20 Australia East Coast Road Trip: Must See Attractions 

Australia East Coast Road Trip Must See
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To assist you in making better travel plans, we’ve compiled a list of must-see and must-do attractions on Australia’s east coast. Given its immensity (to give you an idea, Australia is so large that you could fit all of Europe in it and still have plenty to spare), travelling to Australia can be intimidating. However, it is possible and undoubtedly fun. We hope you find this extensive list of things to see and do on Australia’s east coast useful.

There are many opportunities to create memories, cross off bucket-list activities, and make new friends. Whether you are travelling alone or have a tight schedule. It’s reasonable to feel overwhelmed when arranging a vacation to the east coast because many places belong on bucket lists.

We recently (a week ago, to be exact) finished this east coast tour, which took three weeks. As a result, everything is current, and you don’t need to seek elsewhere. The information provided here can be a roadmap for a 3-week or longer itinerary along Australia’s east coast.

On the whole, not all of the stops along the east coast were worthwhile. Therefore, we have selected only the best must-see locations, attractions, and activities to save us time. Therefore, if you want to, you can make the most of your vacation by extending your stay in the stated locations.

When Is The Ideal Time To Visit Australia’s East Coast?

In Australia, every season offers a unique experience. The months and weather forecasts are listed below, however, keep in mind that Australia is in the southern hemisphere, and thus the temperatures would be the exact opposite of those in the northern hemisphere. For instance, the sun is 30 degrees or higher in Australia between Christmas and New Year’s!

  • The three hottest months are summer: December, January, and February.
  • The transitional months for autumn are March, April, and May.
  • Winter: June, July, and August are the three coldest months.
  • Spring: September, October, and November are the three transitional months.

Plan your trip to Australia during the summer. The remainder of the year is decent, though. With its low crime rate, Australia is among the finest countries for solo travel, road vacations, and solo trips for women. The reason it is also regarded as a secure location for solo travel. Charge up your phone or camera batteries completely every night because there are many stunning and Instagram-worthy locations to photograph.

How Can I Travel To Australia’s East Coast?

By flying, you may see more of Australia in less time. If not, you can go by bus, vehicle, train, boat, and, if you’re up for it, bicycle. Both at the airport and throughout the city, taxi ranks are accessible. Sydney is home to the ride-sharing company Uber, which has a set-aside area for airport pickups.

Companies like Avis, Budget, Thrifty, and Hertz rent cars and camper vans at the airport and other locations around the city. Additionally, it is wise to watch Facebook groups and rental vehicle marketplaces.

1. Experience The Blue Mountains’ Breath-Taking Scenery

The Blue Mountains are ideal for exploring Australia’s east coast. It is a national park area that stretches west of Sydney and is renowned for its stunning landscape, enormous woods, incredible waterfalls, sheer cliffs, and settlements with guesthouses, art galleries, and gardens. Plan a trip if you like to handle things independently. We advise taking a train from Central to Katoomba ($6.80 one way) with a lunch, water, and sunscreen packed in addition to the other items.

If the train differs from your thing, reserve this one-day hiking tour or a small-group tour of the Blue Mountains, including a beautiful lunch and pickup and drop-off services.

  • The three sisters can be seen from Echo’s point of view.
  • From Cahill’s overlook, enjoy the sunsets.
  • For breathtaking views, take a scenic skyway.
  • Visit the Katoomba Falls.
  • Take a look around the Blue Mountains Botanical Garden.
  • Visit one of the little cafes for some hot soup or a beverage.

2. Board A Harbour Cruise

A harbour tour is one of the most significant ways to explore Sydney. Beginning in the late afternoon, take a trip beneath the famous bridge, admire the Sydney Opera House, and get a peek at the mansions of the wealthy and famous. You can also take advantage of guided commentary that vividly describes the history and favourite spots of the waterfront. While you take in the views, refresh yourself with complimentary wine, beer, or soft drinks. This would be a simple choice if you were hosting international guests and wanted to showcase Sydney to the fullest.

3. Go Skydiving In Sydney

The Skydive in Sydney is another must-do activity along Australia’s east coast. You would jump from an aircraft or, if lucky, a helicopter (without doors) at 15,000 feet. Due to excitement, we had a difficult time resting the night before and ended up sleeping more in the morning. As a result, you missed your ride and had to take a taxi to make it to the skydiving location on time. Be mindful that there is no refund policy. So make appropriate plans, and remember to set the alarm.

4. Give Kangaroos Food

Who wouldn’t want to give Koalas and Kangaroos food? Kangaroos and koalas can be seen in Taronga Zoo Sydney and Wild Life Sydney, which is a delightful experience. They are conveniently located in the middle of the city.

However, a 45-minute journey to Featherdale Wildlife may be the solution if you want to have breakfast with the koalas. The Kangaroos can then be seen up close in Morisset Park; they are more active in the mornings or nights. To see them there is no cost. Consequently, prepare for a picnic, feed the roos, and enjoy lunch by the river. There is no other place to feed kangaroos freely, so take advantage of it.

5. Discover Sydney As It Is

Something is always happening in Sydney, whether for music fans, culture vultures, or foodies. People choose cities because there is a never-ending supply of things to do there. Consequently, it is one of my favourite Australian cities. Go elsewhere; residents typically don’t even frequent Bondi Beach and the Sydney Opera House that frequently. Try to go where the locals go and observe things from their point of view. You’ll discover something unique and possibly more amusing. Sydney is a must-see on Australia’s east coast, so take it.

6. Take a Wine Break in the Hunter Valley

Located just three hours up the coast from Sydney, Hunter Valley is the ideal destination for a layover. Along with free wine-tasting events, you can also get complimentary olives and chocolates. Shiraz and Semillon are worth a try. Devoted small producers and big commercial ones make wines directly from the region’s grapes.

With so many wine and chocolate manufacturers, you can rent a bike, spend a few days, and explore everything before boarding a hot air balloon to see the sunrise. The stopover on Australia’s east coast would be enjoyable.

7. Browse The Melbourne Markets

Melbourne should be of our must-see locations along Australia’s east coast. Sydney’s more laid-back sibling, Melbourne, is hipster-friendly and has a thriving cafe scene. Remember to visit the Victoria market to enjoy all the fresh food for lunch and dinner.

8. Visit Byron Bay And Nimbin To Meet The Surfers And Hippies

Byron Bay is the following must-see on Australia’s east coast. We’ve all seen how beautiful the clock tower appears in Instagram images, but beware—there are many tourists. Therefore, go early to beat the crowds or choose a different vantage point (from the tower’s base or the lake). OkaReturningyron Bay is a must-see on the east coast due to its relaxed surfing vibes, which means you will see physically fit people nearly everywhere and because it has lovely cosy cafes and restaurants. Learning to surf is the best thing you can do here.

9. Take In Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast’s Beach

Despite being a popular tourist destination, Surfers Paradise is worth a day or two trips. You can attend a bar or nightclub while taking a river cruise, duck tour, or jet boat ride. Surfers Paradise Beach, a surfing lesson. Nobby’s Beach, a local favourite for tanning, the Miami Beach market, Infinity, and a hike or run at Burleigh Heads are some of the must-see attractions. Any hotel room in Surfers Paradise cannot compare to the view from Burleigh Head’s overlook.

10. Brisbane Hiking Tour: Mount Coot-Tha Lookout

As a single voyage in Brisbane moves towards Cairns, it’s time to leave Brisbane’s metropolis and explore. The distance from Brisbane’s central business district to Mt. Coot-tha, a viewpoint, is about 7 kilometres. The easiest way is to drive yourself or have someone else go to you because there is a tonne of free on-street and off-street parking available, in addition to 5 bus parking spaces. OR you may also use Uber and a taxi.

11. Climb Story Bridge

The Story Bridge Climb is an exciting ascent of Brisbane’s most famous structure, offering breathtaking 360-degree views of the city. Numerous firms provide twilight, day, and night walks. Still, we suggest taking this tour because it’s inexpensive, simple to book, comes with an expert guide, and you can discover the fascinating history of the Story Bridge and Brisbane. Let your spirit of exploration show.

12. Take A Vacation To Brisbane

People had reservations about the place on the first day in Brisbane; everyone had fallen in love with Brisbane by the second day. In a blog post, we revealed all of our secrets. To give you an idea, think of it as more of a Brisbane travel book with a touring schedule for Brisbane.

13. Hike To The Fairy Pools In Noosa

On the Sunshine Coast in southern Queensland, Noosa is a stunning tourist destination in Australia. It shares Byron Bay’s fame for its beautiful landscapes and surfing culture. Locals refer to Noosa as the affluent sister of Byron. You can either stop here or come on a day excursion from Byron Bay.

14. Experience Fraser Island Once In A Lifetime

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage, One of the top three locations on Australia’s east coast is Fraser Island. There needs to be a direct link. However, Fraser Island is about a 3-hour journey from Brisbane. Therefore, you must stop in Hervey Bay and board a boat. Hervey Bay’s only attractions are its deserted Beach and Mexican eateries. Therefore make appropriate plans.

15. Check Out The Gorgeous Lake Mackenzie

Here, you can see how the 50 colours of blue differ. The lake on Australia’s east coast is, without a doubt, my favourite. Since Lake Mackenzie is a freshwater lake, you can drink the water there. It also features kilometres of white sand beaches.

16. Explore The Tallest Eucalyptus Trees In The Area

The towering pines, three-meter-wide rainforest trees, unique and old giant ferns, and eucalyptus forests of Fraser Island are among must-see attractions along Australia’s east coast. Rain and sand are the only two sources of growth (apart from nitrogen).

17. Get To Know The Fascinating Wildlife

You can also observe enormous Australian spiders, unusual birds, and bush lizards. We Hoped to see Dingos that day, the Fraser Island-based native Australian dog, but he didn’t show up.

18. Eat The Delicious Buffet Lunch

I didn’t have high expectations with the sum I paid, but I was pleasantly pleased by the excellent buffet meal. Lots of options, and delicious too.

19. Take A Flight Over 75 Mile Beach

The 75-mile Beach is just what you anticipated—a very long stretch of Beach. Without a doubt, it lived up to its name! Interestingly, for an additional $80 and a 15-minute journey, you can also board an aircraft to view this stunning island from above.

20. Shower In Beautiful Elli Creek

Eli Creek was the ideal place to cool down from the heat. Although you don’t have tubes, you can see how much fun tubing seems to be on the east coast if you watch my narrative. Even if the water could have been a little deeper, walking alongside the creek with the cold water on my feet and the sun shining outside at 30 degrees was energising.


How Long Is The Journey Along Australia’s East Coast?

You can choose from various fantastic experiences over a two- or three-week east coast journey. But it will take at least five weeks to explore the entire coast from top to bottom.

Which Months Are Ideal For Exploring Australia’s East Coast?

Backpackers can travel to Australia, particularly the East Coast, all year long because it is a beautiful and moderately warm country. However, spring (October and November) and autumn (March, April, and May) are our preferred seasons to travel along the East Coast due to their pleasant weather that is neither hot nor cold.

Where On The East Coast Is The Weather The Best?

Boston frequently appears on “best-of” lists and wins the prize for the Northeast’s most pleasant weather. Only 13 days a year are sweltering (over 90 degrees) in the city, with a mild average annual temperature of roughly 50 degrees and moderate rainfall.

Final Words

This blog discusses the Top 20 Must-Visit Attractions On Your East Coast Road Trip In Australia. On land, Australia’s east coast stretches for nearly 10,000 kilometres from end to end and is a captivating succession of beaches, vast rainforests, and enticing wildlife. 

Offshore, the Great Barrier Reef is a hyper-coloured haven for amazing tropical marine life that is 2000 kilometres long. There is a lot to see, but there is more to do. It could take ten days or a lifetime. Choosing what to try first is the most challenging part. To make things easier, here are 12 of the best places to see.

Australia, especially the East Coast, is a breathtaking and generally warm country for explorers throughout the year. However, our favourite times to travel the East Coast are spring (October and November) and autumn (March, April, and May), when the weather is mild and neither too hot nor too cold.

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