Adelaide to Robe Road Trip – 6 Must-See Sights

Adelaide to Robe Road Trip
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The Robe is a wonderful town on the Limestone Coast of South Australia. This town is not so far from Adelaide and is popular for various reasons. Fishing, wonderful sea line landscape and few tourist spots make this town worthy for visitors.

However, if you have one day on your hand and intend to trip from Adelaide to Robe, we are with the details of this trip. Also, we will discuss the attractive places in between this trip and others associated.

Lots of exciting spots are in between Adelaide to road trips. Significant among all those places are Adelaide Hills, Murray Bridge, Pink Lake, Meningie, Coorong National Park, Kingston, etc.

So let’s stop the ado and dive deeper to see more about this trip:

Adelaide to Robe Road Trip: Itinerary Attractions & Activities

Bus Distance4 Hours (35 $ to55$)
Car Distance4 Hour (43$ to 62$)
StopsHahndorf, Murray Bridge, Pink Lake, Meningie, Jack Point Observatory Deck, Kingston SE  
Nearest AirportMount Gambier (MGB)

You will have to cross almost 336.1 km on a road trip from Adelaide to Robe. There are a few convenient trip options you can go through. Like, you can directly catch the flight, drive your car, and go on a bus.

Even if you want to make a little bit more comfortable journey in an affordable way you can make a combination of air, taxi, and bus trips from Adelaide to Robe.

Usually, it depends on you, how you want to go, and the time available on your hand. If you are for an emergency meeting with your client, a direct flight from Adelaide to Robe is the most preference. Otherwise, you can choose any of the aforementioned trips.

However, travelling on driving own is a great way to catch all the visitor spots in the meanwhile. On the road map of Adelaide to Robe-some excellent visit stoppage exits-which, which I don’t want to miss at my any Adelaide to robe road trip.

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The tourist places between the Adelaide to Robe trips are given below:

Adelaide to Adelaide Hills

Mushroom in the Hills of Adelaide scaled
Mushroom in the Hills of Adelaide – Wikimedia

Adelaide Hill is only 15 minutes car distance from Adelaide. And if you want to walk(!), it will only take 2 hours 30 minutes. You can even take a bus trip to Adelaide hills townships from Adelaide.

Several visit spots like Cleland Wildlife Park, Mount Lofty Summit, and Hahndorf-you can capture this trip.

Adelaide hill is also popular because of the wine and South Australia’s best food availability. Also, the natural scenery of this place is lucrative enough to pull any traveller’s attention.

Adelaide Hills to Murray Bridge

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Murray Bridge South Australia. First bridge across the Mur… | Flickr

Murray Bridge is almost 71.35 km. Far from Adelaide hills. If you want to ride your car, you must drive around approx. 55 to 60 minutes. Also, you can reach Murray Bridge, situated on the Murray river, by taxi, train, and bus.

Want to know why this place is best for you? The endless riverside beauty, water sports, hiking, diverse food drink, and riverside relaxation facility make this place worthy of visiting.

Even if you want to spend your summer vacation with your family, Murray bridge near the Murray river is perfect. This place offers bird watching, swimming, house boating, canoeing, etc. Also, you can go skiing here and can climb trees.

Murray Bridge to Meningie

MeningieLakeAlbert scaled
MeningieLakeAlbert – Wikimedia

From Murray Bridge towards Robe, it will take approx. 40 minutes to reach the first pink lake in between this trip. This lake is known as Meningie Pink Lake.

If it is the rainy season, you will rarely visit the full pink colour of the lake, but in the dry season, this lake explores its high pink colour. Also, try to visit this place when the sun is high. At that time, the pink colour is super visible.

However, you can’t swim in the lake; the high salt concentration can harm your body. Also, it’s a place of “look but please don’t pollute,” so you can’t get inside the lake.

And it takes 1h 15m to reach the Meningie town centre from Murray bridge on a bus. If you are driving alone or riding in a taxi, it will take 1 hr. 6 minutes to reach this South East Sided town beside Lake Albert in South Australia. To get there, you must drive on the Princes Highway (nearly Coorong’s side).

Few attraction points of Meningie are-Meningie Lions Jubilee Park, Pink Lake (already described above), Meningie Cheese Factory Museum, Birdman of the Coorong natural, Bonney Reserve Nature Trail, etc.

Yes, Meningie is a fantastic holiday destination. Either on a family trip or solo-its just awesome. Especially the northern end of the Coorong is a staging post for all travellers and victors. Moreover, so many parks at the side of this lake, along with the Birds chirping, make it a precise place.

Meningie to Coorong National Park

6741556145 133012428f b
Coorong | Coorong National Park, South Australia. | julie burgher | Flickr

Coorong National Park is only 23.2 km far from Meningie. It takes only 17 minutes to reach this wonderful park from Meningie if you drive via the Princes Hwy/B1.

You might know what Coorong is known for! It is the place of breeding place for the pelicans.

However, Coorong starts exactly from the end of the Murray river and ends with an extension of 200 kilometres to Kingston.

December to January-these two months is perfect for visiting Coorong. Just visit this place with binoculars, and keep patience. Lots of birds at this Coorong will make your eye, ear, and mind calm and satisfied!

The Coorong National Park is a protected place, so carefully know the regulatory obligations before on the lake-sided track with your four-wheelers.

Coorong National Park to Kingston SE

Kingston SE lobster scaled
Kingston SE lobster – Wikimedia

In the name of King George III, the people of Kingston SE called this town by this name. Reaching The Kingston SE town Centre takes 1 hr. 1 min if you are riding via Princes Hwy/B1. Kingston SE is 84.9 km far from the Coorong National Park.

This place is famous because of the giant lobster sculpture located at the centre of this town. This giant lobster is the main thing to attract tourists here. It is 17 meters long sculpture and one of the largest sculptures in Australia.

Whatever the other attractive places of this lobster’s town are- Cape Jaffa Lighthouse, Kingston Jetty, The Granites, Butcher Gap Conversation Park, etc.

Kingston to Robe

16455051673 36b64bfc53 b
Robe Obelisk South Australia #dailyshoot | Taken on a windy … | Flickr

The next destination is Robe! Finally, now you are near Robe. It is only 37 km (Road far is 43.2 km) driving distance from Kingston SE. You can reach Robe either by taxi, bus, or car.

It takes only 28 min if you are driving through the Southern Ports Hwy/B101. And if you are travelling by bus, it will take only 32 minutes to reach Robe from Kingston town centre.

Once you arrive in this coastal town, it’s time to flourish as the best nature lover. Yes, Robe is full of natural wonders you must want to visit. The Robe is perfect for nature lovers, the occasional fisherman, and even the sea beach enjoyer. Many beach points are there is Robe. Hence it’s a long beach town situated through the coastline of South Australia.

You will not believe it; even my uncle often visits Robe only to collect their famous wines and seafood! Visiting this place helps reduce the boredom and mental instability my uncle often goes through!

Why is Robe Famous?

Only roughly 1500 residents; could you imagine how tiny this south Australian town is? Yes, it’s a small city between Adelaide and Melbourne. Residing on the limestone coast of South Australia, this wonderful town has been exploring a rich history for a long time.

People visit here for fishing (hence it’s a popular fishing place), see the riverside nature, enjoy lots of birds, etc. It’s an incredible place with fantastic Bushland, Lakes, and Beaches. The diverse culture and the Old-World Amulet of Robe are just indescribable!

Robe, the natural wonder, is also popular for its Premium Local Wine, Diverse Culture, Fresh Eateries, Seafood, and many others.

You can start your day only with a cup of coffee from Mahalia Coffee centre; then, you can spend the whole day fishing at the fishing beaches or visit some mentionable places in Robe. Whether you are a professional fish catcher or an occasional one, Robe is waiting for you.

What Can You do in Robe?

If you are like me, you can spend the whole day only seeing the wonderful sea beaches of Robe! The robe is a proud city; it has several wonderful beach points. You can surf here and swim with your friends and family. I saw five of the Robe beaches-

  • Long Beach
  • Town Beach
  • Hooper’s Beach
  • Fox’s Beach
  • West Beach

Like my brother, you can make a fishing plan in Rob. Seriously, my older brother even can spend the whole day only fishing!

However, some everyday things visitors do in Robe are:

  • Visit the historical Landmark of Robe that is Cape Dombey Obelisk
  • See the Encounter Signal, a huge pillar monument
  • Visit the Old Gaol Ruins
  • Visit Robe’s Customs House
  • Visit the Chinese Pai Fang
  • Visit Beacon Hill Lookout
  • Enjoy Various sea-meal at various Robe Restaurant
  • Collecting Wines and Seafood
  • Fishing, Swimming, Surfing, Bird watching, House boating, Nature feeling, etc.

Where to Stay During the Adelaide to Robe road trip?

Though it could be a day to say trip, so you don’t have to be tense thinking where you could stay on the Adelaide to Robe trip. In spite, if you need to use the washroom or want to take an interval in the meanwhile, there are many public options on this road map.

Once you reach Robe, you will feel at home! Lots of hotels with good offers and services are waiting for you there.

You can go for Robe Marina Accommodation, Robe Hotel, Caledonian Inn, and Lakeview Motel & Apartments. I prefer all these hotels and motels; you can also visit their websites and meet your demand if you need them.


Where should I stop between Adelaide and Robe?

Lots of spaces to pull your attention in between Adelaide and Robe. Adelaide Hills, Murray Bridge, Pink Lake, Meningie, Coorong National Park, and Kingston SE are a few of these places.

How far a drive is it from Adelaide to Robe?

It takes a 336.1 km drive to reach Robe from Adelaide.

Is Robe SA worth visiting?

Yes, it is. The stunning coastline scenario, wonderful beaches, local fresh foods, diverse culture, and some historical places-makes this coastal town worth living.

How long does it take to do the Great Ocean Road from Adelaide?

The start of the Great Ocean Road takes a 650 km road trip from Adelaide. So it takes 6.5 hours driving duration approximately.

If you are self-driving and do not stop to visit anything on this road trip, it will take almost a full day to do the Great Ocean Road from Adelaide.

In a Nutshell

So that’s all the itinerary and all details of the Adelaide to Robe trip. We tried our best to say all the visiting places in between this trip and also talked about those places’ features. If you have already read this article, you must see that we also talked about the most convenient travel route and time.

So what else? Just go and pack your stuff! The wonderful coastline nature is calling you towards Robe!

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