Adelaide to Coober Pedy Road Trip – 5 Must See Destinations

Adelaide to Coober Pedy Road Trip
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Coober Pedy is a beautiful small town in South Australia. If you start your road trip from Adelaide, it will take nearly 8 hrs 40 mins to reach the destination. Some people may find this journey boring, but we can ensure that you will love the subtle variations in scenery and terrain. 

There are many beautiful locations to visit between Adelaide and Coober Pedy. Those locations are significant, but the Riesling and Rattler trails, Pichi Pichi Railway, Woomera Heritage Centre, Umoona Opal Mine and Museum, etc., are particularly noteworthy.

So, if you plan to go from Adelaide to Coober Pedy road trip and have at least five days to spare, this article will provide you with information regarding the logistics of that journey. 

Let’s get into the weeds of these particulars and discuss them in great detail!

Adelaide to Coober Pedy Road Trip: Itinerary, Distance, Drive Time, and Attractions

Bus Distance11 hrs 15 mins
Car Distance8 hrs 40 mins (847.6 km) 
StopsBarossa Valley, Clare Valley, Mount Remarkable National Park, Woomera, Glendambo
Nearest AirportCoober Pedy (CPD) Airport

Traveling by car from Adelaide to Coober Pedy will require you to travel a distance of close to 847.6 kilometers.

You can select from a few trips that are both practical and convenient to take. You can take a direct flight, but driving in your vehicle will provide you with the most authentic road trip experience.

In most cases, it depends upon your planning and the duration you have to trip. If you are now traveling from Adelaide to Cobber Pedy with little time, you should take an aircraft directly between the two cities.

On the other hand, traveling on your own or rented car and driving is an excellent approach to seeing all the tourist attractions while you’re there.

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Day 1: Start the Journey from Adelaide

Adelaide SA 28182502559 scaled
Adelaide – SA – Wikimedia Commons

To start your journey, get into your rented RV in Adelaide immediately. Before you depart the depot, give yourself at least an hour and a half to get acclimated to the car and complete any necessary paperwork.

You will be satisfied by Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, which has plenty to offer any traveler, whether they are interested in the arts, culture, sports, or adventure.

Check out what’s going on at one of Adelaide’s many festivals, such as the highly attended and critically acclaimed Fringe Festivals, as soon as you arrive in the city.

There are a lot of possibilities to go fishing, check out museums, sample local produce, or even relax in the city, in addition to the many festivals held here. You can stay in Adelaide Caravan Park to take part in these festivities.

Day 2: Adelaide to Clare

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Clare South Australia. The Art Nouveau style former| Flickr

Leave this morning and follow the A1, M2O, and A32 to the Horrocks Highway. You will arrive at Clare after traveling further along the Horrocks Highway. The distance between Adelaide and Coober Pedy is 141 kilometers, and it will take around 1 hour and 50 minutes to drive that distance.

When you get to Coober Pedy, you can rent a bike and ride one of the Riesling or Rattler routes once you’ve explored the town. These paths were formerly part of a train line that served mining and agricultural activities and are now trails.

Whether you walk or ride a bike along these routes, you will be treated to breathtaking vistas of vineyards, woodlands, farms, and ancient buildings. Many signs provide instructions, history, information about the Ngadjuri people, and geographical details you will find along the journey.

In addition, there is a wealth of chances to sample the local coffee shops and eateries during breaks. The Discovery Clare Caravan Park is available for your stay.

Day 3: Clare to Quorn

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Quorn. The Ghan Express heritage train on the Pichi Richi … | Flickr

The distance from Clare to Quorn is approximately 194 kilometers. Traveling by automobile will take around 2 hours and 10 minutes from when it begins until you reach the Quron. 

Hello to the morning, and head for Burton Street on the Horrocks Highway towards the northwest. You will arrive in Quorn after traveling further along the Horrocks Highway.

For its natural appearance, Quorn has featured in the backgrounds of several films, notably Gallipoli, The Tracker, and, most recently, Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner. Pichi Railway is a heritage railway line that runs through Quorn and offers rides.

The train travels through the oldest portion of the historic Ghan railway that is still standing, offering passengers breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding landscape. You can make Quorn Caravan Park your home for the night and unwind there.

Day 4: Quorn to Woomera

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On the outskirts of Woomera South Australia. Sa… | Flickr

You will need to allow yourself 2 hours and 20 minutes to travel the 220 kilometers from Quorn to Woomera; the journey should begin today in the morning. You can take Flinders Ranges Way in the direction of Fifth Street if you travel in the southwest. 

After taking a right turn onto the National Highway A1, continue directly ahead onto Princes Highway/A87, and then drive for the remainder of the journey until you reach Woomera.

Learn more about Woomera’s history, including the time it was used as a missile testing platform during World War 2, by visiting the Woomera Heritage Centre. The actual town was founded by the British as a testing ground for new weaponry and defense mechanisms.

After the war, it was put to use by putting satellites into orbit around the earth—the town with a long and eventful history. To take a break from your journey, consider staying at the Woomera Traveller’s Village and Caravan Park.

Day 5: Woomera to Coober Pedy

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Coober Pedy chimneys | Coober Pedy, South Australia, chimney… | Nicholas Jones | Flickr

The next day will be your final chance to get to Coober Pedy. So, get started by traveling up the Stuart Highway towards Coober Pedy. You must drive 375 kilometers, which will require 3 hours and 45 minutes to arrive at Coober Pedy.

Because Coober Pedy plays such an essential role in Australia’s mining history, in that place, tourists coming to the area should not pass up the opportunity to learn about the mining industry’s past. 

The “Old Timer’s Mine” describes how opal miners had to dig for opals to discover them manually. Because opals were valuable gemstones, opal miners were compelled to do so.

The “Umoona Opal Mine and Museum” is also open for inspection. Explore the deep shafts and mullock mounds produced by 80 years of mining, which resemble the moon’s surface. At night, you can stay at the BIG4 Stuart Range Outback Resort for hours of relaxation.

What Makes Coober Pedy Famous?

Coober Pedy is famous for its astonishing sun-baked lunar terrain, rich history, and quirky way of life. The town has served many times as the setting for several Holywood films. 

You may also travel below the ground’s surface and find a maze-like network of underground homes, hotels, and retail shops. 

The following merely represents a small selection of the many attractions that you can discover in the city of Coober Pedy in South Australia;

  • 4WD Eco Tour
  • The Opal Cave
  • Desert Sky Tours
  • The Big Winch 360
  • Tom’s Working Opal Mine
  • Faye’s Underground Home
  • Anna Creek Painted Hills
  • Flinders Ranges and Outback Tour
  • The Coober Pedy Old Timers Mine
  • Catholic Church of St Peter & St Paul
  • Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park
  • The Big Winch Cafe and Experiences
  • Josephine’s Gallery and Kangaroo Orphanage


Besides the above information, we have gathered three more pieces of information about Coober Pedy. Let’s look at it:

What time of year is suitable for a trip to Coober Pedy?

Coober Pedy has a comfortable desert climate. Summers are hot and dry, and the winters are once more mild and dry. However, if you want to enjoy most there, the optimum season is April to October, whenever the weather is pleasant.

What is the least expensive method to go from Adelaide to Coober Pedy?

Bus travel from Adelaide to Coober Pedy is the most affordable option; the journey takes approximately 11 hours and 15 minutes and costs between $80 and $150.

Where can I board the bus from Adelaide to Coober Pedy?

Greyhound Australia’s bus service from Adelaide to Coober Pedy departs at Adelaide Station. You can now get on the bus and travel.

Final Words

The distance from Adelaide to Coober Pedy may seem daunting, but the journey is straightforward, and the town itself is a lot of pleasure to see for the first time.

You can take a plane from Adelaide to Coober Pedy to reduce travel time. However, there’s no substitute for a road trip if you want to savor every moment of the adventure.

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