20 Best Australian Road Trip Routes to Explore

Best Australian Road Trip Routes
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Choosing where to begin your Australia travel plans can be difficult because there are so many wonderful locations to explore and activities to keep you busy! So here’s our convenient manual for picking where you ought to land in Australia to assist you with capitalising on your time in Oz!

That’s why we analyse the top 20 Best Australian Road Trip Routes to Explore to remove your hassle. The excellence of Australia is like no place else.

There are vast beaches where no one else is on them, rainforests where one-of-a-kind bird song drowns out human conversation, glistening rivers where dolphins play, and a deep red outback where the spirit of Australia can be felt. Take one of these amazing road trips to experience everything Australia offers.

Best Australian Road Trip Routes to Explore

Great Ocean Road Route, Victoria

1280px Great Ocean Road Lorne Australia Feb 2012 1

Start | End: Torquay To Warrnambool

Distance: 250 Km

One of Australia’s most thrilling drives, the Great Ocean Road, is lined with dramatic views of the rocky coastline. Take your time and enjoy the unforgettable views along this iconic stretch of road before travelling inland to discover some of Victoria’s most popular regional destinations.

The famous limestone rock formations of the 12 Apostles will amaze you. They are stunning any time of day, but especially when the setting sun turns the cliff face a fiery red. On the way to Cape Otway Lightstation, you can climb historic lighthouses, spot koalas, and visit cafés and pubs with views of the Southern Ocean (the Wye Beach Hotel is a local favourite).

Red Centre Route, Northern Territory


Start | End: Alice Springs To Uluru

Distance: 468 Km

The Outback must be included on the best Australian road trips list. It can be found in almost every state in Australia. The Northern Territory’s Red Centre is a drive you should take advantage of.

And instead of travelling the Stuart Highway between Uluru and Alice Springs, consider taking the scenic Red Centre Way to see the West MacDonnell Ranges‘ stunning landscapes, gorges, canyons, camping grounds, and hiking trails.

Glen Helen, King’s Canyon, and Ayres Rock, an iconic World Heritage Site, are all along this picturesque road. Make sure you have enough time to appreciate the nearby wonders of Kata Tjuta and Uluru. Uluru is truly the centre of Australia and can be experienced in various ways.

The Savannah Route, Queensland

Savannah Way panoramio 13

Start | End: Cairns To Broome

Distance: 3,700 Km

One of the most unforgettable excursions in Australia is the Savannah Way, which runs from Cairns, Queensland, to Broome, Western Australia, and covers the top of the country. For those who do not know, that is a whopping 3,700 kilometres from East to West.

Up to this point, we’ve just determined the Savannah Way from Cairns toward the Northern Domain line. However, it was a feature within recent memory investigating the northern part of Outback Queensland.

Cairns To Cape Tribulation Route

gorges verdon mountains france

Start | End: Cape Tribulation To Cairns 

Distance: 150 Km

One of Australia’s, if not the world’s, most enchanting regions has to be Tropical North Queensland. It is the location of two of our nation’s most well-known natural wonders; the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

Even though you may feel the entire south of the country has moved north with you, the best time to visit Tropical North Queensland is during the winter, when it is less humid, and you can avoid stinger season.

Sydney to Brisbane Drive, NSW QLD

beach brisbane australia

Start | End: Sydney To Brisbane

Distance: 928 Km

The famous east coast excursion from Sydney to Brisbane, known as the Incredible Pacific Coast, is one of the most mind-blowing Australian travels – surely the most voyaged. The Cairns to Cape Hardship is one of the most famous excursions in Australia. The daring can go further up to Cape York! It’s on our list of things to do when we come back!

Stretching 900 km along the Pacific Coast corridor, the Sydney to Brisbane drive has something for everyone: stunning beaches, green rolling hills, beachside towns, riverside towns, wineries, the hinterland, wildlife watching, and every water sport imaginable.

Darwin > Kakadu > Katherine > Litchfield Route, NT

australia northern territory darwin wildlife

Start | End: Darwin

Distance: 950 Km

Suppose you are investigating the Top Finish of Australia in the Northern Domain. In that case, a circle excursion from Darwin taking in Kakadu National Park, Katherine Canyon, and Litchfield Public Park should be present in Australia.

This drive begins and ends with some of the best sunsets in Australia at Darwin. It then takes in Kakadu’s incredible wetlands and wildlife, Katherine’s stunning gorge, and Litchfield’s waterfalls and swimming holes.

Gibb River Route, Western Australia

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Start | End: Derby To Kununurra

Distance: 700 Km

The famous dirt road known as The Gibb River Road, which takes you through the heart of The Kimberley, one of Australia’s last wilderness frontiers, is one of Australia’s most adventurous road trips. It is located in Western Australia. It could be your ultimate adventure if you like to drive four-wheel vehicles.

The Gibb can be completed in either direction, but road conditions vary depending on the time of year and whether grading work has been completed. We didn’t have a four-wheel drive vehicle, so we only did the northern section, going into Emma’s Gorge and El Questro and back out. Travel is only recommended once the road has been graded after the wet season (around May).

Broome To Perth Route, Western Australia

beach ocean sunset tree preview

Start | End: Broome To Perth

Distance: 3,900 Km

We suggest you drive this part of Western Australia for at least two weeks; in fact, we could spend two weeks just in Broome, our favourite town in Australia. We adore Australia’s West Coast. You will see some of the country’s best landscapes and beaches along this stretch of coastline. You have vast options of excursions for your Australian voyages.

Include your camera, camping gear, and snorkelling gear in your packing list. A detour from Port Hedland to Karijini National Park, one of Australia’s best national parks, is highly recommended.

75 Mile Highway, Fraser Island, QLD

road 5303335 1280

Start | End: Fraser Island

Distance: 120 Km

Did you know Fraser Island’s 75 Mile Beach is part of the Bruce Highway? And did you know that Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island?

Go to Fraser for some of the best 4-wheel driving in the country, where you can go off-road and do serious beach driving while exploring shipwrecks, pristine lakes, stunning forests, and avoiding wild dingoes.

Outback Queensland Route

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START | END: Alice Springs to Gold Coast

DISTANCE: 6540 km

Returning to the Gold Coast via Outback Queensland via Mount Isa, Winton, Longreach, and Charleville was a pleasant surprise—the perfect way to conclude our 18-month Australian road trip.

Along this stretch of road, in addition to the history and scenery of the various towns, we met some of the most welcoming people.

Sydney To Jervis Bay Road Trip, NSW

1280px Hyams Beach 005

Start | End: Sydney To Jervis Bay

Distance: 186 Km

Returning to the Gold Coast via Outback Queensland via Mount Isa, Winton, Longreach, and Charleville was a pleasant surprise—the perfect way to conclude our 18-month Australian road trip.

Along this stretch of road, in addition to the history and scenery of the various towns, we met some of the most welcoming people.

Launceston to Hobart Route, Tasmania

Cap occidental

Start | End: Launceston To Hobart

Distance: 559 Km

Tasmania is one of Australia’s great driving objections. A picturesque excursion from Launceston to Hobart through the east coast highlights some of Tasmania’s notorious objections.

Start in Launceston, travel to St. Helens, visit the breathtaking Bay of Fires and Binalong Bay, and then head south through Bicheno, Freycinet National Park, Port Arthur, and Hobart. It has to be one of Australia’s most beautiful drives!

The Nullarbor Road Trip, WA SA

Nullarbor Plain

Start | End: Ceduna To Norseman

Distance: 1,200 Km

We thoroughly enjoyed our three-day journey across Australia’s longest road, which is why it is sometimes called the “Nullar Boring.” You can associate with this excursion from Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth and drive west to east or east to west along the Thruway.

The Bunda Cliffs, the 18-hole Nullarbor Links golf course, whale watching at Head of Bight (June to October), Border Village, the Eucla telegraph station, wild camels and emus are among the things to see and do. Other attractions include the Bunda Cliffs.

We just ventured to every part of the segment from Norseman in Western Australia to Smudgy Narrows in South Australia for more than three days and should drive the whole length sometime later.

The Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

1280px Iron Knob

Start | End: Elliston

Distance: 374 Km

Would you like seafood? Would you like to play in the water with sharks and seals? What might be said about staggering rugged shorelines and flawless sea shores with nary a spirit to be found?

More or less, or is it advisable to say clam shell, this is the Eyre Landmass. We completed a six-day road trip of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, which belongs on the list of the best road trips in Australia.

Kangaroo Island Route, South Australia

road way highway scenery

START | END: Kangaroo Island

DISTANCE: 155 km

When you go to Kangaroo Island in South Australia, you will almost certainly see kangaroos bouncing around, seals playing on the beach, dolphins swimming in the sea, and a koala dozing up a tree.

Along Australia’s third-largest island’s 155 kilometres, you’ll find rugged coastlines, towering dunes, dense national parks, and unspoiled beaches.

The Grand Pacific Drive, NSW

Sea Cliff Bridge Wollongong NSW

Start | End: Wollongong To Shoalhaven

Distance: 140 Km,

Another renowned excursion in Australia is the Amazing Pacific Drive, which you can begin in the home of the well-known Show House, Sydney. This strip crosses the Southern shoreline of New South Grains, over the notorious Ocean Bluff extension, and is loaded with many nature and untamed life undertakings.

Give this road trip a shot if you want something shorter but equally impressive. The 3-hour waterfront drive sees you go from the edges of Sydney to the South Coast’s new white sand sea shores. There are many good reasons to stop along the way, like the Kiama blowhole or the famous Sea Cliff Bridge.

Great Alpine Route, Victoria

Great Alpine Road 1 1

Start | End: Victorian High Country to Gippsland Lakes area

Distance: 500 Km

The Gippsland Lakes region’s sparkling waterways are surrounded by mountain ranges, deep valleys, wineries, and Australia’s highest accessible sealed road. This picturesque magnificence is added with memorable curious towns, including Beechworth, Splendid and Omeo.

Mt. Hotham, Victoria’s highest alpine village, offers excellent downhill and cross-country (245-hectare) trails, hiking, horseback riding, and fishing in warmer months.

Perth To Ningaloo, WA

australia 5257077 1280

Start | End: Perth To Ningaloo

Distance: 1200 Km

Is there anything more breathtaking than the meeting of the rugged Outback and the turquoise Indian Ocean? It is Mother Nature at her best, with the Pinnacles Desert, Shark Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can swim with dolphins, whale sharks and manta rays, and Kalbarri National Park’s dramatic gorges.

Try to attend between June to September; you’ll be wowed by the brilliant wildflowers covering this bone-dry scene.

Tasmania’s East Coast

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Start | End: St Helens, Swansea and Bicheno

Distance: 1200 Km

Incredibly gorgeous and joyfully tranquil, Tasmania’s East Coast flaunts plentiful produce, including wine, cheddar and fish; strolling follows adequate untamed life spotting, void sea shores, and extraordinary convict history.

Make certain to divert to Freycinet Public Park, a region wealthy in stone mountains, serene bayous, sky-blue waters and abundant birdlife. On the off chance that you have time, join the honour-winning Freycinet Experience Walk.

The Big Lap Route All Of Australia 

pexels uncoated 50629

Start | End: Seven Of The Capital Cities

Distance: 15000 Km

As the name suggests, the Big Lap is the circumnavigation of this vast nation. This trip takes 15,000 kilometres of Highway One, which connects seven of Australia’s capitals and roughly hugs the coast between Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Broome, Perth, Esperance, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Hobart.

One of the most epic journeys you’ve ever taken will be this road trip if you have the time (at least six months) and a four-wheel drive vehicle.

The route takes in everything from the bright lights of big cities to sleepy coastal towns, lush green rainforest to the dusty red Outback, remote waterholes to sugar-white beaches, ancient rock art to big gaudy things; it’s beginning and end perfect about Australia in one persistent excursion.


What Is The Best Route To Travel To Australia?

The East Coast is undoubtedly the most taken course by voyagers and the most touristy locale of Australia. It has a lot of beautiful (patrolled) beaches, a generally pleasant climate, and many different landscapes. Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns are the major coastal cities.

What Is The Most Scenic Drive In Australia?

The Great Ocean Road is Australia’s most well-known scenic drive. Fortunately, it lives up to the hype. It’s an Australian National Heritage-listed drive, stretching 243 kilometres (151 miles) from Torquay to Allansford on the Victorian coast.

What Is Australia’s Largest Road Trip?

One of Australia’s most terrifying road trips might be the Tanami Track. However, the epic desert journey’s rugged nature may soon change. The red fire spread across the land in every direction.

Final Words

Top 20 Best Routes To Take On Your Australian Road Trip. So that’s it, those are the best travels in Australia. You can make each trip separately or combine them if you have enough time to make the “Big Lap” of Australia.

This roundabout excursion of the whole nation can take 90 days to a year and a half. Before embarking on any road trip, ensure your vehicle is prepared and serviced. Breaking down in the middle of the Outback is the worst thing ever!

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