20 Best Glamping Sites in Australia: Explore Now

Best Glamping Sites
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We will talk about the Top 20 Best Glamping Sites In Australia For the people who think resting on soil isn’t a lot of hijinks, there is glamping. While still washing your hair in the morning and sleeping in brand-new sheets at night, you can take in all of the natural landscape’s beauty. 

Australia’s great common habitat, multicultural networks, great food and wine, climate and way of life, and the neighbourliness and transparency of its kin make it one of the world’s most desirable vacation locations. People explore Australian beauty in different ways. Glamping is very famous among them.

Imagine spending the day at Uluru on camelback and returning to get a massage as the sun sets on the rock. You will never again roll your eyes at the idea of camping.

Let’s Understand the Glamping Sites

We all know, Glamping, also known as “glamorous camping,” is a relaxing getaway to the great outdoors: arriving at your campground to find your tent already set up, bedding provided, and some lovely homey touches added to make your stay more comfortable.

Best Glamping Sites in Australia

Family glamping experiences in Australia are among the best in the world. You are on the right path if you think of high-quality canvas structures, stunning bathrooms, fine dining, exclusive access to sublime locations, and higher comfort standards than the average hotel. We’ve found the Top 20 Best Glamping Sites In Australia most exceptional choices you and the family can visit this year.

1. Taronga Zoo, Mosman, NSW

Snore and roar! This is how the overnight glamping experience at Taronga Zoo is promoted. While looking out over Australia’s most famous postcard scene, take in the sounds of the nocturnal housemates of Taronga’s Zoo. It is unquestionably a glamper’s ideal location because it offers the chance to hear the sounds of nature without leaving the city. In addition to the singular lodging, guests can take a private, quiet stroll through the zoo and savour a buffet dinner. It is an unforgettable nighttime experience.

2. St Jerome’s – The Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

It is a location that is distinctive and distinctively Melbourne. St. Jerome’s – The Hotel brings camping to the city from the bush before you feel that this goes against the embodiment of setting up camp.

You want to see what’s on offer. These 21 tents, on top of Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, allow customers to wake up and see the city of Melbourne from every direction. Every guest receives tablets loaded with movies and a beer esky, ensuring every amenity is noticed. Naturally, since it is Melbourne, a barista prepares coffee.

3. Ikara Safari Camp, Wilpena Pound, SA

One of Australia’s most underrated natural sights is Wilpena Pound. The safari tents at Ikara have everything you’d expect from a glamping site without being pretentious. A respite from the dusty Flinders Ranges, the air-conditioned getaways are set among the national park bushland.

4. Paperbark Camp, Jervis Bay NSW

Paperbark Camp is near Jervis Bay’s unspoiled white sand and blue water. Worked over the ground to exploit the ocean breeze, the open tents accompany finished hardwood floors, sun-oriented lighting, and extravagant material. Televisions, microwaves, and air conditioning are unavailable because the camp adheres to the sustainability credo. When you eat in the treetop restaurant or unwind in your open-air tent, it’s easy to overlook those insignificant details.

5. Longitude 131º, Uluru, NT

Longitude 131º is an ‘otherworldly encounter of revelation,’ and you can see why. The location has fifteen opulent tents perched above the ochre landscape and offers views of one of Australia’s most famous scenes. When each tent is set up to get a private view of Uluru, you feel a spiritual connection to the place. You can encounter that association the entire day, assuming you like. Estimated at more than $1,300AU each evening, this stay acquires its tag as one of Australia’s preeminent ‘glamping’ objections.

6. Karijini Eco Retreat, Karijini National Park, WA

Several of the most breathtaking spots in the vast, brown land are the gorges in Karijini National Park. Glampers can rent tents at Karijini’s Eco Retreat in the bush near Joffre Gorge. Before returning to your eco suite, spend the day hiking down the gorge and admiring the stunning plunge pools and waterfalls. In a bushland that is otherwise unforgiving, it is a posh residence.

7. Mile End Glamping, Margaret River, WA

Deep within Western Australia’s premier wine region, these domes appear as an observatory rather than a tent. These geodesic domes let you see private estate-like acres of greenery from your bed. The local wineries are the main draw, despite the stunning scenery. Take a day trip to try some of Australia’s finest cabernets, purchase a few bottles, and then return to your private retreat to enjoy them.

8. Tanja Lagoon Camp, Tanja 

NSW This accommodation offers the peace of camping without sacrificing comfort. It is almost perched on top of the Tanja Lagoon. In addition to the queen beds, lounges, and desks, these tents have decks to relax for days while taking in the lagoon views.

9. Nightfall, Lamington National Park, QLD

These private, hand-built tents are next to Lamington National Park’s rainforests. The panoramic views of the national park surrounding these open-air safari tents give the impression that you are one with nature. The tent’s walls fall during the winter, and the rotating fireplace gets to work. All amenities of a traditional spa in the wilderness are available at Nightfall. Is there anything better than getting a massage next to the creek and listening to the calls of birds to spend your weekend?

10. Wildman Wilderness Lodge, Arnhem, NT

Glamping is elevated to new heights with these self-contained cabins. If you pay little attention, you might be mistaken for lying in a bed in a chic city apartment. With hardwood floors and present-day lumber furniture, you may want these lodges to be your regular home. There is much to see and do near the famous Kakadu National Park before retiring to the lodge’s pure comfort.

11. Sanctuary By Sirromet, Queensland

The new Sanctuary by Sirromet brings eco-luxe camping to this remote area in the heart of South East Queensland, centred around a natural lagoon. The tented pavilions, surrounded by bushland, give the impression that you are sitting in a tree house while providing all necessary amenities, such as air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. You can also participate in a tasting or go behind the scenes of a working winery on the grounds of Sirromet.

12. Diddillibah, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Under the stars, the Safari Tents at Ingenia Holidays Rivershore is a haven for four or six people. The self-contained safari tents have views of the Maroochy River, a four-poster king bed, private bathrooms, and a kitchenette. The holiday park has a water slide, playground, and mini-golf, which all kids will love using. The Maroochy River can be explored by renting kayaks and stand-up paddleboards for families.

13. Paperbark Camp, Woollamia NSW 2540

Cockatoo Island is the best option for people who want an unforgettable, hassle-free camping trip rather than a luxurious escape from the everyday. The little island in Sydney Harbor welcomes you to travel once more into the past and follow pilgrim and sea history or take in the island’s top attractions – it frequently has occasioned, like the Biennale of Sydney, inside its amazing legacy and modern structures.

In the wake of investigating Cockatoo, you can end the day by setting up camp in one of the tents on the waterfront. You only want to bring food and prepare instruments to make the most of your magical sleepover.

14. Happy Glamper, Victoria 

Cheerful Glamper offers you the chance to encounter a fight free setting up camp excursion, anyplace you need, all over the Mornington Landmass. There is no tent to pitch, camping bed to unwind, or heavy gear to convey. Happy Glamper will set up your night’s lodging before you arrive after selecting your location. 

If you book a powered site, your package will include a heater in the winter, all bedding and linens, towels, chairs, an LED lantern, computer games, books, magazines, a combination lock, and fairy lights. You can choose from bell tents or Lotus Belle tents. Where to ease yourself, each spot you pick is situated on a nearby foreshore campsite, and Blissful Glampers are free to utilise the ground’s conveniences.

15. Kooljaman, Cape Leveque

No one has ever regretted staying at Kooljaman, our favourite of the Kimberley glamping destinations. The entire experience is so infused with local culture that it transforms all guests. It is owned and operated by the local Indigenous community, the Bardi Jawi. Right around the ocean at Cape Leveque, 210 kilometres and around six hours’ drive north of Broome, the glamping convenience comes in two distinct levels: basic glamping, which is comfortable camping in safari-style luxury tents or with single beds.

16. Discovery Rottnest Island, WA

The eco-resort, the first of its kind on Rottnest Island, aims to provide a low-impact glamping experience. In addition to having a pillow-top bed and furnished private decks, each eco-tent also comes equipped with a kitchenette. Luxurious beachfront views and a walk-in closet await in a deluxe tent. The resort’s pool, pool bar, and Pinky’s Beach Club are also available to guests.

17. Sal Salis, Ningaloo

The Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef, surrounded by Cape Range National Park’s dunes, is ideal for luxury accommodations and bush and beach camping. Every safari-style tent offers every one of the conveniences you would expect for an eco-luxury setting up camp outing – including the great scene of the bushland and the sea past.

 The camp adheres to strict principles of minimal impact as it prioritises sustainability. As a result, it uses solar energy, composes toilets, and sells soap made from native herbs. Likewise, your visit incorporates cook-arranged feasts, beverages from select free drinks, and tidbits.

18. Wildman Wilderness Lodge

The best place to experience the Top End’s wilds is the Wildman Wilderness Lodge in the Mary River Wetlands. While the heartfelt ‘Territory’ accompanies cooling and premium outfitting, the safari tents offer a more fundamental yet, at the same time, polished choice. The lodge offers a wide range of tours and activities and is on the edge of Kakadu National Park. Likewise, bundles, including day visits to the recreation area, are accessible.

19. The Truffle Lodge, Tasmania

One of Australia’s most memorable truffle plantations chose to extend its points of view and is presently offering store glamping on its homestead. Its owners set up five luxurious tents directly on the Derwent River, each with a private deck facing the water, just 45 minutes from Hobart.

All of the amenities of a hotel room can be found in the tents and en suite bathrooms, which are fully equipped.

20. Wingtons Glamping

Wingtons Glamping is like returning to the 1930s with all the modern conveniences. Wingtons built three canvas bell safari tents at Clarence Point in Tamar Valley, Tasmania’s premier wine region. You’ll also find modern conveniences like Bose Bluetooth speakers and Wi-Fi and antiques like steamer trunks and Persian-style carpets. In addition, there is an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue and a private bathroom teepee with hot water and flushing toilets in each tent.


What Is The Best Season To Go Glamping?

During the winter months, you can experience and see so many things summer visitors miss out on. Also, winter is the perfect time to go glamping rather than camping.

Is Glamping A Luxury?

Glamping is an extravagance in setting up camp involvement, with which campers invest energy in semi-indoor areas rather than the typical tent or hiking bed. Glamping commonly offers the indoor conveniences that normal setting up camp needs: beds, electricity, and plumbing in the house.

How Safe Is Glamping?

Campers benefit from glamping by reducing or eliminating safety concerns. You’ll stay inside, away from animals or plants that could hurt you. You won’t have to worry about fire safety when cooking your meals over a campfire because some glamping setups also offer indoor kitchens where meals can be prepared.

Final Words

In addition, Australia is home to many high-end glamping destinations that provide an experience comparable to a five-star hotel: we’re talking lodgings or habitations with silk-lined material, a legitimate inn-style bed, and conveniences nearer to that of the Hilton than a camping area. Yes, these en suites are fully functional. Hooray!

We hope that, regardless of your luxury level, you now know about the Top 20 Best Glamping Sites in Australia.

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