20 4WD Road Trip Trails in Australia

4WD Road Trip Trails in Australia
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If you shut your eyes and think of a location you would rather be, a road trip across Australia is undoubtedly at the top of the list. Australia, one of the greatest nations for overland travel, offers a variety of road journeys that will make you want to fantasize.

There is no better way to discover our great country than if you have the luxury of time and the chance to get behind the wheel. We’ve selected a few of our all-time favourite drives below. There is an incredible Australian road trip to suit everyone, regardless of where you begin or your schedule.

Our list offers activities for everyone, whether you enjoy driving, hiking, going to the beach, or watching birds. There is an incredible road journey for every style of visitor, from the pristine wilderness of Cape York to the Ningaloo Reef’s crystal blue seas.

Best 4WD Road Trip Trails in Australia Based On Provinces

1. The Western Australia Province

Perth To Ningaloo Reef Road Trip

A separate universe exists in Western Australia, with its extensive white sand beaches and lovely villages. A road-trippers fantasy has come true. Snorkelling at Ningaloo Reef, located just off the shore at Cape Range National Park near Exmouth, is the major attraction of this trip. Other attractions include:

  • Taking a manta ray cruise at Coral Bay.
  • Feeding dolphins in Monkey Mia.
  • Travelling a short distance north of Perth to explore the Pinnacles Desert.

With this itinerary, you will travel under 1,200 km along the breathtaking Coral Coast. Be cautious when overtaking road trains and be alert of animals while driving in the dark and morning, just like most drivers on Australian roads and motorways.

The Pilbara Road Trip

The Pilbara Drive is a lonely and intriguing self-drive excursion in the Australian outback. It traverses Western Australia’s vast and untamed Pilbara region for more than 2,400 miles. Take your time to enjoy the breathtaking canyons and mountains and the natural red desert environment.

Explore the region’s rich history at various Aboriginal cultural places you should take advantage of. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets in Karratha, go hiking and swimming in Karijini National Park, jump in a waterfall, and go on a horseback excursion.

Broome To Perth Road Trip

The traditional road trip in Western Australia. The trip from Broome to Perth is a protracted and beautiful one that will keep you on the road for days. Although this tour will require you to drive for around 30 hours, it will reward you with stunning canyons, intriguing fauna, national parks, and historic rock formations.

Unmissable highlights during the 2,200+ kilometre trip include Geraldton’s stunning beaches, the red pindan cliffs of Broome, the ancient gnamma holes of the Pilbara, Exmouth’s world-class diving, and more.

2. Victoria Province

Great Ocean Road Drive

One of Victoria’s most stunning coastal highways is the Great Ocean Road. Port Fairy is around 370 miles from Melbourne. You might do it in a single day, but you should take your time and stop along the route. Let’s start by visiting Torquay, a haven for surfers. After that, enjoy the scenery while getting a coffee in Lorne and a slice of Apollo Bay’s renowned scallop pie.

There is so much variety on this short route. You may pause to go on treks amid verdant jungles and view wildlife. The famous Twelve Apostles, sometimes called the Great Ocean Road’s crowning achievement, are the most noteworthy attraction along this road.

Great Alpine Road Trip

The Great Alpine Road Drive is a fantastic journey through the high country of Victoria. Traverse the winding roads, taking in majestic mountain views and picturesque alpine towns. Pass through the old villages of Bright, Harrietville, and Omeo, and explore the many lakes, rivers, and national parks. Enjoy the fresh mountain air and spectacular scenery. This 339-kilometre stretch of road is completely sealed and accessible.

Bass Coast Road Trip

A thrilling self-drive vacation across Victoria’s Gippsland area is the Bass Coast Discovery Loop. This circle takes you past picturesque coastal villages, surf beaches, and beautiful woods. Explore the Bass Coast’s various sceneries along the route by fishing, swimming, kayaking, bushwalking, and cycling. You may also explore historical locations, discover indigenous cultures, and savour delectable regional wines and food.

3. Queensland Province

75-Mile Beach Road Trip

75 Mile Beach Drive is a stretch of sand that hugs Fraser Island’s eastern shore. It is the only beach highway in the world and offers beautiful ocean views, dunes, freshwater lakes, and animals. There are many options for swimming and fishing on this World Heritage site along the 4WD-only path, which is a fantastic way to explore the island.

Great Barrier Reef Drive

Although the Great Barrier Reef Drive is only a short distance, it is jam-packed with Queensland’s finest coastal scenery. World Heritage sites, national parks, tropical jungles, and remote beaches are all available in this varied region. Along the 140-kilometre route, there are a lot of stunning viewpoint points to appreciate. Remember to stop at Port Douglas to see the famous sunset with the locals at Rex Smeal Park.

Cairns to Cape York Road Trip

If you have ever dreamed of venturing to the tip of Australia, this is your road trip. The Cairns to Cape York drive via Cooktown is a 1,500-kilometre journey that will take you through some of Australia’s most spectacular national parks and secluded beaches.

From the lush rainforests of Far North Queensland to the remote outback, you’ll experience a diverse range of landscapes offering excellent snorkelling and fishing. With creek crossings and corrugation galore, this is the perfect road trip for the adventurous traveller.

4. Northern Territory Province

Red Centre Way Road Trip

The Red Centre Way is a charming road that travels through the Red Centre of Australia. You pass through some of the most recognizable landscapes in the nation on your 800-kilometre tour, including the towering Uluru, the untamed MacDonnell Ranges, and the breathtaking Kings Canyon.

You may explore Aboriginal art sites, cattle stations, animals, and extraordinary history while enjoying the red earth’s beauty. For some of this journey, some advise a 4WD car. However, there are workarounds without a high-clearance vehicle.

Uluru To Kings Canyon Road Trip

The spectacular trip from Uluru to Kings Canyon through Australia’s Red Centre. It is a must-do for any Australian road tripper and takes you through the breathtaking Outback desert terrain. The famed rock formation of the Northern Territory, Uluru, is visible as you start the trip.

As you go south, Youth quaint colonial towns and far-flung Aboriginal settlements. The magnificent as you go south Kings Canyon, carved out of the surrounding sandstone, is reached after the last section of the trip.

5. New South Wales Province

Old Grafton Road Trip

In New South Wales, the Old Grafton Road connects Glen Innes and Grafton. It is an excellent picturesque drive. The 100-kilometre course comprises dirt and gravel and follows the Mann and Guy Fawkes Rivers, abutting natural areas and national parks with unspoiled views.

Along the route and rivers, in addition to crossing the Mann River Nature Reserve, Guy Fawkes National Park, and Dalmorton State Forest, you may take in historic tunnels and remnants of once-vibrant little settlements.

Barrington Tops Road Trip

The Barrington Tops scenic drive is a spectacular journey through Australia’s oldest national park, winding through its towering ancient forests, crystal-clear rivers, and incredible waterfalls.

In this short 50 to 60 kilometres drive, you will be treated to views of the rugged mountain ranges, lush farmland, and crystal-blue lakes. This route is a camper’s dream, with fantastic swims in freshwater rivers, bushwalking, bird-watching, mountain biking, fishing, and camping.

6. Tasmania Province

Hobart to Freycinet Road Trip

A lovely overland trip of Tasmania’s east coast may be found on the Hobart to Freycinet journey. Small towns, steep mountains, and miles of magnificent shoreline are all along the route. Visit the lovely Freycinet National Park and the quaint seaside towns of Orford, Swansea, and Bicheno.

The 2.5-hour, 200-kilometre trip is a beautiful opportunity to experience Tasmania’s natural beauty. Remember to try the superb local seafood and wine!

7. Multi-State Trips

Outback Way Road Trip

The Outback Way is a 3,000-kilometer self-drive road that connects Winton, Queensland, and Laverton, Western Australia, via Australia’s vast outback. The route, referred to as the “longest shortcut,” comprises current highways, dirt roads, and unpaved paths and travels through some of the most famous scenery in the nation.

This journey gives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience extraordinary animals, beautiful scenery, and the ability to go to some of Australia’s most isolated areas.

Alpine Way

From Thredbo in New South Wales to Bright in Victoria, The Alpine Way offers a panoramic route through the Australian Alps, passing through some of the most beautiful alpine scenery in the country, including the Kosciuszko National Park, with views of snow-capped mountains, sparkling rivers, and lush forests.

The 289-kilometre route is well-liked by both tourists and locals, offering a variety of activities from skiing and snowboarding to hiking, camping, and rock climbing.

Legendary Pacific Coast Drive

Australia’s east coast is traversed on the legendary Pacific Coast Drive from Sydney to Brisbane. Take your time on this tour to enjoy the beautiful coastline landscape, immaculate beaches, and charming hinterland villages.

This captivating 1,000-kilometer trip from Port Stephens’ dunes to Byron Bay’s beaches provides exploration, adventure, and leisure, with various activities including surfing dunes, discovering sea caves, and kayaking through crystal-clear waterways.

The Big Lap Road Trip

The most well-known road journey in Australia is the pinnacle of overland travel. While making this trip in a few months is possible, many people take a year or longer. You can take in the splendour of our magnificent beaches and the dazzling lights of Australia’s main cities.

There are other methods to complete the Big Lap, but for the most, you’ll travel over 14,000 km on Highway 1. The best part is you can have an endless summer if you time it just so!

Kangaroo Island Road Trip

Kangaroo Island is considered one of the best wilderness escapes in Australia. The Kangaroo Island drive offers a captivating journey through our country’s third-largest island. Jump on the ferry from Cape Jervis, SA, and before knowing it, you will be cruising through lush, untouched bushland, past rugged cliffs, and to pristine beaches.

This self-drive lets you explore the island’s unique geological features, taste fresh produce, and observe the abundant flora and fauna. Over 1,600 kilometres of sealed roads connect the major townships of the island.

Perth to Darwin

The mountainous Kimberley area, the enormous Red Centre, and the tropical Top End are just a few of Australia’s most breathtaking landscapes that you will pass through on your ambitious 4,000+ km road journey. You’ll see a variety of flora, fauna, and cultural attractions.

Even though it can be completed in two weeks, we advise taking your time to take in everything, from the hospitable towns and far-flung outback stations to the breathtaking gorges and clear waterfalls of the national parks.


Q1. Why are road trips famous In Australia?

If you want to see Australia correctly, whether you’re an Australian eager to explore your backyard or a first-time tourist, hire a vehicle and go on the road. Australia has varied beauty: vibrant cities, quiet communities, stunning valleys, and vast tablelands. With roughly 4,000 miles of road, here are some attractions you’ll see along the journey.

Q2. Which Provinces Are The Best For Australian Road Trips?

The Australian provinces with the best road trips are Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales, Tasmania, and other multi-state trips.

Q3. Which One Is The Best Among These?

Selecting any road trip from any province is challenging because each province has different natural beauty and picturesque views.

Q4. Why Select 4WD Vehicles For Road Trips?

When and when you need traction, a 4WD provides it. You’ll notice that some of the most modern or recently produced automobiles can now provide torque and vectoring to handle each tire’s traction separately for maximum safety and performance.

Final Note

The most significant way to travel and see Australia at its finest is by taking a road trip. Australia has something for everyone, from the rough shoreline of the Bass Coast to the beautiful seas of Ningaloo Reef to the crimson sands of Broome. Countless gorgeous roads and undiscovered treasures will likely please every traveller, regardless of schedule or budget.

So why not organize your experience and travel? Prepare for the journey of a lifetime by grabbing your map and keys. You never know what you could find out when travelling. 

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