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Best Kettle Australia
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When it comes to savouring a steaming cup of tea or coffee, possessing a dependable and highly efficient kettle becomes an absolute necessity within the confines of every Australian household.

In a market with myriad options, the quest for the ideal kettle tailored to your specific preferences can be an overwhelmingly intricate endeavour. This is precisely why we have painstakingly undertaken exhaustive research, meticulously curating an exclusive selection of the Best Kettle Australia.

From captivating and trendsetting designs that serve as visual delights to remarkably swift boiling times, accompanied by many user-friendly features, these kettles encompass the entire spectrum of convenience and functionality.

Whether you are a devoted fan of the tea leaf’s myriad delights or an unwavering fan of the rich coffee bean, our exhaustive and all-encompassing guide stands as your ultimate companion on this discerning journey, facilitating you in making a wise and informed choice, ensuring that you discover nothing short of the quintessential kettle that will grace your abode with its presence.

What is a Kettle?

Indeed, a kettle is a quintessential kitchen appliance employed for the primary purpose of boiling water. Its fundamental structure typically comprises a container equipped with a convenient handle for secure grip, a purposeful spout meticulously designed for effortless pouring, and a proficient heating element, which may either be electric or a stovetop burner, ingeniously engineered to elevate the water’s temperature to its boiling point rapidly. 

Moreover, they are an indispensable tool for many culinary tasks, wherein the immediate availability of boiling water is a non-negotiable prerequisite.

Our Top Picks

Finding the Best Kettle might be a hustle. Here, we have arranged the best product from Amazon.

  • Best Overall: Susteas Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle
  • Best Runner-Up: Russell Hobbs 26381 Groove Electric Kettle
  • Best Budget: T-Magitic Travel Foldable Electric Kettle
  • Best Cart: Poliviar Tea Kettle
  • Best Look: Tower T10044pnk Cavaletto Pyramid Kettle With Fast Boil

Are you looking for the best kettle in Australia? We’ve got you covered! Check out our list of the top 5 kettles known for their performance, features, and user reviews.

Best Overall: Susteas Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle

Our Rating

Overall Rating 4.9/5 Setup 4.9/5 Design 4.8/5 Ease of Use 4.8/5 Portability 4.8/5 Durability 4.8/5 

What We Like

  • Made of durable surgical stainless steel.
  • Whistling feature.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Suitable for all stovetops.
  • Solid construction with even heat distribution.
  • Large capacity.

What We Don’t Like

  • No temperature control.
  • Weak whistling sound.
  • A handle may get hot.
  • Relatively expensive.

Product Description

Experience tea and coffee brewing like never before with the SUSTEAS Tea Kettle. This kitchen essential boasts various features designed to delight your daily ritual.

Cool Handle | Push Button Mechanism: Our kettle is designed with your comfort in mind. The ergonomically crafted handle and push-button technology ensure effortless pouring, adding ease to your brewing process.

Perfect Whistling Sound | Large Capacity: With a generous 2.64-quart capacity, this kettle is ideal for the whole family. The unmistakable whistle ensures you’ll hear when your water is ready, even from another room.

Innovative Bottom for Faster Boiling: The SUSTEAS kettle has a 3-layer encapsulated base, distributing heat evenly and boiling water in record time. Say goodbye to long waits for your favourite hot beverages!

Thickened Body | Premium Pinch Mitt: We take quality seriously. Our kettle features a reduced body and increased weight for durability. Plus, it comes with a premium anti-hot holder, all beautifully packaged in an elegant gift box. It’s the ideal present for your loved ones.

SUSTEAS Brand Assurance: SUSTEAS is a premium brand on Amazon, known for its commitment to quality. Our tea kettles are 100% Teflon and BPA-free, and we back them with a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed:  If you encounter any issues upon receiving your SUSTEAS Tea Kettle, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll swiftly ship a replacement to your door. And if you face any problems while using it, we’re here to help.

Elevate your tea and coffee brewing experience with the SUSTEAS Tea Kettle – where quality, style, and functionality meet. Make it a part of your kitchen today!

Brand: Susteas

Colour: Black

Material: Stainless Steel

Style: Whistling, Teapot, Ergonomic

Product dimensions: 18.2D x 18.2W x 23.5H centimetres

Best Runner-Up: Russell Hobbs 26381 Groove Electric Kettle

Our Rating

Overall Rating 4.8/5 Setup 4.7/5 Design 4.5/5 Ease of Use 4.7/5 Portability 4.5/5 Durability 4.8/5

What We Like

  • Energy-efficient design
  • Fast boiling time
  • Large capacity (1.7 liters)
  • The 360-degree rotational base for easy handling
  • Removable and washable filter
  • Safety features such as boil-dry protection
  • Cord storage feature for neat countertops
  • Sleek and modern design

What We Don’t Like

  • No temperature control or variable heat settings

Product Description

Add a touch of sophistication and energy efficiency to your kitchen with the Russell Hobbs Groove Kettle. Designed with a contemporary 3D texture and luxurious gold-coloured accents, this kettle seamlessly blends style and functionality, setting the tone for modern interior design trends that extend into your culinary space.

Efficiency At Its Best: Our Groove Kettle is a style statement and an energy-conscious choice. Boil just the right amount of water for a single 236ml cup and save up to 66% of energy. Say goodbye to unnecessary waste and hello to responsible, eco-friendly living.

Need It Fast? No Problem: When you’re in a rush, the Groove Kettle has your back. It’s designed for speed, taking a mere 54 seconds to heat a 235ml cup of water from tap temperature to a rolling boil at 100°C. Your hot beverages are just moments away.

Stay Informed With The Blue Illuminating Water Window: No more guesswork regarding water levels. The Groove Kettle features a stylish blue illuminating water window with handy cup markings. Quickly gauge how much water you have, ensuring you have precisely what you need.

Peace Of Mind With Manufacturer’s Guarantee: Rest assured with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee for your Groove Kettle. But wait, there’s more! Register your product online within 28 days of purchase, and we’ll extend your guarantee for an additional year. Your Satisfaction and peace of mind are our priorities.

Amazon Global Store products may vary from local offerings, including fit, age rating, and language regarding product details, labelling, or instructions. We recommend carefully reviewing the product information to ensure compatibility with your needs.

Brand: Russell Hobbs

Capacity: 1.7 Liters

Material: Plastic

Colour: White

Unique feature: Textured design with gold-coloured accents, Rapid boil markers – only fill what you need to boil, Push to open the lid, Internal blue illumination, Water window with litre markingsTextured design with gold-coloured accents, Rapid boil markers.

Best Budget: T-Magitic Travel Foldable Electric Kettle

Our Rating

Overall Rating 4.7/5 Setup 4.8/5 Design 4.7/5 Ease of Use 4.6/5 Portability 4.5/5 Durability 4.7/5

What We Like

  • Foldable design
  • Electric functionality
  • Collapsible silicone body
  • Large 600ml capacity
  • Dual voltage system

What We Don’t Like

  • Unclear about the automatic shut-off feature
  • Plastic handles may not provide a sturdy grip
  • No customer reviews or ratings are available
  • Unknown heating time for boiling water
  • Relatively high price compared to similar products

Product Description

Discover the Ultimate Travel Companion: The Foldable Double Voltage Electric Kettle. When you’re on the go, whether for business or leisure, having access to hot water for your favourite beverages or quick meals is a game-changer. Introducing our Foldable Double Voltage Electric Kettle, designed to cater to your travel needs effortlessly.

Dual Voltage Convenience: This kettle covers you no matter where your adventures take you. It’s your versatile companion for worldwide travel with double voltage options of 100-120V and 220-240V. Adjust the voltage at the kettle’s base to suit your destination.

Ultra-Thin And Portable Design: Travel light without sacrificing convenience. Our kettle boasts an ultra-thin design that’s incredibly portable, making it an ideal choice for frequent travellers. At just 0.6 litres and 650 grams, it’s compact and lightweight, slipping quickly into your luggage.

Rapid Boiling For Instant Gratification: Craving that morning coffee or tea fix? With 700 watts of power, this kettle quickly boils 0.6 litres of water in 4-5 minutes. Your hot beverages and meals are ready in a snap.

Innovative One-Button Operation: Simplicity meets efficiency. Operating this kettle is a breeze—press the button and watch as your water heats up in 3-5 minutes. It even self-heats when the temperature drops below 75 degrees, ensuring water stays hot.

Package Contents

  • 1 x Foldable Travel Kettle
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Carrying Bag

Additional Tips For Your Convenience

Please adjust the voltage knob to 110V or 220V at the base of the kettle before use, depending on your location.

Warm Tip: Over time, you may notice minor rust in the bottom of the kettle due to local water conditions. Not to worry, this is not a product defect. Use vinegar to clean it for a hassle-free solution.

Brand: T-Magitic

Capacity: 600 Milliliters

Material: Stainless Steel

Unique Feature: Double Wall

Package Information: kettle

Best Cart: Poliviar Tea Kettle

Our Rating

Overall Rating 4.6/5 Setup 4.8/5 Design 4.6/5 Ease of Use 4.7/5 Portability 4.6/5 Durability 4.7/5 

What We Like

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Anti-hot handle for safe handling
  • Large capacity suitable for various needs
  • Fast boiling with a powerful heating element
  • Easy to clean
  • Sleek and modern design

What We Don’t Like

  • Higher price compared to similar options
  • Limited color options
  • Lacks advanced features like temperature control or keep-warm function

Product Description 

Introducing the Poliviar Stainless Steel Tea Kettle, where style meets durability to bring you the perfect tea-making companion. Crafted with precision and designed for longevity, this kettle adds an elegant touch to your daily tea rituals.

Unmatched Quality And Durability: This stylish tea kettle is electroplated for long-lasting beauty. Its professional food-grade finish and 18/8 stainless steel craftsmanship ensure it remains rust and corrosion-resistant. With Poliviar, you’re not just purchasing a kettle but investing in years of continuous use with no fading over time.

Loud And Audible Whistle: Never miss a boiling moment, even amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Poliviar kettle features an automatic whistle that is loud and audible enough to capture your attention, even when you’re engrossed in housework, movies, or games.

User-Friendly Design For Comfort: Your safety and comfort are paramount. The kettle boasts simple-touch buttons for easy operation and a heat-resistant silicone-coated handle. This ergonomic design allows you to confidently handle the kettle with bare hands, ensuring no burns or discomfort. Pouring, lifting, and filling become effortless tasks.

Efficiency At Its Core: Experience rapid boiling with our kettle’s generous 8-inch base, designed for maximum heat conduction. The self-sealing lid ensures a 100% seal, enhancing cooking efficiency. Say goodbye to waiting around for your tea to be ready.

About Bolivia

Poliviar is a global distributor known for delivering high-quality stainless steel products. With over a decade of commitment to quality and design, we take pride in offering you the best value. When you choose Poliviar, you’re choosing excellence in every sip.

Brand: POLIVIAR 7379

Colour: Gray

Material: Stainless Steel

Item Weight: 794 Grams

Style: Teapot, Ergonomic

Best Look: Tower T10044pnk Cavaletto Pyramid Kettle With Fast Boil

Overall Rating

4.6/5 Setup 4.7/5 Design 4.8/5 Ease of Use 4.6/5 Portability 4.7/5 Durability 4.5/5 

What We Like

  • Patented technology with three brush heads
  • Sonic vibration for effective plaque removal
  • Timed intervals for even and thoroughly clean
  • Easy to use with a single button
  • Suitable for travel with a travel case

What We Don’t Like

  • Higher price than other electric toothbrushes
  • Limited colour options (only black available)

Product Description 

Elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic with the exquisite Cavaletto Pyramid Kettle from Tower. Its captivating matte Marshmallow Pink finish, complemented by luxurious rose gold accents, makes it a stunning focal point on any countertop. Yet, this kettle doesn’t just charm with its looks—it’s packed with modern features for your convenience.

Powered by rapid boil technology, the Cavaletto reduces the wait for your favourite hot beverages. Imagine sipping a delightful tea brewed for a single cup in less than 45 seconds. With a spacious 1.7L capacity, this kettle can serve up to 7 drinks from a single fill, catering perfectly to families and busy homes.

Say goodbye to limescale concerns, thanks to the detachable filter that makes removing and rinsing away any build-up a breeze. Maintain the impeccable taste of your coffee and tea effortlessly.

Safety takes centre stage with the perfect pour spout, designed to shield against potential boiling water spillages. The 360-degree swivel base ensures easy access, left or right-handed, while the fully-removable lid simplifies refilling.

Indulge in modern functionality and contemporary style with the Cavaletto Pyramid Kettle. Tower presents an appliance that’s not just practical but also adds a touch of elegance to your daily routine. Transform your kitchen into a haven of taste and design today.

Brand: Tower

Capacity: 1.7 Liters

Material: Stainless Steel

Colour: Marshmallow Pink and Rose Gold

Unique Feature: Rapid boil technology, Automatic shut off, Boil dry protection

Product Comparison Table

A compare table to make the right choice-

Best Overall: Susteas Stove Top Whistling Tea KettleBest Runner-Up: Russell Hobbs 26381 Groove Electric KettleBest Budget: T-Magitic Travel Foldable Electric KettleBest Cart: Poliviar Tea KettleBest Look: Tower T10044pnk Cavaletto Pyramid Kettle With Fast Boil
Overall Rating4.9/54.8/54.7/54.6/54.6/5
Setup4.9/5 4.7/54.8/54.8/54.7/5
Design4.8/5 4.5/54.6/54.6/54.8/5 
Ease of Use4.8/54.7/54.6/54.7/54.6/5
Portability4.8/54.5/54.7/54.6/5 4.7/5
Durability4.8/5 4.8/54.7/54.7/54.5/5 

10 Factors To Choosing The Best Kettle 

 When choosing the best electric kettle, consider 10 things:

Capacity: Consider how much water you typically need to boil at once. The options for electric kettles are abundant, but finding the perfect one for you is crucial. 

Power: Higher-wattage kettles boil water faster. Look for a kettle with at least 1500 watts for quicker boiling times.

Material: Electric kettles can be made of stainless steel, glass, or plastic. Stainless steel kettles stand out for their remarkable durability and effortless maintenance. Plastic kettles are affordable but may need to be more durable.

Temperature Control: Some electric kettles have device features with adjustable temperature settings, enabling you to heat water to your desired level at different temperatures for beverages like coffee or tea.

Safety Features: Look for kettles with automatic shut-off and boil-dry protection for added safety. These features prevent the kettle from overheating or running without water.

Ease of Use: Consider pouring, filling, and cleaning the kettle. Kettles with a wide mouth and a removable lid are easier to clean and fill.

Cordless Design: Choose a kettle with a cordless design and a 360-degree swivel base for easy handling and convenience.

Noise level: Some kettles may be noisier than others, so consider noise levels if you prefer a quieter operation.

Price: Set a budget and look for a kettle within your price range. Remember to balance the features and quality with the price.

Brand and Warranty: Consider reputable brands offering a good electric kettles warranty. This ensures better customer support and after-sales service.

Types Of The Best Kettle  

There are seven types of different kettles:

  • Electric Kettles
  • Stovetop Kettles
  • Gooseneck Kettles
  • Ceramic Kettles
  • Glass Kettles
  • Aluminum Kettles
  • Cast Iron Kettles

Final Verdict

Upon meticulous contemplation, the ultimate judgment unfolds thus:

The Susteas Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle is an exquisite choice for fans of the time-honoured art of water boiling. Forged from stainless steel, it assures enduring robustness, and its resounding whistle serves as an apt alert when the aqueous contents reach their ebullient zenith.

While its volumetric capacity registers at 2.64 quarts, perhaps diminutive in juxtaposition to alternative contenders, it remains sufficiently extensive for most domiciles. Moreover, the thermally impervious handle and ergonomically honed design facilitate effusion devoid of perilous conflagration apprehensions. The Susteas Stove Top Whistling Tea Kettle is a steadfast and archetypal preference.

In contradistinction, the Russell Hobbs 26381 Groove Electric Kettle proffers a more contemporary and expeditious recourse for devotees of the tea leaf. Flaunting an augmented volumetric magnitude of 1.7 litres, it promptly and adeptly achieves water ebuIIition with the merest caress of a button.

The Groove configuration assures an untroubled and precipitation-free discharge, thus curtailing any proclivity for untidiness. Furthermore, the kettle features an extractable and launderable filtrum, thus engendering facile upkeep.

It is incumbent, however, to acknowledge that this electric kettle lacks a sonorous oracular feature, thus necessitating reliance upon the uncastrated indicator luminescence to discern the culmination of the aqua’s emotional transformation. All in its entirety, the Russell Hobbs 26381 Groove Electric 

Kettle confers convenience and efficiency, thereby attaining apical eminence for proponents of the electric kettle ilk.

How We Tested The Best Kettle 

Here are the 7 steps on How we test the best kettle:

Accuracy Of Filling And Pouring: Testers measure the accuracy of filling each kettle from a tap and evaluate the pouring precision into a hot water bottle, checking for splashing and spillages.

Boiling Time: Testers monitor how long each kettle boils at different capacities.

Temperature Control: For variable temperature kettles, testers program each kettle to different temperatures and measure the accuracy of the internal thermometer with an instant-read thermometer.

Flow Rate And Comfort: Testers evaluate the flow rate and comfort of pouring by boiling a total capacity’s worth of water in each kettle and pouring it into a mug.

Usability: Testers assess the functionality of each kettle’s features, including the control panel, and consider factors such as handling heat during use.

Cleanup: At the end of testing, testers clean each kettle and its base.

Performance And Features: Testers evaluate the overall performance of each kettle, including speed, accuracy, and usability, and consider any special features offered.

These tests allow experts to determine the best kettle based on boiling time, accuracy, temperature control, pouring comfort, usability, and overall performance.


Is Metal Or Plastic Kettle Better?

Kettle sizes on offer encompass a spectrum from 0.5L to 1.8L. If you’re catering to a household of three to four individuals, the sweet spot is 1.5 to 1.8 litres. Our Activehot electric kettle provides options in both 1.5-liter and 1-liter capacities. Now, let’s delve into another crucial consideration – wattage.

How Do I Choose A New Kettle?

A kettle should exude equilibrium and a featherweight demeanour, even when it’s brimming with liquid. Ensuring ample finger clearance to avert any inadvertent brushes with the potentially scorching exterior of the kettle is vital. Seek out a handle that strikes a balance between the perimeter, offering a sturdy grasp without being so plump that it compromises your grip.

Is A Metal Or Plastic Kettle Better?

Opting for a plastic-clad kettle brings with it a sense of weightlessness. In contrast to its metal or glass counterparts, the plastic casing remains comparatively cool to the touch. However, we must concede that plastic kettles are less endowed with longevity than their metallic peers. Consequently, they’re destined to have a shorter lifespan.

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