Best Outback Road Trips Australia

Best Outback Road Trips Australia
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Get ready for an epic adventure through the heart of Australia’s natural wilderness with the Best Outback Road Trips Australia. In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the country’s most spectacular and remote landscapes. From the rusty red deserts of the Northern Territory to the vast plains of Western Australia, these road trips will immerse you in the beauty and mystery of the Outback. 

Whether you’re a nature lover, a history buff, or simply seeking an unforgettable escape, these routes promise awe-inspiring vistas, unique wildlife encounters, and the chance to connect with the rugged spirit of the land Down Under. Buckle up, and let’s hit the open road.

Places You Can Go As Best Outback Road Trips Australia

Here is a list of places you can go and enjoy the Best Outback Road Trips Australia.

The Nullarbor

The Nullarbor runs from Western Australia to the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, offering an authentic outback adventure. The vast expanse of Australia’s outback will be made clear by its wild, windy beaches and red-sand deserts, while kangaroos and emus bring the little grasslands to life. You’ll also undoubtedly experience outback Australian life with the help of weird country pubs and a 1,365 km-long golf course.

Gibb River Road

The Gibb River’s gorges, tumbling waterfalls, and freshwater swimming holes are among nature’s greatest, and reaching them requires hiking over forest trails. The Gibb River Road in Western Australia is where one of the greatest 4WD journeys in the world starts. It’s a journey into the Kimberley, a wild frontier where waterfalls, gorges, mountain ranges, and hot springs are familiar and ordinary.

Red Centre Way

You can’t top the massive boulders and brilliant orange gorges that dot this 658-kilometre loop from Alice Springs around the Red Centre, even if it’s a modern tourist route rather than a traditional outback path. Kings Canyon, Uluru, and Kata Tjuta are all present, along with the equally spectacular West MacDonnell Ranges and Rainbow Valley. The largest sealed road demands several stops if you don’t have four-wheel drive.

Nature’s Way

The Northern Territory’s Nature’s Way road trip visits some of Australia’s most stunning national parks and is rich in culture and wild nature. Start in Darwin and visit Kakadu National Park, home to stunning waterfalls and historic Aboriginal rock art. Litchfield National Park has strange pyramids of termites and fern-lined swimming holes. Everywhere you look, a fresh memory shows up.

Karijini National Park

In one of the planet’s oldest settings, head to Karijini National Park to discover secret waterholes and cliffs twisted and aged as time. The park is located in the centre of the Yindjibarndi’s ancient migration route, the Warlu Way. Fans of the movie Red Dog should make the trip to Dampier to take pictures in front of the statue honouring the kelpie that crossed the Pilbara and served as the inspiration for the film.


The Darling River Run

Driving vacations along Australia’s longest river involves learning about native culture, touring farm lodgings, enjoying country hospitality, and seeing much wildlife. There are many ways to travel the Darling River Run, but one of the best is from New South Wales Wentworth to Bourke. The travel to Wentworth from Victoria’s Mildura airport takes about 30 minutes.

Savannah Style

The nation’s greatest adventure route offers a rare chance to truly appreciate northern Australia’s magnificence, diversity, and beauty. This 3700-kilometre coast-to-coast trip, which starts in Broome and ends in Cairns, travels through breathtaking savannahs and the vast vistas of the NT’s Top End on its way between the red sands of WA’s magical Kimberley and the brilliant blue-greens of Queensland’s Tropical North. 

The trip can take up to three weeks, but it can also be broken into smaller, more manageable chunks, like the 1700-kilometer stretch between Cairns and Boodjamulla National Park near the NT border.

Victoria’s Tallangatta To Omeo

Officially known as the Omeo Highway, this road differs from what you’d call a significant highway. It is 165 kilometres of extremely isolated bitumen, offering breathtaking scenery and a true deep-in-the-bush trip. Starting from Tallangatta, it travels south along the Mitta Mitta river valley before entering Alpine National Park and eventually joining with the Great Alpine Road at Omeo. 

There are many places to camp along rivers, including Mitta Mitta and Anglers Rest, where you’ll also discover the renowned Blue Duck Inn, which serves food and rents out cabins but is closed in the winter. You can easily stay at the lovely Art Deco Golden Age Hotel in Omeo. Cycling is very popular in Omeo, and you may rent bikes to tour the area.

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road

A Great Ocean Road is a must for every Great Southern Land, and you can find ours clinging to the rocky coastlines southwest of Melbourne. The G.O.R., a thrilling 250-kilometer drive through some of the nation’s most magnificent forests and picturesque coastline, spans the whole Victorian coast from Torquay to Warrnambool. The unmistakable 12 Apostles, delightful communities, and top-notch surf are calling your name.

desert car preview


Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is the most well-known monument in the Outback and one of the main attractions in Australia. Pictures simply cannot do justice to this huge sandstone rock. When it is around, there is something spiritual. One of our favourite spots in Australia was here. We stayed for three days to visit the park and see the sunrise and dusk when the rock glows red. Use the three-day pass to your advantage and stay a while.

Tips While Going Outback Road Trip

Some Special Mention While Going On Australian Outback

  • Take A Drink At An Outback Pub, 
  • Feel Small In Uluru, 
  • Get Your Hands On Something At An Outback Station, 
  • Go Waterhole Hopping, 
  • See Kangaroos, 
  • Hop Across The Desert, 
  • Sleep Beneath The Stars, 
  • Bathe Beneath The Egyptian Desert, 
  • Dine In The Open Desert, 
  • Ride An Outback Railway, 
  • Witness A Red Sunrise.


Q: Is A Trip To Australia’s Outback Worthwhile?

A: The most well-known activity in the Australian Outback is visiting Uluru. The magnitude of this historically significant location alone is a must-do, but there are additional worthwhile methods to learn more about the red rock’s beauty and past.

Q: Driving Through The Australian Outback Takes How Long?

A: Driving from one end of Australia to the other would take approximately four days. The trip is about 3,500 miles long, and depending on how many stops you make, it may take 40 to 50 hours to drive there and back.

Q: What To Do In Australia For Three Weeks?

A: In the first two weeks of this three-week itinerary for Australia, you’ll go to Sydney and Byron Bay. The Gold Coast will be your next stop, followed by the Daintree Rainforest in tropical north Queensland. Continue northward on your tour by stopping in Darwin and Kakadu National Park before continuing to Uluru.

Q: Is Driving In Australia’s Outback Safe?

A: The Australian Outback is the safest location to travel on earth if common sense is applied. On sealed highways, you can go through the interior without any issues. Roadhouses and small villages are spaced 150 to 250 km apart along the routes, and traffic is constant all year.

Q: Is Driving The Outback Enjoyable?

A: The driving experience takes some getting accustomed to, but once you do, it’s easy sailing and simple. The primary lesson here is that you’ll need to wait a little longer if you’re interested in the Outback and want a great backup camera.

In The End

Best Outback Road Trips Australia is filled with amazing landscapes and unique experiences. From the wild beauty of the Red Centre to the vast deserts and ancient rock formations, the Outback is a treasure of natural marvels and cultural heritage.

These road trips allow you to connect with the heart of Australia, where adventure and serenity co-exist. As you finish your exploration of this extraordinary land, take with you memories of starry nights, boundless horizons, and the spirit of the Outback. These road trips prove the wild beauty that makes Australia unique.

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