Adelaide to Port Lincoln Road Trip – The Complete 3 Days Itinerary

Adelaide To Port Lincoln Road Trip
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Adelaide, the great capital city in South Australia, is an excellent base for starting your journey to its nearby gem areas. One such gem area best for a road trip is Port Lincoln. 

To complete the Adelaide to Port Lincoln road trip, you must cross 650.5 KM. The non-stop driving time is 7 hours and 10 minutes under normal traffic conditions. However, you can reach your destination in the shortest time, 2 hours and 20 minutes by flight. 

But here in this article, we will guide you with a three days complete road trip itinerary. We want you to explore all the stunning places along this route. Therefore we are making a comprehensive 3-day vacation plan.

So, now go through the details below. And you will surely learn at which point you should stop, what to explore, and where to stay and eat. Let’s dive into the discussion:

Adelaide To Port Lincoln Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Starting from Adelaide to reach Port Lincoln via the Whyalla, Tumby Bay, you have to drive non-stop for 7 hours and 10 minutes. The driving distance between Adelaide and Port Lincoln is 650.5 KM. To reach Port Lincoln, you must drive along National Highway A1 and Lincoln Highway / B100.

There are numerous cities and attractions along Adelaide and Port Lincoln roads. Therefore, here we will prepare a complete itinerary of 3 days. Within these three days, you can explore and experience all the beautiful places along this route.

Bus 9 Hours & 50 Minutes 
Drive 7 Hours & 10 Minutes 
Nearest Airport to Adelaide Adelaide Airport (ADL/YPAD)

Day 1

On the first day of your trip, start your journey from Adelaide. And then, one by one, start exploring all the stopping points along this route.

Adelaide To Port Pirie

The drive distance between Adelaide to Port Pirie along the National Highway A1 is 227.4 KM. The driving time on this route is 2 hours and 36 minutes. On the contrary, along Traeger Road and National Highway A1, the road distance is 239.2 KM. And you have to drive for 2 hours and 43 minutes on this route.

Port Pirie is the gateway to the Australian Southern Flinders Ranges. This is a must-stop point for you when you drive through South Australia. It has different popular attractions, which make it well worth visiting. If you want to explore Port Pirie’s Iconic township or arts and culture, you will get everything here. 

Top Attractions In Port Pirie

  • Port Pirie RSL Museum
  • Weeroona Island
  • Port Pirie National Trust Museum
  • Northern Festival Centre
  • John Pirie Bridge

Accommodation In Port Pirie

  • Ellen Hotel
  • Travelway Motel
  • John Pirie Motor Inn

Restaurants In Port Pirie

  • Safavi
  • The Angus & Co Bar & Grill
  • Flinders Motel On Main

Port Pirie To Wadlata Outback Centre

Drive along the National Highway A1 for 1 hour to reach Wadlata Outback Centre from Port Pirie. The driving distance between these two ends is 91.8 KM. Wadlata Outback Centre is a unique place to visit. 

The Centre tells the outback story through a time tunnel from prehistoric times to the present day. This place serves as the museum and the visitor information Centre of the town. No doubt that it’s a fantastic place as a visitor Centre. 

The Outback Centre’s adjoining museum comes with lots of light, sound, and local history. The Centre contains a museum, café, visitor information, gift shop, etc. In a nutshell, this place offers plenty of things for visitors to see and explore.

Top Attractions In Wadlata Outback Centre

  • Museum
  • Visitor Information Centre
  • Café

Accommodation In Wadlata Outback Centre

  • Majestic Oasis Apartments
  • Motel Pampas
  • Crossroads Ecomotel

Restaurants In Wadlata Outback Centre

  • Mamma Lous
  • Golden Pearl Chinese Restaurant Pty Ltd

On the 1st day of your trip, after exploring some beautiful places, stay near the Wadlata Outback Centre. There are several accommodation facilities available here.

Day 2

On the second day, wake up early, pack your bag and drive again for your next destination. Whyalla is the first destination on the second day of your trip.

Wadlata Outback Centre To Whyalla

Following the National Highway A1 and Lincoln Highway / B100, Wadlata Outback Centre to Whyalla’s driving distance is 76.3 KM. The approximate driving time on this route is only 49 minutes. Whyalla is a great tourist attraction in Australia where you should break your journey.

In South Australia, Whyalla is the fourth largest city. It is a beautiful place blessed with a fantastic beachfront location and Mediterranean climate. The unique city is located at the northeastern coastline of Spencer Gulf. This place has a mixture of natural attractions and industry.

The road trippers and visitors here will get to do plenty of things. Here you can enjoy camping, fishing, swimming, and many more.  

Top Attractions In Whyalla

  • Whyalla Maritime Museum
  • Ada Ryan Gardens
  • Hummock Hill Lockout
  • Elvis Museum
  • Whyalla Marina

Accommodation In Whyalla

  • Quest Whyalla
  • Whyalla Playford Apartments
  • Westland Hotel Motel

Restaurants In Whyalla

  • Tandoori Guru
  • Hotel Eyre
  • Whyalla Foreshore

Whyalla To Tumby Bay

Whyalla to Tumby Bay driving distance is 219.7 KM following the Lincoln Highway / B100. The approximate driving time between these two ends is 2 hours and 15 minutes. Tumby Bay is a beautiful visiting destination on the Eyre Peninsula. 

This is a year-round destination for road trippers, holiday-makers, visitors, and fishermen. The clear blue water, sandy white beaches, and great fishing options offer plenty of other opportunities for the visitors to enjoy. 

Tumby Bay is a stunning place where you can do whatever you want. You can do the water activities here. Or you can enjoy the serenity by sitting back in the beautiful seaside town.

Top Attractions In Tumby Bay

  • Tumby Bay Silo Art
  • Tumby Bay Jetty
  • National Trust of S.A Museum
  • Lookout Point
  • Pioneers Memorial

Accommodation In Tumby Bay

  • Limani Motel
  • Hilton Motel
  • Navigators Motel

Restaurants In Tumby Bay

  • Tumby Bay Bakery
  • Ritz Café & Takeaway
  • Tumby Bay Hotel Restaurant

After exploring all the beautiful visiting attractions on the 2nd day, stay at Tumby Bay at night. There is no lack of accommodation facilities here. So you can stay at night in a hotel within your budget.

Day 3

On day three, start driving from Tumby Bay. And finally, you will reach your destination Port Lincoln.

Tumby Bay To Port Lincoln

Drive along the Lincoln Highway / B100 for 36 minutes to cross the 49.5 km distance between Tumby Bay and Port Lincoln. Port Lincoln is a worthy place to visit because of its incredible nature, great activities, and food options.

However, Port Lincoln is especially famous for its great white shark and sea lion experiences. Touring this place offers intimate and unique experiences with the scariest and cutest sea creatures. Actually, there are many more things to do in Port Lincoln. 

Here you can visit and enjoy beautiful beaches, award-winning restaurants, great fishing, etc. This city is a welcome relief for visitors. South Australia, it is a pretty big town. It has everything that visitors want to experience. 

Moreover, getting comfortable in Port Lincoln is so easy. While visiting this place, you will feel like you are at home. By exploring the nearby beauties of this city, you can easily spend a day or more.

Top Attractions In Port Lincoln

  • Glen-Forest Tourist Park & Vineyard
  • Winter Hill Lookout
  • Whalers Way
  • Axel Stenross Maritime Museum
  • Koppio Smithy Museum

Accommodation In Port Lincoln

  • Limani Motel
  • Port Lincoln Hotel
  • The Grand Tasman Hotel

Restaurants In Port Lincoln

  • The Rogue & Rascal
  • Del Giorno
  • Marina Hotel


How many days do you need in Port Lincoln?

Three days is enough to explore Port Lincoln.

Is it worth visiting Port Lincoln?

Port Lincoln is full of beautiful attractions, all of which make visiting this city worthwhile. This place is especially famous for its great white shark and sea lion experiences.

Bottom Line

Adelaide to Port Lincoln road trip will surely give you a heavenly feeling. After exploring so many places along this road trip, your journey won’t end after reaching your destination.

Instead, after arriving at Port Lincoln, you will get the opportunity to explore more places in and around the city. Port Lincoln will offer you intimate and unique experiences to explore. So enjoy your trip here.

Finally, we are at the end. If you need any further information about this trip, you can comment. Soon we will answer you.

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