20 Best Wineries to Visit in Australia During a Road Trip 

Best Wineries to Visit in Australia
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A winery is a structure or land used to make wine and maybe a business industry. Some wine businesses own many wineries. Larger wineries may also have storage facilities, bottling lines, labs, expansive tank fields, and winemaking machinery.

Assume you are on a road trip and want to visit a winery. The best solution is the list of the top 20 Best Wineries to Visit in Australia During a Road Trip.

Best Wineries to Visit in Australia

Best Wineries In Queensland

Let’s discuss the best wineries in Queensland.

Ballandean Estate Wines

Ballandean Estate is developing a name for its unusual varietals, dry whites, and quality reds utilizing fruit from two Ballandean vineyards. The estate boasts one of the greatest cellar door experiences. The Puglisi family founded the oldest family-run winery in Queensland in 1932.

One of the highlights of the Granite Belt wine path, the Barrelroom Cafe serves up some of the best authentic Italian food in the area.

Golden Grove Estate

The Costanzo family makes various Strangebird wines at Golden Grove Estate using only grapes cultivated on the property, continuing the region’s strong Italian heritage. This modest, small-scale winery is establishing a strong reputation, winning several awards, including Viticulturist of the Year at the 2021 Queensland Wine Awards.

Visit the cellar door to sample various wines, including the award-winning 2018 Barbera and N/V Muscat, Malbec, Mourvedre, and Durif.

Hidden Creek Winery

Your Granite Belt wine tour should include a stop at Hidden Creek, named the 2018 Winery of the Year by the Queensland Wine Awards.

The Ballandean estate, approximately 1000 meters above sea level, has existed since 1989. Still, owners Andy, Leanne Williams, and their dog Pepper only assumed control of the property in 2016. Since then, they have left their imprint.

You may taste your way through the award-winning drips by the lake by purchasing a gourmet picnic basket from the café. You may spend as long as you like in the quaint one-bedroom Winemaker’s Cottage, tucked away amid the vines because it is so serene.

Boireann Winery

Do you enjoy a delicious red wine? Plan a taste at Boireann without fail. The tiny vineyard near Stanthorpe, which specializes in full-bodied, full-flavoured red wines produced from French and Italian types, was included in James Halliday’s list of the top 100 wineries and was ranked as one of the top five wineries for 2017.

With awards for Emerging Red Variety, Estate Grown Red, Wine of the Show, Winery of the Year, and Winemaker of the Year, it was among the greatest winners at the 2021 Queensland Wine Awards.

Symphony Hill

Another Granite Belt winery to know about, Symphony Hill is a James Halliday winner, with over 50 wines rated 4 stars or more in the last 5 years and picking up plenty of other credit and awards for their well-made drop in their 15 + years of operation.

Queensland pioneers of the neo-wine movement, the crew here – helmed by top gun winemaker Abraham De Klerk – does things a little differently. Be sure to sample the Wild Child Viognier, which uses wild indigenous yeast, along with the flagship Reserve Shiraz, which was even served to Prince William and Princess Catherine when the royal couple came to Brisbane in 2014.

Best Wineries In New South Wales

Let’s talk about New South Wales’s top wineries.

Vinden Wines

Vinden Estate was the last name of the vineyard and estate currently known as Vinden Wines. Angus Vinden, a second-generation winemaker and viticulturist, is in charge of this estate, which was formed in 1990. Vinden Wines takes pleasure in producing hand-crafted wines using exclusively hand-picked grapes.

As little human involvement as possible is used in the estate’s winery to produce all the wines. In the opinion of the Vinden Wines winemaking team, making exceptional wines starts in the vineyard. Here, effort must be expended to treat the land and the vines with the highest respect and provide them with the proper care. If this is done, the results will be fantastic fruits that can be utilized to produce wine of the highest calibre.

Nugan Estate

With fruit from the top vineyards in the Riverina, Langhorne Creek, King Valley, Coonawarra, and Mclaren Vale districts, the winery seeks to produce high-quality, premium wines. Most of the job is completed using sustainable and organic methods to reduce the negative effects on the environment.

Some grape varieties utilized are Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Durif, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Botrytis Semillon, and Cabernet. Their acclaimed red, white, rose, and dessert wines are made from grapes.

Rusty Fig Wines

The grapes are hand-picked at Rusty Fig Wines to create only the best quality grapes. Significant fruit thinning is done during the grape growing season to prevent overcropping and maintain the ideal balance between the quality of the fruit and the production.

The wines are crisp and dry and have nutty and citrus undertones. The berries may be tasted clearly in the red wines. Because of the winery’s milder temperature, the wines have high acidity and may age well, becoming incredibly rich over time. The Tempranillo 2015, Verdelho 2018, Rose 2017, Natural Sparkling 2018, and Savagnin 2018 are Rusty Fig wines that no wine enthusiast should miss.

Tatler Wines

The Australian vineyard is trying to maintain strong ties to keep the essence of Lovedale alive. It is locally owned and operated by the Isakidis family and sells high-quality wines in modest numbers. They exclusively use bottles manufactured by Australian manufacturers when making wine at their facilities. So that is the actual flavour of genuine Australian wine. 

The Tatler Wines offers various wines, including reds from Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet, and Pinot Noir; Frizzante, the classic “bubbles”; dry and sweet whites made from Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Muscat; and rose mostly made from Grenache.

Shaw Wines

Graeme and Ann grow grapes, including Riesling, Semillon, and Merlot, along with premium Malbec, Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon, in Murrumbateman’s best wine districts. These vines are used to make premium Estate wines, including red, white, and rosé wines and delectable dessert and sparkling wines, all matured and refined in oak barrels and casks on 85 acres of vineyards.

Best Wineries In Victoria

Let’s discuss the finest wineries in Victoria.

Shadowfax Wines

The bulk of the fruit in Shadowfax’s wines comes from its vineyards in Werribee and the Macedon Ranges, emphasizing the products’ strong regional focus. Their produce also includes fruit from other local small growers around Geelong. Alister Timms, the chief winemaker, ensures that only the best grapes fill each bottle.

All of Shadowfax’s wines are produced on-site at the winery in Werribee using their grapes, which are allowed to age silently and change in the specially constructed underground barrel hall without being disturbed. The small yet creative winemaking team at Shadowfax ensures that quality is the main priority in their production.

Wando Lodge Wines

The winemakers at Wando Lodge Wines want to utilize a holistic approach to create a setting where the land, the vines, and the cattle and horses raised on the vineyard are all in perfect harmony. Soil is fed using compost and worm fertilizers, vines are exclusively cared for by hand, and a drip irrigation system runs through the vines.

The goal of the winemakers at Wando Lodge Wines is to produce modest quantities of high-quality wine due to the tiny area of the vineyard.

Ten Minutes By Tractor

Ten Minutes By Tractor is a small winery on Main Ridge, the highest and coldest part of Australia’s Mornington Peninsula. The winery was established in 1997 due to the joining of the three Wallis, McCutcheon, and Judd vineyards. The only option to lower operating costs at this high altitude so that resources might be shared was through merger and collaboration.

The winery’s name was discovered since its vines were 10 minutes distant from the tractor. With the assistance of a local contract winemaker, three families decided to create some wine together in 1998, and in 2001 they put it on the market. The wine gained popularity immediately and quickly rose to the top of the ratings for that season.

Andrew Peace Wines

Andrew Peace Wines has quickly risen to remarkable heights in the Australian wine industry. Their quest officially began when Pam and Jim first acquired vineyards in 1981. Later, Andrew and Cathryn joined the family company and put in tremendous effort and love to create the 1995 vintage. 

Andrew blessed the family with the opening of Andrew Peace Wines the same year. As the company expanded, the Peace Family started cultivating the Sagrantino grape variety and devoted themselves to creating sulphur-free wines.

All Saints Estate

Vintage vines planted more than 85 years ago delve deep into the earth for vital minerals and nutrients, concentrating the essence of the place in each year’s grape crop. The Midflat Shiraz and Old Muscat vineyard blocks, planted just after the First World War, are the estate’s pride and pleasure.

A living illustration of the customs and values upheld at the winery. Trees are weather-beaten and twisted, yet trees have persevered through the harshest storms and overcome all obstacles to produce rich, nuanced fruit that is dependable and of the highest quality and character.

Best Wineries In South Australia

The best South Australian wineries will be discussed here.

Hugh Hamilton Wines

Mary is the winery’s CEO and has a distinct vision for winemaking. She contributes tremendous talent, diligence, and vigour to the winery. They have some of the nicest vineyard locations in the area. The Biscay Clay-based basement vineyard is located south of their basement entrance. 

The Church vineyard is east of their cellar, while their Black Sheep vineyard is northeast of McLaren Vale. The labour in the vines and the cellar incorporates family traditions and ideals.

The Standish Wine Company

Barossa Shiraz’s ascent to renown internationally can be attributed to the region’s historic Shiraz vines, such as those in the Standish Winery’s vineyards. The estate produces many varieties of Barossa Shiraz, including Lamella, The Schubert Theorem, The Relic, and The Standish. Each product is made with the highest care, fusing conventional methods with contemporary technologies. The outcome is a distinctive, excellent Shiraz that accurately captures the terroir.

Wirra Wirra Vineyards

The Wirra Wirra Vineyards have been around since at least 1894. They have passed over history, customs, abilities, and wisdom. You will taste the highest quality wines as a result. The winery, a multiple award winner, has preserved its traditions.

The historic basements, which have an almost medieval aspect, clearly show the past. The enormous arched doorways, the huge fireplaces, the gallery, and the flooring of red brick stained with wine all reflect and amplify this. These cellars have experienced a lot. When it comes to their winemaking abilities, they are by no means old.

Simon Tolley Wines

Simon utilizes the beautiful Adelaide hills to grow grapes on his 27 hectares of family-owned farm out of a deep appreciation for Mother Nature. The vineyards may reach full maturity with unaltered aromas, flavours, and textures because of the favourable microclimate and terroir of the winding hills, steep slopes, and lush valleys.

Therefore, visitors are encouraged to book a stay at their five-bedroom luxury condominium, the Simon Tolley Lodge, surrounded by lovely countryside. The amenities include a kitchen, gourmet room, private bar, free WiFi, and many more contemporary conveniences for guests.

Bleasdale Vineyards

The three terms harmony, texture, and vitality sum up the philosophy of Bleasdale Vineyards. Whether it is a Sparkling Shiraz or a Frank Potts Cabernet, a $15 bottle of wine or a $100 bottle, each bottle of their wine includes the rich history, diversity, and, most importantly, family lineage.

Paul Hotker, the current Senior Winemaker and a renowned specialist worldwide apply stringent knowledge to each unique vintage. His mission is to ensure that the wines from The Langhorne Creek, the oldest wine area in Australia, exhibit their personality.


Where Will You Find The Best Wineries In Australia?

You will find some of the award-winning wineries in the Australian regions of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Some of which have been operating their business for a long time.

Why Visit The Wineries On Road Trips?

For long monotonous road trips, you can have some refreshments and taste some of the finest wines in Australia by visiting some of the exquisite wineries. Moreover, you can also take a short trip around the vineyard.

What Are The Specialities Of These Wineries?

Each of these wineries is different from one another. But one of their common uniqueness is all of the wines in these wineries are produced by human labour. They use the help of machinery very little.

Final Words

Wineries are found all over Australia. A list of the top 20 Best Wineries to Visit in Australia During a Road Trip is the perfect guide for you to visit them while on a road trip. Some of these wineries are very old, famous and award-winning.

Moreover, they are very easily accessible. You can travel in your car to visit any of the wineries and taste some of the old and fine wines brewed in Australia.

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