20 Best Beaches to Visit in Australia During Road Trip

Best Beaches to Visit in Australia
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While you are road-tripping in Australia, you may visit many remarkable places, but if you take my opinion, you should also visit the beaches. A list of the top 20 best beaches to visit on your Australian road trip is the best guide for you. This will help you visit all the beaches on your road trip map.

Best Beaches to Visit in Australia

1. Byron Bay’s Main Beach

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Although several beautiful beaches exist, the renowned Main Beach is Byron Bay’s most famous stretch of sand. The Main Beach is conveniently located in front of the town’s core and offers excellent swimming conditions with typically gentle waves.

A vast grassy park behind the beach is a well-liked gathering place with excellent amenities, including picnic tables, barbecues, restrooms, and play areas. It draws local people and guests from any race and background, fostering a pleasantly peaceful environment.

2. Wategos Beach

Beautiful beach morning

Wategos Beach is a delightfully protected stretch of sand with good amenities and is frequently cited as the area’s most excellent beach. The pleasant surf that Wategos generates, which is suited for new surfers, is one of the reasons it is so well-liked.

Wategos Beach is conveniently reachable on foot through the Cape Byron walking pathway and is situated between Cape Byron and the Fisherman’s Lookout, below the Byron Bay Lighthouse.

3. Bennetts Beach

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Bennetts Beach is a stunning 14 km long stretch of white sand situated on the Myall Coast in Hawks Nest, just north of Newcastle. The beach, which is well-liked by surfers, swimmers, and sunbathers alike, is located between Seal Rocks in the north and Yakaba Headland in the south.

The busiest area is the southern end of Bennetts Beach, where the neighbourhood Surf Life Saving Club, the Tea Gardens Hawks Nest SLSC, is situated. Dogs are permitted to run free in the areas south of Yacaaba Headland and a few km north of the main beach.

4. Newcastle Beach

Newcastle Beach

There are numerous lovely beaches in the Newcastle region of New South Wales, but Newcastle Beach may be the nicest one. Although Newcastle Beach is one of the top spots for surfing and board riding, it is not usually the ideal beach for swimming.

Near the city centre, Newcastle Beach features good amenities, including lifeguard services, parking, volleyball nets, restrooms, a kiosk, and many surrounding cafes and restaurants.

5. Caves Beach

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The Cave

The most notable feature is the network of marine caverns at Caverns Beach, near Lake Macquarie, and best explored at low tide. Near low tide, it is possible to explore the caverns, which are situated near the southern end of the beach.

This beach, however, offers much more than simply the caves, including excellent swimming conditions, a surf lifesaving club, picnic tables, restrooms, and cafes and restaurants close by. The north side of the beach is the greatest place to unwind away from the crowd if you are searching for a calmer and more private beach experience.

6. Ninety Mile Beach

1280px Ninety Mile Beach looking south

Ninety Mile Beach fulfils its promise to its customers. Technically speaking, it is a continuous spit of white-gold sand that stretches 141 km in length and is sandwiched between the Bass Strait’s chilly seas and the Gippsland Lakes region. One of the world’s longest continuous beaches, Ninety Mile Beach, is a favourite with day trippers, hikers, kayakers, and surf fishermen since you can grab snapper, flathead, and gummy sharks straight off the sand.

Ninety Mile Beach is ideal for a great coastal stroll, even when the weather is a little too chilly for swimming, which will almost certainly be between April and November. Swim between the colourful lifeguard flags and watch for dolphins and southern right whales.

7. Eastern Beach

Eastern beach boardwalk geelong

With the construction of the sea baths in the 1930s, Geelong’s Eastern Beach has been a well-liked beach resort for over a century. Although the water isn’t the clearest or the sand could be better, the spectacular background and proximity to Geelong make this an excellent place for an afternoon BBQ. Jump from the diving tower, go stingray snorkelling, or swim to the floating islands and soak up the sun. 

The Giant Sky Wheel, the largest Ferris wheel in the Southern Hemisphere, and designated beach volleyball nets and BBQ facilities are available at Eastern Beach. You may frequently join a local game there.

8. Thirteenth Beach

Thirteenth Beach looking towards Breamlea Victoria

The gorgeous Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria is home to Thirteenth Beach, named after the neighbouring thirteenth hole of the Barwon Heads Golf Course. Thirteenth Beach is located just outside the riverport town of Barwon Heads. A traditional Victorian surf beach it is.

A lovely stretch of white-gold sand, mares’ tails of spindrift kicking off the breakers, and rolling dunes for the youngsters to explore are all to be expected. Revisit your surfing techniques at a surf lesson, and when the sun starts to colour the sky purple-orange, go for a seafood meal in Barwon Heads or Ocean Grove.

9. Lorne Beach

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Lorne will be seen from a great distance away. On the Great Ocean Road, it’s difficult to miss the deep-green bay with its sparkling breakers and cottages dotting the hinterland as you round the headland. One of Victoria’s most well-known beaches, Lorne has long been a favourite destination for day trips and vacations.

After a swim, you may explore the rock pools at Shelley Beach, Erskine Falls in the hills, or walk to the Lorne Hotel for lunch and a refreshing beer. The Lorne Pier, which stands out from the western headland and lies just beneath the famed Grand Pacific Hotel, is our favourite place to watch the sunset.

10. Bells Beach

1280px Bells Beach 2019

Bells Beach is not only one of Victoria’s most well-known surf spots. But also one of the most well-known surf spots worldwide. The action movie starring Keanu Reeves from the 1990s features this point break. It is the world’s first surfing reserve with legal protection. 

The Rip Curl Pro, the longest-running professional surfing competition in the world, is also held there. Bells is a wild, windswept cove with a collapsing limestone promontory and some very unexpected surges; it’s not the type of beach where you go for a family picnic in the sun. However, if you’re travelling the Great Ocean Road from Torquay to Anglesea, it’s a must-see.

11. Palm Cove

Palm trees at Palm Cove Beach Queensland 2020 03

Only 20 minutes from Cairns, Palm Cove provides a tranquil village ambience next to beautiful dunes. Before heading to one of the cafes or restaurants along the esplanade for an after-beach breakfast, lay a blanket down and take some time to unwind in the quiet ocean.

Although most cafes maintain a laid-back atmosphere, you will want to change out of your swimming gear for the acclaimed restaurant by chef Nick Holloway that combines Asian cuisine with fresh local ingredients. With your toes on the beach and a nice meal, you should remain a little longer.

12. Cape Hillsborough

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The sunrise seen at Casuarina Beach in Cape Hillsborough National Park is the most famous in Australia. Kangaroos and wallabies venture out each morning at dawn in search of seed pods and other delectable morsels that washed ashore the previous evening. You may set your alarm for this natural performance, and you should do so since you need to arrive at the beach before sunrise to see the spectacle.

You will have an unforgettable wildlife encounter; remember, these are wild creatures. Keep your distance, be cautious, and reserve close-up selfies for your travelling buddies rather than the kangaroos.

13. Nudey Beach

island paradise sea holiday

Although the Great Barrier Reef may be this region’s most well-known draw, you can also discover some of Queensland’s most stunning beaches close to Cairns. Beautiful Nudey Beach is located on Fitzroy Island, off the shore. This is not a nudist beach; instead, it is a section of pristine, untamed wilderness that is so breathtaking that it has been designated a national park.

Make the quick journey through the rainforest, the enormous granite boulders, and the coastal forests once you are on the island side to reach Nudey Beach. Fitzroy Island offers much more, including an intriguing turtle rehabilitation facility. Stay at the resort for a few days to make the most of your trip.

14. Noosa Main Beach

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Many people regard Noosa Main Beach as one of Queensland’s most gorgeous beaches. Over 2 million tourists visit Noosa annually, drawn by the town’s triple threat of beach, national park, and delicious culinary options.

Main Beach is a well-liked destination for families and tourists since it is one of the few north-facing beaches on Australia’s east coast and always has calm surf conditions.

15. Burleigh Heads

australia burleigh heads

The Burleigh Heads succeeded in leaving its stamp on the Gold Coast. The beach at Burleigh Heads provides the best of both worlds: sheltered waters at the main beach and world-class surf breakers around the headlands.

16. Vivonne Bay

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Vivonne Bay on Kangaroo Island is a true island paradise that resembles something out of your wildest tropical beach dreams. White sand coastlines meet softly lapping waves along six miles of what was once rated Australia’s greatest beach. 

Imagine dipping your toes into crystal-clear seas and powdered-sugar beach, evoking a genuine island retreat. This beach is ideal for a brief swim, a picnic, or some fishing because it is bordered on the south by a jetty and on the north by far-off dunes. Also a favourite hangout for residents, the crystal-clear waters frequently attract dolphins and seals.

17. Memory Cove

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Many wonderful beaches are along the Eyre Peninsula’s unending shore, but as its name says, Memory Cove stands out. It’s a little piece of true Australiana with breathtakingly blue water and snow-white sand surrounded by thick vegetation and will remain imprinted in your memory bank forever.

Drive straight to the beach, spend the day relaxing in the sand, and take in the surf to the sound of local birds at the southernmost point of Lincoln National Park, an hour and a half drive from Port Lincoln.

18. Almonta Beach

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The blue waters of Almonta Beach, another gem in the Eyre Peninsula’s crown of beautiful beaches, will tempt you back season after season. Pillowy dunes meet crystal aqua sea and woodlands alive with species in Coffin Bay National Park, located at the southernmost point of the Eyre Peninsula. Be prepared to share the beach with locals who like to hang out by the surf, including kangaroos, emus, goannas, and many other birds. 

Pull out your snorkel during low tide to discover the world under the ocean when a lagoon forms and rock pools come to the surface. Coffin Bay Oyster Farm Tours will offer you freshly harvested Pacific oysters as you slip on waders and enter the waters of a working oyster farm; all of this can be done in less than 30 minutes from Port Lincoln.

19. Hardwicke Bay

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There are several stunning beaches on the Yorke Peninsula, but Hardwicke Bay is the place to go if you want some sand and privacy. You can forget battling the crowd to claim a sandy area to call your own in this tranquil coastal hamlet. Instead, head to this remote stretch of sand to get away from the masses.

20. Dolphin Bay

dolphins aquarium walking fish

Dolphin Beach is a summertime haven in Dhilba Guuranda-Innes National Park at the southernmost point of the Yorke Peninsula. Dramatic cliffs around the unspoiled 800-meter-long length of the dazzling beach and quiet blue seas. The lovely bay is one of the safest places to swim on the peninsula since it is reasonably sheltered.

In addition, Dolphin Bay is more than just a moniker; you may frequently see the joyful sea creatures playing in the surf and kangaroos lounging in the sunshine on land.


What Are The Main Australian Regions Where You Can Find Some Amazing Beaches?

Australia is a country that the Indian Ocean surrounds. Naturally, there are many beaches countrywide. But some of the best beaches can be found in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia.

Do These Beaches Have Accommodations?

All of these finest beaches in Australia have the facility of accommodation. You can have a beautiful time with your friends and family during vacation. Moreover, many amenities are available.

How To Get To These Beaches?

These beaches are easily accessible by road because we all know that Australia is a country ideal for road trips. You only need a vehicle to hit the road and be on your way easily.

The Final Thought

The list of the top 20 best beaches to visit on your Australian road trip provides a clear vision of all the must-visit beaches. The Australian region of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia are the prime regions where you can find all of them.

These beaches have fine accommodations, amenities, and fun activities like snorkelling and surfing. With our top selections for the greatest beach havens in Australia, you can escape city life, grab your bathing suit, and explore these heavenly coastal locations.

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