Adelaide to Canberra Road Trip – 5 Stops to Make Along Your Journey

Adelaide to Canberra Road Trip
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Australia’s capital city, Canberra, is a tourist hotspot well known for its national attractions. The city is famous for art and history enthusiasts who love the city’s local arts and historical sites. The city has one of the lowest crime rates of any significant Australian city and has created a strong, hospitable, and friendly society.

If you want to start your journey from Adelaide and have at least two days in hand, then Canberra is the perfect destination for a holiday escape. There are many beautiful spots between the cities you can explore on a road trip Murray Bridge,  Hay, Narrandera, Wagga Wagga, etc.

So let’s stop the ado and dive deeper to see more about this trip.

Adelaide to Canberra Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions 

Bus Distance18 hrs 45 mins
Car Distance12 hrs 37 mins
Train+Bus19 hrs 51 mins
Stops30 stops
Nearest AirportCanberra (CBR) Airport 

Driving from Adelaide to Canberra is a direct route 1,159 kilometres long. Most of the trip is spent travelling over the Sturt Highway.

In typical traffic, the distance from Adelaide to Canberra can be covered by car in slightly over 12 hours. 

A mix of flying, taking a taxi, and travelling by bus is an option for travellers from Adelaide to Canberra who are interested in maximizing their comfort while minimizing their financial outlay.

Here are some of the top sights to see on the way from Adelaide to Canberra:

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Adelaide to Murray Bridge

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Sun setting on the bridge at Murray Bridge| Flickr

Your journey from Adelaide to Canberra will begin with a visit to Murray Bridge. There is a distance of 65 kilometres that separates Adelaide and Murray Bridge.

However, the road distance is 74.3 kilometres, and it will take between 51 and 54 minutes to reach the destination by car.

Murray Bridge is an excellent place for easily accessible adventure and enjoyment. You will be able to discover the rich cultural heritage that spans from the time of the Aboriginal people to the early settlement by Europeans. Finding a park or reserve to spend most of your leisure time is simple.

The Murray Bridge area is close to the Murray River and is ideal for family summer vacations. This location provides swimming,  canoeing, house boating, and bird watching. In addition, skiing and tree climbing are both possible here.

Nowadays, the place is most known for providing guests with countless options for water sports, relaxing by the river, hiking, and having access to various cuisine and drinks.

Murray Bridge to Hay

pexels pixabay 289334
Round Bale Lot · Free Stock

Murray Bridge and Hay are separated by 514.59 kilometres in an easterly direction and by 582.58 kilometres in a car travelling along the A20 route. If you drive non-stop, it takes 5 hours and 45 minutes to get from Murray Bridge to Hay.

A rich agricultural past, fascinating museums, breathtaking Outback sunsets, and winding cycleways can all be found in Hay.

Since Hay is located directly in the middle of the Long Paddock driving route, that’s an ideal place to break your drive from The Murray River through to the Riverina and into the heart of New South Wales.

If you want to stay at night, there are lots of options among country pubs, cottages, motels, and riverside caravan and camping sites you can choose from.

Hay to Narrandera

Looking up East St Narrandera
Looking up East St, Narrandera – Wikimedia

The distance from Hay to Narrandera when travelling east is 158.52 kilometres and 177.03 kilometres by car over the A20 highway. On the other hand, the distance between Hay and Narrandera can be covered in 1hrs and 44 mins of continuous driving.

Narrandera is situated on the Murrumbidgee River’s red gum corridor. It combines elegance, charm, and history while providing tree-lined streets, mysterious shady parks, and garden sanctuaries. This city is a hub for tourists exploring the surrounding area. 

Explore the local culture with a stroll around the Shire’s historic districts, a meal at one of the area’s outstanding restaurants, or a trip to one of the area’s museums. 

Not only that, but you can also spend quality time walking around the Narrandera Wetlands. Lake Talbot Aquatic Park, Lake Talbot, and the Murrumbidgee River are great places to relax.

Narrandera to Wagga Wagga

1280px Wagga Wagga viewed from the Wiradjuri Reserve
Wagga Wagga viewed from the Wiradjuri Reserve – Wikimedia

Wagga Wagga is the most remarkable inland city in New South Wales, Australia. When travelling by car, the distance from Narrandera to Wagga Wagga is approximately 96.8 kilometres. It will take around 1 hour and 4 minutes to reach your destination if you use the Sturt Hwy/A20 route.

Wagga Wagga is known as the “City of Good Sports” because it is home to many of Australia’s sports heroes, such as Peter Stirling, a rugby legend; Mark Taylor, the former Australian cricket captain; and Paul Kelly, a great AFL player.

Historically, Wagga Wagga is the location of several museums and art galleries. The Regional Art Gallery of the Council is one of the most well-known galleries, and it can be found in the Civic Center. 

The Regional Art Gallery houses an impressive collection of works by eminent Australian artists, including paintings, sculptures, and other three-dimensional works. When you find yourself in that area, make it a point to stop by and explore them all.

Wagga Wagga to Canberra

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Canberra, water, lake, tree, river

The quality of life in Canberra is unmatched by any other location. The city and region have been ranked the most livable in the world.

It will take about 2 hr 49 min to travel the 244.4 kilometres required to get here from Wagga Wagga using the Hume Highway or the M31.

The city of Canberra serves as the capital of Australia and is rich in political and historical significance. Simply taking in the most iconic sights of this city will take you a full 2/3 days of your time.

Spring is the optimum time to visit Canberra’s attractions (September to November). Because of the pleasant climate at this time of year, going outside is one of the most enjoyable things to do.

The early hours of the day and the evenings have a refreshingly mild temperature, while the daytimes are warm and sunny.

Canberra is recognized as a city that runs entirely on renewable energy, and over % of the ACT comprises natural parks.

If you are interested in observing five of the well-known endemic Australian animals in the area, the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is the venue. These animals include the: kangaroo, koala, platypus, emu, and wombat.

Why is Canberra Famous?

Canberra is famous for its many national museums and art galleries. It is the best location for a large number of social and cultural institutions of national significance, such as; 

National Gallery of Australia (NGA)

This historical Gallery of Australia houses the most incredible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork in the world within its ever-expanding collection of over 155,000 art pieces. More than 15,000 artisans did these works.

Royal Australian Mint

This place is the exclusive manufacturer of all circulating coins in Australia. The Mint is located on Denison St in the Deakin area of Canberra, Australia’s federal capital city.

The Mint, which opened in 1965, is a popular tourist spot for locals and tourists.

Australian War Memorial

This great place combines a shrine, a top-notch museum, and a substantial archive.

The Memorial was built to honour the sacrifices of Australians who lost their lives in combat or while serving in the military and those who defended their country during the war.

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

This institute leads a united, high-performance sport system that helps Australian athletes win international medals. Some of Australia’s finest athletes can be seen training here. You can also look into Sportex. 

It’s a fun and informative sports experience where you may try wheelchair basketball, simulated football penalty shootouts, downhill skiing, rock climbing, and other activities.

Moreover, well-informed persons also take the time to explore the hidden treasures and intriguing attractions in their areas. Visit a magnificent garden home to one-fifth of Australia’s most native plant species.

You can also explore their renowned market housed in what was once a bus depot and a zoo, where you can assist in conserving endangered species.

Where Should You Dine and Drink in Canberra?

Canberra is a great place to eat and drink a variety of delicacies. There are numerous notable restaurants where you can enjoy authentic Australian cuisine. Some famous food corners are listed below;

A Nguyen Vegan restaurant – Kingston, Australia

This restaurant serves food modelled after traditional Vietnamese cuisine and intended to please the senses.

You can taste plenty of savoury foods such as; vegetable wok dishes, tofu,  rice dishes, curries, noodle soups, and fake meats such as veggie beef, soy fish, soy chicken, and drumstick.

Breakfast at Gather Café – Mort Street, Braddon

This award-winning café in Braddon is focused on providing a clean and healthy environment for its customers.

You can visit the restaurant to drink freshly squeezed juice, Kombucha, off-time coffee, smoothies, healthy breakfast, and lunch.

Tu Do Vietnamese Restaurant – Sargood Street, O’Connor

The Tu DO, which serves classic (Australian) Chinese cuisine, has been a fixture in the O’Connor stores for decades. This fast-food establishment is worth checking out if you enjoy Vietnamese and Chinese food.

You’ll be blown away by perfectly prepared spicy meat, beef noodle, and spicy soup.

Pizza at Briscola Italian – Alinga Street

Briscola has made a name for itself in the Canberra food scene by providing a dining experience that is authentically Italian in a way that is simple while maintaining a stylish edge. 

You should go there if you have a fascination for pizza because they serve gourmet pizzas, Italian comfort food, and beverages in a sophisticated, welcoming environment.


We’ve gathered all the essential information you need to know before embarking on an Adelaide to Canberra road trip. Below is some additional information for your convenience;

How far are Adelaide and Canberra apart?

Canberra and Adelaide are both located in Australia and have coordinates for their locations.

The projected flying distance between Adelaide and Canberra is 595 miles (958 kilometres).

There is a total of 1168.05 kilometres of travelling distance between Adelaide and Canberra if you choose to travel by car.

Travel duration is 10 hrs 25 mins if you drive at an average speed of 112 kilometres per hour (70 miles per hour).

The distance between flying and driving is approximately 210 kilometres.

Where should I stay in Canberra?

There are many different campgrounds in the region surrounding the city. On the other hand, luxury accommodations and hotels are also available.  

Can you sleep inside your car in Canberra?

It’s not illegal if you sleep or reside in your vehicle. But make sure that you’re not causing any problems and are parking your car legally on a public road.

In that case, the police are not compelled to move you on since they do not have the authority to do so.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we have covered all the Adelaide to Robe trip details. We have tried to identify all the visiting places between this trip, including the distance of the places as well as the places’ attractions.

If you read this article, you must see that we also talked about the most convenient travel route, accommodations, and food. Now, what else do you need to do? Start packing your stuff and go!

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