Best Western Australia Road Trips: Explore The Coastal Marvel

Best Western Australia Road Trips
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Western Australia is an exceptional location for Best Western Australia Road Trips due to its vast size. The state is unmatched in its natural beauty and distinguished by its broad vistas, which lend an ageless, breathtaking feeling of adventure to any long-distance travel.

And that taste of classic Western Australian independence is assured, whether you’re driving a campervan down the coast or a 4WD into the Kimberley’s wildness. These are a few of the state’s best road excursions.

Quick Summary

Take unique road journeys in Western Australia to discover various activities and scenery. Explore hidden jewels, wildlife encounters, and lively cultural heritage, from the ancient marvels of the Kimberley to the spectacular coastal beauties of the Coral Coast.

Savour fine wines in Margaret River, indulge in exquisite foods and embark on exhilarating activities. Whether you’re looking for romantic retreats, family-friendly activities, or heart-pounding adventures, these road trips provide incredible experiences set against the breathtaking natural beauty of Western Australia.

Trip 1: The Coral Coast Highway Drive

The 1,250-kilometer Coral Coast Highway Drive is a captivating road trip experience along Western Australia’s breathtaking coastline. This spectacular tour begins in Perth, the state capital, and takes visitors on an adventure of a lifetime. The journey highlights the region’s varied splendour. The Coral Coast is known for its colourful marine life, white sand beaches, and blue seas.

The Pinnacles Desert, a bizarre setting with hundreds of limestone structures rising from the golden sands, is one of the route’s attractions. Nature lovers may visit Kalbarri National Park, well-known for its craggy gorges, striking coastline cliffs, and vibrant wildflowers when they bloom. An exceptional chance to engage with wild dolphins makes Monkey Mia an essential excursion for zoophiles.

Heading north, the road takes you to Shark Bay, which is recognised as a World Heritage Site due to its abundance of marine life and the breathtaking Shell Beach, which is composed of tiny white shells. Travelling farther north brings you to the world’s most extensive fringing coral reef, the Ningaloo Reef, which provides superb diving and snorkelling opportunities. The journey ends in Exmouth, the entrance to the Ningaloo Marine Park, where visitors may go whale shark and manta ray swimming.

A fantastic Australian road trip can be had along the Coral Coast Highway Drive, where visitors may sleep beneath the stars, savour delicious seafood, and take in stunning sunsets.

Trip 2: Margaret River Tours

Margaret River, a traveller’s paradise in Western Australia, is well-known for its magnificent wines, immaculate beaches, and green woods. Tours of the Margaret River are a fun way to discover the variety of attractions in this area. The many wineries around the Margaret River Wine Region provide wine connoisseurs with top-notch wine-tasting experiences.

The best vintages are served to guests with picturesque vistas of hills covered with vines. Margaret River excursions sometimes include trips to the area’s well-known gourmet food manufacturers and wineries. Foodies may enjoy delicious goodies from cheese companies, chocolate makers, and olive farms.

Nature lovers may marvel at the fascinating underground formations by exploring the breathtaking limestone caverns, such as Mammoth Cave and Lake Cave. Hikes and nature excursions are made more spectacular by the tall karri trees of the Boranup Karri Forest. Margaret River is a surfing utopia, with waves of world-class quality drawing waves of surfers.

In addition, adventurers may enjoy kayaking, hiking, and exploring the Cape to Cape Track, a picturesque coastal path. The immaculate beaches invite leisure. Friendly stingray encounters may be had in Hamelin Bay, while surf breakers at Prevelly Beach are well-known.

Margaret River tours provide the ideal fusion of culinary pleasures, outdoor experiences, and stunning natural beauty, guaranteeing everyone visiting this fascinating area will have a wonderful time.

Trip 3: Warlu Way Drive

A remarkable trip across Western Australia’s Gascoyne and Pilbara areas, known for its captivating scenery and rich Aboriginal culture, is the Warlu Way Tour. This 2,000-kilometer road tour highlights Aboriginal people’s old legends, especially the profoundly ingrained Warlu (sea serpent) Dreaming in the region’s cultural legacy. The seaside town of Carnarvon, well-known for its tropical fruits and the historic One Mile Jetty, is open to visitors on the Warlu Way Tour.

Travelling north, the road arrives at the Pilbara’s dramatic red landscapes, home to ancient rock formations that awe visitors, including the deep gorges and waterfalls of Karijini National Park. The journey passes through Indigenous villages, offering travellers an extraordinary chance to interact with the way of life there. Along the journey, locations like Coral Bay and Exmouth provide opportunities for stargazing, animal viewing, and exploring the diverse marine life.

The Warlu Way Tour, full of natural beauty, includes activities like fishing in the Gascoyne River, snorkelling in the Ningaloo Reef, and visiting Aboriginal art sites. This trip is a once-in-a-lifetime cultural and environmental experience that envelops visitors in the spiritual essence of the region and reveals the profound ties between the people and their ancient legends.

Trip 4: The South West Edge

The South West Edge Tour is an enthralling journey that showcases a vast array of landscapes, cultures, and natural marvels along Western Australia’s breathtaking coastline. This road journey, which covers over 1,200 km, provides a comprehensive understanding of the distinct beauty of the area. The trip departs from Perth and takes guests through the famous Margaret River area, well-known for its fine vineyards, immaculate beaches, and delectable cuisine.

Indulge in wine tasting, see historic caverns, and sample delectable regional food. Travellers may reach the magnificent Karri woods of Pemberton and the ancient timber town of Walpole by continuing south on this route. Treetop treks, Valley of the Giants exploration, and leisurely cruises along the serene Walpole and Nornalup Inlets are all possible.

Afterwards, the group travels to Albany, a historically significant city with sites like the National Anzac Centre and the stunning coastline of Torndirrup National Park. Travellers may take in the breathtaking cliffs of the Great Southern Ocean and the peace of the immaculate beaches of Esperance as they continue westward.

The South West Edge Tour offers interactions with Indigenous heritage, various animals, and the friendliness of coastal villages, making it more than simply a visual feast. Along Australia’s captivating southwest edge, this road trip guarantees a fantastic journey, whether you want to explore colourful cities, unwind on sandy coasts, or admire craggy cliffs.

Trip 5: The Gibb River Road Drive

The 660-kilometer Gibb River Road Drive is a legendary outback journey that winds through the centre of Western Australia’s Kimberley area. Adventurers may get a peek at the untainted wildness and rough beauty of the Australian outback on this legendary off-road adventure.

The Gibb River Road begins at Derby or Wyndham and travels through breathtaking scenery, including historic gorges, roaring waterfalls and expansive cattle stations.

The path leads to places like Bell Gorge, a charming waterfall sanctuary encircled by thick vegetation, and Windjana Gorge, well-known for its high cliffs and resident freshwater crocodiles.

Discover the Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park, a site recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage, with unusual domes fashioned like beehives. There are delightful swim spots in crystal-clear water at Manning Gorge and El Questro Wilderness Park.

The chance to discover more about Indigenous traditions and cultures is afforded by the road passing through Aboriginal communities. Challenging 4WD trails, stargazing beneath the outback sky, and the captivating hues of Kimberley sunsets are all available to anyone with an adventurous spirit.

Due to its isolated location, the Gibb River Road Drive requires careful planning and preparation. Still, it also offers travellers a fantastic experience highlighting the untamed wildness and unspoiled beauty of Western Australia’s Kimberley area.

Key Highlights Of The Trip

  • Beautiful Coastal Scenery: The vast coastline of Western Australia is home to immaculate beaches, craggy cliffs, and turquoise oceans. These sights may be seen on road journeys around the state. The South West’s isolated beaches and the well-known Coral Coast combine to create an unmatched coastal landscape.
  • Reputable Vineyards: The Margaret River region is known for its world-class wines. Road excursions around Western Australia frequently stop at these top-notch locations, enabling visitors to partake in superb wine-tasting experiences among scenic vineyards.
  • Aboriginal Culture: In Western Australia, there are several possibilities to interact with the rich cultural legacy of the Aboriginal people through road excursions. In addition to learning about the interesting Dreamtime stories, visitors may visit places with ancient rock art and attend cultural activities.
  • Unique Wildlife Encounters: For those who love wildlife, Western Australia is a paradise. Road excursions allow us to see unusual creatures in their native environments, such as emus, quokkas, and kangaroos. Dolphins, whale sharks, and other colourful marine life may be found in the region’s waters, creating unique underwater experiences.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Adventure enthusiasts will find enough to do on Western Australia’s road excursions, from hiking in national parks to snorkelling in the Ningaloo Reef. In the varied environments of the state, sports like sandboarding, kayaking, and surfing provide exhilarating experiences.


How Long Does It Take To Drive Around Western Australia?

Given the size of the state and the dispersed location of the sites, you’ll need plenty of time to see everything. Allocate a minimum of three weeks for finishing the entire road journey through Western Australia, followed by a loop back to Perth. With only one night in most destinations, more is needed.

Which Part Of Australia Is Best For Road Trip?

One of Australia’s most exciting drives is the Great Ocean Road, dotted with breathtaking vistas of the country’s untamed coastline. Travel slowly and savour the magnificent views along this famous road before moving north to explore thick woods and misting waterfalls.

Do You Need A 4×4 To Travel Western Australia?

If you are going on sealed, well-maintained roads, such as those in the Perth metropolitan region and large towns and highways, then a traditional SUV, sedan, or hatchback is appropriate. If you want to go to distant or regional locations, a four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle is your best bet.

Can Foreigners Drive In Western Australia?

Suppose you have a permanent resident visa issued under the Migration Act of 1958. In that case, you can drive in Western Australia if you have a valid international driver’s licence and have lived there for three months at the time of the visa issuance.

In The End

Best Western Australia Road Trips provide lifetime experiences, combining breathtaking coastal views, world-class wineries, rich Aboriginal heritage, various wildlife encounters, and exhilarating outdoor sports.

Every tour reveals a different tapestry of natural beauties and cultural riches, whether you’re exploring the ancient landscapes of the Kimberley, tasting the wines of Margaret River, or learning the mysteries of the Coral Coast.

These road journeys leave lasting impressions of the varied and enthralling landscapes of Western Australia; they are more than just travel experiences.

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