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Adelaide to Sydney Road Trip
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Hello guys, Welcome to my new virtual trip-Adelaide to Sydney road trip. Though it’s a written trip I am going to describe you-but frankly speaking-you will feel you are enjoying the trip on your own.

So, no more worthless talking. Let’s introduce the Adelaide to Sydney road trip first.

There are a few different ways for Adelaide to Sydney Road trips. NSW Riverina Route, Victoria Riverina Route, and the Country Victoria Route are those three different routes. However NSW Riverina Route is the direct route, and we will ride on which.

NSW Riverina direct route almost takes 14 hrs. 30 minutes with nonstop driving. If you take intervals to visit the meanwhile attraction or places, altogether it will take a few days to reach even by the direct route.

However, there are several stop-offs, almost 35 to 40 in between these trips! Most significant among those are-Murray Bridge, Wagga Wagga, Canberra, Goulburn, Albury, Wodonga, Shepparton, Bendigo, Bowral, and so many others.

So let’s start the road Itinerary Attractions & Activities on the Adelaide to Sydney trip. We also will describe the nearby important places so that you don’t need to miss any important visit places on this trip.

Let’s start…

Different Route on Adelaide to Sydney Road Trip

So before telling details on your road off, now let’s discuss the three routes, you can go to Sydney from Adelaide.

The Direct Route, NSW Riverina Route

This route is on the northern SW part, on the Riverina. Driving on the direct road will force you to drive 1360 km with a driving time of 14 h30m (if you drive non-stop). And the most mentionable stoppage that comes in this trip are-Murray Bridge, Swan Hill, Wagga Wagga & Canberra.

heading to your last road off, you can enjoy the Riverina Region, the Big Desert Wilderness also the loss of farmlands and fruit bowls.

Victoria Riverina Route

As the direct route is through the NSW, so if you are keen to see the Victorian region you have to take a detour from the Ouyen. Though this route is 70 km longer than the direct route thus for you have to drive for more than 50 minutes.

But people often choose this route, because this place is full of tons of historical places and towns. Before heating the Sturt Highway (Wagga Wagga sites), plenty of breathtaking rural landscapes moreover will pull your attention on this trip.

Country Victoria Route

If you are intending to cross through the heart of Victoria, The third road is for you. The Mallee Highway here will introduce you to some superb regional state towns. This route also takes almost the same distance as the Stuart highway takes. Additionally, it takes 1 more hour to reach Sydney.

Adelaide to Sydney Road Trip: Itinerary, Attractions & Activities

Route3 different route
Bus (Direct route)22hr45m ($103 to $200)
Train22hr29m  (266$ to $1,500)
Shelf Drive/Car (Direct route)14hr40m ($174 to $252)
Stops40 stoppage
Nearest AirportDirect flight from Adelaide to Sydney

If you are directly driving your car from Adelaide to Sydney trip, you have to cross almost 851 mi (1370 km), a road distance with a driving time of 15 hrs. 32 mins (in normal traffic).

There are three routes, you can reach Sydney from Adelaide-

  • Direct Route ( detour to Canberra, needs 15 hours 30 minutes driving)
  • The Riverina Detour (needs 15 hours 45 minutes driving)
  • The Country Victoria Route ( Total road length is 1,550 km so needs 17 hours of driving)

The direct route is the most preferred if you are not intending to be specific in other routes. Driving through this route will allow you to reach Sydney relatively in the quickest way. this route is on the Sturt and Mallee Highways.

Sydneyoperahouse at night
Sydneyoperahouse at night.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Driving the second route that means via the Riverina Detour will add a few more minutes than Sturt and Mallee Highways. The third route is almost 100 kilometres long from the first route. this route is in rural Victoria and needs an extra 1 hour and 30 minutes from the direct route.

So now it’s up to you, which route you are going to drive! These three routes will allow you to get a different taste of various places, events, and cultural features.

However, Almost 40 stoppages are there on this trip. So there is a lots more to enjoy many things on your road trip.

Mentionable among that 40 stoppages are:

  • Canberra
  • Goulburn
  • Wagga Wagga
  • Murray Bridge
  • The Big Desert Wilderness
  • Albury, Wodonga
  • Shepparton
  • Bendigo
  • Bowral and Little Desert National Park.

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Adelaide to Canberra

canberra 266338 1280
Canberra,australia,parliament house,pictures, – needpix

It Is only 12 hr. 42 min (1,151.6 km) via Mallee Hwy/B12 driving distance from Canberra to Adelaide. Balranald is the halfway town between these two towns. Spending two or three days in Canberra might add to your travel time, but surely it will highlight almost the whole city in your eyes.

In Canberra, there are lots of things you can do. If you have free time, even you can spend the whole day visiting Canberra.

  • Visit Australia’s Parliament.
  • Visit a few museums placed in Canberra. Especially the Bradman Museum.
  • National Gallery of Australia (at the time you also can head to the next door of the National Portrait Gallery).
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • High Court of Australia and Questacon.
  • Visit Lake George Lookout.
  • Visit National Capital Exhibition.
  • Visit the Lake Burley Griffin.
  • Head back to Kingston Foreshore.
  • Visit the Australian War Memorial.
  • Visit the Mount Ainslie Lookout.
  • National Arboretum, Mount Ainslie
  • Headed back to the Canberra Center

Canberra just could be a great halfway of your driving with a 2 or 3 days duration. Travellers with their intention to cover all the historical and old places can take a driving rest in Canberra. There are at least hundreds of good hotels, waiting for the traveller.

One thing I missed including, some other attractions also in Canberra, it’s a beautiful city on a Sydney road trip.

Canberra to Goulburn

3161814601 c704ae269e b
The Big Merino Sheep, Goulburn, NSW | Flickr

It takes only 1 hour and 2 minutes by car (90.2 km through the Federal Hwy) to reach the Goulburn station from Canberra. Bus coach is also available on this route, in that case, you will have to count 6 to 16 $ for 1 hr. and 10 minutes.

Here you will find Carlton Suites (only 450 m from the centre), and Mercure Goulburn (3.5 km from the centre) hotels. If you feel to stay here, both are with good reviews.

Goulburn is one of the regional towns in the Australian state of New South Wales. This city is placed almost 90 km from North-East Canberra. Goulburn is about 189 years old city,

Plenty of attractions are there in Goulburn, the city of south wales. Even you will find one of the famous regional centres surrounding lots of rural enterprises.

If you want to visit the whole of Goulburn, you have to stay one full day here. However, the most attractive places to visit in Goulburn are-

  • Big Merino. (Its a celebration of Australia’s Fine Wool Industry)
  • Bungonia National Park
  • Wombeyan Cave
  • Goulburn Ghost Tours
  • Goulburn Historic Waterworks
  • Goulburn War Memorial and Museum
  • Goulburn Rail Heritage Centre
  • Lerida Estate Winery
  • Goulburn South Caravan Park

Goulburn to Wagga Wagga

Aerial view of Central Wagga Wagga
Aerial view of Central Wagga Wagga.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Wagga Wagga is 262 km far from Goulburn. It is a wonderful town in south Australia. The Adelaide road trip usually demands to stop in Wagga Wagga city centre. However, the total driving time actually varies upon on which route you are driving. There are three routes to reach Wagga Wagga from Goulburn.

Goulburn is called the “City of Good Sports. Many Australian famous players come from this place. This place also is reputed for the sights of hill tracks, olive picking, and so many others.

The Museum of the Riverina is the main attraction of Wagga Wagga, the planned city. besides Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens is just like the home for all native plants of Australia. Hence there is a mini zoo as well.

Wagga Wagga Art Gallery is also another key attraction of Wagga Wagga which contains at least 500 art pieces. This is to inform you, this place is just a home for different art galleries and museums.

For the river lover, this city is wonderful! This city is located just on the shore of the Murrumbidgee River.

However, some others place you want to visit in the meanwhile of Sydney drive i. e. Goulburn to Wagga Wagga road map. But it will delay your Adelaide to Sydney road trip. So be sure whether you want to spend one or two days in Goulburn to visit all the key attractions.

Wagga Wagga to Murray Bridge

9575687410 d7d10de0bb b
Murray Bridge South Australia| Flickr

Murray Bridge is 8 hr. 58 min (839.2 km) via Mallee Hwy/B12 driving distance from the Wagga Wagga town centre. We already talked about the Murray Bridge, this bridge is on the Murray River.

In the Adelaide to Robe trip, we already told about Murray bridge. It’s just a wonderful starring to visit the beautiful coast side, the adventure playground. You can even plan the day tours in the Robe, on the way from Adelaide. Murray River and Murray bridge will pull your attention.

Murray bridge is the best recreation place for adventurous people. It allows the riverside relaxation and so many others. The diverse cultural heritage of diverse people also is awesome here.

Do not miss to visit the Historic Town Hall of Murray bridge also visits the Local Regional Gallery here.

Big W, Woolworths Supermarket, 3 mini-major stores (Priceline, The Reject Shop, and Intersport), a food court-also you can visit Murray Bridge.

The most important place near the Murray riverside is The Big Desert Wilderness. The Big Desert Wilderness park is only about 241 km far from the Murray bridge. However, across the whole driving, there is no chance of getting bored! Nature will make you “become a statue of natural beauty” on this road trip.

Murray bridge to Albury, Wodonga

20639953148 67168d11e6 b
Albury. The magnificent railway station | Flickr

If you go northern side of the Murray river you will get one of the important regional towns of south Australia which is Albury Wodonga.

800.8 km distance separating the Albury from the Murray bridge. If you start your riding from Murray bridge, after driving 8 hr 38 min through the Mallee Hwy/B12, you will reach Albury, Wodonga.

You can catch a bus or train trip to reach Albury from Murray bridge. A train trip needs almost 13h 21m (no direct train). And the bus trip requires 12h 45m.

After this long trip, your muscle may feel stiff. So my suggestion is to stay overnight here and then start the trip again the next morning.

Quality Resort Siesta and Quest Wodonga are two perfect accommodations in the Albury Centre you can hold overnight.

Lake Moama: While riding on the Murray riverside towards the Albury two lakes on the Murray river could be your off-stop. The first one of these lakes is Lake Moama. This lake is 602.4 km road distance from the Murray bridge. Driving through the National Highway A8 Highway A8 needs only 6 hr 39 min to reach this lake.

After almost 7 hours of shelf driving, when you reach Moama lake, plenty of enjoyable things are waiting here for you. Believe me, when I first saw this lake, I feel only Moana’s animation film don’t know why!

You can swim here, and can Waterskiing & Jet skiing. You may hear of paddle boarding, yes you can enjoy Paddleboarding even if you are standing up on the board. Lots of Squiggles Playhouse, Golf Club, Raceway track other playgrounds are available here.

Besides all of these, you can see Wineries & Vineyard’s factories here. Also, it has 5 miles picnic area, you can ride on your bike here, can enjoy a campfire, barbeque party, etc. It’s Aqua Island, so a beautiful water park is there.

Lake Mulwala: Lake Muala is 721.6km far from Murray bridge. Driving through the Mallee Hwy/B12 needs 7 hr 42 min to reach this lake. However, if you do not want to miss Lake Moama, so you can directly go to Lake Moama from the Murray bridge. And then can come again to Lake Mulwala from Lake Moama.

Lake Mulwala is 170.2 km distant from Lake Moama. And drivers need 2 hr 10 min via Lower River Rd to reach this incredible lake.

This lake is north of the Murray bridge. This river is one of the idyllic waterways, which is majestic in an exceptional ghostly beauty altogether.

However, you can visit Rich Glen Olive Estate here, and also can see Fyffe Field Wines. MV Paradise Queen also could be a perfect attraction for you, you have to drive 2.7 miles from the main lake to reach this wonderful site.

At the nearby distance you will also get the Lake Mulwala Barby Boats, Byramine Homestead (5.9 miles), Aquazone Waterpark, Mulwala Water Ski Club, Yarrawonga Weir, Chinamans Islands, Lake Mulwala Swimming Pool, so many others lucrative places nearby this lake.

Albury, Wodonga to Shepparton

51910354061 30556af534 b
Shepparton. Part of the herd of girls which make up | Flickr

Once you explore the whole riverside visit of Murray River, including the aforementioned places, now it is time to start the trip again. So your next stoppage would be the Shepparton. The journey is only 1h and 52 minutes. One important message for you is, you can catch a direct train to reach Sydney from Albury. This train trip will take almost 7 h 58m.

So you have come to the ‘food bowl’ of Australia. Yes, this city is well-recognized for food production. Especially the vegetables, fruits, and Cereal are well produced here. In the mess of all these agricultural fields, this city is also contributing with its lots of dairy farms as well.

Places you can visit in this town are Victoria Park Lake, Moooving Art Shepparton, Wineries & Vineyards factories, Shepparton Art Museum, Greater Shepparton Visitor Centre, Playgrounds, Australian Botanic Gardens, and parks in Shepparton, etc.

However, Albury to Shepparton is a long distance-in meanwhile two mentionable cities will come on your road trip. If you wish, can stay here either to take a trip break or visit here.

Wangaratta: Wangaratta is not so distant from Albury. This place is only 73 km far. Once you started driving, it will take only about 45 to 50 minutes to reach Wangaratta. Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues is the main attraction of Wangaratta. Also, you can visit various manufacturing, transport, and distribution centres in Wangaratta.

Benalla: From Albury, you can reach Benalla in only 1 hr 12 min via National Highway M31. Benalla is 114.5 km far from Albury. However, it’s a small city just placed on the Broken River gateway. The mouth of this tiny town is in Victoria’s northeastern region. Benalla is a Rural city perfect for relaxation and stress remover. However, from here- it is only 212 kilometres driving away from Melbourne (northeast of it).

Woodonga: From Benaila to Woodonga it will take 1 hr 8 min via National Highway M31. hence it is 110.0 km far. Again reach the Shepparton, you will need another 1 hr 48 min via National Highway M31 and Midland Hwy/A300. The road distance is 169.0 km. Before leaving for Shepparton, know about some precise attractions of Woodonga. So that you can visit those in your upcoming Adelaide to Sydney tour.

Those places are The Army Museum Bandiana, High Country Rail Trail, Belvoir Park Playground, Albury Wodonga Farmers Market, and Huon Hill Parklands.

Shepparton to Bendigo

Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bendigo, Australia

The distance is 133.8km. So far the driving distance is 1 hr 28 min via Midland Hwy/A300. So if you are a potteries lover, you have come to the perfect places you need! Bendigo is popular for its fantastic potteries. Hence this city is termed theCeramic Centre of Victoria’.

The fact is, plenty of activities you can do in this city. Bendigo always explores new things to attract people and visitors. If you wish, you also can go for just a short walk around your parking area. Also, you cannot bypass the whole town, can visit on a day tour as well.

Bendigo to Bowral and Little Desert National Park

Desert National Park
Little Desert National Park – Wikimedia Commons

One of the prime attractions of the whole of South Australia is Bendigo. 4h 10m driving time is pretty enough to reach the via Calder Hwy/A79. Little Desert National Park is 321 km far from Bendigo.

From Bendigo, you also can directly fly to Sydney. 9 hr 6 min (835.4 km) via M31 road trip also could reach you at Sydney directly from Bendigo.

What can you do is, travelling Bowral from Bendigo, and then Travel toward the Little Dessert National park from Bowral.

The little Desert National Park is one of the national parks of Victoria, Australia. Dimboola and the Wimmera River are two boundaries of this park. And the east of this park, the border of the South Australian region.

So what to see or enjoy in this park? This park is present here to amuse you fully. More than 50/60 natural activities you can go with into this park. Especially i prefer to walk in the deep of this park, visit a few camping areas, enjoy the birds calling, and see different species of trees, and wild animals.

Also, I did not miss enjoying the Spectacular Starry Southern Night sky. Hiking and bird watching are common here.

Wedderburn: It is only 54 minutes driving from Bendigo to Wedderburn. The distance is only 73.9 km. However, It is almost near Sydney, 57 km approximately. As an important city in New South Wales, Australia-Wedderburn is great.

Visit the major attractions of this place. These are Coach House Gallery & Museum History Museums, Loddon Visitor Information Centre, Bird’s Eye View Mural Art, Mt Korong, Wychitella Flora & Fauna Reserve, Skinners Flat, and Ted’s Garden situated in Wedderburn.

Charlton: Charlton only is a 23 to 24-minute driving distance from Wedderburn. You can reach this city by bus. taxi or by car. various places like Travelers’ Rest, Playgrounds, Parks, etc. are situated in this South Australian Rural country. Some remarkable places in Charlton are the Wooroonook Lakes, Avoca River Walk, The Golden Grains Museum, John Curtin Statue, Elliott Gardens, Yawong Weir, and Rotary Park.

Donald: Take a taxi or car and reach Donald within 31 minutes of your driving. Donald is a 43.8 km road far from Charlton. You can take a short break in Donald, then start again the Sydney trip.

In the meanwhile, you can make a short visit to Kookas Country Cookies outlet/factory, the Lion’s Train Park/picnic spot, See Bullocks Head, etc. So once you covered Donald city, 2.4 km on Kangaloon Rd/B73 approximately 4 min you will reach Bowral.

Bowral is called the ‘main business and entertainment precinct of the Wingecarribee Shire and Highlands” This Southern Highlands town is a glorious place in South Wales of Australia. 

You can spend your whole day to visit-Bradman Museum & International Cricket Hall of Fame, Bradman Oval, Bradman Walk, Mary Poppins Statue, Corbett Gardens, Cherry Tree Walk & War Memorial, Dirty Janes, and Milk Factory Gallery here.

Bowral to Sydney

19590934983 7f69513961 b
Bowral. The bandstand in Corbett Gardens. Corbett Gardens … | Flickr

So now we are at the last trip segments on Adelaide to Sydney trip. Bowral to Sydney is only a 11709 km road distance. Driving of 1 hr 24 min via Hume Motorway/M31 therefore enough to reach this wonderful Sydney!

Or, you can catch a direct train from Bowral to Sydney, it will take 1h 43m. However, at last, you have reached one of the largest towns in New South Wales (Australia) Obviously it is the largest town in Australia. Rather this city also is so important for many of its businesses, commercial, and educational system as well. Sydney is well-known for-

Sydney is full of a number of iconic beaches and lots of other prime attractions. from international students to businessman-who doesn’t know Sydney? Sydney is such a place, a worldwide recognized-each year more than thousands of tourist comes to visit Sydney’s eternal beauty God himself which pour over there!

What Can You do in Sydney?

If you are on a business trip the next day, so nothing you can do at this moment. You have to prepare for the next day, so your face and body need to get good relaxation.

So you can go to a beachside spa-can enjoy some soft songs (don’t miss the opera), drink some wine and take a cool massage! Really it is pretty capable to make you fresh just within a few minutes.

You can make lots of fun in Sydney. You can swim in Wattamolla or other beaches(Sydney has so many brilliant beaches, days need to cover all those beaches, I think!). Do not miss riding on the Manly Ferry.

Bar 83 also is the superb and largest bar in the whole of Sydney, you can drink here seeing the wonderful scenery surrounding there. Visit White Rabbit, you will find all the precise Chinese art there. The signature cocktail menu of Maybe Sammy also you should not miss!

Now get closure to the core nature. Visit the Dharawal National Park. From Sydney CBD, it takes only 60 to 70 minutes to reach there. When you become bored with the hustle and bustle of the busy and noisy city life-Dharawal gives you a splash of fresh wind to you. You will feel heavenly here, and will smell a new life!


How many days does it take to drive from Sydney to Adelaide?

Depends on which route you prefer to drive. Driving on the Sturt and Mallee Highways means the total road distance is 1,460km. So if you drive non-stop 15 hours and 30 minutes is enough to reach you from Adelaide to Sydney.

Where should I stop between Adelaide and Sydney?

Plenty of stoppages will come as the off-stop in the Adelaide to Sydney trip. Moreover, on this long trip, there are some nearby prime attractions, you may need to drive far from the main highway, again to come back after completing the visit.

However, mentionable; stoppages in this trip are- Canberra, Goulburn, Wagga Wagga, Murray Bridge, The Big Desert Wilderness, Albury, Wodonga, Shepparton, Bendigo, Bowral, and Little Desert National Park, etc.

What town is halfway between Adelaide and Sydney?

Hay, Australia town is halfway between Adelaide and Sydney.

How much does it cost to drive from Adelaide to Sydney?

Depends on the route again. If you catch a direct flight from Adelaide to Sydney-it will cost $104-$256. USD $104 to $212 is for bus journeys. A direct train will cost you more, $270 to $1500. Shelf driving with a personal car/rented e-car will cost $174 to $252.

Final Words

That is how we captured the Adelaide to Sydney road trip details. Though it’s a bit of a long session, if you are in a state of “I understand not even a word!” my suggestion is to take one cup of coffee and read the session again.

Seriously this session is full of all the practical experience and real-time feelings that I gathered on this trip.

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