5 Brewery Tours Melbourne: Get Beer Tasting Experience

Brewery Tours Melbourne
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The Great Ocean Road and Bells Beach may be visited on the Melbourne Brewery Tours Melbourne Surf Coast Beer Trail, the best beer tourist route. This tour will help you make thrilling and intriguing craft breweries memories around the Surf Coast and Bellarine districts.

Best Brewery Tours Melbourne: Activities You Can Enjoy Here

Melbourne is an excellent place to begin your search for a craft brewery. There are many; the only challenge is understanding the difference between good and evil. Lucky for you, we’ve already taken care of it for you and set a plan for your tour. Here is a list of places you can visit while roaming in Melbourne.

Mountain Goat Beer

Mountain Goat Beer
Credit Source: www.goatbeer.com.au

One of the top brewers in Melbourne, Richmond’s Mountain Goat Beer, serves up handcrafted Australian brews. They have been operating for 20 years, through many shifts, and have made a name as a leader in the craft beer business. You may discover a rotating selection of all your favourites at the tasting room, along with special releases, experimental beers, and barrel-aged beer. All of their beers are naturally brewed; their India Pale Beer was the first certified organic beer in Australia, and the team is firmly committed to reducing the brewery’s impact on the environment and health.

Hop Nation Brewing Co

hop nation brewery
Credit Source: Visit Melbourne

The Footscray-based Hop Nation Brewing Co began as a bit of business and kept expanding. It is independently owned and run, opened its bar in 2016, and has since established its position in the craft beer industry. The brewery provides 15 taps of delicious beer, like The Dawn, a double Neipa that is hazy, juicy, and packed with vivid hops flavour, and The Kalash. This Russian imperial stout has been partially aged in bourbon barrels with mild wood tar and spice characteristics. Whatever you decide, you’ll be in for a treat at this beautiful Melbourne brewery.

Carlton Brewhouse Tour 

This tour gives you access to one of Melbourne’s most renowned and historic breweries. You can try brewing at home while learning about the process and tasting some of the brewery’s specialty beers.

Stomping Ground Brewery And Beer Hall

Stomping ground Brewery beer Hall
Credit Source: Hidden City Secrets

Stomping Ground Brewery and Beer Hall offer a memorable experience for beer fans. The Collingwood-based brewery produces some of the highest calibre beers, including the Bunker Porter, Smash series sour fruit beers, Gipps St pale ale, Hop Stomper IPA, Laneway Lager, and the Little Foot IPA. The Beer Hall offers a welcoming cultural ambience, food, and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. Their menu is one of the attractions to go, which includes grilled barramundi, confit duck, 300g Scotch fillet, pizzas, and sharing meals. Additionally, every Saturday and Sunday, a free beer tour is available.

Urban Alley Brewery

Urban Alley Brewpub
Credit Source: Urban Alley Brewery

Sustainable practices are critical to the beer-making process at Urban Alley Brewery. It has plants grown from organic waste and exchanges resources with the neighbouring winery to reduce energy use. Its four staple beers are an IPA, a crisp lager, an American pale ale, and a trademark pale ale. Grab a pint and a snack and enjoy the view of the brewing process through the large glass windows, or in the summer, head to the beer garden and remain warm by the central double fireplace.

Included, Also Not Included To Tour

Two sections will explain the do’s and not do’s of Brewery Tours Melbourne.  Things that are typically included in brewery tours in Melbourne:

  • Transport to and from the breweries
  • Guided tour of the breweries
  • Tastings of different beers
  • Souvenir glass
  • Snacks or lunch

Other things that are not included in brewery tours in Melbourne:

  • Tips for your guide
  • Accommodation
  • Souvenirs other than the glass
  • Personal expenses, such as food and drinks outside of the tour

Important Information

Brewery Tours Melbourne is an excellent chance to experience some of Australia’s best beers, learn about the brewing process, and spend an enjoyable day with friends. Casual clothing is usually appropriate for brewery touring. It’s time to break out your favourite cozy tee rather than your go-to top to wear to work. In the colder months, layer your outfit with a sweater and finish it off with a scarf.

Additional Information

Whichever tour you select, you will enjoy yourself while discovering Melbourne’s craft beer sector. So raise a glass to celebrate Melbourne, the world’s beer capital.

  • Organize Your Trip In Advance

It’s a good idea to reserve your tour in advance because many of the trips are well-liked and sell out.

  • Put On Some Relaxed Shoes

Because you’ll be walking a lot, wearing comfortable shoes is crucial.

  • Carry A Camera

Bring your camera because you’ll want to record every moment of your tour.


Q: What Is The Background Of The Breweries In Melbourne?

A: In 1851 Scottish brothers Robert and Peter McCracken established a little brewery. Their City Brewery, which had 130 employees when it became public in the 1880s, had facilities that dominated Collins Street’s western end and produced 500 barrels of beer per batch, second only to the Carlton Brewery.

Q: What Brewery Is The Biggest Australian-Owned One?

A: The largest brewery in Australia, owned by an Australian company, is located in the Regency Park neighbourhood of Adelaide. Cooper’s most well-known beers are its Pale Ale and Sparkling Ale.

Q: Who Established Brewing In Australia First?

A: James Squire, who died on May 16, 1822, at 67, was given the most splendid funeral in the colony’s history. We like to think that his pals would have raised a glass of his best brew to honour his remarkable life. The convict turned first brewer in Australia was James Squire.

Q: What Is Australia’s Most Remote Brewery?

A: The most faraway brewery in South Australia is drawing younger people to the desert. Craft beer enthusiasts from Adelaide travel 5 hours to the Parachilna Brew Project (PBP) microbrewery at the Prairie Hotel to whet their appetites for their beers on tap.

Q: What Percentage Of Alcohol Is In Australian Beer?

A: Unlike the United States, “light” beer in Australia has an alcohol percentage typically approximately 2.5% ABV rather than fewer calories. Australian beers, in comparison, usually range from 4.5% to 5% in alcohol content, with mid-strengths coming in at approximately 3.5%.

Travel Tips

Here are some more travel planning suggestions:

  • Book your travel arrangements well in advance, especially if you’re going from June to August.
  • If you anticipate taking the train frequently, consider purchasing a Eurail pass. You’ll save money on train tickets if you do this.
  • Pack some comfy shoes to accommodate all the walking you’ll be doing.
  • Bring a camera so you can record every memory.
  • Learn a few fundamental words and phrases in the languages of the nations you visit. 
  • Make sure to study the regional customs and manners. This will assist you in avoiding any mistakes.

In The End

Brewery Tours Melbourne offers craft brews; simply visit any bottle shop to choose from locally produced brews. However, you must visit the breweries directly to fully immerse yourself in the craft beer scene. Fortunately, several have opened taprooms, bars, and pubs on the premises, allowing you to taste freshly produced beer just feet from the fermentation tanks. 

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