Best Places on a 2 Week Road Trip NSW

Best Places On a 2 Week Road Trip NSW
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If you’re planning a trip to Australia, make sure to include the state of New South Wales on your itinerary. It is the oldest and most culturally diverse of Australia’s states. This two-week schedule for driving throughout New South Wales is based on the trip I took from Byron Bay to Melbourne, and it includes stops at some of the state’s finest beaches, most beautiful waterfalls, and most breathtaking vistas. 

Driving is the greatest way to see the South Coast of New South Wales. The greatest beaches, national parks, rainforests, and tranquil tiny villages can all be found along the South Coast of New South Wales.

There is so much to do and see on the NSW South Coast that it can be difficult to know where to begin. You must first calculate how long it will take you to drive from Sydney to the South Coast. That will give you an idea of how many locations you can visit in a certain amount of time. However, I recommend setting aside at least two weeks if you want to visit everything of interest in a single trip.


From Sydney to Kiama: Day 1 and Day 2

Start your two-week road trip along the NSW South Coast in Kiama by leaving Sydney early in the morning to make time for stops along the route.

Places of Interest En Route to or From Kiama

When travelling away from Sydney, there are numerous possibilities for overnight stays and sightseeing. Here is a list of some of my favourites, in no particular order:

  • The Royal National Park is one of the world’s oldest national parks and has so much to offer that a person might easily spend a week there without seeing it all. Instead of taking the highway south, I recommend taking a drive around the park on this particular occasion. Stop at the Audley Boatshed in Wattamolla for a cup of coffee and a stroll.
  • The Grand Pacific Drive is a gorgeous coastal drive that features beautiful beaches and breathtaking bridges that take you over the ocean and away from the towering cliffs above. Some of my favourite stops along the Grand Pacific Drive are described in greater detail here.
  • Wollongong is the tenth-largest city in Australia, but don’t let that fool you; the city’s calm atmosphere comes from its location on the seaside. If you’re driving from Sydney to Kiama, stop at Wollongong en route for a swim in the ocean and some lunch. Along the shorelines, you’ll find a plethora of excellent dining options and convenient food purveyors.

Things to Do and See in Kiama

Kiama, being a small, quiet town, is ideal for an overnight stay. This vibrant city has several places of interest, including restaurants, cafes, and boutique shopping.

  • The Blowhole is a volcanic crater that shoots water several meters into the air whenever the ocean surges beneath it. The south-easterly winds and waves are ideal, but after visiting dozens of times, I’ve never been disappointed.
  • On the third Sunday of every month, Kiama offers a market for handcrafted goods, and on the fourth Saturday of the month, Kiama hosts a market for local vegetables.
  • The shops on Terrace and Sandstone Walk date back to 1886 and are the last of their kind to be preserved. The local miners constructed them, and now trendy stores, eateries, and cafes call them home.
  • From Minnamurra Village in the north to Werri Beach in Gerringong in the south, the Kiama Coast Walk is a well-marked 20-kilometer coastal trail. The hike can be done in stages or in a single day. Here you can find additional information on the hike.
  • Kiama’s beaches are beautiful and suitable for any occasion. If you want to swim and sunbathe in safety, visit Surf Beach, which is patrolled; if you want to get away from the crowds, visit Jones Beach, which is also a great place to see the Cathedral Rocks; if you want to relax on a long stretch of sand, visit Seven Mile Beach, which is located south of Kiama in Gerroa; and if you want to see local surfers in action, visit Werri Beach, which is my personal favorite.
  • Jamberoo is well-known for its water park of the same name, but the town is known for much more. Jamberoo, a short drive inland from Kiama through scenic scenery, is home to superb cafes, modest shops, and weekend markets.

Kiama Lodging Options

I’ve compiled a list of three hotels that should accommodate guests of varying financial means. All are in convenient, central locations and boast top-notch amenities.

  • Budget – Kiama Shores Motel
  • Mid-Range – Big4 Easts Beach Holiday Park
  • Luxury – Terralong Terrace Apartments

Kiama to Jervis Bay on Days 3 to 5

Jervis Bay is the next stop on your trek down the South Coast of New South Wales. It takes less than an hour to drive from Kiama to Jervis Bay. It’s fine to get a late start and break up the journey with a few pit stops. Either stick to the highway and bypass the seaside communities of Gerringong, Gerroa, and Shoalhaven Heads, or vice versa.

  • Berry, one of the best little towns in New South Wales, is home to some of the state’s best watering holes and dining establishments. The Milkwood Bakery is perfect for breakfast or morning tea, while the Great Southern Hotel’s lunches never disappoint. The Berry Treat Factory, a terrific place to stock up on snacks for the long road journey ahead, is only a few minutes away from the main street.
  • Shoalhaven Heads is a classic example of a quiet coastal resort. The area is perfect for a stroll after a long vehicle ride. Here, at the mouth of the Shoalhaven River, you may enjoy stunning river and ocean vistas as well as a refreshing dip in the water.

Where to Go and What to Do in Jervis Bay

Beautiful beaches, a pristine national and marine park, and charming villages teeming with wonderful dining options make Jervis Bay a year-round hotspot for tourists. There’s a lot to do and see in the neighbourhood so that everyone can have a good time here.

Booderee National Park has some of the best beaches in the region, including Caves Beach and Murray’s Beach, and you may often spot kangaroos in the parking lot. Great short hikes, ancient ruins, and fascinating botanical gardens may all be found within this national park. It would take a whole day or more to see everything this park has to offer.

The White Sands Walk is a loop that begins at the Greenfield Beach picnic area and passes by some of the nicest white sand beaches on the bay, including the renowned Hyam’s Beach. The entire loop can be completed in within an hour, and its flat terrain makes it suitable for those of varying fitness levels.

Visit during whale season (approximately June to November) to witness these magnificent animals as they enter the harbour, where they are sometimes put on display for onlookers. If you happen to visit the area outside of whale season, don’t worry; the bay is still home to some amazing dolphins. Seeing these animals up close is best done on a cruise. Here are three excellent alternatives:

  • 1.5-Hour Dolphin Watching Trip
  • Boom-Netting Excursion and Dolphin-Watching Cruise
  • Two-Hour Cruise to See the Whales

Located at the northernmost tip of Jervis Bay, the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse provides breathtaking panoramas of the bay and the ocean beyond. The white sands of the beaches that surround the bay are clearly visible.

Stunning local vegetation and fauna can be found at St. Georges Basin, a shallow lake only a ten-minute drive from Huskisson, Jervis Bay’s major town. You can fish, see kangaroos relax on the beach at sunset, and observe flocks of birds take off and rest on the quiet water all from Erowal Bay and the small villages along the Basin. It is truly one of the quietest spots on the planet.

Jervis Bay Lodging Options

I’ve compiled a list of three hotels that should accommodate guests of varying financial means. All of them are conveniently placed in the heart of Huskisson and boast first-rate amenities.

  • Huskisson Holiday Cabins – Low-Cost Getaways
  • Price Range – Huskisson Beach Inn
  • High-Class: Ceespray Sprays Owen
Green Cape Lighthouse on headland at Ben Boyd National Park DPIEJohn Spencer 2

From Jervis Bay to Batemans Bay: Days 6-8

The Trusted Traveller’s Road Trip Itinerary from Jervis Bay to Batemans Bay along the New South Wales South Coast

  • It takes roughly two hours to drive south from Jervis Bay to Batemans Bay, with plenty of time for beach breaks and detours.
  • Located on the eponymous lake, Lake Conjola is well worth the short detour from the highway to enjoy a cup of coffee and a stroll along the water’s edge.
  • The ancient town of Milton can be found just a short distance south on the highway, and it is home to several museums, antique shops, and upscale eateries. Get something sweet at the Heritage Bakery.
  • The beach in Mollymook, which is wonderful for swimming and surfing, is patrolled during the summer months, making it a popular destination for families on summer vacation. If you find yourself in town late for breakfast or lunch, you may always stop at one of the many excellent beach cafés or fish and chip restaurants.

Mollymook Beach, Australia: Reliable Tourist Spot

Murramarang National Park’s Pretty Beach – The beautiful and isolated Pretty Beach is well worth the extra time it takes to take the Bawley Point exit off the freeway. Keep a watch out for kangaroos on any of the many treks that can be taken from Pretty Beach. It’s also a lovely place to have a picnic.

Batemans Bay Attractions & Activities

Your travels around the NSW South Coast’s Eurobodalla region will begin in Batemans Bay. The great locally sourced food and beautiful beaches and waterways make this area famous. As one travels south through the region, one sees nothing but rolling hills and grazing cattle on the right and the deep blue ocean on the left.

  • Oysters There are many oyster leases along the Clyde River, which flows directly through Batemans Bay, so there are lots of fresh oysters available. The Oyster Shed on Wray St. has the freshest oysters and serves them on the deck overlooking the river, or you can get them to go.
  • Trusted Traveler recommends The Oyster Shed for delicious oysters.
  • Mogo – The small community of Mogo is just 10 minutes south of Batemans Bay. The shops and cafes along this stretch of road are as charming as the antiques and handicrafts they sell. Visit the Mogo Zoo, which is well-known for its efforts to preserve rare animals and where visitors may even feed a giraffe.
  • NSW’s Mogo The Trusted Traveler’s Itinerary for a Drive Along the South Coast
  • Visit a Beach: Batemans Bay is surrounded by a number of beautiful beaches. Located just south of town along the coastal tourist road, McKenzies Beach in Malua Bay is my top pick for a beach. It’s less congested, and the rocks that encompass it are stunning.

The Reliable Tourist, McKenzies Beach, Malua Bay

Point Mossy – This picturesque seaside village is located on the coastal tourist route south of Batemans Bay, at the mouth of the Tomago River. You can rent a kayak at the mouth of the river and paddle upwards while keeping an eye out for sting rays. This is natural beauty at its finest.

Mossy Point Kayaking: The Durras Discovery Trail from Trusted Traveler on Vimeo. This 1.5-kilometre loop through the rainforest is located in the southern part of Murramarang National Park, just north of Batemans Bay, off the highway. The rainforest provides a welcome relief from the searing heat of the summer beaches.

Batemans Bay Lodging Options

I’ve compiled a list of three hotels that should accommodate guests of varying financial means. All are in convenient, central locations and boast top-notch amenities.

  • Batemans Bay Holiday Park & YHA: Cheap Accommodations
  • Clyde View Holiday Park, a mid-priced option
  • Bay Breeze Boutique Motel, a Luxurious Stay

Batemans Bay to Narooma: Days 9 through 11

The Trusted Traveler’s Road Trip Itinerary from Batemans Bay to Narooma along the New South Wales South Coast

My recommendation for the next destination along the New South Wales South Coast is Narooma. The drive from Batemans Bay to Narooma takes around an hour and passes through more beautiful coastal and rural areas. You can get a late start today if you choose, but give yourself enough time to stop at some of these places.

  • Located where the Moruya River empties into the ocean, Moruya Heads is a quiet seaside hamlet with a nice farmers market every Tuesday.
  • The Reliable Tourist’s Farmer’s Market of Sage
  • For the Coila Prawns – Stopping at this rest stop along the route will allow shrimp lovers to stock up on the freshest prawns available. However, these aren’t any old prawns; they’re the little, sweet and exquisite Coila Lake prawns, which live out their entire lives in the lake’s protected waters.
  • Tuross Head is one of my favourite coastal towns. It is a beautiful, quiet resort community. If you don’t have much time but still want to see the sights, a scenic drive around Tuross Head is an excellent option. It covers the nicest parts of town, including some beautiful vantage points.
  • Tuross Head and Beach – Reliable Tourist Attractions
  • The Dairy Shed in Bodalla Those who enjoy dairy products and cheese will feel right at home here. The Bodalla Cheese Company, among others, produces delicious cheeses that may be sampled and purchased in this area. If you’re looking for something a little unusual, pick up some saltbush cheese, and be sure to get a deliciously fresh milkshake to go.
  • The Trusted Traveler Takes a Trip to the Bodalla Dairy Shed for a Cheese Tasting
  • Turn Around on Dalmeny Drive – You can get off the highway right before you reach Narooma and drive the remainder of the way down scenic Dalmeny Road, which runs along the shore. To get some fresh air after the drive, you can also stroll along a coastal walking route.

Narooma Sights and Activities

Narooma serves as a jumping-off point to the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia’s best beaches, snorkelling, and wildlife. Its location on Wagonga Inlet makes it a sought-after destination for beach vacations, fishing trips, and relaxing on the sand.

The best beach in the vicinity is Surf Beach, which is located in the middle of Narooma. The beach is wonderful for swimming and surfing since the water is clear, the sand is clean, and it is patrolled all summer long. The Glasshouse Rock formations can be found there and are best explored at low tide.

Narooma, Australia’s Surfing Beach – Rough Guide

Island of Montague – This beautiful destination is only 9 kilometers from Narooma’s shores. Many different kinds of animals live there, including seals, seabirds, and, of course, small penguins. Guided tours of the island are available at various times of the year.

The Trusted Traveler Goes Seal Swimming on Montague Island

The Boardwalk at Mill Bay – A great way to kick off a day in Narooma is with a stroll along the 350 meter boardwalk that around Mill Bay. This trail is popular among both locals and tourists who come to observe feeding stingrays and take in the scenery.

This moderate 5-kilometer out-and-back hike through the bush to Mystery Bay also offers a beach walk alternative back to the starting point at 1080 when the tides are right. Just 10 minutes south of Narooma is where you’ll find the walk’s starting point.

Gulaga Walk, Mt. Dromadery – Located a short distance south of Narooma, this hike is ideal for people with a high level of fitness who are seeking an intense experience. The hike up this extinct volcano is a strenuous 14-kilometre one way that will take you about five hours to finish.

Narooma Lodging Options

I’ve compiled a list of three hotels that should accommodate guests of varying financial means. All are in convenient, central locations and boast top-notch amenities.

  • Inexpensive: Coastal Comfort Motel
  • Narooma Palms Holiday Apartments – Moderately Priced
  • The Finest Motel in Town
Mooraback cabin credit DWaugh DPE

Narooma To Merimbula, Days 12-14

Road Trip Itinerary from Narooma to Merimbula on the New South Wales South Coast – The Trusted Traveller. The last stop on this tour of the New South Wales coast is the beautiful town of Merimbula, located on the Sapphire Coast. You can get there in about an hour and a quarter if you just keep going straight down the highway through the countryside, or you can take the more beautiful coastline route and stop at picturesque coastal towns along the way in just under two hours.

  • Tilba Tilba is a medieval town that, like Mogo, features small galleries, antique shops, and cafes serving locally sourced fare.
  • State of New South Wales, Tilba The Trusted Traveler’s Itinerary for a Drive Along the South Coast
  • One of the oldest rocks in New South Wales is called Camel Rock. From the parking lot, walk down to the beach of the same name and you’ll come upon a rock that is, as the name suggests, shaped like a camel.
  • The Trusted Traveler’s Road Trip Itinerary: Camel Rock and the New South Wales South Coast
  • The Pacific Highway in Bermagui – The Blue Pool, a natural rock pool that shines a sapphire color on a sunny day, and Dickinson Point, where you can take in breathtaking ocean views, are both within a short drive of this coastal town.
  • The town of Bermagui in New South Wales The Trusted Traveler’s Itinerary for a Drive Along the South Coast Visit this quiet fishing village to take a stroll down its historic pier, enjoy some fish and chips, and take in the picturesque scenery।
  • New South Wales – Tathra The Trusted Traveler’s Itinerary for a Drive Along the South Coast

Things to Do and See in Merimbula

Merimbula, a bustling seaside town at the region’s epicentre, is framed by pristine marine and national parks. Outdoor enthusiasts will have a field day, while those with a penchant for fine cuisine will not go hungry.

  • National Park of Ben Boyd – The park, which was established in 1973 and is named for businessman Ben Boyd, spans over 10,000 hectares. Excellent walking routes, unique geological features and structures, stunning beaches, and possibilities to view wildlife make this the ideal site to explore for those interested in nature and wildlife. The park is large enough that a full day’s worth of exploration is feasible.
  • The Summits – The Reliable Tourist
  • Have Fun on the Sand – There are wonderful beaches for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports right in the middle of town. Go further south to Pambula or Eden if you’re looking for peace.
  • More oysters! – Haycock Point Beach, According to Reliable Tourists If you’re still hungry for more of these tasty treats, you’ve come to the right place. Oysters from Pambula are widely regarded as among Australia’s finest. Sponge’s Magical Oyster Tour of his Pambula River oyster leases offers the freshest oysters available, though you may find them on sale across the region. He’ll even grab you a raw oyster right out of the tank. Find out more about my journey with Sponge on tour right here.
  • Pambula Lake Oyster Leases – The Connoisseur’s Guide to Whale Watching – Each year, humpback whales can be spotted off the Sapphire Coast from September through November as they migrate to Antarctica for the summer. You may see them from the shore in several areas, but a cruise is the best option for getting up close to these amazing animals.

Try a New Hike! The Sapphire Coast is home to a wide variety of beautiful hikes, perfect for hikers of all fitness levels.

There is the 3.4-kilometer-long Merimbula Boardwalk that begins in the middle of town and continues along the water’s edge to Lakeview Drive; the 6-kilometer-long Eden Boardwalk that circles Curalo Lake and follows Aslings Beach; and the 6-kilometer-long Mt. Imlay Track, which is a challenging half-day hike to the summit and includes some rock climbing and scrambling. At the peak, you may take in beautiful views of the surroundings.

The Trusted Traveler of Eden Boardwalk

Merimbula Lodging Options

I’ve compiled a list of three hotels that should accommodate guests of varying financial means. All are in convenient, central locations and boast top-notch amenities.

  • Ocean View Motor Inn, a Cheap Hotel
  • Price Range in the Middle: The Seashells
  • High-End: The Albacore Apartments


Is it worthwhile to spend 2 weeks in Australia?

Even though you won’t be able to see everything in Australia in two weeks, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fantastic holiday there. It is possible to see everything in one trip if you have three weeks and don’t mind flying within the country.

Will two weeks be too long in Sydney?

While a week or two is plenty of time to tour Sydney and the surrounding area, driving throughout Australia is a different story. Although Sydney is the largest city in Australia, it is not the country’s capital.

Which Australian highway do people know the best?

One of Australia’s most exciting roads, the Great Ocean Road, is lined with breathtaking views of the country’s untamed coastline. Before venturing inland to find lush forests and misting waterfalls, take your time and appreciate the stunning scenery along this famous stretch of road.

Where in Australia do you find the best highways?

Some claim that Tasmania has the world’s purest air, the world’s only carnivorous marsupials, and several World Heritage Sites. Nonetheless, for good cause, it is considered Australia’s premier driving destination.


After spending two weeks travelling around the state, it is clear that New South Wales offers a special blend of coastal beauty, lush hinterlands, and rocky outback. A road trip through New South Wales (NSW) offers a diverse array of sights and sounds, from the bustling metropolises to the tranquil Blue Mountains.

The trip highlights the stunning eastern Australian coastline and the strong cultural links that unite the Australian people to their homeland. New South Wales is a great place to go on a road trip since around every corner is an exciting new experience.

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