Adelaide to Broken Hill Road Trip – Discovering the Secrets of the Outback

Adelaide to Broken Hill Road Trip
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Adelaide to Broken Hill road trip will be smooth if you know what you will see during the tour. You may be going on an official tour or for some personal reason. You may turn your boring time into something enjoyable too.

You must know about places to help you forget the tiredness and make you happier. But first, let’s know a little bit about the two places, Adelaide and Broken Hill. 

Distance and Time of Adelaide to Broken Hill

You are going from Adelaide to Broken Hill for the first time. You will need to know about the distance between these two.

The time you will need to reach there is also an essential issue. The total distance from Adelaide to Broken Hill is 517 km or 321 mi. It will take 6 hours to complete the journey

Adelaide to Broken Hill Road Trip – Itinerary, Attractions, and Activities

Driving Distance517 km or 321 mi
Time in Car6 Hours
Trip Duration3 days
Stops31 stops
Nearest AirportBroken Hill Airport

There are certain stops between Adelaide to Broken Hill road trips. The distance between Adelaide and Broken Hill is 54 km and 74.3 km on the road. You can go to Barossa Valley from Adelaide in 3 ways.

Fly on a plane, ride on a bus, or drive a car. It will take 2h 42m to fly on a plane, on a bus 6h 30m and if you drive it will take only 5h 30m if you drive in your car. The bus journey will be the cheapest one, and the plane journey will be expensive for them.

But if you take the flight, you will see nothing between the places. The best option is to drive a car. It will allow you to stop where you want and visit the amazing spots too.

We will show you how you can go from one to the next stops and reach Broken Hill ultimately.

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Adelaide to Barossa Valley

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The Barossa Valley – 40 | Kyle Taylor | Flickr

Get ready for your journey from Adelaide to Broken Hill by packing your luggage. The first area you have to go to is Barrosa Valley.

You can choose any ways to go to Barossa Valley from Adelaide three. The first one is taking a train and taxi. You have to ride the train from Adelaide station to Gawler Central station.

After that, you have to take a taxi from the station to the Barossa Valley. It will take only 1h 18m. The second option is taking a taxi directly to the Barossa Valley, which will take 52 minutes.

Besides, with your car, you can drive the distance at the same time of 52 minutes if you want. Now come about the cost. Your car drive will cost less among them and more when you take a taxi.

Here you will have many places to visit and a good collection of drinks too. 

Top Attractions In Barossa Valley

  • Barossa Valley Cheese Company
  • Barossa Balloon Adventures
  • Artisans Of Barossa Experiences
  • Barossa Bowland And Mini Golf

Restaurants In Barossa Valley

  • Hentley Farm Cellar Door
  • Seppeltsfield Road Distillers
  • Harvest Kitchen
  • Fermentasian Restaurant

Accommodation In Barossa Valley

  • The Louise
  • Kingsford The Barossa
  • Rogasch Cottage
  • The Villas – Barossa

After visiting the places of Barossa Valley, you will get tired. Now you need to rest and prepare for the next journey. There are many comfortable accommodations for you in Barossa Valley. Pick one according to your choice.

Barossa Valley to Mintaro

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Mintaro Maze 20161023_22cs | My previous photo of Mintaro al… | Flickr

Now you have to go to Mintaro from Barossa Valley. So get up early in the morning and take preparation for the tour after finishing your breakfast. 

The historic Mintaro is situated right in the center of Clare Valley. It is the first town in South Australia that has been listed as a State Heritage Area. When you roam around the streets of Mintaro, you will feel that the time has been back in the past.

Moreover, you will get to taste good wine here. There are two routes to take to Mintaro from Barossa Valley. If you take the Marrabel Rd by car, it will take 1 hr 16 min to cross an area of 94.8 km.

Again, taking Horrocks Hwy/Main N Rd and Barrier Hwy/A32 will waste 1 hr 21 min to ride 100.6 km.

Top Attractions In Mintaro

  • Riesling Trail
  • Mintaro Maze
  • Martindale Hall
  • Mintaro To Martindale Hall Short Walk

Restaurants In Mintaro

  • Reillys Wines Cellar Door
  • Mintaro Mews
  • Reilly’s Restaurant
  • Mintaro Hideaway

Accommodation In Mintaro

  • Mintaro Cottage
  • Reillys Wines Heritage B&B Cottages
  • Magpie And Stump Hotel
  • Devonshire House

Some of the accommodations of Mintaro will help you to get the feel of living in a historic place. Again you will get some modern accommodations too. It will depend on you which one you will choose. 

Mintaro to Burra

Burra Monster Mine Burra South Australia
Burra Monster Mine, Burra, South Australia.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Our next stop is Burra from Mintaro. You can start a fresh journey the next day as it will take a little time to reach Burra. 

Within 25 minutes, you can reach Burra via Copper Ore Rd, Farrell Flat Rd, and Barrier Hwy/A32. It is a total distance of 34.4 km. But if you come to Burra from Adelaide directly, it will take only two hours. 

Burra is known as a historic mining town. The town is situated between the lush vines of Clare Valley and the red dirt of the Outback. You can enjoy the mining history and other attractive places here. 

Top Attractions In Burra

  • Red Banks Conservation Park
  • Market Square Museum
  • Morphett’s Enginehouse Museum
  • Miner’s Audit

Restaurants In Burra

  • St Just Cafe
  • Bon Accord Hotel
  • Cook O’Burra
  • Royal Exchange Hotel – Restaurant

Accommodation In Burra

  • Burra Motor Inn
  • Wicklein Villa of Burra
  • Burra Heritage Cottages – Tivers Row
  • Paxton Square Cottages

Some of the accommodations are pet friendly, and the restaurants have open places so that you can sit outside. I hope it will be an extraordinary journey for you. 

Burra to Peterborough

Former Peterborough Town Hall South Australia 2017 02
Former Peterborough Town Hall, South Australia, 2017 (02).jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Now you will have to go to the next stop Peterborough from Burra. It is a short journey, so you can easily complete it by the time the morning passes. 

You should know the distance between Burra To Peterborough. It is 78 km, but it will be 85.8 km when you drive it on the way. The time you have to waste is 54 minutes. 

There are three railway gauges here, so it is a railway town, and every day, at least 100 trains pass the town. There are many tourist attractions here, including the museum. 

Top Attractions In Peterborough

  • Town Carriage Museum
  • Town Hall
  • The Statue of Bob the Railway Dog
  • Meldonfield Miniatures at the YMCA

Restaurants In Peterborough

  • Duck Duck Goose
  • The Tinsmith’s Cottage
  • Railway Hotel/Motel
  • Roundhouse Motel – Restaurant

Accommodation In Peterborough

  • 106 Hill Street
  • Andy’s Accommodation
  • Granny’s B & B
  • Henry’s Place B & B

The beautiful towns with attractions also have a proper arrangement for you to stay there and enjoy a perfect time with your friends and family

Peterborough to Yunta

Yunta railway station 2017 01
Yunta railway station, 2017 (01).jpg – Wikimedia Commons

From Peterborough, you will have to go to Yunta. It is also not a distant area. So you will not have to be tense about it. 

To go to Yunta from Peterborough, you must move in the northeast direction. It is a distance of 82.41 km from Peterborough. The distance will be 88.51 km when you drive your car, and you can go to Yunta in 52 minutes via the A32 route.

The rural area of Yunta is a small area of 5011.702 square kilometers. The capital Adelaide is in the distance of 276 km from Yunta. It is popular as it is within the Australian Central Daylight Time zone Australia/Adelaide.

Top Attractions In Yunta

  • The Big Dice
  • Peterborough Motorcycle & Antique Museum
  • Town Carriage Museum
  • Peterborough Printing Works

Restaurants In Yunta

  • Yunta Truckstop
  • Yunta Hotel

Accommodation In Yunta

  • Yunta Hotel

When you are done seeing the amazing attractions of Yunta, you should take preparation to go to the next stop. 

Yunta to Olary

Olary railway station 2017 02
Olary railway station, 2017 (02).jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Another very small rural area of South Australia is the Olary. It is 75.70 km away from Yunta. You have to drive 77.25 km by the A32 route, which will take 43 minutes, and you will be in Olary.

The name came from the nearby waterhole or well by the pastoralists Duffield, Harrold, and Hurd.

Top Attractions In Olary

  • Olary Memorial Hall

Restaurants In Olary

  • O’Leary Walker Wines

Accommodation In Olary

  • Olary Hotel

Visit the Olary Memorial Hall along with sightseeing in Olary and have some food in the restaurant. After visiting the area, you can rest in the hotel and prepare for the upcoming trip. 

Olary to Broken Hill

Argent Street Broken Hill 2017 09
Argent Street, Broken Hill, 2017 (09).jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Now you should take preparation as we will go to the stopping place Broken Hill. Early morning will be a great decision because you will get two small stops on the way too. 

The next stop from Olary is our destination Broken Hill. But there are two areas between them, which are very near Olary and Broken Hill. 

The distance between Olary to Tikalina is 29.9 km via Barrier Hwy/A32, and it will end within 22 min by car. Again the distance from Tikalina to Cockburn is 47.1 km via Barrier Hwy/A32. With your car, you can cross the way wasting 36 min only. You may not stop in this stoppage if you want. 

Now come about the distance between Olary to Broken Hill. It takes only 1 hr 16 min by car. You have to drive a distance of 116.6 km via Barrier Hwy/A32. Then you will reach your destination. 

Top Attractions In Broken Hill

  • Royal Flying Doctor Service
  • Pro Hart Gallery
  • The Broken Hill Sculptures & Living Desert Sanctuary
  • Line of Lode Miners Memorial
  • Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre
  • Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum

Restaurants In Broken Hill

  • Tydvil Hotel Bistro
  • The Silly Goat
  • Bells Milk Bar
  • S-Que Restaurant
  • Tydvil Hotel Bistro
  • The Palace Hotel Restaurant

Accommodation In Broken Hill

  • Broken Hill Outback Resort
  • Royal Exchange Hotel
  • Comfort Inn Crystal Broken Hill
  • ibis Styles Broken Hill
  • Black Lion Inn Hotel
  • Desert Sand Motor Inn

Broken Hill is a place with many attractions along with numerous beautiful places. There is also plenty of restaurants and accommodations. Rather there are so many that you will need clarification about which one you should choose and where to visit.

It may need 5-7 days to visit the places of Broken Hill alone. It is up to you how much time od you have on your hand and how many days you want to spend here.


How Many Days Should I Spend In Broken Hill?

At least two. But it will depend on how many days you want to spend here because there are so many things to see and enjoy in Broken Hill. 

Is The Road Between Adelaide To Broken Hill Sealed?

You don’t have to worry because the entire road is sealed properly. So, you can journey a long distance. 

Is It Required To Bring A 4WD To Drive To Broken Hill?

No. As the roads are in good condition, you can bring a 4WD vehicle

Can I Book Accommodation Online For The Broken Hill?

Yes, you can. The top hotels have online booking facilities. 

Can I Go to Broken Hill from Adelaide on a flight?

Yes, you can. There are so many available flights for you from Adelaide to Broken Hill. 

Last Words

towns between Broken Hill and Adelaides will make your almost 6 hours journey forget the tiredness of the journey. Why will you not take a chance on the Adelaide to Broken Hill Road Trip?

You will get places here to satisfy all ages of your family members. Broken Hill to Adelaide bus trip will also let you enjoy the same way. Plan a tour on your holiday today to create some more beautiful memories!

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