctuate. 

Information for Travelers

When making your reservation, you must include all the information requested so that we can verify your trip plans. Your complete name, phone number, email address, country of origin, Australian postcode, and any past medical history that would make it difficult for you to finish your travel plans. Refer to our Privacy Policy for further details about how we handle your personal data.

Terms and Conditions for Bookings

Customer is in charge of their own testing and vaccinations. The client agrees to abide by all COVID-19 entry regulations set forth by the government (federal, state, and territory) and any immunization or testing requirements to gain admission into Australia and/or when using tour and transportation services. 

The customer will forfeit all money paid, and we reserve the right to prohibit boarding if they are not vaccinated and/or cannot provide proof of a negative RAT test before departure. If a consumer cancels for reasons other than the need for vaccinations and/or testing, the operator will have the authority to provide a credit card or refund that can be utilized later; or to keep all money that the customer has paid. 

  • Depending on when the client gives notice of cancellation, the operator reserves the right to withhold an amount for administrative costs and other losses for the purposes of. Customers Are in Charge of Their Own Health and Safety When Traveling on Short-Term or Long-Term Trips
  • Certain lodging providers could demand documentation of a negative test result before allowing guests to access the property if they return a positive test while on tour. It is highly recommended that multi-day travellers pack some RAT tests, as they can be hard to pass in some rural areas.
  • Should they have to cancel their trip before it’s over, they will be liable for all COVID-related relocation costs. If guests decide to leave early, there will be no financial compensation for any portion of the tour they do not participate in.
  • The Department of Health advises drivers and passengers in commercial passenger vehicles to wear fitted face masks during virus transmission. This is not required anymore.  

Policy On Cancellations And Refunds

Revocation by the Passenger

We acknowledge that travel plans can occasionally change. If you must cancel all or part of your reservation, the cancellation policies listed below will take effect. Only once we get written confirmation that you have notified your appropriate booking agent of your cancellation will a cancellation become effective. 

Should you want to modify or postpone your trip:

Day Visits

  • Changeable Dates An infinite number of complimentary date adjustments are offered until seven days before departure; or
  • Two to seven days before departure:
  • We will retain 100% of your money as a credit voucher that you can use three years after the date of purchase.
  • Any refund or credit voucher that comes from a cancellation can be used for any other trip that GLT offers in Australia; or
  • At least eight days before departure,
  • We will return the remaining amount you paid for your reservation, less any expenses that cannot be recovered; or
  • You will forfeit the full cost of your ticket and be ineligible for a refund if you fail to board the trip or cancel within 48 hours or two days; or
  • Quick Breaks / Prolonged Journeys
  • Flexible Date adjustments: up to 30 days before departure, an infinite number of complimentary date adjustments are possible; or
  • Between 14 and 30 days before departure:
  • We will retain 100% of the money you pay as a credit voucher that you can use three years from the date of purchase.
  • Any refund or credit voucher that comes from a cancellation can be used for any other trip that GLT offers in Australia; or
  • At least thirty-one days before departure,
  • We will reimburse you for the remaining amount you paid for your reservation, less any costs that cannot be recovered.
  • You will forfeit the full cost of your ticket and not be entitled to a refund if you cancel or fail to board the tour within 14 days; or

Any credit travel voucher that arises from a cancellation under (Cancellation by the Traveller) can be used against any other trip we offer, with a three-year expiration date. Although transferable, this credit cannot be redeemed for cash.

It should be noted that cancel policies may differ if reservations are made through third-party agents. If any variances apply, your travel expert will let you know. When making a reservation, we highly recommend that you get cancellation insurance. We do not have to reimburse you for any unused services if you cancel a trip after it has started for whatever reason. No refund or reimbursement for incurred departure expenses will be given if you cancel a trip, join it after it has left, or leave it before it is finished. The cancellation terms mentioned above are reduced by any amounts that travel agencies, lodging providers, third-party affiliates, and suppliers cannot recoup.

Cancelled By The Provider

Unless the minimum group size declares otherwise (see Product Fact Sheets), or if a Force Majeure causes the trip to be cancelled, our trips are assured to leave as soon as they have one fully paid passenger on board. Up to seven days (for day trips) and thirty days (for short breaks and extended tours) before departure, we have the right to cancel a trip. 

Alternatively, circumstances such as terrorism, natural disasters, severe weather, political unrest, or other outside events make carrying out the scheduled itinerary impractical. In that case, we do have the right to cancel a trip at any point before departure.

Typical Cancellation

  • Should your trip be cancelled, you will have the option to:
  • A complete refund of the money you paid for your trip
  • Transferring funds to a different departure date or GLT-operated excursion; or
  • Given a three-year credit travel voucher equal to the amount you paid for your trip.
  • Cancellation Due to Force Majeure
  • Should a trip be cancelled as a result of a “Force Majeure Event,” you have the following options:
  • A 100 per cent credit voucher for the amount you paid for your travel; or
  • Subtracting unrecoverable expenditures from the return.
  • We may give you a pro-rata option if the cancellation due to a “Force Majeure Event” happens after the trip has started.
  • A certificate for 110% credit for the days you have left on your vacation; or
  • Refund less expenses incurred for the days you have left on your trip.
  • Any travel certificate with credit that results from a cancellation as described in (Traveler Cancellation):
  • 3-year expiration date and can be used for any other GLT-offered vacation that is available;
  • Are not exchangeable for money;
  • Does not include insurance or airfare because those will have different booking requirements.

Refunds are deducted from unrecoverable expenses when the cancellation results from uncontrollable external occurrences. Any additional costs you may have had as a result of your reservation, such as non-refundable flights, travel insurance excess, visas, or vaccines, are not covered by us. 

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Force Majeure Event refers to a variety of events that are beyond the reasonable control of the parties, whether or not foreseeable, that would make it unsafe or impractical for a trip to begin or continue, such as acts of God, war, civil unrest, riots, blockades or embargos, fire, explosion, breakdown, union dispute, earthquake, epidemic, pandemic, or another health emergency, flood, windstorm, or another extreme weather event, lack or failure of courses of supply, the passage of any law, order, proclamation, regulation, ordinance, demand, requisition or requirement, or any other act of any government authority.

Taking up Risks

Australia has many deadly animals, harsh weather patterns, and diverse topography. You run a higher risk if you encounter these risks while camping, hiking, or just outside. Our top emphasis is safety, and our guides have received extensive training to guarantee passenger safety. We disclaim all liability for any damage, injury, or mishap brought on by tour participants.

Trip Protection

It is advised that all visitors obtain travel insurance, which should be done at the time of booking and before the departure of the tour. Your travel insurance must include coverage for emergency repatriation, 24/7 medical expenditures, and personal accident death, with a minimum suggested coverage of US$200,000 for each coverage category.

It is also highly recommended that it includes coverage for COVID-19, personal liability, baggage loss, and cancellation curtailment.  If your credit card or bank account is linked to travel insurance, please ensure you carry the insurance policy number, the emergency contact number, and the participating insurer’s data with you instead of the credit card number and bank name.

Policy On Alcohol

We do not allow the consumption of alcohol in our cars. If a passenger poses a risk to other passengers, our driver, or the vehicle, we reserve the right to prohibit re-entry. Additionally, we maintain the right to notify you at any point before your leave and while the establishment is open that alcohol is no longer allowed. Australia’s legal drinking age is eighteen, and identification with a photo is needed.

Child Policy (Minimum Age)

Due to the variety of our product line, our child and newborn policies and prices change based on the trip. Any traveller under the age of eighteen must have an adult or legal guardian with them. Age limitations apply for short breaks and extended travel: 8 to 17 years old.

  • Travels where the itinerary includes nights spent staying somewhere:
  • Basic Single Swag: Adult and/or child fares are applicable.
  • Adult and/or child fares apply to the safari tent twin share.
  • It is not appropriate for infants or kids younger than seven years old.

Costs And Additional Fees

Variable and seasonal pricing, common practices in the tourism business, apply to our tour prices. This implies that the cost of our tours can change at any time based on availability, demand, and market conditions. Different passengers on the same journey were given different costs. Your best bet is to make a reservation at that time if you like the price you see. 

Any price reductions or discounts offered after you’ve paid won’t be applied. The cancellation terms listed below (Cancellation by the Traveller) apply if you want to cancel your reservation to benefit from a lower price. You can see the most recent prices on our websites. Please be aware that using a credit card to purchase could result in an additional fee.

Policy on Baggage

On our (Day Trips), no luggage storage facilities are available to improve travel comfort. Therefore, it is advised that you bring a light daypack that weighs no more than five to seven kilograms. (Extended/Short-Break Tours): Each participant is only permitted a maximum of 15-20 kilograms of luggage, ideally in a soft travel pack. There can be an additional charge for carrying a lot of luggage. If you arrive at the airport with too much luggage, surfboards, bicycles, or other inappropriate items, you will not be allowed to board unless you make prior arrangements. Other: It is unsafe to store walking aids such as wheelchairs, pushers, strollers, walking frames, and mobility scooters in our cars. Before making a reservation, Please let us know if any assistance is needed.

Collection And Delivery

GLT may provide certain lodging providers with free inner-city pick-up and drop-off services. Please be aware that the customer must arrive at the designated pickup site (the lodging provider) at least ten minutes before the scheduled departure. The tour leader might not be able to find you if you don’t wait through the front of your chosen place, which would prevent the loading. It is not the responsibility of GLT to deal with passengers who do not load.

Special Conditions

Any dietary needs, food allergies, and/or medical issues should be disclosed to the Get Lost Travel group at the time of booking or no later than seven days prior to the departure of the tour. Extended trips include limited meal options; advance booking is necessary to ensure availability, while it is not guaranteed. 

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Booking Verifications and Questions

Within 48 hours of departure, all reservations must be verified by email to info@autopiatours.com.au.

Our Dedication

On our Darwin tours, we at Autopia Tours actively advocate for preserving the local flora and animals. Our responsibility is to ensure that the species living in this World Heritage Listed area and its environs are not unduly disturbed. It’s also important to always be sensitive to cultural differences and show respect for the traditional owners. Teaching visitors about low-impact methods, the value of protecting species, and the sustainability of the environments in the places we visit is a part of our duty.

Customary Owners

Firstly, Autopia Tours would like to pay our respects to the original inhabitants of our land, the Wurundjeri people in particular. At all times, please be mindful of and considerate of the sensitivity of indigenous culture and their spiritual connection to the land.

Wildlife Meetings

Wildlife’s natural behaviours should be respected and should not be tampered with. People should be careful not to move quickly or suddenly when observing wildlife since this could frighten the animals. They should also make as little noise as possible and avoid touching, stroking, or feeding any wildlife, even birds. Interactions with humans can infect wildlife with diseases and make them hostile. Only licensed wildlife handlers should handle and feed wildlife. 

By introducing items that are bad for their digestive systems and causing contact with people, feeding wildlife can change how they forage naturally and increase the risk of disease or illness. Moreover, feeding wildlife can make it hostile toward people. Report any wildlife that looks to be in danger, in distress, or hurt right away to the proper authorities, such as your tour guide or guide, a National Park Ranger, or staff from the visitor centre.

Defending The National Parks We Own

Individuals must stick to the specified walking paths, stay behind security gates or barriers, and obey the guide’s or tour leader’s instructions. Leaving these can destroy natural vegetation, wildlife refuges, and delicate ecosystems. Other hazards to be mindful of include overhanging tree branches, rocky outcrops, cliff edges, and slick ground cover. Staying on course guarantees both the environment’s and visitors’ safety.

Taking any type of plant or animal out of its natural habitat is improper. This includes decaying timber, fallen leaves, flowers, and other such items since they are an integral component of the local environment, and their removal could cause havoc.

Waste Control

Waste receptacles are installed on every bus. It is not appropriate to dispose of organic garbage on the ground. Even though they are organic, materials like bread, banana peels, apple cores, and other food scraps are not native to the area and might bring in pests and diseases or cause harm to wildlife if consumed. 

Bringing a water bottle is advised for every visitor on our Grampians Tour. Buying bottled water adds a significant quantity of plastic to landfills. Since our cars have water refill stations, we kindly request that visitors bring their own bottles. Please make sure you drink enough water during the tour to lower your chance of becoming dehydrated and exposed to the sun.

Initial Care

Every one of our guides has a valid Level 2 First Aid certification. Kindly inform your tour guide of any illness or accident. Anybody with a current medical condition is advised to bring their medication with them on the tour and to let their guide know at the start of the journey. In case you smoke! Please confine your smoking to approved areas and abstain from it when you are among other passengers. 

We do not allow smoking in any of our cars or in any kind of lodging, including long-term campgrounds. Although we try to give customers some free time through numerous comfort stops, we cannot guarantee smoke breaks. Please make sure you properly and responsibly dispose of your cigarette butt.


What Age Range Is Appropriate For This Tour?

Children eighteen and seventeen years old must be accompanied at all times by an adult or legal guardian. Due to safety regulations and the level of athleticism needed to finish the treks, infants and children 7 years of age and younger are not recommended.

On a tour, how much luggage may I bring?

We only have limited space on board our cars, so we suggest that clients traveling on short breaks/extended excursions bring small soft overnight bags and hand luggage only. While on tour, you can leave bulky and big suitcases at your hotel. Anyone who has to utilize a wheelchair, walker, stroller, or mobility aid is not eligible for this tour.

Do You Accommodate Dietary Restrictions?

Please let us know if you have any special dietary needs or medical concerns when you make your reservation or at least a few days before your trip so that we can make the appropriate preparations.

On A Tour, What Kind Of Meals Do We Eat?

Most of the meals are made by our tour leaders and consist mostly of simple camping fare; occasionally, on-site accommodations will also supply them. Guests are requested to assist with food preparation, cleanup, and car unloading/unpacking since meeting and bonding with other travellers is a wonderful opportunity.

Does The Tour Price Include Admission To The National Parks?

Parks Australia costs are included in the tour price offered by Autopia Tours, which covers our customers for a 3-day visit to Kakadu National Parks. Guests who are not on our tours are not allowed to purchase Park Passes.

Is Travel Insurance Necessary For Visiting The Top End?

In light of the fact that we will be visiting isolated areas of the Northern Territory with limited access to medical care in the case of illness or accident, it is strongly advised that each passenger obtain personal travel insurance.  Information regarding the kinds of plans and policy options offered is not authorized for Autopia Tours to provide. This can be obtained through your chosen insurance provider or a recognized neighborhood travel agency.

COVID-19 Statement

We have improved frequent sanitation and put in place thorough hygienic measures for your protection. Before leaving, all staff members will check their temperatures, and disposable face masks and hand sanitise will be supplied. Click this link for additional details.


Embarking on a 3-day Kakadu tour from Darwin is more than just a journey; it’s a soulful immersion into ancient landscapes and timeless traditions. As the vast horizons of Kakadu National Park unfold, travellers are embraced by its majestic waterfalls, millennia-old rock art, and the whispering tales of the indigenous people. Returning from such an adventure, one carries memories and a deep-rooted connection to a land that speaks the language of the earth and sky.

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