Best Golf Trips Australia: Must Vist Golf Clubs For You

Best Golf Trips Australia
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Take a golf trip around Best Golf Trips Australia‘s beautiful scenery using our all-inclusive guide to the Best Golf Trips. We reveal a golfer’s dream, from the gorgeous courses in Melbourne to the sun-kissed coastlines of the Gold Coast.

At the best practices in Australia, you’ll experience first-rate amenities, breathtaking landscapes, and unmatched friendliness as you take the first stroke.

Our carefully chosen options guarantee a fantastic golfing experience, whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, combining challenging play with the stunning natural surroundings of the nation. Begin your trip to extraordinary golf experiences in Australia right now.

Quick Summary

Discover the height of golfing luxury with the Best Golf Vacation in Australia. Enter a golfer’s paradise where famous courses and gorgeous scenery collide. Experience unparalleled elegance and demanding play, from the famous fairways of Sydney to the tranquil greens of Tasmania.

With its elite resorts, knowledgeable commentary, and first-rate facilities, our guide ensures that your golf holiday will be remembered. Australia’s Best Golf Trips offer a harmonic combination of sport, pleasure, and natural beauty, catering to any golfer’s fantasy, whether seeking picturesque tranquilly or exhilarating difficulties.

Trip 1: Barnbougle, Bridport TAS

For golf enthusiasts, the Barnbougle golf resort in Bridport is a top choice, situated along Tasmania’s untamed shore. With its two championship courses, The Dunes and Lost Farm, Barnbougle provides a unique golfing experience.

Tom Doak created The Dunes, which has breathtaking coastline scenery and rolling courses with challenging bunkers. Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw designed Lost Farm, a links-style system that’s breathtaking and thrilling as it weaves through dunes and along the coastline.

The resort has opulent lodging options in addition to golf, such as warm lodges and cottages with stunning views of the Bass Strait. In addition to enjoying wine tastings at neighbouring vineyards, guests may relax at the spa and eat at fine dining establishments that feature locally produced food.

Barnbougle is a heaven for wildlife enthusiasts as well as a golf attraction. After a day on the greens, guests may unwind at this resort, which offers a tranquil ambience surrounded by beaches, dunes, and natural animals. The resort also holds several competitions and events that draw golfers worldwide.

Barnbougle in Bridport, Tasmania, is the pinnacle of golf excellence for those looking for an unmatched golfing journey and spectacular natural beauty. It promises an immersive and unforgettable experience in Australia’s picturesque landscapes.

Trip 2: Bonville Golf Resort, Coffs Harbour NSW

The world-famous Bonville Golf Resort is in Bonville, close to Coffs Harbour, New South Wales. The resort features an 18-hole championship golf course that is routinely rated among the best in Australia. The course is Australia’s most picturesque inland golf course, with lush fairways, water features, and many animals. It is well known for having amazing natural beauty.

The resort provides a tranquil and soothing stay for both golfers and non-golfers, with a variety of lodging options, including self-contained villas and a boutique hotel nestled amid the natural surroundings.

A restaurant, bar and conference spaces are just a few of the amenities that Bonville Golf Resort provides to improve the guest experience in addition to its golf course and lodging, making it an excellent place for weddings and business gatherings.

Over the years, the resort has won several awards, such as being awarded Australia’s Favourite Golf Course and being included by Golf Digest as one of the best golf resorts in the world.

At just 18 kilometres from Coffs Harbour, Bonville Golf Resort is conveniently located despite its remote setting. To ensure visitors have an easy and pleasant trip, the resort provides a variety of transportation choices, such as car rentals and airport transfers. Bonville Golf Resort is the ideal location whether you’re a golf fanatic or want to unwind in a stunning environment.

Trip 3: The Dunes Golf Links, Mornington Peninsula VIC

Situated on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula lies the 27-hole Dunes Golf Links golf course. The course, which epitomises authentic links golf, is located on 300 acres of gently rising dunes in the Mornington Peninsula “Cups” area. A nineteen-hole Cups Course and an eighteen-hole Dunes Course are part of the facility. 

Opening as a championship course in 1995, The Dunes Course revolutionised golfing in Australia. The system is renowned for its complex design, with swift greens, deep bunkers, and undulating fairways. The course offers a distinctive golfing experience because of its natural surroundings-blending design. 

On the Mornington Peninsula, the Dunes Golf Links is a well-liked golf attraction and abundant lodging with a public golf course and Links Lodge lodging. With a restaurant, bar and meeting spaces among its many amenities to improve the visitor experience, the resort is ideal for golfers and non-golfers. For players seeking a complex and distinctive golfing experience in a stunning environment, The Dunes Golf Links is a must-visit location.

Trip 4: Twin Waters Golf Club, Sunshine Coast QLD

On Queensland’s Sunshine Coast sits Twin Waters Golf Club, a top-notch golf resort. Offering a unique golfing experience, the championship 18-hole par-72 course is situated on 14 hectares of immaculate seaside land. With several challenging holes that feature a lot of sand and water, the system is renowned for its stunning layout. 

Along with a restaurant, bar, and meeting spaces, Twin Waters Golf Club provides a variety of amenities to make its guests’ stay better. For golfers and non-golfers alike, the resort’s picturesque location between the Pacific Ocean and the Maroochy River will wow.

Numerous honours have been bestowed upon the course throughout the years, and it has been named among Australia’s six best resort courses.

Positive reviews from golf fans have been received, and it has also been featured on GolfPass. Twin Waters Golf Club is conveniently located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. To ensure visitors have an easy and pleasant trip, the resort provides a variety of transportation choices, such as car rentals and airport transfers. Twin Waters Golf Club is the ideal location whether you’re a golf fanatic or just seeking a tranquil vacation.

Trip 5: Goldfields Golf Club, Kalgoorlie WA

Situated in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Goldfields Golf Club is a world-class golf venue. For players of all ability levels, the championship course, created by Graham Marsh, provides a distinctive golfing experience. At 6,768 metres from the championship markers, the system offers a long and challenging round of golf.

The resort provides several amenities, such as a restaurant, bar, and event spaces, to improve the visitor experience. Anyone who wishes to play golf may do so at Goldfields Golf Club, which is well-known for its exceptional value. The course has garnered favourable ratings from GolfPass and Golf Australia Magazine and has been named one of Australia’s top 100 golf courses by Top 100 Golf Courses of Australia. 

Because Goldfields Golf Club is situated near Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, it is conveniently accessible. Goldfields Golf Club is an ideal location for golf enthusiasts or anybody seeking a tranquil escape.

Key Highlights Of The Tour

Excellent Golf Courses: From historic links courses in Tasmania to the world-famous Sandbelt area of Melbourne, Australia is home to some of the most exceptional golf courses on the planet. These courses’ breathtaking vistas will wow you, and they provide a distinctive and challenging golfing experience.

Links Courses in Tasmania: Try your skills on the links courses, such as Cape Wickham Links and Barnbougle Dunes, which weave through the untamed and striking dunes of northeastern Tasmania.

Commonwealth Golf Courses: Commonwealth Golf Club was one of the “31 courses I would take a good friend to see,” according to Tom Doak. On Melbourne’s Sandbelt, Commonwealth Golf Club provides a challenging and unforgettable round of golf.

Cost-effective Golfing Experience: Goldfields Golf Club is renowned for its outstanding value and provides anyone who wants to play golf with an inexpensive golfing experience.


How Many Golf Courses Are There In Australia?

Aussies are avid golfers. Understandably, Australians enjoy the odd round of golf, given that there are over 1800 courses located around the nation.

Where Should A Beginner Start Golf?

It’s challenging enough that it should take less than eight strokes to reach the green in golf. Try an 18-hole championship course after beginning on a par-3 or “executive” course. Every hole on a par-3 course is a par-3, meaning it is often less than 200 yards.

What Is The Biggest Golf Tournament In Australia?

Held annually since 1904, the Australian Open is the country’s premier golf competition organised by Golf Australia. Other competitors include the Australian Masters, which took place from 1979 to 2015, and the Australian PGA Championship, which has been conducted since 1929.

Where Is The Longest Golf Course In Australia?

The idea of Nullarbor Links is distinct. From Ceduna to Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, the 18-hole, par 72 golf course stretches over 1365 km, with a hole in each participant town or roadhouse along the Eyre Highway. Every hole has a green tee and a fairway with natural terrain that is rather harsh, a la Outback.

In The End

Best Golf Trips Australia with a wide range of breathtaking courses and scenery to discover, Australia provides some of the most incredible golf vacations on the planet. Everyone who plays golf may find something to love, from the links courses of Tasmania to the well-known Melbourne Sandbelt area.

The New South Wales Golf Club, Cape Wickham Links, and Royal Melbourne are just a few must-play courses that provide exceptional views and unusual difficulties.

Golfers wishing to combine their passion for the game with an unforgettable vacation will find the nation the perfect location due to its fantastic weather, gastronomy, and wine. A golf vacation to Australia should be at the top of your bucket list, regardless of your skill level.

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