Best Cars for Road Trips Australia: Aussie Adventures

Best Cars for Road Trips Australia
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A road trip is one of the best ways to discover Australia’s natural beauty and diversity. However, picking the best cars for road trips Australia can be difficult. While campers will require plenty of luggage space, travellers venturing into the outback must be proficient off-road. Furthermore, since you’ll be in the car a lot, it makes sense that it’s roomy and comfy to drive.

We’ve compiled a checklist of the top 5 vehicles for an Australian road trip since we enjoy fantastic adventures too. Our list’s primary requirements were that the car be easy to drive, have lots of luggage room, and have outstanding off-road capability.

Subaru Outback

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For many years, Australian consumers have preferred the Subaru Outback as a flexible vehicle that can handle daily commutes and doesn’t mind getting its hands filthy. Subaru’s most recent version of the Outback features a brand-new 2.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine choice that produces 350Nm of torque and 183kW of power.

It also adds 400kg to the vehicle’s 2400kg braked towing capacity. With plenty of occupant space, comfortable amenities in the front and back of the cabin, and a roomy 522L trunk, the Outback’s interior is ideal for road trips around Australia.

Maximum Power166 Bhp
Maximum Torque252 Nm
EngineBoxer 4
Battery/Tank Capacity63 Litres
Transmission Type1-speed Auto CVT
Seating Capacity5
Boot Space522 Litres

Key Features of Subaru Outback:

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive
Off-Road Capability
Boxer Engine and CVT Transmission
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Roof Rack and Trailer Stability Assist

What makes it appealing?

  • Dependability
  • Typical EyeSight security attributes
  • Equivalent all-wheel drive

What about it? Isn’t that great?

  • EyeSight security features may obtrude.
  • Less interesting to drive
  • Not as efficient with fuel

Kia Carnival

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Regarding comfortably carrying many people, SUVs have become famous for school pickups. Nevertheless, people movers like the Kia Carnival tend to perform better. The Carnival can hold up to eight people comfortably with its three rows of seats, and there’s still plenty of room for luggage.

A car that can easily accommodate many passengers, regardless of size and possessions, is rare. Convenience is increased by the Carnival’s sliding rear doors, some of which are powered. Additionally, every seat in the vehicle can accommodate a full-sized adult, so disagreements about sitting are replaced with excitement for the trip ahead.

Maximum Power197.26 Bhp
Maximum Torque355 Nm
Battery/Tank Capacity72 Litres
Transmission Type8-Speed Automatic
Seating Capacity8
Boot Space1138 Litres

Key Features Of Kia Carnival:

Luxurious Comfort
Dual Power Sliding Doors and Power Liftgate
Driver Assistance Features
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Extended Warranty

What makes it appealing?

  • Sophisticated safety measures
  • Dominant engine
  • Reasonable cost

What’s bad about it?

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Less interesting to drive
  • Outdated electronic system

Ford Ranger 

free photo of ford ranger pickup truck

Even while utes like the Ford Ranger were first intended for use on construction sites, they make excellent vehicles for extended vacation road trips these days. When it comes time to hit the road, the redesigned Ford Ranger has much to offer Australian families. Its robust underpinnings make it an excellent off-road vehicle with plenty of power and torque to pull large goods.

Three turbo-diesel engines and a fire-breathing twin-turbo V6 petrol engine provide power for the flagship Raptor, which reaches 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds while maintaining a silky smooth ride. The Ranger’s rear cabin offers far more room and comfort than the previous generation, but if you’re going on long road trips, make sure there aren’t any grownups packed in the back.

Maximum Power270 HP
Maximum Torque310 lb-ft
Battery/Tank Capacity18-21 gallons (68-79 litres)
Transmission Type10-speed automatic 
Seating Capacity2-5
Cargo Space5-6 feet

Key Features Of Ford Ranger:

Various engine choices, including EcoBoost and diesel options.
Impressive towing capacity, typically up to 7,500 pounds.
High ground clearance, advanced 4×4 systems.
Modern infotainment systems and connectivity.
Spacious cabin, comfortable seating.

What makes it appealing?

  • The Ford Ranger is known for its versatility.
  • The Ford Ranger tends to offer better fuel efficiency.
  • The Ford Ranger has a respectable towing capacity.

What’s bad about it?

  • Interior Quality
  • Ride Comfort
  • Limited Payload Capacity

Mazda CX-9

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Over the years, Australians have embraced Mazda for its winning blend of quality, fun driving dynamics, and reasonable price. Regarding reviews and sales, the second-generation CX-9, which debuted in 2016, outperformed its competitor, the highly-rated Toyota Kluger. The CX-9 is unique because of its wide range of features.

A calm and cosy atmosphere matches the cabin’s competitive equipment levels. The spaciousness of the CX-9 guarantees that third-row passengers are not an afterthought. If needed, adults can fit in the back seats with ease, and access is designed with their comfort in mind. Furthermore, the CX-9 is a versatile option because, despite its large size, it is still manoeuvrable enough for driving in cities.

Maximum Power247 Bhp
Maximum Torque420 Nm
Battery/Tank Capacity76 Litres
Transmission TypeAWD
Seating Capacity7
Boot Space487 Litres

Key Features of Mazda CX-9:

Genuine Rosewood Interior
KODO Design
SkyActiv Technology
G-Vectoring Control
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Available

What makes it appealing?

  • Elegant style
  • A relaxing ride
  • Dependable

For what reason is it not that good?

  • Less fuel-efficient than specific competitors
  • Costly
  • Third row of seats

Toyota Kluger


Road trips are also becoming popular with families, so they’re no longer limited to millennials. But finding a vehicle to fit everything might be challenging when you have picky kids and a truck full of stuff. Enter the Toyota Kluger. This vehicle is roomy, as evidenced by its outside appearance, and it can easily fit all of your possessions plus your kids’ extra.

Entertainment is vital when kicking pebbles over the Australian roads because nothing is worse than a whiny toddler. It can take up to 20 hours to go from Brisbane to Tropical North Queensland, so you’ll want to ensure you have plenty of food to occupy the additional storage space and entertainment planned.

Maximum Power295 hp
Maximum Torque263 lb-ft
Battery/Tank Capacity19.2 gallons
Transmission Type8-speed automatic 
Seating Capacity7-8
Boot Space83.7 Cubic feet

Key Features of Toyota Kluger:

V6 engine with good power and fuel efficiency options
Spacious 7 or 8-passenger seating configurations
Toyota Safety Sense suite with adaptive cruise control
IPS screen, including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
Available AWD system for better traction and handling

What makes it appealing?

  • Reliability
  • Interior Space
  • Standard Safety Features

For what reason is it not that good?

  • Fuel Economy
  • Infotainment System
  • Price


Which Vehicle Is The Safest To Drive In Australia?

The Australasian New Car Assessment Programme (ANCAP) awarded the Tesla Model Y the highest grade for 2022. The electric SUV received an overall rating of 92.6%, primarily attributable to its comprehensive safety system, which keeps a watchful eye on its surroundings.

What Makes Toyota Such A Hit In Australia?

At first glance, it’s simple to see why Toyotas are so well-liked in this area. Because Australia is a large country, we depend on dependable, affordable cars to transport us where we need to go. Toyota’s ability to tailor its vehicles to our particular way of life and anticipate our needs plays a significant role.

Which Australian Automobile Has The Worst Reliability Record?

The four most untrustworthy auto brands now available in Australia are Tesla, Jeep, Genesis, and Volkswagen, per a recent analysis published by American Review aggregate Consumer Reports and according to the same survey, Toyota, Mazda, and Lexus had the lowest rates of mechanical issues in their initial years of operation.

Why Do Suvs Sell So Well In Australia?

Better visibility and convenience of getting into and out of autos are only two of the many reasons. Laws in nations like the US might incentivize automakers to produce more SUVs.

Which SUV Is The Most Dependable In Australia?

Various aspects, including brand, model, and year, affect which compact SUVs are the most affordable and dependable. However, a few well-liked vehicles that routinely score highly in price, performance, and dependability are the Mazda CX-5, Subaru Forester, Honda CR-V, and Toyota RAV4.

Wrapping Up

Numerous aspects must be considered when selecting a vehicle for a road trip, including the size of your family, the terrain you will be driving on, and the cargo capacity you will require. But among the most crucial elements are safety, comfort, and fuel economy. Road trips necessitate fuel-efficient vehicles because you’ll be driving for extended periods.

Since you will spend much time in your car, a comfortable vehicle will enhance your journey experience. Additionally, knowing that you and your loved ones are secure in an accident in a safe car will ease your mind. Whatever car you choose, research your alternatives and test drive a few different models. This will enable you to select the best cars for road trips Australia.

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