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Best Puppy Food Australia
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Welcome to Australia’s world of responsible pet parenthood, where the search for the best puppy food Australia takes centre stage. As dog lovers, we understand that selecting the proper nutrition for our canine companions is not a simple process.

Like human newborns, puppies require the best start, which begins with nourishment. Finding the best puppy chow in Australia is a science and an art in this vast and ever-changing industry.

Join us as we navigate the nutritional landscape of Australia, examine the particular dietary demands of pups, and identify the best solutions for ensuring your young canine companion thrives in every way.

Whether you’re a seasoned pet parent or just starting, this guide shines a light on the critical issues surrounding your puppy’s diet, equipping you with the knowledge you need to make the best choices for their well-being.

Our Top Picks

  • Blue Buffalo Dog Food for Puppies (Best Overall)
  • Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Small Bites (Best Runner-Up)
  • Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Beef Recipe Dog Food (Best Budget)
  • PURINA Pro Plan Small & Mini, Puppy Dog Food (Amazon Choice)
  • PEDIGREE Puppy Chicken Dry Dog Food (Best Rating)

Best Overall: Blue Buffalo Dog Food for Puppies

Overall Rating 4.9/5, Setup 4.8/5, Design 4.8/5, Ease Of Use 4.8/5, Portability 4.7/5, Durability 4.8/5

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
High-Quality IngredientsRecall History
No Artificial AdditivesTransition Period
Special Formulas
Support for Growth

Product Description

Blue Buffalo’s Life Protection Formula Dry Dog Food for Puppies is ideal for dog owners who want their four-legged companions to grow into happy, healthy adult dogs. It’s a perfect balance of nutrients and tastes that your pet will adore, and it’s designed to encourage healthy development and general well-being. Our natural dry dog food for puppies contains DHA and ARA to enhance cognitive function and retinal health, as well as healthy fats and carbohydrates to help grow strong muscles and support your puppy’s daily adventures. BLUE’s Life Protection Formula contains deboned chicken as the first component and brown rice and veggies and delivers the nutrition your dog requires to grow up healthy and active. We understand how important the quality of pet food ingredients is. 

As a result, we are glad to state that our products include no chicken by-product meals, maise, wheat, soy, artificial flavours, or preservatives. BLUE’s Life Protection Formula provides dogs with the protein they need to flourish, with various flavours and options for every life stage. BLUE Life Protection Formula for Puppies is also available in 5, 15, 30, and 34-lb. bags for small and large breed puppies. Blue Buffalo also offers high-protein wet dog food, dog snacks, and dental bones to help your dog get the most out of life. With an Amazon Subscribe & Save order, you’ll never miss a meal again. Plus, you’ll save money, have flexible delivery, and pause anytime.

Flavour Name: Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe | Brand: Blue Buffalo | Age range: puppy | Item form: dry | Specific uses for product: Immune Support

Best Runner-Up: Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Small Bites

Overall Rating 4.8/5, Setup 4.7/5, Design 4.8/5, Ease Of Use 4.8/5, Portability 4.9/5, Durability 4.7/5

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Nutrient-Rich FormulaPicky Eaters
Veterinarian RecommendedLimited Flavor Variety
Good for Sensitive Stomachs
Supports Healthy Growth

Product Description

The first year of your puppy’s life is crucial. It’s not just a time to bond with you and become a treasured family member. It’s also a time of rapid growth, learning key behaviours, and trying new things. Ensure he gets off to a good start by feeding Hill’s Science Diet puppy healthy development tiny Bite pet food. This premium dry puppy chow is precisely created to fulfil your puppy’s nutritional demands. 

It contains natural DHA derived from fish oil and adequate mineral levels to promote healthy brain, eye, and skeletal development. Hill’s Science Diet, healthy development Tiny Bites puppy food, also contains antioxidants clinically proven to support a healthy immune system. You can help your puppy grow strong, healthy, and happy with delectable, nutritionally balanced treats. Hill’s Science Diet Tiny Bites healthy development dog food.

Brand: Hill’s Science Diet | Flavour: Chicken | Age range: puppy | Item form: Pellet | Specific uses for product: coat

Best Budget: Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Beef Recipe Dog Food

Overall Rating 4.7/5, Setup 4.6/5, Design 4.5/5, Ease Of Use 4.7/5, Portability 4.7/5, Durability 4.8/5

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Air-Dried MethodSmall Bag Sizes
Grain-FreeNot Suitable for All Dogs
Limited Ingredient List
High Protein Content

Product Description

Ziwi is a tiny crew whose love for our dogs is as pure as our recipes. Our authentic farm-to-bowl products feature the best of New Zealand. Our gentle, twin-stage air-drying technique naturally preserves all ingredients. There is no need to rehydrate our air-dried food because it includes more moisture than dry kibble. And because there are no preservatives, sweeteners, or glycerines, our food is as safe, pure, and healthy as a completely raw diet. 100% Free-Range And Grass-Fed Beef Raised On Ethical And Sustainable New Zealand Farms. 

Antibiotics, growth hormones, and added hormones are not used in beef production. The gentle twin-stage air-drying process naturally preserves and protects all ingredients’ nutrients. This dish is comprehensive and balanced because it contains 98% fresh meat, organs, bones, and green mussels. Green mussels from New Zealand are an all-natural source of chondroitin and glucosamine, which promote joint health.

Brand: Ziwi Peak | Flavour: Beef | Age range: adult | Special ingredients: grain-free | Unit count: 454 gram

Amazon Choice: PURINA Pro Plan Small & Mini, Puppy Dog Food

Overall Rating 4.8/5, Setup 4.8/5, Design 4.6/5, Ease Of Use 4.6/5, Portability 4.7/5, Durability 4.7/5

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Small Kibble SizeIngredients
VarietyAllergies or Sensitivities
Trusted Brand

Product Description

Healthy Growth is a Pro Plan. Little and Mini Puppy is a comprehensive and balanced dry puppy chow for little and mini-size puppies. This full-dry puppy chow is also appropriate for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Healthy Development Small and Mini Puppy contains colostrum, which has been shown to help boost a puppy’s natural defences against daily obstacles. This premium puppy chow, designed exclusively for petite and mini breeds, demonstrates Purina’s commitment to giving only the best nutrition for your beloved companion. 

This formula, created with precision and care, features a carefully balanced blend of high-quality ingredients that cater to the specific needs of little and mini puppies. It encourages healthy muscle development and supports their endless energy levels by being packed with critical nutrients, including real chicken as the primary protein source. 

Plus, with extra DHA for cognitive development and a plethora of antioxidants to support their developing immune system, you can rest assured that you’re providing your puppy with the best start in life. Choose PURINA Pro Plan Small & Mini Puppy Dog Food and watch your puppy thrive as they grow into a healthy, happy adult dog. It is more than simply food; it is a start towards a bright future full of vigour and joy.

Brand: PURINA Pro Plan | Flavour: Healthy Growth (Small Puppy) | Age range: adult | Item form: Chunk | Specific uses for product: Sensitive Stomach

Best Rating: PEDIGREE Puppy Chicken Dry Dog Food

Overall Rating 4.6/5, Setup 4.7/5, Design 4.5/5, Ease Of Use 4.8/5, Portability 4.5/5, Durability 4.5/5

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
AffordabilityArtificial Additives
Chicken Flavour
Nutritional Information

Product Description

Pedigree Puppy With Chicken And Rice Is Complete And Balanced In Nutrients Your Puppy Requires To Thrive. Pedigree Wet Dog Food, made with chicken and rice, will taste good in ways that will get the tail wagging and feed the good in visible ways. While puppies require many of the same essential nutrients as adults, they need more. And they must be specially formulated and concentrated for little stomachs. Pedigree Puppy Offers A Variety Of Puppy Foods Designed For Growing Puppies Aged 8 Weeks To 21 Months.

Every dog deserves a loving home, and every dog deserves Vital Protection, according to PEDIGREE. PEDIGREE has over 40 years of expertise designing recipes meant to protect your dog in four ways: to help promote a robust immune system, healthy skin and coat, sound digestion, and healthy teeth. Every bag of PEDIGREE contains the nutrition your dog requires to stay healthy and vital.

Brand: PEDIGREE | Flavour: Chicken | Age range: puppy | Item form: dry | Specific uses for product: Immune Support

The Comparison Table

A compare table to make the right choice-

Best Overall: Blue Buffalo Dog Food for PuppiesBest In Hike: Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Small BitesBest In Budget: Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Beef Recipe Dog FoodBest For Weather: PURINA Pro Plan Small & Mini, Puppy Dog FoodBest For Women: PEDIGREE Puppy Chicken Dry Dog Food
Overall Rating4.9/54.8/54.7/54.8/54.6/5
Ease Of Use4.8/54.8/54.7/54.6/54.8/5

Final Verdict

After testing a lot of criteria for which puppy food is best in Australia, Blue Buffalo Dog Food for Puppies is the clear winner. First and foremost, it distinguishes itself by its dedication to employing high-quality, natural products. This company takes pride in not using artificial preservatives, colours, or flavours in its recipes, guaranteeing that pups get a nutritionally balanced meal that improves their general health and well-being. Furthermore, Blue Buffalo Dog Food for Puppies considers the unique dietary requirements of growing canines. 

It is high in protein, calcium, and phosphorus, all necessary to form strong muscles and bones. Antioxidants help to maintain a puppy’s immune system, giving them a strong defence against common ailments. Furthermore, this company provides various flavours and formulations to accommodate diverse puppy tastes and dietary needs. “Blue Buffalo” includes options for every taste, whether your dog enjoys chicken, lamb, or fish.

Use Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Small Bites to keep your puppy fit. Because of its reputation for delivering balanced nutrition targeted to the needs of tiny breed puppies, Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Tiny Bites is regarded as the second-best puppy food in Australia. It balances crucial nutrients, high-quality ingredients, and kibble size, ideal for tiny mouths. While it isn’t the best, it is a dependable option for puppy owners looking for a well-rounded diet to promote their furry companions’ growth and development. Individual preferences and special puppy requirements can influence the best puppy food choice. Still, Hill’s Science Diet Small Bites continually gets distinction for its quality in Australia’s competitive pet food industry.

How We Tested The Best Puppy Food Australia

Several essential elements come into play when analysing the criteria for the Best Puppy Food in Australia to ensure your beloved buddy obtains the nourishment they require for healthy growth and development. The ingredients list should be scrutinised first and foremost. Avoid fillers like maise or soy and look for high-quality, animal-based protein sources as the principal element. A natural and wholesome diet must also be free of artificial additives, colours, and preservatives. Puppy chow should provide a balanced mix of protein, fat, and carbs, as well as essential vitamins and minerals, to suit the nutritional demands of young pups.

Consider the brand’s reputation, dependability, and any recalls or safety issues. Checking for veterinarian or animal nutritionist recommendations might provide additional assurance. Furthermore, the food’s compatibility with your puppy’s breed and size should be evaluated, as nutritional needs differ. Finally, price limits should be considered, as the ideal food fits your budget while meeting the abovementioned criteria. Consult your veterinarian for personalised recommendations based on your puppy’s needs to help you make the best decision for your furry companion’s well-being.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Puppy Food In Australia

There are various aspects to consider while selecting the best puppy food in Australia. It is critical for your animal friend’s growth and overall health to ensure that they obtain the proper nutrients during their early stages of life. This detailed buying guide will bring you through the steps necessary to make an informed selection.

Determine The Age And Size Of Your Puppy

Begin by determining the age and size of your puppy. Different breeds and age groups have additional nutritional requirements. Puppies require more calories than adult dogs. Larger species may have different dietary needs to maintain their growth. Knowing these details will assist you in selecting the best cuisine.

Speak With Your Veterinarian

Consult your veterinarian before making any nutritional adjustments for your puppy. They can provide helpful information about your puppy’s health requirements and dietary limitations. If your puppy has allergies or sensitivities, they may propose specialised foods.

Examine The Ingredients

Read the ingredient list on the puppy food container at all times. Look for high-quality protein sources as the main element, such as chicken, lamb, or fish. Avoid foods containing a lot of fillers, like maise or soy, because they have little nutritious value.

Examine The Nutritional Values

Examine the guaranteed analysis on the container to confirm that the food satisfies your dog’s nutritional needs. Look for protein, fat, and carbohydrate amounts that are balanced. Essential ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids should all be present.

Select Between Dry Or Wet Food

Puppy food is available in dry and wet forms. Dry kibble is more practical and can benefit oral health, although damp food may be more appealing to picky eaters. Some pet owners choose a mix of the two to create variety.

Consider Special Dietary Requirements

Consider specialised formulations if your dog has unusual nutritional requirements or health concerns. Grain-free, hypoallergenic, and weight-management alternatives are examples of these. When choosing such products, always seek the counsel of your veterinarian.

Conduct Brand And Review Research

Examine several pet food brands and read consumer reviews. Seek out brands known for their high quality and openness in ingredient sources. Customer reviews can provide helpful information on a product’s flavour, texture, and general effectiveness.

Spend Your Money Wisely

While quality is vital, it is equally critical to stay within your budget. Compare pricing and portion sizes to ensure you get the most excellent deal. Remember that purchasing high-quality puppy food will save you money on future vet expenditures.

Make A Gradual Transition

To avoid gastric distress, gently transition from the old puppy food to the new one. Mix a tiny bit of the fresh food with the old food and gradually raise the ratio over the course of a week or two until your puppy is completely adjusted to the new diet.

Keep Track Of Your Puppy’s Development

Monitor your puppy’s progress after switching to the new puppy food. Examine for evidence of increased vitality, a shinier coat, and a healthy weight gain. If you notice any unpleasant reactions or changes in attitude, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Finally, selecting the best puppy food in Australia requires carefully evaluating your puppy’s requirements, ingredient quality, and brand reputation. By following these steps and speaking with your veterinarian, you can ensure your animal companion obtains the nourishment they require for a happy and healthy life.


What Ought My Puppy To Eat, Australia?

As their skeletons typically take one year to grow fully, giving puppies breed-appropriate puppy food is generally advised until this age. After that, they can be switched to a breed-appropriate adult formula.

How Good Is Royal Canin?

Consumer reviews indicate that many pet owners are content and delighted with their dog foods, proving that the company has succeeded with various animals. Additionally, most pet retailers and even veterinary offices carry Royal Canin products.

Can Dogs Consume Milk?

All dairy products, including regular milk, lactose-free milk, cheese, and ice cream, contain fat and should only be served as treats on rare occasions. Puppies can also drink modest amounts of plant-based milk, such as soy, coconut, and almond milk, without problems.

What Do Dogs In Australia Eat?

Because they are a medium to large dog breed, Australian shepherds require a diet rich in protein and fat. The best dry kibble for Australian shepherds is made especially for large breeds.

Can Dogs Eat Eggs In Australia?

Although eggs are a mainstay of a traditional Australian brunch meal, some dog owners are hesitant to give them to their dog companions. The good news is that they are safe to give to your dogs, who frequently enjoy the flavour of eggs, and are packed with nourishment, especially when presented raw.

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