Adelaide to Mildura Road Trip – Must Have Attractions and Activities

Adelaide To Mildura Road Trip
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Plan an Adelaide to Mildura road trip to explore Australia’s beauties at a comfortable and relaxed pace. From Adelaide, head toward Mildura and experience all the beautiful places along the way. Adelaide to Mildura road distance is 399.7 KM. So, starting your journey in the morning, you can easily reach the destination within a day. 

But here, we plan a four-day itinerary for this trip so that you can explore all the cities and attractions on this route. However, if you have a short time, you can complete the journey in less than four days. 

Now take a closer look at the itinerary below to make a perfect plan for your trip. We explained all the details you would need to know about this trip. So, let’s get going into the discussion: 

Adelaide To Mildura Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions 

Along the National Highway A20, Adelaide to Mildura road distance is 399.7 KM. The total driving time is 4 hours and 25 minutes. There are 31 cities or attractions along this route from both ends. 

The fastest way to reach Mildura from Adelaide is by flying. The flight time is only 3 hours and 54 minutes. We recommend you make a road trip along the Mildura drive to enjoy this route’s beauty. 

However, in this four-day complete itinerary, we have included all the top stops to break your journey. Adelaide to Mildura drive is dotted with historic sites, architecture, public sculptures, etc. So you will surely enjoy exploring all these beauties.

Bus 8 Hours & 24 Minutes 
Drive 4 Hours & 19 Minutes 
Stops 31
Nearest Airport to Adelaide Adelaide Airport (ADL / YPAD) 

Day 1 

Start your road trip from Adelaide. After leaving this city, head towards your first stop in the journey. And that is Rowland Flat.  

Adelaide To Rowland Flat 

Along the M2 road, the Adelaide to Rowland Flat road distance is 80 KM. And the driving time on this route is 57 minutes. On the other hand, following the Barossa Valley Way / B19, the road distance is 67.2 KM. The driving time on this road is 1 hour and 7 minutes. 

Rowland Flat is a beautiful city in South Australia. Here new adventurers’ opportunities are calling your name. Therefore, in this place, you must break your journey on the first day of your trip.  Embrace this new place to meet new people. Also, learn its history and streets. 

You can explore the downtown areas while walking along this street. Here you will find boutiques, museums, art galleries, and restaurants. Also, in Rowland Flat, you can enjoy a theatre show, walk along the main thoroughfare, and watch people. 

To explore Rowland Flat, at a personal level, know the local culture of this area. Or you can find the perfect souvenir at a small shop. Also, at your new favourite galley in Rowland Flat, you can reinvent your total artistic aesthetic. 

Top Attractions In Rowland Flat 

  • St Hugo Wines 
  • Jenke Vineyards 
  • Liebichwein Winery 
  • Jacob’s Creek Trail of Discovery 
  • The Keg Factory 
  • Kumbatine National Park 
  • Jacob’s Creek 
  • Trinity Lutheran Church 
  • Endota Spa Barossa Valley 

Accommodation In Rowland Flat 

  • Novotel Barossa Valley Resort 
  • Jacobs Creek Retreat 
  • Discovery Parks – Barossa Valley 
  • Pirathon Estate 
  • Valley Hotel Motel 

Restaurants In Rowland Flat 

  • Our Table 
  • Lou’s Place Barossa Valley 
  • FermentAsian 

Rowland Flat To Blanchetown

74.1 KM is the Rowland Flat to Blanchetown road distance. Along the National Highway A20, drive for 54 minutes to cross this distance. On the contrary, the distance between these ends is 93.1 KM along the Swan Reach road / Scott Highway. The driving time on this route is 1 hour and 11 minutes. 

Blanchetown is a relaxed holiday town that is nestled at the Murray cliffs. This town features two bridges that span the majestic waterway. It comprises uncrowded stretches of calm water and river shacks. All year round, Blanchetown remains ideal for all activities. 

On the bank of the Murray River, a tiny township is Blanchetown. During the 19th century, it was an important transportation centre. Now this place is an unusual mixture of some historic buildings. Holidaymakers built huge temporary shacks and holiday homes on the bank of the Murray River. 

There are some stunning Riverfront holiday homes in Blanchetown for hire. So on the first day of your trip, you can stay here at night. For your next destination, you have to drive for many more miles. So your body needs to relax and have energy. On the first day, stay here at night. 

Top Attractions In Blanchetown

  • Burk Salter 
  • Lock 1 
  • Blanchetown Boat Haven 

Accommodation In Blanchetown

  • Amalie Cottage Waikerie Unit-1 
  • Self-Contained Cabin 
  • River Palms Cabin 2 
  • Lake Cottage 

Restaurants In Blanchetown

  • Blanchetown Hotel 
  • 24 Seven 

Day 2 

Wake up early, have breakfast, and leave Blanchetown for your next destination. 

Blanchetown To Barmera 

Blanchetown to Barmera road distance is 89.3 KM along the National Highway 20. The driving time is approximately 58 minutes. So, on the 2nd day, your destination is Barmera. The jewel of the Riverland is Barmera. It is situated on the most scenic lakes and shores in the Riverland. 

From the Barmeedjie (an Aboriginal word), this Barmera name came. And the meaning of this name is Lake. Barmera boasts of its beauty, and this place offers you to do and explore many things. Lake Bonney is popular with water skiers, yachting enthusiasts, kite-surfers, windsurfers, etc. 

You can relax or walk along the beach on Lake Bonney’s shores. Also, you can learn to sail or join the windsurfing or water skiing action. The boaters and canoeists can enjoy sightseeing and superb fishing. 

Also, you can enjoy the abundant wildlife in the adjoining wetlands. This town looks alive throughout the year round due to different festivals and events. Those include the SA Carp Frenzy, Barmera Main Street Markets, Open Air Cinema, etc. 

At the Barmera Golf course, spend your perfect swing time. Or at the local hotel or club, you can enjoy your meal. After exploring the beauty of Barmera throughout the day, stay in this place at night. You will also explore some most extraordinary accommodation facilities by visiting here. 

Top Attractions In Barmera

  • Rocky’s Hall of Fame and Pioneer Museum 
  • Barmera Visitor Centre 
  • Lake Bonney Foreshore 
  • Lock 3 
  • Barmera Uniting Church 
  • Loveday 4 x 4 Adventure Park 
  • Riverland Jetski

Accommodation In Barmera

  • Comfort Inn & Suites Riverland 
  • Barmera Lake Resort Motel 
  • Berri Hotel 
  • Glossop Motel 
  • Big River Golf and Country Club 

Restaurants In Barmera

  • Barmera Bakery 
  • Barmera Café Espresso 
  • Blue Bird Café 
  • Backyard Bread Tasting Café & Providore 
  • Lakes Bakery Café 

Day 3 

On the third day, wake up at a reasonable time. Then be prepared and drive for a few hours to reach your next destination, Barmera

Barmera (Australia) To Mildura 

The Barmera to Mildura road distance is 169 Km. Along the Calder Highway / A79, you have to drive for only 1 hour and 49 minutes to reach your destination. Mildura is located in Australia, Northern Victoria. The Murray River separates New South Wales and Mildura. Being in Victoria, Mildura is close enough to Adelaide. Mildura is one of the best thriving destinations in Australia. And it’s worth a road trip. 

For touring different nearby picturesque locations and iconic natural wonders, the excellent base is Mildura. Visiting this city is about the more extraordinary outdoor experience, exploring cultural heritage, mighty rivers, and red earth. To enjoy a hassle-free touring experience, it is undoubtedly a great destination. 

There is a lot to learn about the beautiful place of Mildura. Also, it’s a perfect holiday spot that offers you to do so many things. Travellers of any age, with or without kids, can visit Mildura. The Mildura Riverfront offers something for everyone. At this beautiful precinct, you can enjoy your relaxed or busy time. 

There are murals, cafes, gardens, sculptures, and plenty of other places where you can sit and relax. Also, you can walk or use the exercise stations on the Riverfront. Mildura is undoubtedly a wonderful area. And here, you can easily spend 2-3 days exploring attractive places. 

Top Attractions In Mildura 

  • Mildura Visitor Information Centre 
  • Trentham Estate Winery 
  • Putt Putt Family Fun Centre 
  • Mildura Riverfront 
  • Oak Valley Estate Winery 
  • Apex Beach 
  • The Chaffey Trail 
  • The Art Vault 
  • Ned’s Corner 
  • Merbein Common 
  • Jaycee Park 

Accommodation In Mildura 

  • Quality Hotel Mildura Grand 
  • Mercure Hotel Mildura 
  • Econo Lodge Mildura 
  • Mildura Inlander Resort 

Restaurants In Mildura 

  • Andy’s Kitchen 
  • Blk. MLK Specialty Coffee 
  • Thai-Riffic 
  • Trentham Estate Winery Restaurant 


Is Mildura worth visiting? 

Mildura is a stunning destination, and it’s worth seeing. To explore picturesque locations and natural wonders, this city is a great base to start the tour. 

What is the halfway point between Adelaide and Mildura? 

Between Adelaide and Mildura, the halfway point is Barmera, Australia. 

What is the best time to visit Mildura? 

Mildura is a great place that remains beautiful all year round. Therefore, you can visit Mildura any time in the month from January to December. In general, January, February, and December are the warmest months. 

How many days do I need in Mildura? 

4-5 days is enough to explore all the attractive and historical places in and around Mildura. But if you can arrange a vacation of one week to explore Mildura that will be better. 

Wrap Up 

You will indeed have fun on your Adelaide to Mildura road trip. After completing this trip, you will leave with a big smile and many lifetime memories. Mildura is a beautiful place that offers many things to explore and experience. 

However, following this itinerary, before reaching Mildura, you will break your journey at all those points that are rich in culture, heritage, and other resources. 

From our end, we have explained all the details. Now for any further query, comment in the comment box. ASAP we will reply to you. 

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