Best Day Trips from Perth

Best Day Trips from Perth
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There is a lot of fun to be had in the city of Perth itself, living here can be exhausting due to the city’s constant activity. These 18-day trips from Perth are ideal for getting away for a while and recharging your batteries.  There are a wide variety of attractions, including beaches, forests, wildlife, caves, and wineries. Everyone on this guest list will find an appropriate day trip.

Top Best Day Trips from Perth


Even though Yanchep seems like any other suburb of Perth, there is enough to do there. Take a trip along the coast to Yanchep Lagoon first thing in the morning. On the weekend, you may have a relaxing morning at one of Perth’s beautiful beaches. After eating, drive back toward the interior of Yanchep National Park. Cockatoos, kookaburras, rainbow lorikeets, and other native birds flock to a large beer garden at a heritage-listed tavern. You can use the energy you get from the hearty, high-quality meals to go sightseeing in the afternoon. 

Activities are many in national parks. If you’re determined, you can fit it all in, or at least pick and choose. Seeing the Koala boardwalk is a must. Despite the short distance, many koalas can be seen in the trees. You can walk off that pub lunch by going for a nice walk. The duration of different hikes in the park varies widely. Hikes through the woods and wetlands are more compact. The 12.4-kilometre hike to the ghost town is pleasant if you’re up to the challenge. You can take a guided tour of one of the caverns in the park. Crystal Cave tours, which can be reserved online, are 45 minutes long and cost $16 per adult and $8 per child.


Getting there from Perth is a doable one-day trip, thanks to the major highway. Mandurah is a great place to unwind because a magnificent river flows into a massive estuary, and canals cross the city. Get an early start from Perth to spend time on the water before the sun gets too high. You may explore the canals and estuary in numerous ways.

Sometimes the greatest way to watch the highlights is with someone who knows where to look. This 1.5-hour river excursion with lunch explores dolphins and other creatures. Did I mention it’s aboard a fake pirate ship? This is wonderful for families but consider a regular boat voyage here for a laid-back experience. Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire offers kayaks for morning training. You can paddle at your own pace, admire the canal-side residences, and see dolphins.

For the daring, rent motorboats and explore further. Smaller boats can be rented without a license and are pleasant to drive and picnic on. After soaking up the sun and salt in the morning, rest and head into town for lunch. Dolphin Quay is another Mandurah destination and a fantastic food spot with water views. Catch 22 serves tapas and cocktails and has a great sunset view. It’s modest, but if it’s packed, you may go to the Oceanic Bar and Grill, which is on the water and overlooks Dolphin Quay. The Eastern Foreshore has restaurants and pubs off the quay.

Mandurah’s outskirts are also worth seeing. Lake Clifton Thrombolites, the oldest living organisms on Earth, are worth visiting to see and fathom their survival. Vineyard 28 and Peel Estate vineyards provide takeaway treats. The former serves exquisite Italian varieties that are hard to get in WA. The latter has a charming cellar door and lawns.


Lancelin, a small town, is 1.5 hours north of Perth. The enormous, explorable dune system is the main draw. Drive a 4WD vehicle onto the dunes to explore. Do not worry if you drive a regular car—numerous interesting alternatives exist. Planning your day with your preferred activities is the best approach to succeed. This great adventure includes 2.5 hours of quad biking, buggies, and sandboarding on the dunes. I assure you this is the nicest Lancelin dunes view. You can rent sandboards, quad bikes, and dune buggies at the dunes’ entrance if you don’t go that way. Reserve your sandboard here to avoid disappointment.

Sandboarding in Lancelin is a must, but expect to dive! It’s harder than it appears, but you can still have fun sitting down. Visit the Endeavour Tavern in town after exhausting yourself on the dunes. The nicest beer garden in WA is at this pub. Magnificent vistas. Enjoy a pizza and drink while watching the sunset over the sandy beach on this gorgeous stretch of shore.

Swan Valley

Swan Valley is perfect for a romantic date or a fun outing with friends. It’s one of Perth’s easiest day trips, 25 minutes east. The bright vines are beautiful, but the wine is the headliner. Choose high-quality Shiraz, Chenin Blanc, and Petit Verdot to enjoy the flavours. Gourmet wine cruises offer the best Swan Valley experience with exquisite wine and spectacular scenery. Enjoy a scenic sail down Swan River, sip wine, nibble on cheeses and muffins, and visit Sandalford Wine Estate in one tour.

Mount Bouddi walking track Bouddi National Park credit John Spencer DPE 5

Dolphin Quay’s lively waterfront markets

Starting your day trip from Perth early lets you get on the water before the heat sets in. You may explore the canals and estuary in many ways. Someone who knows where to find the highlights can help you see them all. This 1.5-hour river excursion with lunch explores for dolphins and other creatures. It’s on a fake pirate ship! This is ideal for families, but for a more laid-back cruise, go here. Mandurah Boat and Bike Hire offers kayaks for morning training. You can paddle around at your leisure, see the canal-side residences, and maybe even see dolphins!

Rent a boat to explore the canals

The daring can rent motorboats and explore further. Smaller boats can be rented without a license and are pleasant to drive and picnic on.

After soaking up the sun and salt in the morning, rest and head into town for lunch. Dolphin Quay is another Mandurah destination and a fantastic spot to eat with water views. Catch 22 serves tapas and cocktails and has a great sunset view. It’s small, but if it’s busy, the Oceanic Bar and Grill sits on the sea and overlooks Dolphin Quay. Restaurants and bars line the Eastern Foreshore off the quay.

Lake Clifton Thrombolites sunset

Mandurah’s outskirts are also worth seeing. Lake Clifton Thrombolites, the oldest living organisms on Earth, are worth visiting to see and fathom their survival. Vineyard 28 and Peel Estate vineyards provide takeaway treats. Former specializes in rare Italian varietals in W. A and tasty. The latter has a charming cellar door and lawns.


Rockingham has magnificent beaches and marine life. On this Perth day excursion, you’ll want to do water activities. Penguin Island is the highlight. Few know you may view cute penguins outside the city! Visit this must-see and experience the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. This 1-hour tour is the greatest way to explore the beautiful waterways and marine life. Your ferry rides to the island and penguin feeding shows are included. Seals and dolphins are most likely to appear.

Hourly kayak rentals let you explore at your own speed while exercising. The islands are close enough to paddle for moderate fitness. Rockingham Kayak Hire has details. Point Peron is another Rockingham attraction. Beautiful ocean vistas and viewing platforms are available on a short stroll around the point. Enjoy a dinner at Latitude 32 on the beachside esplanade. A nice way to end a busy day and relax before going home.


You may escape Perth and immerse yourself in nature 60km away. Visit the charming town of Jarrahdale to be immersed in the forest and breathe easier quickly. Start the day with one of numerous wonderful treks here. Outdoor activities are everything. For a real hike, try Kitty’s Gorge. The 14km route takes time, but Serpentine Falls is the halfway point, so you may stop for lunch and a swim.

Drive to the falls and trek Baldwin’s Bluff for a lighter walk. Serpentine Falls is a short walk from the car lot and beautiful when the water flows. Visit the falls in winter or spring to see them at their best. Mountain biking paths are available at Langford Park. With its enormous green trees, this location is great for walking and picnicking.

Wine is probably due after morning exercise! Millbrook Winery features a beautiful cellar door beside a lake and vines. The wines and setting are great, and they’ve made my favorite Sauvignon Blanc for years. You can visit Cohunu Koala Park 15 minutes outside Jarrahdale on returning to Perth. Emu, kangaroo, koala, and bird species can be seen and interacted with at this tiny wildlife park.

Rottnest Island

Perth visitors must experience this classic day trip. This sanctuary is a 30-minute ferry ride from Fremantle yet will transport your mind far from the metropolis. No better way to spend a hot summer day than on Western Australia’s greatest beaches. Beachy relaxation is easy here due to the island vibes. Include bike rental with your ferry ticket, and you’ll be off to one of several beautiful coves as soon as you dock. Do round the island to see quokkas and lighthouses and work up a sweat. The town has amazing buildings and history, so explore it.

If you don’t like riding, take a hop-on, hop-off bus to see the island’s sights. This bus service charges $20/adult and $15/child for a day pass. Rottnest Island bus pass booking information is here. After soaking up the sun and seawater, travel to Rottnest Hotel. The island’s new restaurants and bars are great, but the old hotel is my favourite. While waiting for the ferry, refresh in the seaside beer garden and open-plan restaurant. You may witness cheeky quokkas racing about the tables.

John Forrest National Park

One of Perth’s most famous and Western Australia’s oldest national parks. John Forrest National Park is worth a full day of exploring. The park is in the hills above Midland, 30 minutes from Perth, and has several great treks. Perth’s best day trip trek is the Eagle View Trail, which offers stunning city vistas. Turn around and hike back in the direction you came, about 4.5km. The 15km circular has no better views after the overlook.

You’ll pass one of the park’s waterfalls on the route to the lookout. It doesn’t run in summer but looks wonderful after a good rain. The animals that hang out at the pub make this park great. The tavern serves cold beers and good pub food after a long trek. You can watch kangaroos, kookaburras, galahs, and other birds from your beer garden table. I love taking foreign guests here since it’s unique. If you bring lunch, the picnic sites are lovely. Each car must pay $15 to enter the national park.

The Pinnacles Desert

Another stunning Western Australian natural feature two hours north of the city. This odd terrain and the chance to take unique shots at your leisure are worth the mild journey. The nicest portion of this national park. A defined driving track winds through the desert, allowing you to stop for photos. About 30,000 years ago, this landscape was submerged. The wind created these unusual structures over time.

If you visit at the right time, you may observe kangaroos and emus in the desert. With park history and live displays, the visitor centre is worth visiting. National parks charge $15 per vehicle to enter. Consider a park pass if you visit many parks in a specific timeframe. This is useful on longer road trips like this Perth to Kalbarri plan that visits the Pinnacles.


Fremantle has its vibe and enough attractions to fill a day, despite seeming like a suburb of Perth. The streets are lined with old buildings, and appreciating their façade is a major attraction. Start your exploration on the main café strip after obtaining a coffee. Visit Fremantle Markets, housed in a stunning 1897 edifice. The stroll from the market to the old ‘Roundhouse’ passes several of the town’s best structures.

A short walk upward from Fremantle’s centre brings you to the ancient prison. It is WA’s only UNESCO-listed building and dates from 1850. Tours of the well-restored museum are worth hearing about its fascinating and often horrific history. The W is one of my favourite attractions here. A maritime museum. Beautiful exhibitions typically include touring exhibits. You can get into and explore a whole submarine. You need a thorough article to cover Fremantle’s various attractions, and we have one here.

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Wave Rock

This photogenic rock formation may be the state’s most famous natural wonder. The roughly 4-hour trip from Perth is best done on a tour where someone else drives. York, the oldest town in the Avon Valley, is the first stop on our Perth day trip. Enjoy morning tea at one of the town’s charming cafes while admiring the antique buildings.

After a rural pub meal in Hyden, you can visit Hippo’s Yawn. Interesting little museums include a toy army and lace museum. The massive rock wave over your head is the primary draw. It’s so impressive that we went twice to take shots at different times of day and just admire nature. After the main event, you’ll visit Mulka’s Cave and learn about its Aboriginal history. In wildflower season (Sep–Nov), your driver will stop to show you this region’s famous blossoms. If you prefer driving and want to take sunrise and sunset photos like we did, check out this Perth to Wave Rock Road Trip Itinerary.

Busselton, Dunsborough

It may seem far away on the map, but Busselton and Dunsborough are relaxing beach communities. The 200km is mostly highways and takes two hours. Discovering Busselton’s attractions is worth the short drive from Perth.

Busselton Jetty In The Morning Calm

Your first stop is Busselton, the larger of the two. Busselton Jetty, the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere, is the town’s principal attraction and has many activities on and surrounding it. If you don’t want to walk the 1.8km jetty, take the tiny train! This train is a kid’s favourite and fun for all ages. It takes you to the underwater observatory at the end of the jetty.

There are only six in the world, making this another Busselton gem. You may dive below the jetty to witness the wonderful sea life. Scuba diving and snorkelling are also available.

Visit the beautiful Ngilgi Cave

Visit the Busselton Jetty website to book your activities. Leave the driving and hard work to someone else! This Perth-Busselton Jetty tour includes a train ride, picturesque drive, and winery visit. Dunsborough is smaller than Busselton and has a charming little town feel. The turquoise bays on the peninsula north of town are the major draw. Bunker Bay and Meelup Beach are favorites for a day of sunbathing. The Cape Naturaliste lighthouse, further north, often spots whales during the migration season.

The lovely Meelup Beach

Other nearby attractions are Sugarloaf Rock and Ngilgi Cave. Whale watching tours from Busselton offer the best animal sightings. Eagle Bay Brewing or Wise Wine are great lunch options. They enjoy wonderful food and drinks on a hill overlooking the ocean. Their gorgeous grounds and views make them attractions.

The Margaret River

Margaret River may be too far for a day excursion, so plan a weekend. If you have limited time in Perth or just want to visit, spend at least a day. A day’s travel from Perth to Margaret River requires three primary tasks. Wine, caverns, and a woodland drive (hint: try local cheese). To avoid being asleep or tasting all day, save the wine for last! The coastline has many wonderful limestone caverns, so start there. Walkways and illumination make these caverns great for caving and easy to access.Choose one cave on a day excursion from Perth with limited time. One of the most magnificent caves is Mammoth Cave or Jewel Cave.

The magnificent Caves Road passes through beautiful forest views to reach the caves. Another check, and stop at Boranup Forest Viewpoint to savor the views. This town spoils you for lunch and wine tastings. Margaret River has world-class wine and several restaurants that complement it. Browse the list on the official website and organize your tasting excursion.

If you plan to stay more than a day, see our post on the finest Margaret River wine tours. Driving, caving, and wine tasting can be demanding. I recommend booking a day excursion if you’re visiting from Perth. The tour below contains all the amazing stuff, except driving and booking.


The drive from Perth is the first highlight of this day trip. Despite being 200km outside the city, the route offers stunning vistas of undulating hills, farmland, and forests. Collie is a surprising destination with lots to do. Most people discover this hamlet through Instagram photos of its azure lakes.

Their location off the town’s main road makes them convenient to visit. Blue is most noticeable in the middle of the day on sunny days. Each lake is a different colour and worth viewing, but Stockton Lake (also called Black Diamond Lake) was my favourite. The massive Wellington Dam mural is another Collie must-see. This is a short trip from town and amazing in scale and intricacy. Over 30 artists painted murals across town for a new mural trail. See the map here to find them all. Families can explore old steam train engines on the main street. For more, visit the Collie Rail Heritage Centre. Many exhibitions, including a model train track, are fun for all ages.

Visit Collie’s imitation underground coal mine to learn more about its history. This is an excellent place to tour with a former miner. Learn about early miners’ working conditions and problems and take beautiful tunnel photos. A delicious meal can be found at one of the town’s old taverns or at Harris River Estate. Yes, a winery tops it all! Enjoy a sampling and some tasty tapas before returning to Perth or exploring.

New Norcia

This hidden gem is 120km north of Perth on the Great Northern Highway. The drive is fun in the morning or when the canola is blooming. Leave Perth and drive over rolling hills and farms with stunning views. New Norcia, Australia’s only monastic settlement, dates back to 1847! Spanish Benedictine monks built it as a mission, and it remains Benedictine.

Today’s monastic community welcomes tourists, and Perth day trips offer enough to do. Visit their excellent museum and art galleries to learn about the settlement’s history. Town tours from here are worth learning more about the town’s rich history. Taste the local produce while there. The mission’s goal of self-sufficiency has continued. Bread made with olive oil from their 100-year-old olive grove is wonderful.

New Norcia’s ales and wines live up to monastic tradition. Buy Abbey wine or yummy Abbey Ale. You can tell pals a great story while sipping on a drink or three. Visit Chittering on your way back to Perth if you have time. In wildflower season, those hills and valleys you traveled through make fantastic treks. Delicious local vegetables and adorable cellar doors are also available.

Lake Cave

Explore one of Australia’s most fascinating caves south of the city. Lake Cave is 20 minutes from Margaret River and enters from a subterranean woodland. Crystal formations enhanced by the water are inside. The primary attraction is the massive Suspended Table that hangs from the ceiling to the cave floor.

Klook lets you schedule the Lake Cave trip to view all the must-see attractions. From its rich history to the greatest photo sites, a knowledgeable guide will tell you everything about the cave.


Where in Australia is the next largest city to Perth?

Mandurah is roughly 70 kilometres (km) south of Perth, and it’s the closest major city. About 200 kilometres south of Perth is the city of Bunbury. Adelaide, the South Australian capital, is relatively close.

Where can I get a flight from Perth that won’t break the bank?

Where can I go for the least amount of money departing from Perth Airport? We looked, and the best price for a flight from Perth Airport to Bali (Denpasar) in the next year is $264. Monday, September 9, 2024 is when it leaves. Perth Airport offers low-cost flights to both Kuala Lumpur International and Bangkok Suvarnabhumi.

Where in Australia can I get the best airfare deal?

The cheapest place to fly into Australia is Melbourne. Melbourne is the cheapest city to fly into, and Melbourne Tullamarine Airport is the cheapest airport serving Melbourne right now.


Sun-kissed beaches and thriving city life make Perth an excellent starting point for various worthwhile day trips. Rottnest Island is one of the best possibilities available. Easily accessible by ferry, this lovely island is a haven for beach bums, explorers, and photographers because of its picture-perfect shores, vibrant coral reefs, and elusive quokka.

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