20 Best Road Trip Itinerary to Explore Australia

Best Road Trip Itinerary
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Are you planning an exciting Australian road trip adventure? If so, you may wonder how to make the most of your journey. Luckily, there are many hidden gems to discover, and we’re here to help you uncover them. If you are looking for the best culinary experiences or a wildlife enthusiast seeking unforgettable encounters, Australia has plenty to offer.

And let’s remember the opportunity to experience Australian culture firsthand on some of the country’s most memorable road trips. Buckle up and prepare for the journey of a lifetime. Here we have designed the Top 20 Best Road Trip Itinerary To Explore Australia.

Best Road Trip Itinerary in Australia

As you can see, there are road trips in Australia for everyone. Both experienced off-roaders and families who require all the conveniences can choose a section of the road that is ideal for them to explore. Australia has various attractions, including beaches, native wild bushes, and historic towns.

Grand Pacific Drive

1280px Sea Cliff Bridge from Stanwell 1

With the boundless ocean on one side and expansive scenery on the other, coastal drives fall into a separate category from different types of road trips. The Grand Pacific Drive in New South Wales is one of Australia’s most beautiful coastal drives. 

You can see the communities of Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama, and the Shoalhaven on a weekend road trip that is only 140 kilometres long from Sydney. 

Drive by some of NSW’s most stunning beaches, untamed cliff sides, and captivating viewpoint points. 

This route takes advantage of the Sea Cliff bridge, a feat of engineering that swings out over the ocean and away from the sea cliffs. Enjoy the scenery and make some precious memories. 

The Savannah Way

road desert australia outdoors

Through the Northern Territory, this lengthy drive from Tropical North Queensland to the Kimberly region of Western Australia connects Cairns to Broome. This route, which travels over 3700 miles, connects Cairns in Tropical North Queensland with Broome in Western Australia’s breathtaking Kimberley region via the Northern Territory.

Explore the wildlife, landscapes, and characters exclusive to this area of Australia. While 4WD is not strictly required, it is advised that you bring a radio with you in case of spotty mobile reception.

The best east-to-west road journey includes 15 national parks and five World Heritage Sites. Expect to see everything, including ancient rock art, turquoise lakes, rural cattle stations, waterfalls, and vast grassy plains.

Undoubtedly one of Queensland’s best-kept secrets is Boodjamulla National Park. It has breathtaking gorges, prehistoric fossils estimated to be 25 million years old, and a landscape with vibrant hues of orange sandstone cliffs and emerald rivers.

Great Alpine Road

Great Alpine Road 1

This 500-kilometre journey winds across the Victorian High Country from Wangaratta in the state’s northeast to Metung in the Gippsland Lakes region. The Great Alpine Road passes through picture-perfect scenery, lined with ancient cities and Alpine settlements.

When it gets colder, it’s a good idea to pack skis, boots, and, most importantly, wheel chains. The warmer months offer the chance to go riding horses and fishing.

The Gippsland Lakes region’s sparkling waterways are included along Australia’s highest accessible sealed road, which also passes through deep valleys, wine districts, and mountain ranges. Beechworth, Bright, and Omeo are a few of the little, ancient towns dotted across this natural beauty.

Mt. Hotham, Victoria’s highest alpine village, offers lovely cross-country and downhill skiing slopes on its 245 hectares, walking, horseback riding, and fishing in warmer months.

If you plan to travel this route in the winter, ensure your vehicle is equipped with Diamond Pattern wheel chains, your tank is full of petrol, and you drive slowly and safely.

Pacific Coast 

pacific 50069 1280

You’ll need a week to leave Sydney’s flash and travel north to a tropical paradise via the Byron Shire’s rich fields and lower Queensland’s sun-kissed sands. The Pacific Coast Drive travels more than 900 kilometres (miles) down the coast from Sydney to Brisbane, passing through the Gold Coast’s countryside and the surf towns of the Central Coast, Port Stephens, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Ballina, and Byron.

Travel west of Newcastle to the Hunter Valley region for a change of scenery. This area is known for its Semillon wine and is home to some incredible restaurants and boutique cheese, olive, and chocolate producers. Give yourself five days for this trip to allow as much time off the Pacific Motorway as possible.

Big Lap

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You might never experience a better road trip in Australia than this one. The Big Lap links Australia’s major capital cities, including Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Broome, Perth, Esperance, Adelaide, and Melbourne, and virtually circles the country along Highway One’s 15,000 km. This road trip cannot be completed in two weeks; you will need at least a few months.

This road trip will rank among your most epic excursions if you have the time to talk for at least six months and a 4WD. The itinerary takes in everything from large city lights to small coastal villages, verdant green rainforest to dusty red desert, hidden waterholes to sugar-white beaches, ancient rock art to tacky big things; everything beautiful about Australia in one continuous road trip.

East Coast

East Coast of Australia

Take this beautiful drive from Hobart to the Bay of Fires. Travel through a region abundant in local wildlife, natural wonders, and abundant produce via St Helens, Swansea, and Bicheno. You can take a detour to Freycinet National Park during this road journey, which you should do to see the granite mountains and the deep blue waters filled with marine life.

Tasmania’s East Coast is breathtakingly gorgeous and wonderfully calm. It offers abundant produce, including wine, cheese, and seafood, as well as walking trails with plenty of opportunities to view animals, deserted beaches, and a distinctive convict past. If you have time, attend the acclaimed Freycinet Experience Walk.

Freycinet National Park is rich in granite mountains, tranquil coves, turquoise waterways, and abundant birds. Consider taking your vehicle from Melbourne via the Spirit of Tasmania if you plan to spend a lot of time in the Apple Isle to save money on car rentals.

Road to Gibb River

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From Derby to Wyndham, this 660 km road cuts across the Kimberly through a lonely wilderness and historic sites. Visit sacred indigenous sites and outback cattle stations, or stop at Bell Gorge and cool off in one of the cool waterholes fed by the rumbling waterfalls above.

There are just two roadhouses along the Gibb River Road, one at Mt. Barnett that sells gasoline and diesel, and another at Imintji that only sells diesel. Costly fuel will be used.

Perth To Ningaloo

green and blue sea during daytime

This breathtaking road trip from Perth to Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef covers under 1,200 km. Travel past the well-known locations of Cervantes, Geraldton, Monkey Mia, and Carnarvon, as well as Shark Bay and Kalbarri National Park, as you follow the breathtaking Coral Coast.

Along with abundant wildlife, this coast is also covered in a vibrant carpet of flowers from June to September.

Perth To Pilbara

pilbara western australia australia outback

One of Australia’s most remarkable road excursions is the majestic, a billion years old Pilbara region. The Pilbara, famed for its outstanding landscape and abundant in red earth, iron ore, swimming holes, gorges, and indigenous rock art, should be on everyone’s vacation wish list. Start in Perth, and hurry to this fascinating landscape without any extra thought. 

Brisbane To Cairns

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Leave glitzy Las Vegas and travel to Tropical North Queensland along Australia’s east coast. Before pausing for a selfie in Mission Beach, you’ll pass the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Fraser Island, Bundaberg, Yeppoon, and Airlie Beach. Once there, you can treat yourself to a beer on the Esplanade after travelling to Cairns for an excellent two hours.

Darwin To Port Augusta

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In South Australia, between Darwin and Port Augusta, take a long road trip that follows the Stuart Highway around this incredible landscape to explore this area’s diverse cultural heritage. Explore the Red Centre and Kakadu National Park. Before passing through Alice Springs, Marla, Cooper Pedy, and the numerous lakes of South Australia, explore rock formations, gorges, and canyons. Finish the trip in Port Augusta, a former port city on the Spencer Gulf’s east coast. 

Great Ocean Road Drive

australia great ocean road beach ocean

The Great Ocean still feels pristine, which is one of the best things about road trips along it. Its vast terrain, which invites you to enjoy the 243km twisting route, is undoubtedly the reason. Admire the untamed and battered Southern Ocean as you wind through rocky coastal scenery, national parks, deserted beaches, and charming townships.

Cairns To Cape York Via Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation QLD 4873 Australia panoramio 13

The journey from Cairns to Cape York passes via tiny, unhurried communities and breathtaking coastal vistas. Stop at Cape Tribulation to take in the scenery, but keep an eye out for crocodiles, stinging jellyfish, and other predators of the natural world. On this mesmerizing coast drive, discover where the Daintree Forest and the Great Barrier Reef converge. You’ll be in awe of Australia’s unmatched natural splendour.

Eyre Peninsula

From Adelaide to Streaky Bay around the Eyre Peninsula 13113274194

You can reach the stunning Eyre Peninsula from Adelaide by loading up the car and driving for a day. Travel from Whyalla to Port Lincoln and then to Ceduna to experience the most breathtaking coastal scenery South Australia has to offer and unique native wildlife. 

75-Mile Highway, Fraser Island

fraser island 1288095 1280

To visit the largest sand island in the world and the native dingo population, load up the 4WD and travel to Fraser Island. You can also view humpback whales migrating, gorgeous dune systems, enormous jungles, and breathtaking lakes while you’re there. This island, part of the World Heritage Site, is home to the renowned 75-Mile Beach Road, the best coastal drive in the world. 

Hobart Round Trip

hobart prison tasmania port

Since Tasmania is so small, you can see it from top to bottom in a few hours, making it a popular choice for road trips. This state’s temperate climate allows you to explore the ever-changing landscape for most of the year comfortably. View urban areas, mountain ranges, coastlines, and agricultural areas all day.

The Coral Coast Drive (Perth To Broome)

Broome Coast Western Australia

The Coral Coast Drive, which connects Perth and Broome, is best experienced in a campervan because it mixes stunning coastal scenery and desert colours. Choose to travel during winter when the weather is fantastic to see rock formations, turquoise waters, rough coasts, and ochre-coloured gorges. 

Darwin To Litchfield National Park

Wangi Falls Litchfield National Park 1

This very manageable and straightforward one-day excursion takes you from Darwin to the magnificent environment of Litchfield National Park, complete with roaring waterfalls and refreshing waterholes. Drive to the Lost City, a formation of rocks worth renting a 4WD for, or take in the imposing sandstone mountains and vast rainforest stretches.

Nullarbor Plain

Nullabor Cliffs Eucla Australia Looking East 1

In the centre of the Eyre Highway is a magnificent area of terrain known as the fabled and treeless Nullarbor Plain. The world record for the longest straight road is held by this 146 km long stretch of road. You can travel to the Nullarbor Plain from Adelaide, Perth, or Melbourne, three big cities, and it’s one of the travel experiences you should cross off your list. 

Sydney To Melbourne

australia 977339 1280

On this traditional road journey, leave Sydney’s flashing lights behind and go to Melbourne in the south. Drive along the east coast and breathe in some sea spray to zhoosh it up. Visit coastal towns, surf beaches, hidden inlets, and various National Parks.


Q: How Many Days Do You Need For A Road Trip To Australia?

A: A full lap of Australia may be completed in three to four months, but if you want to see everything and have fun along the way, you’d like to allow around a year. Most tourists need more time to explore the nation.

Q: What Is Australia Most Scenic Drive?

A: The Great Ocean Road is Australia’s most well-known and attractive route. Thankfully, it meets up to the expectations. The 243-kilometre trip along the Victorian coast from Torquay to Allansford is a part of the Australian National Heritage.

Q: What Is The Best Way To Explore Australia?

A: Using a plane to travel. The fastest way to travel across Australia’s huge territory is by air. All state capital cities and multiple regional cities are served by domestic airlines in Australia, including Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, and Rex, making it simple to travel between Australia’s well-known locations.

Q: What amount of Money Do You need to road trip around Australia?

A: In the end, things only cost what you make them. You might reduce it to about $500 weekly if you are careful and constrained. For a family performing the typical lap, the standard budget ranges from $800 to $1400 weekly, changing significantly depending on you.

Q: What Is The Best Date To Travel to Australia?

A: September through November and March to May are the ideal times to travel to Australia. The majority of travellers choose these months to travel to Australia. These are the best seasons to walk through Australia because the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. 

Ready The Backpack To Start A Journey

Australia is different from any other place for its beauty. A deep red outback where the spirit of Australia is evident, wide beaches with no other people on them, jungles where the distinctive bird music drowns out any human chatter, sparkling rivers where dolphins frolic, and so on.

No matter how challenging your road journey will be, always be ready with a functional phone, enough bottled water, and roadside help.

This will ensure a smooth trip you will remember for years. Consider taking one of these fantastic road trips to explore all Australia offers. These are the top 20 Best Road Trip Itinerary to explore Australia and see more of the city. 

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