Brisbane to Alice Springs Road Trip – 11 Can’t-Miss Places to See

Brisbane to Alice Springs Road Trip
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This epic Brisbane to Alice Springs road trip requires more than 32 hours of continuous driving time to reach a distance of 2995 kilometres. Meanwhile, some possible places to visit along the way are Roma, Longreach, Mount Isa, Toowoomba, Charleville, Winton, Davenport Range National Park, and Tennant Creek.

The drive from Brisbane to Alice Springs is often considered one of the world’s most spectacular highway journeys since it takes travellers from the east coast of Australia into the heart of the country’s desert.

Because flying from Brisbane to Alice Springs is much faster, most travellers will choose that route. On the other hand, if you are up for an adventure and don’t mind taking the scenic route via some traditional outback areas in Queensland, there is much enjoyment to be experienced.

During this magnificent tour across the country, you will have the opportunity to see dozens upon dozens of amazing sites. Therefore, continue reading until you conclude to find other places you may visit.

Distance from Brisbane to Alice Springs and Driving Time

The state capital of Queensland, Brisbane, is located a significant distance away from Alice Springs, which is located in the Northern Territory.

The road journey between the two locations requires a distance of around 2995 kilometres, even though it is a pretty basic drive over some well-maintained portions of roadway between the two locations.

The time spent behind the wheel on this journey totals around 32 hours; however, most travellers break up the driving portion of their journey into at least 5 Days.

There are sections of the trip in which services and facilities, like petrol stations, stores, and bathrooms, are often located at lengths of more than a few hundred kilometres from one another. 

This is especially true as you begin to go into the Northern Territory. As a result, it is in everyone’s best interest to fully use these services as soon as possible after reaching them.

While driving, you must also be aware that the Royal Flying Doctor Service regularly utilizes portions of the Stuart Highway for an emergency landing.

It only happens in well-delineated locations after the police have blocked off the road. However, given the potential for this to hold up your travel plans, it is important that you be alert about this potential obstacle.

So, the summary of the distances is as follows: 

Brisbane to Alice Springs Road Trip: Itinerary, Segments & Attractions 

Total Distance1912 mi (3077 km)
Car Drive Time1 day 10 hrs in normal traffic
Stops31 Stops
Nearest AirportAlice Springs (ASP) Airport

We have researched and prepared travel guides for each of the different segments of a road trip from Brisbane to Alice Springs. A more in-depth guide is included in the following parts. 

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Brisbane to Toowoomba

Thomas Memorial Toowoomba Botanic Gardens 08
Thomas Memorial, Toowoomba Botanic Gardens 08.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

The driving distance from Brisbane to Toowoomba is 127 kilometres, and the driving duration from Brisbane to Toowoomba is a little more than an hour and a half. On the route to Laidley, Wolston Park Golf Club, the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, and Lone Pine Koala Reserve are some recommended destinations for a road trip.

The so-called “Garden City” is an ideal destination for anyone who deeply appreciates flora and fauna since it is home to an abundance of beautiful botanical gardens, forests, green areas, and various floral arrangements. If your vacation falls during September, you will have the opportunity to see the spectacular “Carnival of Flowers.”

Even though it is Queensland’s biggest interior city, Toowoomba is not often included in tourists’ plans. The fact that Toowoomba is situated near Brisbane is one of the reasons why so many people choose to make their home there. However, travelling to Toowoomba by car allows tourists to simultaneously explore several of the city’s most popular sites.

Some of the best places to stay in Toowoomba include the pool-equipped Athena Motel, the unexpectedly luxurious Burke and Wills Hotel, and the big flats at Oaks Toowoomba.

Toowoomba to Dalby

Dalby stenbrott
Dalby stenbrott.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

After leaving Toowoomba, the route will continue to Dalby, a station well-located for exploring the breathtaking Bunya Mountains National Park. A  breathtaking panorama consists of lofty mountains, thundering waterfalls, and the oldest and most extensive stand of bunya pines anywhere in the world.

The distance from Toowoomba to Dalby is 84 kilometres, and the approximate amount of time it takes to get there is one hour and two minutes. Greyhound has a bus that travels between Toowoomba and Dalby, and one-way tickets start at $14.90 for this trip.

The distance from Toowoomba to Dalby in Queensland is not exceptionally long when measured against other locations in Australia. It is possible to reach Dalby through the Warrego Highway quickly when starting from Cairns, the most populous city in the Darling Downs.

Dalby to Chinchilla


When travelling by car, the journey from Dalby to Chinchilla is around 82 kilometres. According to the criteria used in Australia, this is a very short drive that can be accomplished in a single go-around behind the wheel without any difficulty. The distance from Dalby to Chinchilla can be covered by car in about 55 minutes.

There is little need to stop anywhere along the way, especially if you follow the most direct route possible, the Warrego Highway since it will take you to your destination faster than any other route. To put it another way, nothing is interesting to look at here.

Along this path, you will pass through the beautiful towns of Macalister, Warra, Brigalow, and Boonarga. There is a good reason you won’t find any of these locations mentioned in any travel publications about Australia.

Chinchilla to Roma

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After that, it will bring you to Roma, the most well-known town in the entire Southern Hemisphere, for being the site of the greatest number of cattle markets found anywhere.

It would seem that more than 400,000 are purchased a year, and for those who have the desire to do so, there are a variety of trips that can be scheduled to allow visitors to observe the operations that take place in a cattle yard.

When travelling by vehicle from Chinchilla to Roma, the distance is 188 kilometres, which equates to a driving duration of approximately 2 hours and 7 minutes.

On the route from Chinchilla to Roma, the Yuleba State Forest and Miles town are the most noteworthy places to stop for sightseeing along the highway.

Miles, in Queensland, is one of the rather unassuming communities that manages to charm despite its size. The Miles Historical Village and Museum has this area, which features a recreation of the town’s main street from the turn of the century.

Roma to Charleville

14290676537 84606da7f3 b
Charleville Post office and Commonwealth Bank. | The first P… | Flickr

After leaving Roma, the journey proceeds to the lovely city of Charleville, which is famous for the incredible outback night sky that can be seen there. Something that will be accessible to you in all of its magnificence when you visit the Charleville Cosmos Centre & Observatory.

The travel from Roma to Charleville is on the Warrego Highway, which heads west and passes through scenery reminiscent of the desert. The total distance from Roma to Charleville is 267 kilometres, and the driving time required for the trip is 2 hours and 51 minutes.

Charleville to Longreach

9621514202 c38649bded b
Cruise boat that goes along the Thompson River at Longreac… | Flickr

Longreach, better known as the birthplace of the Qantas airline, should be the next place you stop on your journey. After a full day on the road, the town is a great place to pull over and rest, and it is also home to several interesting tourist sites, such as the Qantas Founders Museum and the legendary Stockman’s Hall of Fame.

It requires about 5 hours and 28 minutes of driving time to get from Charleville to Longreach due to the 515 kilometres distance between the two cities.

Longreach to Winton

20937414355 5d81f296c7 b
Elderslie Street, Winton | Winton, Queensland, Australia. | Flickr

After leaving Longreach, the route continues to Winton, which is well-known for having the most comprehensive collection of dinosaur fossils from Australia anywhere in the world. It is also famous for where “Waltzing Matilda” was originally played and written down by Banjo Patterson in 1895.

The journey from Longreach to Winton in Queensland is 179 kilometres. The trip will take around three hours. The Australian Age of Dinosaurs museum is the finest place to stop when travelling along the Landsborough Highway, which can be reached in around 1 hour and 51 minutes by car.

Winton to Cloncurry

Cloncurry River where the Wills Developmental Road crosses TaldoraQueensland June 2019
Cloncurry River where the Wills Developmental Road crosses, Taldora,Queensland, June 2019.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

The distance from Winton to Cloncurry across the outback of Queensland is 348 kilometres, and it will take you around 3 hours and forty-five minutes to travel there. The Combo Water Hole near Kynuna and the Walkabout Creek Hotel in McKinlay are destinations worth stopping at during a road trip.

Cloncurry to Mount Isa

Mount Isa Queensland Lake Moondarra 1
Mount Isa, Queensland – Lake Moondarra.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

After leaving Cloncurry, the route will lead you through Mount Isa, where you can take a fantastic trip to a fully functioning and running mine. If you choose this tour, you will descend far down. Before travelling into the Northern Territory and getting on the Stuart Highway, this is often the final stop most people make in Queensland before heading into the NT.

The distance by car from Cloncurry to Mount Isa in the middle of Queensland’s outback is 121 kilometres. The total driving duration is one hour and twenty-four minutes if you don’t stop. However, the Burke and Wills Memorial, Corella Dam, and Rigby Falls are all excellent destinations for a day trip by car.

Mount Isa to Tennant Creek

McDouall Ranges Tennant Creek
McDouall Ranges Tennant Creek.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Once you’ve arrived in the Northern Territory, you won’t miss the opportunity to go to Tenant Creek, which is well-known for being the location of the exceptional Nyinkka Nyunyu Art & Culture Complex. It has magnificent displays highlighting the history, culture, and art of the Warumungu people living in the area.

Travelling from Mount Isa to Tennant Creek involves covering a total distance of 661 kilometres and taking 6 hours and 49 minutes behind the wheel. Camooweal, the Barkly Homestead, and the Threeways Roadhouse are the only places you can refuel your vehicle.

Tennant Creek to Alice Springs

Finally, the distance from Tennant Creek to Alice Springs via the Stuart Highway is 508 kilometres, and the estimated travel time is 5 hours and 8 minutes. The Devil’s Marbles are, without a doubt, the highlight of any road journey in this region of the Northern Territory.

After coming back onto the road, which was named in honour of a Scottish adventurer called John McDougall Stuart, who became the first European to travel Australia from south to north, the road would then finally lead you towards the Davenport Range National Park. John McDougall Stuart.

This national park is both stunning and lonely and a wonderful location to renew yourself with the natural world. Before making your way to Alice Springs, you will have the opportunity to go walking during the day, swim in peaceful waterholes, and marvel at the beauty of the night sky before moving on to the next stop on your journey.

Best Time for a Road Trip from Brisbane to Alice Springs

It is possible to take a road trip from Brisbane to Alice Springs at any time of the year; however, most people agree that May through September provides the most favourable weather conditions for the journey.

Because it is the dry season in the northern areas of Australia at this time of year, the weather will be somewhat cooler than it is during the months of summer, when temperatures may often reach far beyond 40 degrees Celsius. 

Being the dry season, there is a lot less likelihood of rain, particularly storm activity, which can be very intense during other seasons. During the dry season, there is a lot less probability of rain.

During this time of year, the roads should, for the most part, and particularly around the more distant sections of national parks, be in decent condition. Nevertheless, it is important to be informed of the circumstances in your immediate area since severe weather may occasionally make roads unusable during the rainy season.

However, before you set off on your journey, it is strongly recommended that you have a skilled technician do a comprehensive inspection of your car. This should be done regardless of when you plan to go. You will have a lower chance of experiencing a hiccup from a vehicular malfunction at some point throughout your exciting journey.


Before you set off on your journey from Brisbane to the Alice Springs road trip, we have compiled a list of the most important facts you need to know. For your convenience, I have included some more information down below;

How much does it cost to drive from Alice Springs to Brisbane? 

The expense of travelling with a vehicle from Alice Springs to Brisbane may range anywhere from $882 to $2,124, and it will change based on the carrier, the kind of vehicle, and the mode of transportation.

How many days do you need in Alice Springs?

We strongly suggest you stay in the Alice Springs area for at least 3 to 4 days, or perhaps a week, if you want to take advantage of all the wonderful day trip opportunities.

You will depart with amazing memories and a huge grin on your face, and there is more than enough to keep you occupied throughout your stay there.

Where should I stay in Alice Springs? 

The area directly around the city is home to many distinct campsites. On the other hand, other options are accessible to stay in hotels and other luxurious lodgings.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, we have discussed all there is to know about taking the road trip from Brisbane to Alice Springs. We have made an effort to discover all of the locations along this route that are worthy of a visit, including the distance between each location and the sights found there.

If you read this post, you will find that we have also discussed the trip route and lodgings that are the most convenient for you. So, what else do you need to do? Get moving and start packing your things!

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