Blue Gum Caravan Park: A Cool Place for Road Trippers

Blue Gum Caravan Park
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In the tidy, well-kept Blue Gum Caravan Park, the northside provides a variety of short- and long-term rental accommodations. There are several options for housing, singles, couples, and bunkhouses with shared toilet facilities. Thanks to the central location, you will enjoy the convenience of being near various neighbourhood amenities.

Details About The Blue Gum Caravan Park

If you want to stay in Melbourne comfortably and affordably, Blue Gum Caravan Park is an excellent option. Despite being near the city’s centre, the park is situated in a tranquil neighbourhood. The park’s staff is welcoming and accommodating and will ensure you have a wonderful stay.

John and Mary Smith established the park in 1970. The Smiths were trying to figure out a method to provide visitors to Melbourne with reasonably priced and pleasant lodging. They discovered the ideal location in Campbellfield, a developing suburb then.

The Smiths initially just had a few cottages, but they rapidly added more cabins, studios, and bunkhouses to the park. They also constructed a camp kitchen, a laundry, and a swimming pool.

One of Melbourne’s most well-liked caravan parks over the years is Blue Gum, Caravan Park. The park is renowned for its accommodating personnel, excellent lodging, and handy location.

Accommodation Facilities In The Caravan Park

The caravan park provides a variety of short and long-term rental accommodations. More accurately, you may call it a residential caravan park in Campbellfield, North Melbourne, to meet all needs and budgets. It is a beautiful location to call home because of our well-kept gardens, which provide a heaven from the busy metropolitan surroundings.

The park also offers two outdoor laundry facilities with industrial dryers, washers, and clotheslines. Full cooking facilities and a vending machine with food and beverages are available in our camp kitchen. A two-burner BBQ is free for residents to use under a covered pavilion. The beautiful gardens offer a good amount of covered and open outdoor seating.

Cabin Accommodation Facility

Cabins with one or two bedrooms, air conditioning, and furnished interiors. In addition to a separate bedroom, each cottage has a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. There is likewise a different washroom. Unique lodges highlight an overhang.

The self-contained kitchen has a refrigerator, an oven, and a lot of bench space and storage. Some cabins have a washer and dryer in the laundry room. The furniture includes a table and chairs, a double bed, couches or armchairs, and a refrigerator. Porcelain, cooking tools and cloth were not provided. There is a parking spot close to each cabin.

Studio Accommodation Facility

All studio apartments have a living room, a kitchen, and a bedroom. The kitchen contains a bar fridge and an upright stove. Each studio has a single parking space next to it. There is also a barbecue on the balcony of the Deluxe Studios. Beds, coaches, and armchairs are examples of furnishings. Cooking tools, crockers, and materials should be kept from being given.

Bunk House Accommodation Facility

The cheapest option for lodging is the bunkhouse. With its different entry, each bunkhouse room includes a joined living room region with a little kitchen with a cold water tap. There are beds for singles and doubles. A single parking space adjacent to the outdoor balcony.

The bunkhouse accommodation is just a short walk from the camp kitchen, shared bathroom, and laundry. Bed, bar fridge, and a small wardrobe are the furnishings. The linen, cooking tools, and cutlery are not provided.

Blue Gum Caravan Park Amenities

In addition to offering cosy lodging, Blue Gum Caravan Park also provides a variety of on-site facilities, such as:

Swimming Pool

Blue Gum Train Park’s pool is an extraordinary place to chill on a hot day.

Laundry Facilities

Keeping your clothes clean is accessible with the Blue Gum Caravan Park’s laundry facilities.

Camp Kitchen

The Blue Gum Caravan Park’s camp kitchen is great for preparing meals.

BBQ Area

The BBQ area at Blue Gum Caravan Park is the perfect place to prepare meals outdoors.


Children love to play on the playground at Blue Gum Caravan Park.

Pet-Friendly Environment

You can bring your four-legged companions to stay at Blue Gum Caravan Park, which is pet-friendly.


When Was Blue Gum Caravan Park Established?

In 1970, John and Mary Smith founded the park. The Smiths were looking for a way to give tourists to Melbourne a comfortable and affordable place to stay. In Campbellfield, a then-developing suburb, they found the perfect spot.

What Are The Different Accommodation Facilities In The Park?

Several different lodging choices are available in the park, including cabins, flats, and bunkhouses. You will have everything you need for a comfortable visit because each apartment is completely equipped and self-contained.

What Are The Different Amenities Of The Park?

There are also a lot of facilities in the park, such as a pool, a laundry, a camp kitchen, and a grilling area. A children’s playground and a pet-friendly area are also present. You can bring your four-legged companions to the park during your visit.

Why Is Blue Gum Caravan Park Popular?

Blue Gum Caravan Park has become one of Melbourne’s most well-liked campgrounds. The park is well known for its friendly staff, first-rate accommodations, and convenient location.

In A Nutshell

Melbourne’s Blue Gum Caravan Park is a fantastic spot to stay. It is a short distance from the city’s core in the Campbellfield area. Several different lodging choices are available in the park, including cabins, flats, and bunkhouses. You will have everything you need for a comfortable visit because each apartment is completely equipped and self-contained.

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