Adelaide to Coffin Bay Road Trip: A Comprehensive Guide

Adelaide to Coffin Bay Road Trip
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Adelaide To Coffin Bay Road Trip is a seven hours drive from the mainland of Adelaide to the coastal area of Coffin Bay. Get into the driving seat and take a break from your busy life schedule. Enjoy the vast beauty of scenic landscapes of Australian nature by stopping at the following places marked on the map.

City Of Adelaide

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Adelaide is a cultural event and entertainment hotspot. Enjoy award-winning eateries in the center of Adelaide or sample the world-famous wine districts only minutes from the city. Explore Adelaide’s attractions and a flourishing restaurant and pub scene at night, or join the fun at our immersive festivals and events. Adelaide is home to Australia’s official best restaurant, hotel, wine, gin, and beach.

Adelaide Skydiving Pty Ltd.

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Adelaide Skydiving Pty Ltd. is an excellent site to attempt skydiving if you have always wanted to. You will be strapped to your instructor after a full safety lecture, making it impossible to turn around once you reach the open aeroplane door. Experience the rush of freefalling at 136 mph before descending softly on the ground.

Port Wakefield

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is growing as a tourist attraction due to its convenient access to the Gulf of St. Vincent for fishing and other water sports. It has access to Clinton National Park, Samphire Coastal regions, tidal flats abounding with mangroves and animals, nature trails, various coastal birds, a Heritage Courthouse Museum, a tidal swimming hole, mild coastal breezes, and tidal flats teeming with wildlife. Additionally, it serves as a gateway to other well-known tourist attractions.

Port Wakefield evolved and became a key location for such goods as South Australia’s agricultural, mining, and, subsequently, fishing sectors developed. A port was constructed to handle the growing output of goods such as ore from the Burra mines, hay, and wheat from local and neighboring farms. Up to the emergence of the railway system, the town expanded steadily and prospered off of the new industry.


Lake Bumbunga 1

Located 125 kilometers north of Adelaide in South Australia’s Mid North lies a little town called Lochiel. The community is situated near the eastern base of the Hummocks Range and next to Lake Bumbunga’s western shore. To be seen from the major highway, a local guy named Gary Taylor and his friends made a sculpture made of rubber tires and plastic in the shallows of Lake Bumbunga 2.4 km north of the town in 1972. They named it “Loch Eel” in jest, about the Loch Ness Monster legend. According to rumors, Lochiel will have an additional tourist attraction by the beginning or middle of 2022, which will assist in breaking up lengthy routes one travel.

Port Germein Golf Club

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The Port Germein Golf Course is between the Spencer Gulf and the Flinders Ranges. It is a winter course that is only open from March through September and has one of the lowest green fees in the country at just $2. Gentle dunes surround the 18 holes and have fairways made of natural grass. Numerous native trees have been planted in the previous five years to define the expansive fairways and course borders.

The club has around 60 members, and competition days are Wednesday for the ladies and Saturday for the men. With a combination of lush grass fairways and gently sloping dunes, the Port Germein Golf Course features a distinctive playing surface. The trees emphasize the fairways, giving the course a welcoming appearance.

Port Augusta

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There are a lot of attractions in Port Augusta that locals and tourists appreciate. Dolphins may frequently be spotted in the water, and fishing, sailing, and canoeing are popular water sports. Many people like visiting the city’s art galleries, parks, and gardens provide a lovely relaxing setting.

The visitor information center for the area is located at Wadlata Outback Centre, a favourite tourist destination, thanks to its interactive Tunnel of Time exhibit. Another popular destination is the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden, which includes more than 200 hectares of native Australian plants with little rainfall. These plants may be bought at the gift and garden store in the tourist center.

Whyalla Conservation Park

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Whyalla Conservation Park’s entrance is on the Lincoln Highway immediately south of the Port Bonython exit, 10 km north of Whyalla, and 8 km north of Wild Dog Hill. It takes only ten minutes to quickly ascend Wild Dog Hill, a sandstone outcrop that rises in the northwest corner, and it offers some fantastic photo opportunities. The Park is closed from 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before daybreak.

A clear perspective of the Park and its surroundings is provided by the walking track that ascends to the top. It will take around 30 minutes to walk the whole length of the route. Visitors to the Park enjoy walking, bird watching, seeing local animals, viewing the sunsets and sunrises, orienteering, and having picnics.


1280px Cowell mainstreet

On Franklin, Harbor, the small township of Cowell is between Port Augusta and Port Lincoln. Waters of Franklin Harbour attract fishermen who fish for spotted and silver whiting, snapper, squid, mullet, flathead, garfish, snook tommy ruff, and blue crabs, making it a quiet service center that has grown in popularity as a vacation area. It’s a lovely, peaceful village that’s great for family vacations. A large main street lined with pine trees and lovely, uniquely South Australian architecture defines the town.

Tiatukia Beach

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We have compiled a list of things you may see or do in the area while visiting Tiatukia if you consider coming here. These comprise lodging options, excursion destinations, fun events, and dining options. Try one of the options above without hesitation. Start exploring since every location has something worthwhile to see.

Coffin Bay

Black Springs Coffin Bay National Park South Australia

Coffin Bay is located at the southernmost point of the Eyre Peninsula. Here, crystalline seas filled with fish meet pillowy dunes and a forest with fauna. There are hundreds of places to lay down your beach towel at Coffin Bay, about 30 minutes from Port Lincoln. In Coffin Bay National Park, find unspoiled distant beaches, tremendous waves, and quiet coves perfect for boating, fishing, and snorkelling.

In the teal waters of a thriving oyster farm in Coffin Bay, you may stand waist-deep in the ocean and eat what are perhaps the most excellent oysters in the world straight from the source with Experience Coffin Bay, or you can stay on land and have oysters and local wine on the beachfront with Oyster Farm Tours.

Duration Of One Stoppage To The Other

City of AdelaideAdelaide Skydiving Pty Ltd.41 min
Adelaide Skydiving Pty Ltd.Port Wakefield28 min
Port WakefieldLochiel24 min
LochielPort Germein Golf Club1 hr 8 min
Port Germein Golf ClubPort Augusta43 min
Port AugustaWhyalla Conservation Park43 min
Whyalla Conservation ParkConwell1 hr 14 min
ConwellTiatukia Beach1 hr 32 min
Tiatukia BeachCoffin Bay34 min

Attractions From Adelaide To Coffin Bay

Coffin Bay, surrounded by craggy coastal cliffs, enormous dunes, and strong surf, is a playground for thrill-seekers of all ages. Visitors may journey through a historical region where the desert meets the sea, sample seafood only minutes after it is dragged from the sparkling seas, and interact with friendly aquatic life. From the busy streets of Adelaide, this family-friendly road trip will take you to deserted beaches, prehistoric rock formations, and some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen.

Seaside Suburbs Of Adelaide

You won’t have any trouble finding the ideal piece of sand to call your own in Adelaide’s seaside districts with more than 30 kilometers of suburban beaches. Try Glenelg, or arrange an Adelaide Ocean Safari wild dolphin cruise. The kids may take a highwire ride at West Beach’s Mega Adventure Park, only ten minutes away.

After that, they can gently follow the coast north until turning off to Port Adelaide. Visit the National Railway Museum, which has a variety of vintage trains and engaging exhibits.



Burra, a former mining community farther north, is now an outdoor museum that depicts what life was like for miners in the late 1800s. Visit the train station to travel even further back in time and see the megafauna fossils that were discovered nearby. Finish the day at Melrose, a tiny community near Mount Remarkable National Park in the Southern Flinders Ranges and a hotbed for mountain riding.



Visit the picturesque village of Quorn, pause for some scones with jam and cream, and then continue on your journey over the picturesque Pichi Richi pass, a densely forested opening in the surrounding hills. The 250-hectare park has a walled children’s garden with a little bird hiding and a red sand pit. Learn how native plants thrive in this harsh climate at the Arid Lands Botanic Garden café in Port Augusta, or explore more.

Port Lincoln

Eyre Port Lincoln 2017 04

Learn about the dinosaurs that previously lived here by crawling between a big lizard’s jaws at the Wadlata Outback Centre. You may travel an hour to Whyalla, where hundreds of enormous cuttlefish congregate on the rocky reefs off the coast every winter. Local diving shops organize excursions to witness the stunning spectacle, in which the males transform their entire bodies into shimmering, iridescent canvases to attract a partner.

Following the Eyre Peninsula’s east coast until you see the Tumby Bay silos. Before proceeding to Port Lincoln, go into the town to admire the numerous vibrant murals that paint its buildings and stroll along the white sand beach. If you want to see these gorgeous animals in their natural habitat, watch from the surface or wear a wetsuit and enter an underwater cage.

People go great distances to witness the tranquil rather than frightful sight of a seven-meter shark swimming just yards away. Grab some fish and chips and take in the sunset after a long day at sea before turning in for the evening.

Baird Bay

Baird Bay
Credit Source: Eyre Peninsula

Then go to Coffin Bay, the location of Australia’s most renowned oysters. Put on some waders and go to a lease a few meters from the coast, where you may work with a helpful oyster farmer to shuck some fresh from the water.

The Baird Bay Ocean Eco Apartments’ living room offers a beautiful view of the setting sun. There is ample room in the rammed earth houses for everyone to stretch out, but kayaks and a dinghy are also available for anyone with a compulsion to explore.


What Is The Importance Of Road Trip In Australia?

Australia’s famed outback makes driving highly recommended. The five states and tens of thousands of square kilometers of Australia’s outback are home to various beautiful communities and stunning natural settings. One of the most well-known tourist destinations in New South Wales is Broken Hill.

Which Route From Adelaide To Coffin Bay Is The Best?

The road trip from Adelaide to Coffin Bay is roughly 6 to 7 hours long. If you drive non-stop, you can complete the total trip within a day.

What Are The Prime Stoppage Locations?

The prime stoppages of the road trip are the City of Adelaide, Adelaide Skydiving Pty Ltd., Port Wakefield, Lochiel, Port Germein Golf Club, Port Augusta, Whyalla Conservation Park, Conwell, Tiatukia Beach, and Coffin Bay.


One of the greatest itineraries for a 7-hour road trip from the city of Adelaide to the Erye Peninsula is the Adelaide to Coffin Road Trip. There are ten well-known rest places where you may pause and take in the beauty of nature.

Moreover, there are several tourist attractions as well. Overall, the drive from Adelaide to Coffin Bay is enjoyable. You like returning here time and time again.

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