20 Best Places to Hike in Australia During Road Trip

Best Places to Hike in Australia
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Many of us have dreams about travelling the entire length of Australia. The ultimate road journey includes about every kind of landscape imaginable and is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You might discover unique locations along the road, but some great places should be noted on your dream map to ensure you take advantage of them.

You’ll have a ton of inquiries as you arrange your lap. Many are related to the travel time and distance involved. For that, we have created a list of the Top 20 Best Places to Hike in Australia, which might help you to explore the city. 

Best Places to Hike in Australia

There is nothing more important than getting information about roads before starting the journey. If you are fond of hiking, Australia has a treasure for that. Here is a list for starting the trip and getting lost in Australia’s beauty. 

Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory

This one is in Australia’s West MacDonnell Range and is a challenging walk that takes up to 16 to 20 days to complete across a 223km distance. To finish the hike, prepare your food drops and schedule rest days. It has a lot of bleak but lovely scenery.

Not for beginners; remember to prepare for a beautiful, challenging journey. Choose a trip between April and September when temperatures are more relaxed. Are you prepared to walk through this stunning paradise?

Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, Tasmania

The Bay of Fires Lodge Walk is the next trek on the list for Australia. This one is located on a stretch of beach in northeastern Tasmania, close to Mount William National Park. The trail offers a dreamy hike and will undoubtedly lead you through an unexplored, unusual, and quiet landscape that has existed for many years.

Watch for the rocky headlines while admiring the spotless expanse of crystal-clear water. While on your walk, you cannot possibly ignore the stunning backdrop. Touch the finest white sand as you explore the caverns and beaches. Anytime between October and May is ideal for travel.

Cradle Mountain Huts Walk, Tasmania

Visit the Cradle Mountain path to go hiking in Australia. Another one of Australia’s most breathtaking hiking routes is this one. It is included in Australia’s World Heritage Areas as well. Two distinct routes and hiking alternatives are available: a demanding six-day course and a shorter, relatively easier four-day trip through the landscape.

This is ideal for hikers with less time. You’ll have plenty of chances on both trails to check out the rainforest as you travel. Investigate the broad valley of grassland and the waterfalls.

Scenic Rim Trail, Queensland

Consider visiting the Main Range National Park in South East Queensland if you are ever in the area. The four-day Scenic Rim Trail is the ideal way to experience the trail when hiking in Australia. Explore the unusual vegetation and exotic creatures you come across. The ceremonies of the indigenous tribes and the stories that unfold here, in this region of Australia, draw tourists. 

Chat with the locals on your stroll through these beautiful ancient volcanic plateaus, mountains, woods, and ridges. While visiting South East Queensland, you absolutely must hike the route.

The Arkaba Walk, South Australia

The next Australian hiking trail is coming up on your route. Take a four-day trek with a guide to complete the Arkaba Walk. Discover the trail’s traverses as you go across South Australia’s historic Flinders Ranges. The Arkaba Walk’s pathways are the most significant way to discover this unique region of the nation. 

You may anticipate seeing some of the iconic Australian fauna, such as kangaroos, wallabies, and emus, once you decide to go for it. Observe the trail’s beautiful sights. Take note of the terrain’s 600 years of geological history. Despite being rough, the environment is undeniably magnificent. Another option is to go camping amid the starry skies.

Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, Victoria

The Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, the next trail on the list of hiking routes in Australia, is a route that is genuinely alive thanks to its surroundings of native bushland and rare species. The track will lead you through unfamiliar terrain and reward you with a variety of beauty, including views of the famous Twelve Apostles and the coastline that connects Apollo Bay to them. 

Every hiker will find something to enjoy on the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, which offers a more relaxed environment in the rain forests and bright, sunny weather on the secluded beaches you will pass. Make sure to include it. See the renowned fauna of Australia, including wallabies, koalas, and fur seals.

The Maria Island Walk, Tasmania

The next hiking trail on the list in Australia will win your heart if you’re looking for peace and quiet. Discover the natural splendour of the Maria Island Walk and the walk at Maria Island National Park in Tasmania. Only a few kilometres separate it from Tasmania’s east coast.

The walk is the ideal combination of stunning beaches and unusual wildlife observations. Additionally, this walk will allow you to understand Australia’s distinct history of convicts better. You must visit the place if you’re in Tasmania’s East.

Freycinet Experience Walk, Tasmania

The treks are usually lovely, and plenty of places here in Tasmania. The four-day Freycinet Experience Walk, another walk in Tasmania, will take you across the Hazard Mountains.

The coastal forest of Wineglass Bay is rich and glossy, and the area is known for its pink granites. Take advantage of this since you’ll find some of the rarest and most valuable species and natural wonders while hiking along the Freycinet Experience Walk.

Fraser Island Great Walk, Queensland

The next walk is the 84-kilometre Fraser Island Great Walk, which lasts five to seven days and is relatively straightforward. This method is typically considered simpler and serves as the ideal geography primer. Is this the one you’ll tick off your list for the best trekking in Australia?

Try to plan your travel between April and September when it’s colder. Additionally, you will need camping licenses for each stop along the route.

South Coast Track, Tasmania

Last but not least, check out this incredible Tasmanian seaside hike. The walk takes six to nine days to complete over the South Coast Track, covering a distance of 85 km. This is unquestionably among Australia’s top hikes for all types of hikers.

The trek is rated as medium difficulty because the trail is neither too easy nor too demanding. Public transportation can also be used to get to the track. Plan your travel for the year’s hottest month.

Cape Track, Western Australia

There is a special vacation location in Western Australia where a trekking experience is said to be on a whole new level. Yes, The Cape to Cape is among the most endearing locations in this part of Australia. This trek takes about 6 to 8 days, and this tracking is simple to climb on. 

Western Arthur Range Traverse, Tasmania

Western Arthur Range Traverse is one of Australia’s most tranquil hiking routes and is renowned for its stunning scenery. This route, which is approximately 75 km long and takes 11 days to complete, is one of the hardest discussed here. This path is also a little uphill.

Wilderness Coast Walk, Victoria To NSW

The Wilderness Coast Walk should be highly considered by people looking for the best hiking paths in Australia. It is a great destination for experts looking for a strenuous hike because it provides a lot of hair-raising and breathtaking vistas of mother nature.

The Wilderness Coast Walk offers a trail that takes four to five days to complete, but the experience will leave one with lasting memories. To hike this path, obtain the permit well in advance.

Australian Alps Walking Track, Victoria/NSW

Australian Alps Walking Track is a delight for all the daredevils out there and one of the top walks in Australia. This track covers 655 kilometres and is one of Australia’s subcontinent’s toughest and longest traversings.

This track is not for the faint of heart because the terrain is difficult in some places. This lengthy trail can be completed in 45 to 60 days, depending on how quickly the distance is covered. If you are new to hiking, stay away from this trail. This journey can be very difficult.

Thorsborne Trail, Queensland

Thorsborne Trail, one of the top hiking trails in Australia, is a great example of an adventurous adventure with a reward at the end. This hiking trail is a must-try for all hikers because it leads travellers and walkers to something breathtakingly gorgeous. The hike, which is moderate in difficulty, takes four to five days. One is suggested to make reservations much in advance.

Jatbula Trail, Nitmiluk National Park

The Top End’s best-kept hiking secret is a bushwalk between waterfalls and swimming holes along the edge of the Arnhem Land escarpment. Learn about the Indigenous people who live in the area and the Traditional Owners whose property we walk on and camp on. 

The distance to be covered on foot is about 60.5 kilometres, and the trip will take 6 days. First-time and seasoned bushwalkers who enjoy hiking in warmer weather, are comfortable carrying a full pack and don’t mind the excitement of crossing rivers. If you’ve already hiked it, this tropical equivalent of the Overland Track should be your next adventure.

Kanangra to Katoomba Hike (K2K), Blue Mountains, NSW

Cross two National Parks on foot in the Southern Blue Mountains’ wild terrain. You must try to see the breathtaking panoramic vistas, including the climb up Mount Cloudmaker, the notoriously challenging stretch of Mount Strongleg to the Coxes River, and the journey up the famous Tarro’s Ladders.

On this challenging multi-day hike, you’ll be prepared, lugging a heavy load through unmarked pathways and across a series of rocky clearings on a plateau. However, we guarantee that your efforts will be amply rewarded. The approximate 45km walk takes three days to complete.

Kakadu National Park Walk, NT

Australia’s largest terrestrial national park has many undiscovered wilderness areas to explore. Walk through the Stone Country, marvel at prehistoric rock art galleries, have a sunset plunge at the Gunlom Plunge Pool, and keep an eye out for the plethora of birds that populate the Yellow Water Billabong as you explore secluded gorges and brilliant waterfalls (including the famous Jim Jim Falls).

Then, at upscale eco-campgrounds, you may finish your day by unwinding in a safari-style tent. Ah, the bush is a paradise! Walking distances of up to 37 kilometres last for six days.

Walls of Jerusalem Circuit Trek, TAS

Explore Tasmania’s wilder side by hiking among its peaks and crags, glacial moraines, alpine herb meadows, and highland lakes, which act as a natural fortress. With its labyrinth of roads leading you along a biblical theme in a stunning alpine beauty for a genuinely distant journey, the region is appropriately known as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes.”

The Central Highlands can only be reached by foot and receive significantly fewer visitors than the Overland Track due to its lack of road access. Up to 53 miles of walking, with side trips, takes six days.

Yuraygir Coastal Walk, NSW

Explore the largest coastal park in NSW in the footsteps of the extinct coastal emus. This walk traverses one of the nation’s most diversified bioregions, surrounded by ocean views, wildlife, and numerous river systems.

Enjoy a variety of pack-free headland walks, thrilling creek crossings, kangaroo and bird watching, isolated beaches, and picturesque camping locations tucked away among the dunes. The total walking distance is 49 kilometres, and it takes 5 days to complete the route.


Q: What Is Australia’s Hardest Hike?

A: Federation Peak (1224m) stands spectacularly within the wild Southwest National Park from the Eastern Arthurs Mountain Range. The ascent and its close relative, the Western Arthurs, are among Australia’s most difficult bushwalking tasks.

Q: What Is The Biggest Hike In Australia?

A: The Heysen Trail is one of Australia’s wildest and longest designated walking trails. It travels through native bushland, coastal plains, and historical towns as it follows the striking South Australian landscapes from the wine and wildlife districts of the Fleurieu Peninsula to the jagged peaks of the Flinders Ranges.

Q: What Is The Biggest Hike In The World?

A: The Everest Base Camp Trek is physically and spiritually magnificent. Along the journey, it passes four of the six tallest mountains in the world: Cho Oyu, Makalu, and Everest.

Q: Which Time Of Year Is Best For Hiking in Australia?

A: The most remarkable seasons for walks in southern Australia are from Spring through Summer into Autumn, while on the mainland, they are typically from Autumn through Spring.

Q: What Is The Most Important Mountain In Australia?

A: Australia has 21865 named mountains, Mount Kosciuszko being the tallest and most notable one on the mainland. Mawson Peak is the tallest and most impressive mountain in Australia’s overseas territories.

Final Words

In Australia, there are tens of thousands of well-maintained hiking paths. Whether climbing through the Kimberley or road-tripping in Tasmania’s Huon pine woods, finding a decent Australian walk is simple. We have made a list of some of the most well-known routes in the nation; some are multi-day adventures in the Burke and Wills tradition, while others can be completed in a single day. 

These Top 20 Top 20 Best Places to Hike in Australia During Road Trip will make your all-time worth starting the journey. They are all breathtakingly stunning. Australia, which stretches 4000 km from east to west and 3860 km from north to south, has locations that will surprise you. 

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