Adelaide to Uluru Road Trip – A Guide to Quickly Get There

Adelaide to Uluru Road Trip
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If you are exceptional travelers who even don’t think twice about the invention of the natural wonder, yes today we are affording only for you! Today we will break the ice between your fear and reality!

Going to Uluru from Adelaide by road is so precise and enjoyable, it will make your travel a worthy must. However, Here we are with the Adelaide to Uluru Road Trip!

Also, we will discuss all the prime attractions in the meanwhile on this trip. After reading our today’s session, we can assure you, you will just be about to pack your luggage, and will be ready to gear your car!

Uluru is a 500 million old desert rock that has several ornamental names. Whatever it is addressed by the people-but you just need to visit this place once in your whole life! Only when you will see this rock on your own will feel why I am so excited to write about it.

Hence this place is a combination of the ancient era with all new feelings! Not only it is higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris( 348 metres from the surface) it is also so beautiful and attracts any age people of all perspectives.

You can enjoy the most heavenly sunset and the sun rises from Uluru, can feel how the cultural invention was made by God 500 million years. Also, you can do lots of other activities here.

Hello good travellers! I am not going to tell you everything about Uluru in the introductory portion. Let’s stop the ado-and dive in depth to explore your Adelaide to Uluru Road trip-

Adelaide to Uluru Road Trip: Itinerary Attractions & Activities

RouteCar, Bus, Train, Air
Bus (Direct route)30h 30 m ($279 to $407)
Train plus bus34h 48m($471 to $814)
Shelf Drive/Car (Direct route)The total road distance is 1602 km,16h14m ($203 to $293)
StopsClare Valley, Mount Remarkable National Park, Port Augusta, Woomera, Moon Plain, Painted Desert.
Nearest AirportAyers Rock Airport in Yulara

Uluru the wonderful desert rock, only is a 1,601.8 km road far from the Adelaide town hall. If you are following Stuart Hwy it will take a 16 hr 37 min drive to reach this natural wonder.

Instead of shelf driving, you can take a taxi, can go by train or air. Both the train and air have some shortcomings. You can’t go to Uluru directly on both of these trips.

There is a train stoppage and an airport at Alice Spring ( Uluru’s nearby city). You have to reach there by train and air, and then you can take a taxi bus, or car to reach Uluru.

As an alternate option, you can directly fly to Yulara, it’s also a nearby place to Uluru. Yulara has its airport named Ayers Rock Airport. So you can take rent a car, taxi, or bus from here to reach the majestic Uluru Rock.

However, though there is a straight highway to reach Uluru from Adelaide-we have made a stoppage list,(with the most watchable places of course) here. Let’s see the road trip itinerary of Uluru from Adelaide in the following way.

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Start the Journey from Adelaide

Adelaide South Australia panoramio
Adelaide South Australia – panoramio – Wikimedia

Before departure Adelaide towards Uluru, do not miss to see the beauty of Adelaide! Adelaide is a wonderful south Australian city, full of lots of mental satisfaction and eye fascinating things in the chest of its. With a total area of 3,260 km², it is the capital of South Australia’s coastal region.

This town is home to the Art Gallery of South Australia. Lots of art galleries, Museums, Historical Places, Important Government and private buildings, Remarkable National parks, a Cultural Centre, rich and colourful scenery, Riverside’s attractive places, and Lots of Hills will make you stunned at the time of your visit.

Adelaide is also renowned as an opal mining town. However, the top attractions in this old city are given below-

  • Adelaide Central Market
  • Glenegla Trams
  • Adelaide Oval (Historic Site, also Test Cricket Grounds)
  • Adelaide Botanic Garden
  • Art Gallery of South Australia
  • Adelaide Zoo
  • Rundle Mall
  • South Australian Museum
  • Himeji Garden
  • Waterfall Gully
  • State Library of South Australia

So many historic buildings, places, and other attractions are available in Adelaide, you need at least 3 to 5 days to cover the maximum of those places. However, if you are short on time you can visit only the central town hall places or nearby accordingly.

Adelaide to Clare Valley

iStock 78331267 MEDIUM
Why Now Could Be The Perfect Time To Work In

Clare Valley is renowned for wineries especially! Almost 50 popular wineries are situated in this region, producing good wine each year.

Hutt River and the parallel Hill River-these two natural landmarks are associated with this river valley town. So riverside related all visit sides are available here. You can hike in Clare valley, and also can visit lots of conservation parks (especially the Spring Gully Conservation Park).

And thanks to God, to visit this wonderful, stunning and diversified town, you only need to spend only 2 days. You can reach everywhere in this town from the center of town at this time.

However, this oldest Australian town needs only 1 hr. 48 min (146.8 km) via Traeger Rd far from Adelaide on a road trip. the road distance is 146.8 km. As the distance is only about 150 km, roughly 2 hours of driving is enough on this route.

Clare Valley to Mount Remarkable National Park

15076148313 58a010c40b b
Melrose. The white War Memorial part way up Mount Remarkab… | Flickr

To reach Mount Remarkable National Park from Clare Valley riders need to cross almost 140 km of road distance. Driving time approximately is 1 hr. 34 min (139.6 km) via Horrocks Hwy/Main N Rd/B82. As there is no public road in this park, so you have to stop at the nearby public road to visit this park.

Mount remarkable is named such because it is situated on the high of its surrounding hills. However, the park based on this mountain is a dream destination for the bushwalker. It’s a perfect trail for all ages people. Even your old parents or your child-you can trail on this mountain.

What is other especially of this mountain? Its outstanding nature, and stunning position. Yes, it presides on the Willochra Plain with its 960 m height. It also looks towards the Spencer Gulf. So visitor often comes to see this remarkable landscape and visit the three sections of this park.

  • Alligator Gorge
  • Mt Remarkable (via Melrose)
  • Mambray Creek

Not only for trail lovers but for bird lovers it is also an awesome place. You will not believe this park has about 117 native bird species. And it is also home to a few species from here. Especially in winter, this park gets a new spring life! I do not miss enjoying the park in winter!

Other things you can do in this mountain are-

  • Camp firing at night
  • Child’s short Hiking
  • Go to visit the nearby town, Melrose. In there Melrose Nature Hike will impress you. And it’s only a 3 hours return trip so if you have time, do not miss it.
  • Capture this magical landscape with the camera.

However, this park is a protected area, so be careful before using any device here.

Mount Remarkable National Park to Port Augusta

7960334774 dd5d4b0a62 c
Port Augusta, South Australia | Deborah & Kevin | Flickr

Port Augusta only is 52.1 km far from the Mount remarkable national part. If you are driving through National Highway A1, you will need 36 min to reach the small town, that is Port Augusta.

Formerly it was a busy seaport, but at present, it makes the adjunction of road and railroad trips. From Adelaide, it is 322 km far in the northern direction. And this town is located on the East coast of the Spencer Gulf.

Both as a resident and as a tourist place-Port Augusta is incredible. As it is on the link of Adelaide to Uluru road trip-it has lots of local shops, service centres, and educational institutes.

Like other towns in Australia, this small town also has some precise art galleries. It is also enriched by its regional Botanical Gardens. The water tower of Port Augusta also is mentionable, you can go for a walking trip here.

Port Augusta also is a great place for canoeing, Dolphin Seeing, Fishing, and boat riding. It’s a perfect place for family tours, and personal relaxation.

Some places you can live in Port Augusta are Majestic Oasis Apartments, you can visit the Upper Spencer Gulf from here. Discovery Parks – Port Augusta is another awesome hotel-it is situated at an interesting place; just at the conjunct point of the desert meets the sea (foothills of the Flinders Ranges).

Port Augusta to Woomera

strefa zakazana woomera
Strefa Zakazana i Baza Wojskowa w Woomera, Australia

So once you go far from Adelaide to Uluru main road, to catch the beauty of port Augusta, now your turn to come back again on the main road and to start driving for the second off stop on this road trip.

Woomera is 181 km far from the Port Augusta. If you are driving via B83 and National Highway A87, 3 hr. 40 min time is enough for you to reach Woomera.

Your next stoppage on your road trip would be Cobber Pedy, from where Woomera is only 5km far. Especially the Defence in the Woomera Prohibited Area makes this small village to visit worthy.

However, other attractions of Woomera village are-

  • Woomera Baker Observatory
  • Woomera Heritage Centre
  • Visitor Information Centre
  • Woomera History Museum

Woomera to Coober Pedy

spaceship 165353 1280
Spaceship,science fiction,coober pedy,film,australia – needpix

After leaving Woomera, now let’s move for the next stoppage on your road, that is -Coober Pedy. It’s a reputed town as the “opal capital of the world”. The world’s best opals are mined in this town.

However, it is located 846 km north of Adelaide (on the Stuart highway). If you are driving on National Highway A87, it is 374.3 km far from the Woomera. The total driving is near about 3 hr. 54 min. On the other hand, traveling by bus needs a total time of 4 h 23 m.

Without being the opal capital, this town also has two proud places, which are enlisted on the world heritage. these two places are-

  • Three-Roomed Dugout
  • Coober Pedy Catholic Church and Presbytery

After a long road trip, if you want to take a break in Coober Pedy, there are lots of accommodations for you. The Opal Inn, The Blacklighters Opal Retreat-Underground, The Underground Motel, etc. are good choices to stay in Coober Pedy.

However, Coober Pedy has a bad reputation sayings it’s a city of dust and dirt. This city is also so hot, people often need time to adjust here. Still, there are lots of calm sights here, which can easily make you cool. The Sun-baked lunar landscape of Coober Pedy, the quirky lifestyle, and the ancient culture is awesome here.

Coober Pedy to Moon Plain

Gibber Plains Sturt NP 4818
Plains, Sturt NP – Wikimedia

If you are driving 135.6 km from the Coober Pedy via Kempe Rd approximately 2 hr 25 min you will reach Moon Plain. This northern south Australian town is famous due to its attractive geographical approach. total extension of this area is 1550km2.

This landscape is like the lunar. The unusual landscape set as the background of many movies, Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome, is one of them. However, You may be heard another ornamental name for this place. That is the gibber desert!

You can visit Painted desert as well, which needs a 150km/2hr 25min drive from Coober Pedy. And then again can drive back to the Moon Plain by 40km/35min driving.

Moon Plain to Erldunda Roadhouse

Madura Roadhouse 2017 03
Madura Roadhouse – Wikimedia

Now we are not in any famous town. But we are at the “center of the center” of south northern Australia. Erldunda Roadhouse is almost 465km far from the Moon Plain. And it would be the last stoppage before we reach Uluru. Here you can reach by Shelf driving of 5h35m.

Our recommendation is to stay here for one night, as you already drive a long way from the Moon Plain. On the next day, you can leave for Uluru.

The Erldunda Roadhouse is the base point of Uluru. You will find many accommodations at this place. So if you set your mind to visit any park nearby Erldunda Roadhouse-you can drive towards the caravan park (near the Yulara).

Overnight staying there does not mean you have to stay in your hotel room only. You can campfire, see the water visiting places, Plenty of barbecue sites are present in this place. Also, it has lots of sheds under the trees. Almost all the hotels are featured to facilitate the tourist a wonderful pool with a bar as well.

Erldunda to Uluru & Kata Tjuta

49051384198 a6e2fd046f b
Uluru-Kata Tjuta Nation… | Flickr

Drive another 2h50m on the State Route and reach Uluru after approximately 267.7km. After so many days of on-road driving, if you are feeling stiff, the good news will make you happy just within a glance.

Yes, we are talking about the majestic rock, which brings life to the desert of this northern territory. Though you have visited so many things from Adelaide to Uluru road trip, the actual dramatic adventure just begins here, from this beautiful rock.

The middle of May and September is the best visiting time to Uluru. At that time weather remains cool, which means you can safely visit the desert.

So once you reach Uluru, now your time to explore your Uluru trip on your way! Like any other south Australian territory-Uluru is full of exceptional fascination. So, 2 or 3 days is pretty enough to Uluru attractive places. Having more time will make your desert life precise more.

What to do in Uluru?

Uluru is one of the prime allure of Australian tourists. It’s an ancient monolith, and huge tourists each year visit this marvelous place.

Uluru- the Ayers Rock also called the red center. It is also called the heart of the northern territory of Central South Australia. The nearby city of this place is Alice Springs. The nearest also is f40km far.

The exact formation of this beautiful rock is thought to be from 550 million years ago! It’s surrounded by Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. And it also includes the 36 red-rock domes

However, after a long drive now you are in Uluru. So what you can do in this ancient place? Do the following-

  • Visit the whole of Uluru, the wonderful desert rock. Just walk the surrounding of the rock. If you wish, you can climb here. Though this rock is 348 meters high you have to climb more than this. the climbing distance is 1.6 km. However, this path is so painful and treacherous, people most often get tired to reach their peak. Already 35 people died to reach this rock, due to severe heart attacks. If you are determined to reach the rock,2 hours is pretty enough!
  • Enjoy the sunset, and see the spectacle of light in the desert. Field of Light display the most enjoyable things about this dessert.
  • Visit the 36 Steep Domes Of Kata Tjuta, it is just 20 minute’s driving distance from Uluru.
  • Visit the Watarrka National Park, only 3 hr driving distance from Uluru. You can also climb the King’s canyon here. It is only 150m tall. Here you also can enjoy the garden of Eden (situated just at the center of the canyon).
  • You can enjoy the desert silence, after the sunset! Whether the sunset or the sunrises-both is just awesome if you enjoy these from this desert rock! The desert sunny day or the desert cold night-you need to enjoy both!
  • You can take your dinner under the desert moon there. For this, it is better to contract with Kings Canyon Resorts!
  • You can meet the Local Maruku Artists. Here you will find almost 900 Artists comes from different 20 desert places nearby Uluru.
  • Yes, walking is the best way to explore Uluru. But you also can ride here and can fly as well. Whether a Segway or a cycle-pretty enough to room around the Uluru rock!
  • Do not miss the Wintjiri Arts and Museum. This museum will introduce you to exceptionally diverse cultural tastes. This place also has so many indigenous art pieces, you just need to visit this place before leaving Uluru.
  • Visit Curtin Springs, only 1 hr driving needs from Uluru. If you have time, you can make a 2-day working tour of this cattle station. Here you can learn how various kinds of grass turned into paper.


How long does it take to get from Adelaide to Uluru?

If you are heating the Stuart Hwy, you will reach Uluru within 16 hr 39 min. Uluru has a 1,601.8 km road distance from Adelaide. This time only is for shelf driving. However, if you choose other routes, the time will increase a lot.

Is the road from Adelaide to Uluru sealed?

Yes, this road is completely sealed via The Stuart Highway and Lasseter Highway.

Is it worth driving to Uluru?

Yes, I think it is. If you take the bus, or taxi-you have a rare chance to visit all the prime attractions in between this road trip.

Therefore it is worth to driving Uluru from Adelaide and enjoying all the beautiful places in between these. Hence, you can take the travel rest in many stoppages, on this trip.

Can you drive a normal car to Uluru?

As all roads are sealed to Uluru, so I can drive even my normal car. Just i need to ensure my car is not going to trouble me in the meanwhile.

Final Words

Finally, we have come to the end of the Adelaide to Uluru Road Trip discussion. Let me wrap up today’s session by telling one of my suggestions.

As a traveler, I never want to miss any in-between stoppages or places. If you have an office tour, then it is different. But without this, always try to shelf drive to reach your targeted destiny.

Shelf driving at a long distance yes, of course, will make your legs stiff, but believe me, if you can feel the smell of a new town, the new culture, and the new places-nothing can stop you for travel surrounding.

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