Adelaide to Mount Gambier Road Trip – The Comprehensive 4 Days Itinerary

Adelaide To Mount Gambier Road Trip
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Through your Adelaide to Mount Gambier road trip, enjoy the succession of more prominent centres, small towns, and wildlife & world heritage. This trip will enable you to enjoy the lush green surroundings of the city. The road trip is best to uncover beautiful city attractions and Aussie towns.

However, Adelaide to Mount Gambier’s road distance is only 434.4 KM. So by driving non-stop for 4 hours and 37 minutes, you can easily reach your destination within a day. But we recommend you follow a 4-day complete itinerary to explore the nearby cities and attractions along this way.

An action-packed four days itinerary is enough to enjoy an adventurous Mount Gambier road trip. Moreover, this plan will include all the tiny information you need to know, like what to see and where to eat and stay. So, keep going through this complete guide till the end!

Adelaide To Mount Gambier Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

The direct drive distance between Adelaide to Mount Gambier is 434.4 KM. To cover this distance, drive 4 hours and 37 minutes along National Highway A8 and Riddoch Highway / A66. However, along National Highway A8, the driving distance is 497.7 KM. And the driving hour is 5 hours and 23 minutes.

You can reach Mount Gambier from Adelaide within 2 hours and 39 minutes by taking a flight. But we bet you will miss enjoying and exploring all the places along this route. Therefore planning for a road trip is the best.

In this itinerary, we have put together a detailed plan. By going through it, you will know where to break your journey, what to explore and where to stay. So, let’s dive into the detailed discussion:

Bus 6 Hours & 55 Minutes 
Drive 4 Hours & 37 Minutes 
Stops 30 
Nearest Airport to Adelaide Adelaide Airport (ADL/YPAD) 

Day 1

Starts your journey from your hometown or base city, Adelaide. And then drive for some time to reach your first destination on day 1.

Adelaide To Macclesfield (South Australia)

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Superb stone work on Danckers house and shop in the main s… | Flickr

Drive along the National Highway M1 for 42 minutes to reach Macclesfield (SA) from Adelaide. The distance between these two destinations is 46.2 KM. Macclesfield is a beautiful city in South Australia. And it is the first destination where you must break your journey in your Mount Gambier road trip.

Macclesfield is full of different stunning attractions. We have put together information about everything you can see and enjoy here. Start exploring this city. Every destination here has something exceptional worth visiting.

The surrounding areas of Macclesfield have a rich and exciting history. Therefore while visiting this city, you must enjoy your travel time.

Top Attractions In Macclesfield (South Australia)

  • Longview Vineyard
  • Macclesfield Hotel
  • Karrawatta Wines & Cellar Door

Accommodation In Macclesfield (South Australia)

  • Macclesfield Hotel
  • Bark Hut Inn
  • Adelaide Hills Getaway

Restaurants In Macclesfield (South Australia)

  • Three Brothers Arms
  • Puddings On The Deck
  • Macclesfield Hotel
  • The Melting Pot
  • Victoria Hotel Bistro

Macclesfield (South Australia) To Murray Bridge

1280px Murray Bridge road and rail bridges
Murray Bridge road and rail bridges – Wikimedia

54.8 KM is the road distance between Macclesfield and Murray Bridge. The driving time is approximately 42 minutes. However, you can also reach Murray Bridge from Macclesfield following two other roads. 

If you drive along Flaxley road and National Highway M1, you will require 44 minutes. The driving distance following this route is 58.5 KM. Again, the distance between these ends is 57.2 KM, following the Callington road and National Highway M1. On this route, you have to drive for 46 minutes.

However, on the top of the Murray River, Murray Bridge is situated. The beautiful city, rural spots with a tranquil setting, and bustling streets make it worth visiting. Break your journey to this destination and experience a few hours’ escape here. 

You will surely enjoy the unique scenery of South Australia. Inside the town, there are several attractive places to visit. You will enjoy fishing, boating, swimming, walking, and many other outdoor activities along the Murray Bridge. 

However, to discover the peaceful scenes and wildlife, step foot outside the town. Moreover, restaurants, shops, and other outdoor activities are available here for you, your family, and your kids.

Top Attractions In Murray Bridge

  • The Bunyip
  • The Round House
  • Willow Point Wines Cellar Door & Bottle Shop
  • Sturt Reserve
  • Swanport Wetlands
  • Murray Bridge Regional Art Gallery
  • Mallee Park
  • Lavender Federation Walking Trail

Accommodation In Murray Bridge

  • Bridgeport Hotel
  • Parklane Motel Murray Bridge
  • Adelaide Road Motor Lodge
  • A La Folly
  • Over Motel – Murray Bridge

Restaurants In Murray Bridge

  • Bombay Beat
  • Imperial Chopsticks Murray Bridge
  • McCue’s Bakery

Near the Murray Bridge, several accommodation facilities are available. So, at the end of your journey on the first day, stay in this place at night.

Day 2

After enjoying a sound sleep on the second day, wake up early. Be ready and start driving again to reach your first destination on day 2.

Murray Bridge To Coonalpyn

Coonalpyn Silo Art 004
Coonalpyn Silo Art – Wikimedia

Murray Bridge and Coonalpyn road distance is 88.1 KM. Drive for 58 minutes along National Highway A8. In South Australia, another must-stopping point for road trippers is the Coonalpyn. All the impressive selections of experiences and attractions make this city well worth visiting.

Coonalpyn is a tiny town in the Ninety Mine Desert small town. It is located above sea level by 22 meters. It is a sleepy little town on the vast Mallee scrub area’s edge. In South Australia, with Coorong’s local government area, Coonalpyn is a must-visit urban location.

Top Attractions In Coonalpyn

  • Coonalpyn Silos
  • Pink Lake
  • Coorong Wildside Tours

Accommodation In Coonalpyn

  • Coonalpyn Hotel
  • Lake Albert Motel
  • Meningie Waterfront Motel

Restaurants In Coonalpyn

  • Coonalpyn Silo Café
  • Waffles & Jaffles
  • Tintinara Hotel

Coonalpyn To Keith (South Australia)

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Keith. Water fountain silos and site of the old Keith Rail…

Along National Highway A8, 65.6 KM is the distance between Coonalpyn and Keith (SA). The driving time between these two ends is 42 minutes. Keith is a stunning city to visit in South Australia. It is full of different popular attractions. This town is small but mighty.

Keith is the crucial agricultural hub. And instantly, visitors here are enveloped by country life. With the lush field of Lucerne and great Gums lining the Dukes Highway, Keith is an instantly recognizable city. This busy country town is a refreshing and vibrant place to break your journey along your road trip.

Top Attractions In Keith (South Australia)

  • Don Moseley Park
  • Cockatoo Downs Farmstay
  • Mt Monster Conservation Park
  • Landrover On A Pole
  • Kelvin Powrie Conservation Reserve
  • National Trust Church
  • Gum Lagoon Conservation Park

Accommodation In Keith (South Australia)

  • The Lake House Retreat
  • Garwood B & B
  • Keith Motor Inn

Restaurants In Keith (South Australia)

  • Keith Bakery & Coffee Shop
  • Henry and Rose Café
  • Keith Hotel Motel

After enjoying a beautiful day out at some attractive places, stay in Keith at night.

Day 3

Leave Keith and drive along the highway to reach your new destination Padthaway.

Keith (South Australia) To Padthaway 

1280px Riddoch Highway SA
Riddoch Highway SA – Wikimedia

In two different routes, you can reach Padthaway from Keith. Drive 61.5 KM along the Riddoch Highway / A66. The approximate driving time on this route is 42 minutes. 

On the contrary, the driving time is 53 minutes along National Highway A8 and Padthaway road. The distance between these two destinations in this route is 80.1 KM. The vineyards surround the Padthaway. And it’s a tiny township in Australia. 

This area has several attractions, all of which make it worth visiting. Henry’s Drive Cellar door is the main attraction in this town. Also, the unusual Pioneer Memorial on the city’s main street is another distinctive attraction. 

The converging lines dominate the landscape of Padthaway. From the exaggerated perspective to represent the converging lines, the larger-than-life trellises play a significant role. Here in this city, you can do many things. Also, you can enjoy the Padthaway Historic Walking tour. Simply this city offers travellers the opportunity to explore different things. 

Top Attractions In Padthaway

  • Farmer’s Leap Wines 
  • Tolmer Park 
  • Clayton Farm Heritage Museum 

Accommodation In Padthaway

  • Mapperley B & B 
  • Willalooka Tavern 
  • Padthaway Caravan Park 
  • Naracoorte Hotel Motel 
  • 105 On The Park 

Restaurants In Padthaway

  • Café La Vie 
  • Old Mundulla Hotel 
  • Bordertown Chinese Restaurant 

Padthaway To Naracoorte 

49160633112 57a0c1d759 b
Naracoorte. In the world heritage listed Victoria fossil c… | Flickr

The distance between Padthaway to Naracoorte is 47.1 KM. Following the Riddoch Highway / A66, drive for 34 minutes to reach your destination. Naracoorte is a particular town in South Australia. Here you will find vast amounts of megafauna. 

All the attractive places in Naracoorte will give a world-class exploration experience to the visitors. You must break your journey here to enjoy the unique and enlightening tour. And while staying here try exploring some challenging places. 

A UNESCO World Heritage site is also situated here, Naracoorte Caves National Park. This park itself is a stunning place and worthy of seeing. You can spend a few hours of the day visiting this park. Also, you can take a tour of the cave. In short, this city is full of attractive places to explore. 

Top Attractions In Naracoorte

  • Naracoorte Caves National Park 
  • Black Cockatoo Bush Camp Hiking Trails 
  • Naracoorte Swimming Lake 
  • Padthaway Estate Winery 
  • Victoria Fossil Cave 
  • Stick Tomato Cave 
  • Wonambi Fossil Centre 
  • Naracoorte Art Gallery 
  • Naracoorte Cemetery 

Accommodation In Naracoorte

  • William Macintosh Motor Lodge 
  • Naracoorte Hotel Motel 
  • The Avenue Inn 
  • Country Roads Motor Inn Naracoorte 

Restaurants In Naracoorte

  • Highlander Restaurant 
  • Billy Mac’s Bistro 

Day 4

The fourth day is the last day of your trip. On this day, you will reach your final destination Mount Gambier. 

Naracoorte To Coonawarra 

1280px Coonawarra railway station 2
Coonawarra railway station – Wikimedia

The direct drive distance between Naracoorte to Coonawarra is 40.8 KM. Drive along the Riddoch Highway / A 66 for 28 minutes to cross this road distance. Coonawarra in Australia is famous for its strip of terra rossa and age-worthy red wines. Amongst South Australia’s Limestone Coast, this Coonawarra wine region is situated. 

South Australia, it’s the most important winemaking region. But it is also well known for the attractive visiting attractions in and around the city. You must visit this city to experience the new inspiration and tranquil countryside. 

Top Attractions In Coonawarra 

  • Katnook Coonawarra 
  • Brand’s Laira 
  • Wynns Coonawarra Estate 
  • Balnaves of Coonawarra 
  • Hollick Estates 
  • Zema Estate 
  • Bellwether Patrick of Coonawarra 

Accommodation In Coonawarra 

  • Coonawarra Bush Holiday Park 
  • Coonawarra Units 
  • Highbank Winery Accommodation 
  • Coonawarra Cottages 

Restaurants In Coonawarra 

  • Pipers of Penola 
  • Upstairs Restaurant of Hollick 
  • Ottelia 

Coonawarra To Mount Gambier 

1280px Mount Gambier Blue Lake
Mount Gambier Blue Lake – Wikimedia

Finally, after leaving Coonawarra, you will reach your final destination Mount Gambier on day 4. Coonawarra to Mount Gambier road distance is 62.3 KM. The driving time is 42 minutes along the Riddoch Highway / A66. Mount Gambier is a genuinely worthy place for making a road trip. 

Mount Gambier has everything, including the volcanoes, caves, ocean, lakes, quirky accommodations, wildlife, etc. Also, this place offers you to taste fantastic food along with world-class wineries. 

Mainly for the Warwar/Blue Lake, Mount Gambier is more famous. But, there are many things to enjoy and explore in this city. So, enjoy a great trip here. 

Top Attractions In Mount Gambier

  • Umpherston Sinkhole 
  • Mount Gambier Visitor Centre 
  • The Blue Lake 
  • Cave Gardens 
  • Mount Schank 
  • Echo Farm 
  • The Valley Lake 
  • Mount Gambier RSL War Museum 
  • Centenary Tower 
  • Engelbrecht Cave 

Accommodation In Mount Gambier

  • Arkana Motor Inn & Terrace Apartments 
  • The Commodore 
  • Pine Country Caravan Park 
  • Mount Gambier Hotel 
  • Colhurst House 

Restaurants In Mount Gambier

  • Café Melzar 
  • Wild Ginger Thai 
  • The Barn 
  • Bahn Kubo 
  • Sorrentos Café 


How many days do you need in Mount Gambier?

Three days is enough to experience the unlimited adventure in Mount Gambier. It is a beautiful place that every tourist and traveller will enjoy. 

Why can’t you swim in the Blue Lake Mt Gambier? 

Unfortunately, you can’t swim in Mount Gambier Blue Lake because it is the town’s water source. No swimming is allowed here. But along the 3.6 KM circumference, you can enjoy a walk. 

Does it get hot in Mount Gambier? 

In Mount Gambier, the hottest month of the year is February. For three months, this warm season lasts mainly from December to March. 

Final Thoughts 

You will enjoy a wonderful adventurous time through the Adelaide to Mount Gambier road trip. After reaching this beautiful destination, you will get the chance to explore and experience many things. Moreover, once you reach Mount Gambier, don’t think your road trip ends here. 

However, in this itinerary, we include all the great places to break up your journey so that you can explore new things. Depending on your vacation time, you can expand or contract the number of trip days. 

So far, we have explained everything about each place, including what to see and where to eat and stay. Now, if you want to add or subtract some areas in the itinerary, you can do that too. 

For any further help, comment. Soon we will reply to you. 

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