Best Cruise Ships Australia: Enjoy Luxurious Water Voyages

Best Cruise Ships Australia
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Australia has an insatiable desire for cruising. According to reports, the market grew by 15–25% annually over the previous six years before expanding by just 5% in 2017. Best Cruise Ships Australia is available to all travellers.

There is a cruise for everyone. We like to tell anybody who will listen because each one is unique and caters to a distinct holiday need. Since there are no official ratings, we have created a convenient ranking system based on hotel stars; these are the only ratings available.

Additionally, each ship has a variety of cabin classifications, which helps to explain the star rating range. The cruise lines are listed in order of most to most minor stars.

Best Cruise Ships Australia

Here are some examples of the cruise ships in Australia.

P&O Cruise Liner:

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The entry-level cruise ship liner has had ups and downs in the Australian market. It is a family-friendly vacation that is highly affordable.

With various onboard entertainment options, including a walk-the-plank adventure, rock climbing wall, and flying fox, it operates three ships in the Australian market full-time. However, celebrity chef Luke Mangan has partnered with P&O to open the speciality restaurant, so there is an additional eating fee.

Salt Grill onboard Pacific Adventure and Pacific Encounter and a five-course ‘Taste of Salt’ degustation meal paired with complementary Australian wines at the Chef’s Table on Pacific Explorer.

The included food won’t win any gourmet awards. Make sure to mistake P&O Australia with its sister business, P&O Cruises UK, which operates more upscale and has seven ships in its fleet, including Aurora, Azura, and Arcadia.

Carnival Cruise Line Australia:

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With over five million passengers travelling on its 24 ships annually, Carnival Cruise Line is the most significant cruise line in the world.

Carnival has two vessels operating in Australia: Carnival Luminosa is located in Brisbane, while Carnival Splendour is now based year-round in Sydney, with kid-friendly attractions like water slides and Seuss at Sea, which features character parades and brunches, storytime, arts and crafts and more centred around the zany world of Dr Seuss, aimed towards the family market.

Carnival, however, provides fewer family-friendly events than some of its rivals, including Royal Caribbean.

Disney Cruise Lines:

With four home ports, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Auckland, Disney Cruise Line will visit Australia and New Zealand for the first time between October 2023 and February 2024.

The 11-deck Wonder’s ‘Disney Magic at Sea’ sailings take place over two to six nights and include all of our favourite Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars characters in interactive dining settings and kid-friendly Frozen excursions.

Princess Cruises:

Sail to fascinating locations throughout the breathtaking coastline, from Sydney Harbour’s famous skyline to the Great Barrier Reef’s colourful reefs. Enjoy the plentiful onboard facilities while immersing yourself in fascinating cultural activities. Learn about Australia’s fascinating animals, breathtaking natural beauty, and charming cities.

Join Princess Cruises on fantastic excursions to Australia, where relaxation and adventure perfectly blend. A journey that promises lifelong memories across some of Australia’s most magnificent scenery is available today.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruise:

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is not a cruise company that most Australians would immediately think of, but it has swiftly risen to the top of the premium cruise industry in German-speaking nations.

All activities on the cruises are conducted in both English and German. Even though the personnel is competent in English, some voyages, like the one between Sydney and Manila, are done entirely in German.

Expect a dedication to theming everything from golf cruising to gourmet and music cruises and focusing on lectures and adventure activities. The fact that you can rent bicycles on board tells you everything you need to know.

There are two ocean liners and three expedition ships available. Children are also welcome. Even though the ships are smaller, with a capacity of 400–500 passengers don’t just include arcades and water parks. Kids’ clubs and programming are available.

Royal Caribbean International:

This cruise company is the one that introduced you to climbing walls, wave pools, ice rinks, dodgem cars, a circus school, a roller rink, and robot bartenders. Since these mega-ships provide something for guests of all ages, Royal Caribbean has the broadest popularity in the industry. The cruise company also travels to more than 300 locations across the world.

Because of its versatility, Royal Caribbean is a go-to choice for families and couples. First-time cruisers are frequently astonished at how simple it is to find peace in lounges dispersed around the ship, even though it is known for its high-energy vacations and activities.

With four ships, including the largest ship ever to sail in Australian waters, Ovation of the Seas, Royal Caribbean is the leading cruise line in that country.

Ovation of the Seas and Brilliance of the Seas will depart from Sydney, while Quantum of the Seas will cruise out of its new homeport of Brisbane.

In addition to the eating options, all provide an incredible variety of activities you would only sometimes connect with cruising: On board Ovation of the Seas, one of Australian Traveller’s top ships, there are 18 dining establishments, including Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Italian.

Norwegian Cruise Line:

It made a big statement when Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) returned to Australian waters in 2018 on the remodelled Norwegian Jewel. With services like the Haven, a resort-style haven at the ship’s top, NCL markets itself as a more upscale family experience.

Haven suites and villas provide guests exclusive spa access, a 24-hour butler service, private dining, private pools, and leisure rooms.

However, there are fewer possibilities for family entertainment than with Royal Caribbean and Carnival, at least not until one of their ship’s go-kart courses sails into Australian seas.

NCL may be a terrific choice for both multigenerational parties travelling in the three-bedroom Garden Villa that accommodates eight people and solo travellers travelling in the difficult-to-book studio cabins for one due to their high demand.

With 16 eating options, 15 restaurants, and nightclubs, there is plenty of food and drink, as one might anticipate. Where NCL often shines, the entertainment does make it possible for it to become a couple’s go-to destination.


What Is The Most Luxurious Cruise Ship In Australia?

Using an acre of marble, Regent Seven Seas Cruises spent $680 million to construct the Seven Seas Explorer, a $9 million collection of artworks featuring pieces by Picasso and Chagall.

What Is The Largest Cruise Ship To Australia?

The Crown Princess, which weighs a massive 113,561 tonnes and has space for up to 3,080 people, will soon call Australia home. In October 2024, it will arrive in Sydney by ship. The Crown Princess will be the giant cruise ship to have a year-round homeport in Australia.

Is Australia A Good Place To Cruise?

Australia may be explored both on land and at sea via cruising. You may go to any part of the nation on ships with a broad range of designs, prices, and activity levels. Awaiting you when you depart are places you will remember.

How Many Cruise Ships Are In Australia?

Forty-six foreign cruise ships will be based in Australia, including some of the world’s most extraordinary, most abundant, and most significant.

In The End

The Best Cruise Ships Australia offers to guarantee an unmatched adventure across varied topography, famous sites, and energetic towns. These cruises provide a unique fusion of adventure and leisure, from the magnificent Great Barrier Reef to the vibrant energy of Sydney.

Australia’s best cruises offer a memorable experience that will leave you with treasured memories of this beautiful location, whether you’re looking for cultural enrichment or coastline exploration.

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