Best Camper Trailer Australia for Travelling

Best Camper Trailer Australia
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Travelling the nation is a fantastic and well-liked excursion. A camper caravan is a practical means of transportation for long and short distances. Compared to hotels, it can be less expensive, takes less maintenance and upkeep than a motorhome, and the tow vehicle can be utilized for city transportation and trail work.

We may go through and settle closer to nature in Best Camper Trailer Australia, away from daily distractions. We can travel even further off-grid and remain untethered for longer thanks to setups with solar panels, batteries, water tanks, and propane.

Best Overall Camper Trailer: Taxa Outdoors TigerMoth

When the destinations you explore are among the hardest to reach, hauling a camper trailer with conventional amenities requires a balancing act.

Fortunately for adventurous travellers, Taxa Outdoors’ TigerMoth Overland ($27,900) is a comfortable, helpful, and haul-anywhere trailer that is light, moderate, and easy to use.

One of our favourite aspects is that the sleeping room may be used as an eating area, office, or gathering place. When seated at the kitchen table, the swing-up side door widens the room while offering weather protection.


  • Dry weight: 1,458 lbs.
  • Max capacity: 2,400 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 12 ft., 9 in.
  • External height: 7 ft.
  • External width: 6 ft., 7 in.
  • Sleeps: 2


  • Versatile, flexible space
  • Quite a bit of storage space
  • Dependable, practical window and insect shades


  • The bed’s cushioning could be more luxurious and cozy.
  • It lacks a washbasin and an outdoor shower.
  • The awning is not robust.

Best Runner-Up: Winnebago Micro Minnie 2306BHS

The Micro Minnie model from Winnebago ($24,977) is a posh option for hauling behind an SUV or half-ton vehicle for family or group vacations.

The design has windows for cross-ventilation and an easily operated Murphy bed with a conventional queen-size mattress. With the bed directly above, the pass-through storage below features a crucial insulated door. A push-down table in the diner may create an additional bed.

A microwave, refrigerator, and three-burner hob are all included in the kitchen. A cutting board that rests flush with the counter may be used to finish off the deep barn sink. A second flip-up bunk bed provides additional storage for larger goods like motorcycles. Additionally, the bathroom has a spacious shower and plenty of linen storage.


  • Dry weight: 4,500 lbs.
  • Max capacity: 7,000 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 25 ft., 5 in.
  • External height: 10 ft., 5 in. (with A/C)
  • External width: 7 ft.
  • Sleeps: 5


  • 44 cubic feet of outside storage
  • A power awning with LED lights makes it simple to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Off-road tyres and a 15-inch lift
  • LED outdoor lighting
  • 7 feet broad at most


  • Compared to ultralight trailers for smaller groups, they are lightweight but still more challenging to transport.
  • Pricier

Best Budget: Colorado Teardrops Canyonland

Crossover and SUV drivers frequently choose the $26,500 Colorado Teardrops Canyonland caravan. The cabin and galley are made of maple wood, which produces a soft light, and a steel plate with a powder-coated finish protects the trailers underneath.

The queen-size bed platform may be transformed into a table and seat for road journeys longer than a week.

For bedding or other thin goods, organized underfloor storage is ideal. We tried the Canyonland model regarding the ceiling skylight and were pleased with the starry evening vista. When needed, the screened windows and electric fan provided excellent air circulation.


  • Dry weight: 1,150 lbs.
  • Max capacity: 2,200 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 8.5 ft.
  • External height: 3.8 ft.
  • External width: 5 ft.
  • Sleeps: 2


  • Aluminium structural frames have been welded for stiffness and a long lifespan.
  • Relatively low pricing range.
  • Several possibilities include a roof rack, battery and solar power panels, a skylight window, and others.


  • There is no way to stop goods from shifting while being transported in the inside cabinets.
  • The kitchen pantry door keeps out wind and weather from the side but not from above.
  • The side windows and skylight of the caravan should have blinds.

Best for Off-Road Travel: Vorsheer XOC Extreme Overland Camper

We significantly like the Vorsheer XOC Extreme Overland Camper’s ($49,995) 1.9-foot ground clearance, off-road tyres, articulating hitch, and Timbren axle-free independent suspension.

There is a heavy-duty D-ring in case you get stuck, so you can use a winch to pull the trailer out.

The frame has extra gussets that offer torque resistance for extended off-road travel and enhanced weld strength. Pass-through storage, a utility box, a power box with two batteries, a power transfer case, and a prewired 140-watt solar panel are all included in the outside compartment. A water heater and an outdoor shower are also present.

The culinary station has a big sink, cupboards, a two-burner stove, and drawers. A slide-out refrigerator with a separate freezer section is also available.

The back of the spare tyre has a pop-down work table, and the bike rack hookup needs to be in the way of using the galley. Two more 5-gallon jerry cans can fit in its optional supplementary storage. The optional rooftop tent can accommodate three children or two adults for an extra $3,000 fee.


  • Dry weight: 2,600 lbs.
  • Max capacity (GVWR): 3,600 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 15 ft.
  • External height: 7 ft.
  • External width: 7.4 ft.
  • Sleeps: 2


  • Birchwood cabinets with LED inside lighting
  • removable entrance step
  • 180-degree, wind-resistant awning


  • Lacks a midday lounge inside.
  • It lacks a built-in area for removing shoes inside.
  • Costly construction


Which Is Better, a Camper Or a Trailer?

Trailers are an excellent alternative if you have a larger budget and want more conveniences than a motor home RV typically offers but don’t want to break the bank. A camper can be a great choice if your trip plans are more compact or your budget is tighter.

What Is The Difference Between A Trailer And A Camper?

They are usually bigger and have more features conducive to someone residing in the caravan for a prolonged period. As opposed to campers, who spend more time outside and mainly utilize their caravan for sleeping and dining, travellers spend more time inside.

What Is A Luxury Camper?

Large floor layouts, sometimes with several slide-outs. Luxurious, top-of-the-line RV furnishings. Premium components and building supplies, and household appliances.

What Is A Camper Famous For?

Camper is renowned for its flexible, strong, and lightweight shoes that employ cutting-edge techniques, including 360-degree stitching and Goodyear welt construction.

Final Words

Best Camper Trailer Australia meets every traveller’s demands. These premium trailers revolutionize how we experience travel, from challenging off-road adventures to opulent on-road retreats.

The top camper trailers in Australia offer to make travels enjoyable and practical thanks to their cutting-edge innovations, dependability, and comfort at their heart. With the best camper trailers the nation provides, embrace the freedom of the open road and go on beautiful adventures.

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