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Best Pinot Noir Australia
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If you only associate red wine with Shiraz, reconsider: the Best Pinot Noir Australia was one of the first grape types introduced to Australia in the early 19th century.

Your taste buds will be significantly impacted by Pinot Noir from some of Australia’s colder areas, such as Tasmania, the Yarra Valley, the Mornington Peninsula, and Adelaide Hills, even though it has a limited vineyard footprint and only accounts for roughly 3% of all the wine produced there.

Black cherry, raspberry, and spice flavours in a powerful New World style, all encased in sumptuous tannins. Pinot Noir, grown in chilly areas, tastes fresh and has well-balanced acidity.

Definition Of Pinot Noir Wine

Red wine created from grapes of the Pinot Noir grape variety is known as Pinot Noir wine. It is well known for its rich, subtle flavours, which frequently feature a variety of red fruit notes, including cherry, raspberry, and strawberry. Pinot Noir wines are distinguished from more robust red varietals by their elegance, light to medium body, and smooth texture.

Due to its difficult cultivation, Pinot Noir is sometimes called the “heartbreak grape” and is extremely sensitive to its surroundings. It thrives in colder environments where it may more completely reveal its subtle flavours and smells. Compared to other red wines, the thin peel of the grape gives it a lighter colour and more delicate tannins.

Pinot Noir makes several wines, including Champagne and single-varietal still-red wines. It plays a significant role in several classic French Burgundy wines. Based on elements such as the area where the grapes are cultivated, the climate, the kind of soil, and the winemaking methods employed, the flavour profile of the wine can vary significantly.

List Of Top Pinot Noir Wines In Australia

Various meals, such as pulled pork, seared fish, Peking duck, or grilled veal chops, go well with Australian Pinot Noir.

chateau french wine wine bottle

Try it with something simple like hamburgers hot off the grill or a more upmarket dish like a rack of lamb, as the Australian style can be informal and sophisticated. It pairs well with roasted or fresh beets or mushroom risotto for the vegetarians in your group. Nine Australian Pinot Noirs are listed below to enjoy this summer.

Dalrymple 2021 Pipers River Pinot Noir Tasmania Australia

Winemakers in Tasmania have combined grapes from Pipers River, Coal River Valley, and Swansea to create this excellent Pinot Noir. The grapes from Coal River Valley offer softness and silky tannins to the final wine, while grapes from Pipers River’s colder marine setting contribute to structure.

Black cherry, red raspberry, and Christmas baking spices can be found in the scents of Dalrymple 2021, which also offers flavours of luscious red fruits encased in supple tannins.

Giant Steps 2021 Sexton Vineyard Pinot Noir Yarra Valley Australia

When visiting Giant Steps in the Yarra Valley, ask for their handmade pizza when sampling the winery’s excellent Pinot Noirs. They have a “mother” starter of sourdough that has been utilized for years to produce outstanding pies with thin crusts.

Pair it with this Sexton Vineyard Pinot Noir as a favour to yourself. The vines were sown in 1997 and are now beginning to take off.

Aromas of deep dark red raspberry, cherry cobbler, and hints of cinnamon and clove may be detected in this magnificent wine. Intense flavours of cassis and rich red fruits and a firm yet smooth tannic core are on the tongue.

Bass Phillip 2020 Premium Pinot Noir Gippsland Australia

Compared to other vines, the ones used to manufacture Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir produce less fruit. Still, the winemaking team feels the grapes have a greater flavour concentration and make exceptional wine. After fermentation, the wines are allowed to go through malolactic fermentation in the barrel, which gives the wine a creamier flavour and texture. Red raspberry, red currant, and black cherry notes are present in 2020, along with a prominent vanilla scent.

Complex ripe fruit flavours with undertones of cherry vanilla and brown baking spices are evident on the palate, covered in smooth sheets of fine tannins. A magnificent Australian Pinot Noir.

Moorooduc 2019 Pinot Noir Mornington Peninsula Australia

Richard McIntyre and Jeremy Magyar, two winemakers, pick their grapes by hand, destem them, and then enable spontaneous fermentation using only wild yeasts. The 2019 was left to macerate on the skins for 20 days before the wine’s natural malolactic fermentation occurred in the barrel. With just one racking, the wine was matured in the barrel for 17 months.

It wasn’t filtered or finned before being put into bottles. It has a dark garnet and smells like dried herbs, black cherries, and just-picked Shitake mushrooms. It tastes like juicy red and black fruit with pomegranate and cranberry undertones on the aftertaste. Silky tannins and a pleasant burst of fresh acidity are there at the very finish.

By Farr 2019 Tout Pres Pinot Noir Geelong Australia

Early in the 1990s, Gary and Robyn Farr bought their first estate. Today, they own 130 acres, with 36 being a plantation. It is situated in the Moorabool Valley, between Geelong and Ballarat, some 60 miles south of Melbourne.

Their soils are primarily volcanic, which gives their wines a hint of smokiness and minerality. Concentrated black cherry, red plum, and raspberry scents are in the 2019 Tout Pres. It has a velvety texture and sumptuous flavours of crushed purple violets, cherry vanilla, pomegranate juice, and silky tannins.

Mayer 2021 Close Planted Pinot Noir Yarra Valley Australia

Timo Mayer, a winemaker, was born and reared in Württemberg, Germany. Timo and his American wife Rhonda fell in love with Australia and decided to make the Yarra Valley their home, although the family had a 400-year history there.

He began utilizing whole-bunch fermentation in 2004 to produce wines with greater complexity, and he is primarily recognized as having introduced this European method of winemaking to this Australian region.

The bouquet of his 2021 Pinot Noir features notes of juicy red fruits, brown baking spices, a hint of smoke, and some bramble. On the tongue, gentle tannins envelop strawberry, red raspberry, and red plum flavours. The aftertaste has a delightful burst of sharp acidity.

Bindi 2021 Dixon Pinot Noir Macedon Ranges Australia

Owner and winemaker Michael Dhillon have previously been a finalist for viticulturist, winemaker, and winery of the year. You can see why he has received such accolades when you taste his wines.

His 2021 pours a medium cherry red colour into the glass and smells of pomegranate juice, rose petals, and juicy red cherries. Crushed violets, red cherries, strawberries, and red raspberries are some of their alluring flavours. It has good weight on the tongue, a solid tannic foundation, and a pleasant, lengthy finish.

Tolpuddle 2021 Pinot Noir Tasmania Australia

Hand-picked grapes were then fermented with entire berries and whole bunches for Tolpuddle. The winemaker gently plunges the grapes into open-top fermenters to remove tannins and colour from the skins. After that, the wine is matured in French oak barrels, roughly one-third of which are brand new. 

Its rich fragrance includes notes of anise, luscious red fruits, and fennel fronds. On the taste, dried cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg complement the flavours of blueberry, red raspberry, and red plum. The aftertaste includes a hint of spice at the end and gentle tannins.

Shaw + Smith 2021 Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills Australia

Martin Shaw, a winemaker, and Michael Hill Smith, a master of wine, established the namesake winery in the Adelaide Hills in 1989. The team now owns 145 acres in Lenswood, Piccadilly, and Balhannah.

This 2021 vintage has a medium body and notes of candied orange peel, red cherries, and black raspberries. Dark fruit flavours like cassis and black plum are on the tongue, but they are slightly overpowered by a hint of brown baking spices before the alluring finish.


Does Australia Make Good Pinot Noir?

Your taste buds will be significantly impacted by Pinot Noir from some of Australia’s colder areas, such as Tasmania, the Yarra Valley, the Mornington Peninsula, and Adelaide Hills, even though it has a limited vineyard footprint and only accounts for roughly 3% of all the wine produced there.

What Is The Best Vintage Of Pinot Noir In Australia?

Bass Phillip Premium 1996, Bass Phillip Reserve 1996, Coldstream Hills Reserve 1996, De Bortoli 1996, Diamond Valley Estate Pinot Noir 1996, Freycinet Pinot Noir 1996, Grosset Piccadilly Pinot Noir 1996, and Paringa Estate 1997 were the best-performing Australian pinot noirs of the most recent vintages.

Is Shiraz Better Than Pinot Noir?

Shiraz goes well with robust flavours and red meat, incredibly smoky grilled cuisine. Like pairings for white wines, Pinot Noir works best with white meats and rich seafood. But Pinot Noir also has a rich, fruity flavour that pairs nicely with dishes with herbaceous flavour and mild but tasty cheeses.

Is Pinot Noir Better Than Red Wine?

Pinot noir often has a lower starting sugar content before fermentation, resulting in a wine with less alcohol and fewer calories than, for instance, your ordinary cabernet, even though practically all red wines contain essentially little residual sugar.

The Final Analysis

The Pinot Noir is a brilliant symbol of excellence in the fascinating world of Australian winemaking. The Best Pinot Noir Australia offers a voyage into terroir’s heart with its subtle but alluring flavours.

These choices represent the craftsmanship and commitment of winemakers, creating bottles that encapsulate the area’s spirit, from verdant valleys to sun-kissed slopes. Take part in a tasting journey that reveals the seamless union of talent and nature found in Australia’s best Pinot Noirs.

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