Adelaide to Ceduna Road Trip: The Ultimate Guide!

Adelaide to Ceduna Road Trip
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The drive from Adelaide to Ceduna road trip associates New South Ridges’ most significant and one of the biggest urban communities. The distance between Adelaide and Ceduna is 793 kilometres, and the driving time is 8 hours and 45 minutes. However, this road trip is more enjoyable and gives you a bunch of things to look at.

Is A Trip To Ceduna Worthwhile

Travelling is an absolute pleasure. It takes you to stunning highways, where you can take in breathtaking views, nature, and scenery everywhere. The 793-kilometre stretch between Adelaide and Ceduna is attractive and enjoyable. There are five ways to go from Adelaide to Ceduna. They are

Way To TravelAdelaide to CedunaHahndorf to CedunaAdelaide to Ceduna via Streaky BayAdelaide to Ceduna via WhyallaAdelaide to Ceduna via Port Lincoln
Time To Go8 Hours8 Hours9 Hours9.5 Hours11.5 Hours

Adelaide to Ceduna Road Trip Itinerary

Among them, this blog will cover the first one Adelaide to Ceduna driving route.

Adelaide To Mount Remarkable National Park

1280px Mountremarkableslope
Travel Distance267 km
Travel Time by car3 Hours 3 minutes

Mount Remarkable National Park, which is conveniently located near Adelaide, is the ideal destination for families. There is a variety of wildlife in abundance, as well as campgrounds with excellent amenities. There are routes throughout the park for people of all ages, making it a famous destination for bushwalking. Some incredible views, including those of the Spencer Gulf and the Willochra Plain from the 960-meter-high Mount Remarkable Summit, are to be obtained.

There are various short and long, difficulty-varying mountain biking and walking paths in the Willowie area that meander around the foothills of the Mount Remarkable Range. This network of pathways traverses the Pep­per­mint Box Eucalypt eco­log­i­cal community and the native forest. The trails lead you through serene wooded areas that are alive with bird cries and cross numerous watercourses. Look for historical ruins, such as the machinery and buildings from previous farms.

Mount Remarkable National Park To Pichi Richi Railway Station

Travel Distance52.8 km
Travel Time by car38 minutes

The Port Augusta and Government Gums Railway, which runs north of the Flinders Ranges and is now called Farina, began construction in 1878. The line was expanded to Oodnadatta in 1891 and then further (771 miles or 1241 km) to Alice Springs in 1929, creating a crucial rail connection to Central Australia. The period 1923 to 1956, and on the northern portion of this line until 1980, the renowned Ghan passenger train travelled in this direction.

On the old Ghan line between Port Augusta and Quorn, you can take a full-day or half-day ride on a restored steam or heritage diesel train operated by the Pichi Richi Railway.

Pichi Richi Railway Station To Port Augusta

port augusta 4070472 1280
Travel Distance1.0 km
Travel Time by car3 minutes

At the mouth of the Spencer Gulf, South Australia, is the city and former port of Port Augusta. Port Augusta, which was established in 1852 and named for the spouse of Sir Henry Fox Young, a former colonial governor of South Australia, was integrated as a town in 1875 and connected by rail to Adelaide, located 191 miles (307 km) to the south-east, in 1878. It attained city status in 1963. Its port facilities, somewhat constrained by a shallow approach, still service some coastal shipping, but Port Augusta ceased to be listed as a port in 1973. Port Augusta is the end of both the Central and Trans-Australian railways. Kurdnatta, its Aboriginal name, means “place of drifting sand.”

Market Of Port Augusta

Port Augusta, a crucial hub of services for a sizable portion of the Outback (backcountry sheep lands), serves as a market for the wheat and wool produced in those regions. Salt production, railway workshops, and power generation are among the city’s industries. The last one generates most of the state’s electricity and is fueled by low-grade coal transported from Leigh Creek (150 miles [240 km] north). The state offices of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the School of the Air are in Port Augusta.

Port Augusta To Wadlata Outback Centre

1280px Wadlata Outback Centre 2017 03
Travel Distance1.2 km
Travel Time by car3 minutes

Crawl through Max, the enormous Ripper Lizard, to begin your adventure through the vast “Tunnel of Time” at the Outback Centre if you want to learn everything about the Flinders Ranges and the Outback. Wadlata is home to the region’s approved visitor information centre, which has a wide selection of literature and maps and can give you all the travel advice you need for your time in Port Augusta and your upcoming vacation. Wadlata is your first “must-see” stop because of its sizable gift shop and the well-known Outback Tuckerbox.

Wadlata Outback Centre To Davenport St

F. Jacob Schmidt House
Travel Distance1.1 km
Travel Time by car3 minutes

A quaint cottage situated on a peaceful street only a short distance from the CBD. This lovely home has a low-maintenance front yard and a sizable backyard that can be seen from the back deck, making it ideal for entertaining. Spectacular 15-foot pressed tin ceilings, elaborate fireplaces, and spacious rooms await you inside. The property now offers all the contemporary conveniences you anticipate from a modern home, thanks to renovations to the kitchen and bathroom.

Housing In Davenport St

The house has three spacious bedrooms, an open kitchen/dining space, and a formal living room in the middle of the house. The home also has ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling, providing year-round comfort. The property is more convenient by adding a second toilet, which is placed away from the laundry.

The property has a security alarm system for added security and peace of mind. The backyard’s two outbuildings also offer plenty of storage space. The house is an excellent jewel because it has antique elaborate pressed tin ceilings and contemporary comforts. 

Beautiful Sceneries Of Davenport St

The property is close to Seaview Christian College, Port Augusta Secondary School, Carlton Primary School, Augusta Park Primary School & Kindergarten, and the central business district. Emma’s Deli and Crossroads Pharmacy are also nearby.

This property has an excellent chance for the investor to generate rental income. A rental return of 5.8% to 6.4% has been estimated for the property, giving it a decent return on investment. The rental range for the property is $300 to $330 per week.

Davenport St To The Big Galah

Big Galah Kimba 1
EPSON scanner image
Travel Distance156 km
Travel Time by car1 Hour 39 minutes

Roger Venning and his family constructed the Big Galah in Kimba, in the middle of Australia. It is almost two tonnes in weight, and its width of it is two and a half metres. It was erected in July 1993 and is made of steel, high-tension bird wire, fiberglass, and gel coating.

This fantastic family destination also has a bakery with seating areas and a fully air-conditioned showroom with local jade, opals, iron ore, semi-precious stones, and different gems on display. Additionally, you may buy souvenirs, specialised gift lines, and Quandong goods such as exclusive jams, chutneys, and relishes. There is plenty of parking, restrooms, a laundrette, and a picnic space nearby. You’re welcome, coaches.

The Big Galah To Halfway Across Australia

Halfway Across Australia sign Kimba South Australia 2010
EPSON scanner image
Travel Distance450 m
Travel Time by car1 Minute

The Half Way sign, the Eyre Peninsula travel guide, and various websites that promote the town and region all state this.  Conveniently, these offer no distances to back up their assertions. Although the measurement is stated on the webpage as “as the crow flies.”

Google Maps indicates that the driving distance between Perth and Sydney is 3934 kilometres. It determines that the shortest driving distances between Sydney and Kimba are 1700 km and 2230 km, respectively. Even the longest route from Sydney to Kimba via Melbourne only covers about 1900 km, which is still less than half the distance to Perth, which is more than 4000 miles away.

Halfway Across Australia To Wudinna Showground Campground

35356938365 4382714cfa b 1
Travel Distance103 km
Travel Time by car1 Hour 5 Minutes

About 600 people live in Wudinna, a little town in South Australia not too far from the shore. Wudinna Showgrounds offers excellent parking for people looking to explore the area. Up to 5 nights may be spent at the showgrounds for a fee of $10 per vehicle per night. The parking lot’s self-registration station is where you pay the $10 registration fee. Trash cans, restrooms, and drinks are available at this location, and leashed pets are welcome.

Check out some of the area’s natural features whilst you’re there. It is imperative to visit Mount Wudinna, Polda Rock, Corrobinnie Hill, and Ucontitchie Hill. Fortunately, the magnificent Gawgler Ranges National Park is only 40 kilometres north of the city—$ 10 per powered VPN connection, payable at a self-registration station in the parking area. Parking restrictions include a five-night maximum stay, leashed dogs, mobile phone service, a disposal point, bins, restrooms, and water.

Wudinna Showground Campground To Ceduna

44491313215 a96e04e3e2 b
Travel Distance211 km
Travel Time by car2 Hours 11 Minutes

South Australia’s west-central Ceduna is a town and port. It is 340 miles (550 km) northwest of Adelaide on Denial Bay in the Great Australian Bight. In 1896, it was founded. Its name, which is of Aboriginal origin and refers to a local water hole as a “resting place,” is derived from that word.

It has a rail connection to Port Lincoln, is located on the Eyre Highway east of the Nullarbor Plain, and focuses on capturing and packing fish. Isles of St. Francis Conservation Park is nearby and home to many animals, including the endangered Cape Barren geese.


Where Can You Stop Between Adelaide And Ceduna?

You can stop along the road at the Gawler Ranges National Park, Port Augusta, and the Clare Valley if you take two or three days to complete the journey. Driving between Ceduna and Adelaide can also explore the breathtaking Eyre Peninsula.

Can You Swim On Ceduna’s Beach?

Access to the swimming enclosure, enclosed by sturdy ultra-core netting, is provided by a boardwalk that runs alongside the Ceduna pier and leads to a platform and gangway that lead directly into the water.

Driving Time From Adelaide To The Northern Territory Is How Long?

Yes, the 3029-kilometre drive from Adelaide to the Northern Territory. Driving time from Adelaide to the Northern Territory is roughly 29 hours and 3 minutes.

Why Should You Choose To Visit Ceduna?

The Far West Coast boasts breathtaking beaches and cliffs bordered by solitary woodland, far enough from busy city life to preserve its natural environment and tranquillity. It is a peaceful, distinctively different location to reside in or visit.

Is Driving In Australia More Affordable Than Flying?

Driving is typically the most affordable mode for travelling with a group of people or alone. Flying is your best option to get to your destination without a hassle because driving will almost always take longer than flying.

Final Thoughts

Adelaide is a popular starting or ending point for visitors to South Australia since the road and air connect it to other significant Australian cities and states. It is the state capital of South Australia and is well known for what some refer to as a Mediterranean way of life. The city is smaller than most Australian cities.

Still, it makes up for it with outstanding food and wine, cultural activities and festivals, wildlife, shopping, and stunning sites. Ceduna is one of the main stops on this road trip because it is the first significant town you reach in South Australia after the long journey across the dry Nullarbor Plain, and it is only 777 kilometres from Adelaide. Adelaide To Ceduna Road Trip will help you to explore the city and help to create some beautiful memories.

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