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Brewery Tours Gold Coast
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You can find outstanding craft beer on this thrilling Brewery Tours Gold Coast trip. This journey includes everything from multi-million dollar facilities to off-the-beaten-path breweries, a hidden gem in Miami, or a Belgian brewery rich in history.

Before you sit down to a tasting paddle or sample of your preferred beverage, learn about the history and brewing process.

The three breweries on this half-day Gold Coast beer tour are all conveniently located for pick-up, allowing you to relax and take in the sights without worrying about driving. Groups of up to 10 people can take a brewery tour from Wednesday through Sunday.

Activities You Can Enjoy

The Gold Coast offers a variety of activities for beer lovers and people who are interested in the brewing process during brewery visits. You can take part in the following activities:

Brewery Tours: Discover the entire process of brewing beer by taking a guided tour of one of the Gold Coast’s breweries. You’ll have the opportunity to tour the facilities, discover the ingredients, and comprehend the brewing processes used by the breweries.

Beer Tastings: Try a range of breweries’ produced beers. Beer comes in a variety of flavours, including lagers, ales, stouts, and IPAs. The workers at the brewery or knowledgeable tour guides frequently share their observations on each beer’s flavours, smells, and properties.

Beer Pairings: Many breweries provide opportunities for you to sample their beers along with dishes that have been carefully chosen. The flavours of both beers will be complemented and enhanced by these combinations, creating a distinctive gastronomic experience.

Meeting The Brewers: Depending on the brewery, you could speak with the brewers directly. They may share their expertise and love of brewing with you and respond to any enquiries you have. The experience becomes even more authentic because of this one-on-one encounter.

Beer Souvenirs And Merchandise: Most breweries include a gift shop where you may buy branded clothing, accessories, and glasses. It’s a great chance to buy gifts or souvenirs for other beer fans.

What’s Included

  • Guided tour
  • Beer samples
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Information about beer production
  • Souvenirs or merchandise

What’s Not Included

  • Transportation
  • Meals or snacks
  • Personal expenses
  • Accommodation

Places You Can Go To Explore

You can travel to many places and enjoy Australia’s stunning scenery. Read the information below to discover where to travel with Brewery Tours Gold Coast.

Brewery Hound And Stag Inc.

The newest brewery on the Gold Coast, Hound and Stag Brewing Co., is committed to producing excellent beer in a stunning setting. This chic brewery is intended to be the brewery for everyone. It features a beer garden, a taproom, a modern Australian cuisine menu, and monthly live music.

BOBs Beer

BOBs Beer, an abbreviation for “best of beers,” is the sole brewery in Surfers Paradise. Head brewer Ryan Fullerton runs it, passionate about incorporating elements of the Surfers’ culture into each beer he creates.

Since BOBs Beers are locally produced, you can sip a cup of one a few metres from the brewery. All you need to worry about is when you’ll fit in your next surf because BOBs put just as much effort into their cuisine as their beer selections.

Beer Brewing Company, Madocke

The Madocke Beer Brewing Company, headquartered in Ashmore, only produces Belgian-style beers and is the source of Australia’s top European-style ale.

This classic Belgian beer results from several variables, including brewing, fermentation, and knowledge of long-standing customs. Discover the taproom’s selection of Belgian craft beers while there, and get something to eat from the on-site food truck.

Brewing company Lost Palms.

Lost Palms, a recent addition to the growing Gold Coast craft market, has added humour to the brewing scene. This brewery and taphouse have a lovely pastel pink and mint colour design, taking away any strong male features typically associated with beer.

The Gold Coast’s hippest hangout, Miami Marketta, which features pop-up bars, boho designers, unique live music, and a crowd that looks more Collingwood than Coolangatta, is right across the street from Lost Palms in the Miami district.

Take advantage of the daily food specials like the $12 burgers and fries on Fridays and look for contemporary spins on beer with beers like the Beetroot Sour.

Precinct Brewing Co.

Precinct Brewing Co., a renovated workshop transformed into a fully operational brewery, is tucked away in a different area of Miami. You have a modern, airy, warm brewery with beers on tap, a café, vast social areas, open-air ceilings, and temporary artworks.

Brewery Burleigh Barrels

The Burleigh Barrels Brewery offers award-winning beers and a low ‘n’ slow BBQ smokehouse menu next to the Burleigh surf break. It’s the ideal place to start or end a night with excellent vibes, live music, a dog-friendly beer garden, and many events.

Brewery Aardvark And Arrow

Aardvark & Arrow Brewery offers a variety of beers, ciders, and seltzers to the Gold Coast region and specialises in small-batch brewing. You’re invited to their Friday Night Tasting events (5 to 8 pm) every third Friday of the month, where you may sample six of their brews from self-serve taps (yes, you can help yourself!) and chow down on a BBQ supper.

Two Mates Taphouse

Two Mates Taphouse was founded by two friends and served a tasty selection of beer, cider, and kombucha.

You’ll feel energised from the first sip of its best-selling Lovemore Hazy Pale (a sunny yellow pale ale filled with tropical and citrus aromas), Choc Cherry Porter, Mango Pash Sour, or Coconut Lime Cider.

Want a snack to go with that? Buffalo wings, cheesy bread, hamburgers, and salads were all on the menu.

Important Information

There are various brewery tour choices on the Gold Coast, including self-guided and guided group tours. Numerous breweries on the Gold Coast may offer distinctive beers and experiences. Beer tastings, where you can sample a range of beers brewed on-site, are frequently included in brewery tours.

Additionally, you could meet the brewers and learn more about the brewing process. Brewery tours come in a variety of lengths and prices. Self-directed excursions provide greater schedule flexibility than guided tours, which typically last a few hours. 

Most brewery excursions include transportation between breweries to ensure a convenient and safe experience. It is advised to reserve your brewery tour in advance, especially during the busiest travel times or on weekends. Being responsible for your alcohol usage is crucial when doing brewery tours.

If you want to drive to and from the brewery, make sure you have a designated driver. It’s a good idea to wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers before starting a brewery tour.

Additional Information

  • Four individuals are required for a tour to begin. 
  • Please be advised that there may be up to 10 other people on your trip as this is not private.
  • The experience provider can accommodate visitors who are blind.
  • Please include any special requests, such as dietary restrictions or mobility issues, when booking.
  • The tour lasts roughly from 12 pm to 4 pm.
  • The times may change depending on the state of the traffic and any brewery events.
  • The experience provider may only be open on some public holidays, so be sure to enquire about availability.


Where Can You Go For A Guided Tour Of Australia’s Oldest Brewery?

The Cascade Brewery in Hobart is the oldest in Australia. On tours, visitors can observe the historic brewery’s production of some of Australia’s most premium beers. Stroll through the well-known Woodstock gardens or stop by the Brewhouse for lunch and a beer tasting.

Where Is The Oldest Brewery That Is Known To Exist?

Weihenstephan, 58. Weihenstephan was a Benedictine monastery in Bavaria, Germany, and is currently a part of the Freising neighbourhood. Since at least 1040, this Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan has been situated on the monastery’s site. It is the oldest brewery that has been in continuous operation.

How Long Does The Brewing Process Take?

It takes time for your beer to go from raw ingredients to finished, drinkable beer. Typically, the procedure takes four to eight weeks (between one and two months). The shortest time you’ll have to wait is four weeks.

What Brewery Is The Most Well-Known Worldwide?

Regarding the biggest brewery in the world, Anheuser-Busch usually comes out on top, but since it is a conglomerate, we’re going with Heineken at number two. In 2021, Heineken made 231.2 million hectoliters of beer. It makes sense because Heineken is a well-known and adored beer brand.

What Nation Produces The First Beer?

Around 7000 BCE, the ancient Chinese began producing kui, the first beer ever produced. However, the method presently known as beer brewing was invented in Mesopotamia between 3500 and 3100 BCE in the Godin Tepe village, which is situated in modern-day Iran.

Travel Tips

  • Plan and do some research.
  • Consider arranging transportation in advance if you intend to visit several breweries in one day.
  • The availability of tours
  • Don loose clothing.
  • Keep hydrated.
  • A prior meal.
  • Respect the personnel and the rules.
  • Think about booking a brewery tour.
  • Brewery tours are a great chance to sample various beers, but it’s crucial to drink sensibly at all times.

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