Top 5 Best Towels Australia: Must Have Items for Travelling

Best Towels Australia
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Hey, are you looking for the best towel in Australia? Welcome to our Amazon affiliate blog, where we provide the best towels in Australia. We have researched and tested various towels to bring you the top picks that are soft, absorbent, durable, and long-lasting. Whether you are looking for a bath, beach, or hand towels, we have you covered. 

Our blog is designed to help you decide when purchasing towels on Amazon. We have also included links to the recommended products so you can easily buy them with a click. So, let’s dive in and explore the best towels Australia has to offer on Amazon.

Best Quality Towel

The finest quality towel is a generously sized, thick, and highly absorbent piece made from premium materials; our towels feature top-tier compositions, including 100% cotton or a harmonious blend of cotton and bamboo. It should feel soft, plush, and exceptionally durable, with reinforced edges or double-stitched hems. 

This towel should rapidly soak up moisture and dry swiftly to prevent the growth of bacteria. Moreover, it must retain its sumptuous softness and high quality even after multiple rounds of washing.

Our Top Picks

Finding a suitable towel for Australia, no more hustle now. Here, we have arranged the best product from Amazon.

  • Best overall: American Soft Linen Luxury 6-Piece Towel Set
  • Best Runner-Up: Amrapur Overseas 600 GSM 6-Piece Towel Set
  • Best Budget: Polyte Plush Quick Dry Lint Free Microfibre Bath Towel Set
  • Best Cart: Superior 900 GSM Luxury Bathroom Towels
  • Best Portable & Design: DIAOJIA Bath Towels Cotton Towel Soft 6 Piece

Making the right choice when selecting a towel can significantly enhance your daily routine. Pinpointing the ideal in a market with numerous options can pose a formidable challenge. To provide you with invaluable assistance, we’ve undertaken extensive research and rigorous testing of various towels, all in pursuit of presenting the top 5 best towels available in Australia.

Best overall: American Soft Linen Luxury 6-Piece Towel Set

Our Rating

Setup 4.5/5    Design 4.8/5  Ease of Use 4.5/5  Portability 4.7/5  Durability 4.6/5

What We Like

  • Softness
  • Absorbency
  • Size
  • Quality
  • Value for Money

What We Don’t Like

  • Shedding
  • Thickness
  • Colour fade

Product Description 

American Soft Linen Luxury towel is Crafted from 100% Turkish Cotton, and our towels are made from the finest cotton grown in the Aegean Region of Turkey, ensuring the utmost quality. These towels are designed to provide comfort and luxury reminiscent of high-end hotels, spas, gyms, saunas, and pools.

This Towel Set Includes:

  • You will receive 2 Bath Towels, each measuring 27 x 54 inches
  • And 2 Hand Towels, each measuring 16 x 28 inches.
  • 2 Washcloths measuring 13 x 13 inches.

Towels hold the prestigious OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certification, ensuring they have been rigorously tested and certified free from harmful substances.

Please take note that the colour displayed on your screen may exhibit slight variations from the actual product colour due to discrepancies in computer colour management and monitor settings.

That towel stands behind the quality of our product, and this item is returnable, fully complying with Amazon’s refund and return policy.

About American Soft Linen LLC

At American Soft Linen LLC, our primary goal is to provide top-tier customer service to all our valued customers nationwide.

All towels undergo vat dyeing, a meticulous process where dye is infused into the yarns under high pressure and temperature for 6-12 hours, depending on the colour. It ensures minimal fading, even for the most vibrant hues.

We recommend using detergent exclusively when laundering these towels for optimal colour retention and continued softness. After each wash, you’ll experience immediate softness, with the towels becoming even softer. 

Moreover, commitment to using 100% Turkish Cotton and double-stitching all hems ensures unparalleled durability. You can count on these towels to serve you for many years!

Colour: Bright White

Brand: American Soft Linen

Age range (description): Adult

Material: Cotton

Product dimensions: 137.2L x 68.6W centimetres

Best Runner-Up: Amrapur Overseas 600 GSM 6-Piece Towel Set

Our Rating

Setup 4.5/5    Design 4.7/5  Ease of Use 4.4/5  Portability 4.2/5  Durability 4.4/5

What We Like

  • Soft and absorbent
  • Durable construction and quality material
  • Attractive design and pattern
  • Generous size and thickness
  • Good value for money

What We Don’t Like

  • Thinner or less plush than expected
  • Colour fading or bleeding after washing
  • Occasional issues with receiving faulty or damaged product

Product Description 

Revitalise your bathroom ambience with the Modern Threads 600 GSM 6-piece Towel Set featuring a Delicate Jacquard Border. These towels are meticulously crafted from soft 100% cotton with hollow yarns for swift water absorption. They are available in various colours to harmonise with your bathroom decor. 

This luxurious towel collection provides a lighter weight, a cloud-like softness, and rapid absorbency, ensuring ultimate comfort and swift drying for your hands and face after cleansing or stepping out of a rejuvenating hot shower.

Product Features

  • Set comprises (2) Bath towels, (2) Hand towels, and (2) Washcloths.
  • Constructed from robust 600 GSM (grams per square metre) fabric, woven from ultra-soft, 100% combed cotton and fine-spun yarns.
  • These plush towels exhibit exceptional softness and absorbency, enhancing their luxurious feel with each wash.
  • Oeko-Tex certified, symbolising product excellence prioritising your well-being and environmental health.


  • Bath towel: 27 “x54”
  • Hand towel: 16 “x28”
  • Washcloth: 13 “x13”
  • Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Maintaining these towels is a breeze. They are machine washable and dryer safe. We recommend a gentle cycle with cold water for washing. Opt for sun drying or low-tumble drying for the best results.

Discover the perfect blend of opulent softness and remarkable absorbency in our Modern Threads bath towel collection, all offered at an accessible price point.

Colour: Silver

Brand: Amrapur Overseas

Age range (description): Adult

Material: Cotton

Product dimensions: 48.3L x 35.6W centimetres

Best Budget: Polyte Plush Quick Dry Lint Free Microfibre Bath Towel Set

Our Rating

Setup 4.4/5   Design 4.3/5  Ease of Use 4.4/5  Portability 4.3/5  Durability 4.2/5 

What We Like

  • Quick drying
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Long-lasting

What We Don’t Like

  • Small size
  • Durability issues
  • Lint and shedding
  • Relatively high price

Product Description 

Introducing the Epitome of Bath Towel Bliss. If you’re in the mood for pure bathing indulgence, allow us to present our exquisite range of bath towels meticulously crafted to envelop you in a spa-like cocoon of comfort, all within the confines of your own home.

These towels are surprisingly lightweight and devoid of bulk, designed to provide a cosy, super-soft luxury sensation against your skin. Yet, their secret lies in their remarkable absorbent properties, quickly whisking away moisture from your body and hair.

Key Features:

  • SPA-LIKE Luxury
  • Efficient Absorption
  • Gentle Exfoliation
  • Lavish Lathering
  • Mildew and Odour Resistance.

Caring For Your Blissful Towels

Caring for these towels is a breeze. We recommend washing them separately to prevent lint or debris from mingling with other garments. Hand or machine wash them in warm water with like-coloured items, and opt for air drying or use the low setting on your dryer. For a static-free experience, consider using wool dryer balls. Please refrain from using fabric softener, bleach, or dryer sheets, as they may compromise the luxurious feel of these towels. Using a laundry bag is also an option to keep them separated from mixed loads and away from debris.

A Luxurious Bathing Experience Awaits

Elevate your bathing experience to unparalleled heights with our sumptuous towels. Select from an array of sizes, including a generously sized bath towel measuring 30 inches by 60 inches (76.2 cm by 152 cm), a hand towel at 16 inches by 30 inches (40.64 cm by 76.2 cm), and a washcloth measuring 13 inches by 13 inches (33 cm by 33 cm).

These towels boast a dual pile terry weave and are elegantly finished with satin edges featuring rounded corners. The set comprises 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 washcloths, all distinguished as “Deluxe” to guarantee your utmost satisfaction.

Polyte Microfiber: Your Bathing Companion

Crafted from the finest microfiber, these towels offer a luxurious sensation against your skin while incredibly lightweight and compact. Whether in the comfort of your home, during your travels, at the pool, camping, or at the gym, these towels are your ideal companion, ensuring a delightful and refreshing experience.

Colour: Blue

Brand: Polyte

Age range (description): Adult

Material: Microfiber

Product dimensions: 152L x 76W centimetres

Best Cart: Superior 900 GSM Luxury Bathroom Towels

Our Rating

Setup 4.5/5    Design 4.1/5  Ease of Use 4.2/5  Portability 4.3/5  Durability 4.3/5

What We Like

  • Soft and plush
  • Good absorbency
  • Durability
  • Generous size
  • Variety of colours

What We Don’t Like

  • Shedding initially
  • Price
  • Heavyweight

Product Description 

Indulge in the pure luxury of Superior’s 900-gram towels, crafted from 100% Premium Long-Staple Combed Cotton. Soft, resilient, and substantial, these towels are poised to become instant favourites. Moreover, their premium cotton quality ensures they get softer and fluffier with each wash, promising long-lasting comfort. These towels are of such exceptional quality and thickness that every use will serve as a delightful reminder of your love for them. Leave a lasting impression on your guests with these exquisite, sumptuous, and highly absorbent towels.

Understanding Quality Through GSM

The hallmark of towel quality is its GSM (grams per square metre) rating. Higher GSM translates to enhanced absorbency and increased durability. We offer coordinating sets and an extensive range of choices, including 3-piece sets, 6 6-piece sets, Face Towels, Hand Towels, and Bath Rugs. Each option is thoughtfully designed to enhance your bathroom with opulence and sophistication.

A Heritage of Excellence

With over 40 years of expertise, we have crafted fine linens that stand the test of time. Our range spans from towels and bathrobes to comforters, mattress toppers, sheets, duvets, pillowcases, bed skirts, and even area rugs. Diverse in colours, patterns, and price points, our product lineup ensures every customer finds something they adore. We take pride in our mastery of producing top-tier textiles, committed to delivering only the finest products.

Key Product Details

Product Type: Home

Package Quantity: 1

Classic Elegance For Your Home

Refreshing your bathroom decor and elevating your daily home experience is as simple as updating your linens. Experience the luxury of a spa in the comfort of your home every day. For a truly polished look, pair these towels with our coordinating sets available, including 3-piece sets,  6-piece sets, Hand Towels, Face Towels, and Bath Rugs.

Care Made Easy

These exquisite towels maintain their colours and are suitable for machine washing. It’s advisable to avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets to maintain their absorbency. When drying them, choose the low-tumble dry setting and promptly remove them from the dryer. For the best outcomes, consistently adhere to the care label instructions.

Colour: White

Brand: Superior

Towel form type: Bath Towel

Age range (description): All Ages

Material: Cotton

Best Portable & Design: DIAOJIA Bath Towels Cotton Towel Soft 6 Piece

Our Rating

Setup 4.5/5    Design 4.3/5  Ease of Use 4.4/5  Portability 4.4/5  Durability 4.3/5

What We Like

  • Easy installation process
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Versatile adjustment capabilities
  • Neat and space-saving design
  • Cable management system

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited extension from the wall
  • Importance of verifying VESA compatibility
  • Lack of rotational capability

Product Description 

Introducing Pure Comfort in Natural Cotton Towels. These towels are crafted from natural cotton, offering a soft, comfortable feel with excellent water absorption capabilities. For optimal performance, washing them separately on the first use is recommended to minimise lint. Avoid using bleach, fabric softeners, and iron, as these may compromise the quality of the towels.

Complete 6-Piece Towel Set

This set includes 2 Bath Towels (70140cm), 2 Hand Towels (3474cm), and 2 Washcloths (34*34cm). Each towel is vital in your home, offering versatile usage in the bathroom, kitchen, gym, spa, at the beach, in the guest room, as decorative pieces, and for general cleaning.

Moderate Thickness For Convenience

DIAOJIA’s innovative production technology ensures that these towels balance thickness and high water absorption. It means they dry quickly, are easy to store, and will only take up a little space in your home.

Long-Lasting Quality

These hand and bath towels feature double-side hemstitching to prevent side hems from coming loose. They’ve also undergone exclusive colour lock dyeing technology to preserve their original shade. This guarantees they maintain a brand-new appearance and feel comfortable even after every wash. Please note that the towels may initially feel thin after compression, so consider this before purchasing.

OEKO-TEX 100 Certified

Manufactured in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory, these towels adhere to an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet stringent safety and environmental standards. Your peace of mind is assured regarding the quality and safety of these towels for you and your family.

Colour: GREY


Age range (description): Adult

Material: Cotton

Product dimensions: 140L x 70W centimetres

Product Comparison Table

Best overall: American Soft Linen Luxury 6-Piece Towel SetBest Runner-Up: Amrapur Overseas 600 GSM 6-Piece Towel SetBest Budget: Polyte Plush Quick Dry Lint Free Microfibre Bath Towel SetBest Cart: Superior 900 GSM Luxury Bathroom TowelsBest Portable & Design: DIAOJIA Bath Towels Cotton Towel Soft 6 Piece
Overall Rating4.7 out of 54.4 out of 54.3 out of 54.2 out of 54.4 out of 5 
Design4.8/54.7/54.3/5 4.1/54.3/5
Ease of Use4.5/5 4.4/54.4/54.2/54.4/5
Portability4.7/54.2/5 4.3/54.3/54.4/5
Durability4.6/5  4.4/54.2/54.3/54.3/5

Factors To Choosing The Best Towel

Choosing the best towel can be daunting, given the numerous available options. However, experts have made some recommendations after researching and testing various towels. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best towel:

Absorbency: A good towel should dry you off quickly and efficiently. Cotton and rayon are the most absorbent fabric choices, while bamboo towels are the softest.

Softness: Softness is a top priority for many people when choosing a towel. High-quality Turkish and Egyptian cotton produce the softest and most absorbent towels, while bamboo towels are also a good option for those who prioritise softness.

Durability: A good towel should withstand repeated washing and remain soft and absorbent. The Frontgate Resort Cotton Bath Towel is a highly recommended option for its durability.

Size: A towel should be substantially sized to keep you warm and dry you off quickly.

Based on the above factors, here are some of the best towels recommended by experts:

  • Frontgate Resort Cotton Bath Towel
  • Pottery Barn Hydrocotton Quick Dry Towel
  • Hydrocotton Quick-Dry Towel
  • Diamond Jacquard Bath Towel.

Ultimately, the best towel for you depends on your preferences and needs.

Types Of Best Towels

Here are the types of towels available in Australia:

  • Bath towels
  • Hand towels
  • Beach towels
  • Kitchen towels
  • Washcloths
  • Face towels.

When choosing a towel, it is essential to consider factors such as size, material, absorbency, and durability. 

Maintenance And Care Tips For Towel

  • Sort towels by colour and fabric type before washing.
  • Follow the care instructions on the towel’s label.
  • Use a mild detergent without bleach.
  • Wash towels in warm water.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners on absorbent fabrics.
  • Tumble dry on low to medium heat.
  • Ensure towels are completely dry before storing.
  • Check towels for signs of wear and replace them when needed.

Final Verdict

After carefully evaluating the American Soft Linen Luxury 6-Piece Towel Set and the Polyte Plush Quick Dry Lint Free Microfiber Bath Towel Set, it’s clear that both options offer distinct advantages depending on your preferences and budget.

The American Soft Linen Luxury 6-Piece Towel Set is the best overall choice. Its exceptional softness, absorbency, and durability make it a luxurious addition to any bathroom. The set includes a variety of towel sizes, ensuring you have the right towel for every need. Although it may come at a slightly higher price point, the quality and longevity of these towels justify the investment. If you value comfort, longevity, and a touch of luxury in your towels, the American Soft Linen set is the ideal choice.

On the other hand, the Polyte Plush Quick Dry Lint Free Microfiber Bath Towel Set is an excellent budget-friendly option. These towels offer impressive price value, quick-drying capabilities, and lint-free performance. While they may not match the sheer opulence of the American Soft Linen towels, they are practical and functional for everyday use. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution that still provides decent quality, the Polyte Plush set is an excellent pick.

Your choice between these two towel sets ultimately depends on your priorities. If you prioritise luxury, comfort, and long-term durability, the American Soft Linen Luxury 6-Piece Towel Set is worth the investment. On the other hand, if you’re on a budget and need towels that get the job done without breaking the bank, the Polyte Plush Quick Dry Lint Free Microfiber Bath Towel Set is a solid, budget-friendly option that won’t disappoint.

How We Tested Travel Towel

We conducted extensive research, sifting through online reviews, forums, and user ratings. We carefully selected 19 packable towels for evaluation, alongside a standard cotton towel serving as our baseline.

  • Criteria: To ensure thorough testing, we employed seven critical criteria:
  • Price: We assessed the cost-effectiveness of each towel.
  • Comfort: Individuals experienced the feel of each towel against their skin, providing valuable feedback. Top picks were chosen based on personal comfort preferences.
  • Design: We scrutinised towel quality, stitching, the presence of hanging loops, and texture to evaluate their impact on efficient drying.
  • Wicking: Towels were tested to measure their capacity to wick away water, leaving the skin dry even after exposure to sandy saltwater.
  • Drying Time: We saturated the towels with water and meticulously recorded the time to dry completely.
  • Odour Resistance: We assessed towels with antimicrobial coatings’ resistance to odours after multiple uses.
  • Packability: We examined each towel’s compactness and ability to pack for travel conveniently. We evaluated each towel’s affordability, awarding higher scores to more budget-friendly options.
  • Final Selection: Towels were ranked based on their overall scores, considering a combination of features, functionality, and performance. Ultimately, the top picks were determined by those with the highest overall scores and the most desirable features, ensuring we recommend towels that excel in every aspect.


Are Australian Cotton Towels Good?

Italic’s Serene towel achieved a flawless score in our absorbency assessment, swiftly sponging up four ounces of water in a mere 10 seconds. Given that it’s the weightiest towel featured on our roster, boasting an impressive 800 grams per square metre (GSM), we anticipated an extended drying time – but were pleasantly surprised.

What Is A High-Quality Towel?

Generally, cotton bath towels weighing 400 GSM and higher are deemed commendable. The fabric in these plush towels is intricately woven, rendering it softer and more absorbent than lower GSM fabrics, such as those commonly found in standard kitchen towels.

What Towels Do They Use In Luxury Hotels?

Luxury hotels often use towels with a GSM (grams per square metre) range of 400 to 700. This GSM range ensures that the towels provide the performance and softness expected in 5-star establishments; regarding fibre content, In luxury hotels, 100% cotton towels reign supreme as the favoured choice. 

They are cherished for their exceptional absorbency and gentle touch on the skin. These towels are known for their quality and comfort, making them a staple in the hospitality industry’s most prestigious establishments.

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