Brisbane to Agnes Waters Road Trip – The Ultimate Guide

Brisbane to Agnes Waters Road Trip
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You can get from Brisbane to Agnes Waters via the Bruce Highway in the car, bus, train, or flight. The direct drive from Brisbane to Agnes waters is 489 km or 304 miles and should have a drive time of  5 hours, and 42 minutes. 

Basically, Agnes Waters is considered a place for those who are absolutely drunk with a cool and relaxed seaside destination. If you plan a fun trip to Agnes Water beach from Brisbane, take a few stops on your route and enjoy various attractions in those locations. 

Some of the best places to stop on the way to Brisbane to Agnes waters are Caboolture, Gympie, and Torbanlea. Things going so much more interesting, right? Wait, I’m ready to show you the discovery road trip.

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How long to drive from Brisbane to Agnes waters?

There are various driving routes available from Brisbane to Agnes Water. They are:

Route Distance Driving time
M1 & Bruce Highway 477.3 km 5 hours and 33 minutes 
M1537.0 km6 hours and 2 minutes 
Burnett Highway 577.7 km6 hours and 29 minutes 

Train or bus from Brisbane to Agnes Water?

A bus is a better mode of transportation than a train for traveling from Brisbane to Agnes if you want to save money.

But if you want to reach Agnes Water earlier, then a train will be a better option saving around three hours. Remember that you will need to take a taxi in both modes of transportation.

Brisbane to Agnes Waters Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Transportation ModeApproximate time 
Car5 hours 36 minutes 
Bus9 hours 45 minutes 

Agnes water is approximately 477 km far from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The traveling time will vary depending on which mode of transportation you choose.

To make your road trip more fun and enjoyable, you can divide it into four parts. I recommend you go through the following stoppages:

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Brisbane to Caboolture 

Travel distance: 48km

Travel time: 45 minutes by car / 1 hour 8 minutes on the train

After starting your journey from Brisbane, you can make a stop at Caboolture to take some rest and get some rest. It is only 45 minutes away from Brisbane but will take a little longer if you take the train to the Brisbane Central station.

If you are going in a car, you will need to drive from AirportlinkM7 to Gympie Arterial Road to Bruce Highway. You will need to pay tolls on this route, but this is the fastest route to go to Caboolture and Agnes water.

Top attractions in Caboolture

While stopping at Caboolture, some of the places you may want to visit are:

  • Caboolture historical village: It’s a great place to travel back in time and experience the history of Caboolture. You can visit the dairy, the model railway, the museum, and more.
  • Caboolture warplane museum: Visit the museum to explore some fantastic airplanes from WWII. You also can take rides on some of the planes.
  • Abbey museum of art & archaeology: A perfect destination in Caboolture for art and archaeology enthusiasts. If you are on a trip with your kids, this can be a great place to visit.

Residential Hotels in Caboolture 

Although it is not essential to spend the night at the Caboolture, if you have started your journey in the afternoon or want to spend some time in the town, you can stay in the following hotels:

  • Caboolture Motel
  • Morayfield Tavern
  • Best Western Caboolture Gateway Motel
  • Caboolture Central Motor Inn-SureStay by Best Western
  • Caboolture Riverlakes Motel

Restaurants in Caboolture 

You can have your meal in the following restaurants:

  • Ollies Trolly
  • Sweet Basil Thai Restaurant
  • Bamboo Street Thai Food
  • Burrito Bar Caboolture 

Caboolture to Gympie 

Travel distance: 124 km 

Travel time: 1 hour 22 minutes on the car / 2 hours 16 minutes on the train 

After taking some rest in Caboolture, you can again start driving towards Agnes Water. On the way, you will encounter the beautiful city of Gympie, lying on the Mary River. It is 1 hour and 22 minutes away from Caboolture. You also can take the train to Gympie North Station from Caboolture Station.

To reach Gympie, you need to keep driving on the Bruce Highway. If you are on for a little detour, you can visit the Sunshine Coast in Rural Hinterland, Southern Queensland. On your route from Caboolture to Gympie, you will go through Nambour, Black Mountain, Kybong, and several other localities.

Top attractions in Gympie 

After reaching Gympie, you may want to visit the following locations:

  • Gympie bone museum: It is Australia’s first and only bone museum and a great place to visit for people with an interest in anatomy.
  • Gympie aquatic recreation center: You can have fun here in its outdoor and indoor swimming pool.
  • Lake Alford: It’s a recreational park in Gympie where you can spend some quality time with your family.

Residential hotels in Gympie 

After more than two hours of driving, you may want to spend the night at Gympie. The followings are the best residential hotels in Gympie:

  • Room motels Gympie
  • Great eastern motel inn
  • Y Motels Gympie
  • Amamoor Lodge
  • Mary River Motor Inn

Restaurants in Gympie 

The following restaurants in Gympie offer the most delicious meals:

  • Geordie’s Restaurant & Bar
  • The Bunker Smokehouse & Bar
  • Rusty Rails Cafe
  • Ambrosia Indian Restaurant
  • Gympie Social 

Gympie to Torbanlea

Travel distance: 108 km

Travel time: 1 hour 13 minutes on car / Direct train not available 

108 km ahead of Gympie, is the rural town of Torbanlea. You must drive from Gympie to Torbanlea as no direct train is available here. However, you can take a taxi from Didi Express to get to Torbanlea.

Continue driving on the Bruce Highway to reach Torbanlea. You will cross Gunalda, Kanigan, Tiaro, Duckinwilla, and several other towns on the way. If you love camping, you can go to Wongi State Forest, which is pretty close to Torbanlea.

Top attractions in Torbanlea 

Some of the best places to visit in Torbanlea are:

  • Queen’s park: It’s a botanic garden down the riverside. You can spend some relaxing time here.
  • Brooklyn House: It’s an old building that depicts the history of the European Australian settlement.
  • Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary: The sanctuary has more than 33 kangaroos and also has some other animals. A great place in Torbanlea to visit with kids.

Residential Hotels in Torbanlea 

The following are some of the best residential hotels in Torbanlea for taking a rest or night stay:

  • Best Western Kimba Lodge
  • Blue Shades Motel
  • Miners Arms Hotel
  • Wallace Motel & Caravan Park
  • Maryborough City Motel 

Restaurants in Torbanlea 

You can have some snacks or lunch/dinner from the following restaurants in Torbanlea:

  • Goody’s on the Beach
  • Howard Country Style Milk Bar
  • Salty Squid Licensed Seafood Bistro
  • Nosh 2.0
  • Portside Cafe & Restaurant 

Torbanlea to Agnes water

Travel distance: 204 km

Travel time: 2 hours 8 minutes in the car / 5 hours 35 minutes on the bus 

After taking enough rest on Torbanlea, get ready for the longest drive on the trip. It will take approximately 2 hours and 8 minutes by car to reach Agnes water from Torbanlea. No train is available on the route, but you can take a bus, which will take around 5 hours and 35 minutes.

To drive to Agnes Water from Torbanlea, you need to continue driving on Bruce Highway for a while and then get on Lucketts Road. Then drive towards Childers road and then finally get to the Agnes water through Round Hill Road.

Top attractions in Agnes Water 

Some of the top attractions worth visiting in Agnes Water are:

  • Discovery Trail Lookout: The walking trail will take approximately 30 minutes, and then you can watch the stunning view of Agnes water beach.
  • Chinaman’s Beach: If you dislike noisy environments, you can escape the crowd and spend some time on the serene Chinaman’s Beach.
  • Bush Heritage Paperbark Forest Boardwalk: After visiting the beaches, you can take some time to walk through nature in the Bush Heritage Paperbark Forest Boardwalk.

Residential Hotels in Agnes Water 

You can stay in one of the following residential hotels as long as you are staying in Agnes water:

  • Sandcastles 1770 Motel & Resort
  • Agnes Water Beach Club
  • 1770 Southern Cross Travelers Retreat
  • 1770 Beach Shacks
  • Mango Tree Motel

Restaurants in Agnes Water

While staying in Agnes Water, you can eat in the following restaurants:

  • Latino Cafe
  • Holidays Cafe
  • Codie’s Place
  • Drift & Wood Restaurant & Bar
  • Plantation Bar & Restaurant 

Why is Agnes Waters popular?

Agnes Water is popular for being the most northerly surfing beach in Queensland. In fact, the beach was listed as one of the top 10 beaches in Australia. It has been one of the top tourist attractions for both national and international tourists.

Some of the most popular locations in Agnes Water are:

Agnes Water Beach

Most tourists come to Agnes Water to surf at Agnes Water Beach. Low sand dunes and natural coastal vegetation cover most of the areas here. It can also be a great place to walk with your partner.

Discovery Coast Historical Museum

The museum celebrates the landing of James Cook in Agnes Water. It is located at 69 Springs Road. The place mainly includes historical elements such as logs, charts, indigenous artifacts, maritime history, and more. 

Red Rock Trail

You can walk through the red walk trail in the afternoon and enjoy the amazing coastal view. Besides, the red-colored rocks look attractive, and you will have a new view at every turn on the train, which makes the walk more enjoyable.


Where Should You Dine and Drink in Agnes Waters?

Some of the popular dining and drink places in Agnes Water are Zuba’s Cafe & Juice Pty Ltd, Gateway Garden Cafe, Coral Sea Seafood & Takeaway, Pok Pokay, and 1770 Gelato Co. If you are residing in any hotel, they will also have catering services.

Where do buses depart from in Brisbane and Agnes Water?

Buses from Brisbane to Agnes Water depart at Brisbane Airport and Brisbane Coach Terminal. The buses depart at various times, between 8:50 am to 2:00 pm. The trip will take you a little more than nine hours.

How do I travel from Brisbane to Agnes Water without a car?

If you do not have a car, you can travel to Agnes Water from Brisbane via Bus, Train, or take flight. Traveling by bus seems the best option considering the transportation time, cost, and hassle.

How long is the flight from Brisbane to Agnes Water?

The non-stop flight from Brisbane to Agnes Water takes between 58 minutes to 1 hour and 10 minutes. The flight departs from Brisbane Airport and stops at Agnes Water, Queensland, Australia.

What is the cheapest way to get from Brisbane to Agnes Water?

The cheapest way to get from Brisbane to Agnes Water is via Bus. You can complete the trip for as low as $170, while a journey by train will cost at least $270 (including taxi fees). 

What is the fastest way to get from Brisbane to Agnes Water?

The fastest way to get from Brisbane to Agnes Water is via the Bruce Highway. You will go through several cities and towns, including Caboolture, Gympie, Torbanlea, Mayoborough, and more.

Which airlines fly from Brisbane to Agnes Water Airport?

Qantas Airlines and Virgin Australia have the most frequent flights from Brisbane to Agnes Water Airport. Link Airways also offer flights to Agnes Water.

How much is a bus ticket from Brisbane to Agnes Water?

On average, a bus ticket from Brisbane to Agnes Water costs $101 to $137. Most of the buses on the route are Greyhound


The Agnes Water Beach can be a perfect place to have a fun time with friends or family. You can even enjoy the serenity on your own. You should plan for at least three to four days to make the best out of your Brisbane to Agnes Water road trip.

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