Brisbane to Birdsville Road Trip – Must-See Places Along the Way

Brisbane To Birdsville Road Trip
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The Brisbane to Birdsville road trip is all about adventure. The most western frontier in Queensland is Birdsville. A trip to Birdsville is a must as it is a famous notch on the Aussie traveller’s outback belt. However, the Brisbane to Birdsville road distance is 855.7 miles. The approximate driving time is 24 hours and 24 minutes. 

Continuously driving for this long time is impossible and boring. Therefore to make your trip adventurous and enjoyable, we are making a complete itinerary of 3 days. 

Throughout this travel plan, we will include all those stopping points where you should take a break. Also, we will explain what to do, where to eat and stay. 

So sharply read this guide till the end. 

Brisbane To Birdsville Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions 

Drive 24 Hours & 24 Minutes 
Stops 30
Nearest Airport to Brisbane Brisbane Airport (BNE / YBBN)

Birdsville is 855.7 miles away from Brisbane. In normal traffic, the non-stop driving time is 24 hours and 24 minutes. There are almost 30 cities and attractions that you can enjoy along the way of this trip. 

However, to make your trip enjoyable and adventurous, we are making a complete itinerary of 3 days. Within these three days, you can explore the most attractive place from both ends. So now go through this guide to learn the plan details.

Day 1 

For going on a trip, you need to be prepared. Full preparation makes your journey easier. On the first day of your trip, wake up early and have breakfast. Then start your adventure into the outback from Brisbane. 

Brisbane To Toowoomba

Toowoomba is 127.3 KM away from Brisbane. Drive along the Warrego Highway / A2 for 1 hour and 48 minutes to cross this distance. The first picturesque delight where you should stop is Toowoomba. In Queensland, Toowoomba is known as Garden City. But there are so many things to enjoy in this city other than the gardens and carnival. 

Once you visit this town, you will surely love it and visit it more often. Toowoomba is famous for the Carnival of Flowers. This carnival is the longest-running flower festival in Queensland, Australia. If you don’t care about the flowers, you can visit other attractive places here. 

This city has many picturesque locations where you can enjoy quality time and take great pictures. Outside Canberra, Toowoomba is the biggest inland town in Australia. Toowoomba is situated at the giant tabletop on the Great Dividing Range edge. To enjoy the ideal scenario of nature, Toowoomba is undoubtedly the best place to visit.

Top Attractions In Toowoomba

  • Laurel Bank Park
  • Japanese Garden
  • Cobb + Co Museum
  • Picnic Point Lookout and Parkland
  • Queens Park Botanic Gardens

Accommodation In Toowoomba

  • Highlander Motor Inn & Apartments
  • Quest Toowoomba
  • Avenue Motel Apartments

Restaurants In Toowoomba

  • Ice’ N’ Spice
  • EI Attar Middle Eastern Grill
  • Sofra Turkish Cuisine

Toowoomba To Miles

Drive for about 2.5 hours to reach Miles from Toowoomba. Miles is located between Toowoomba and Roma on the Warrego Highway. Originally it was named Dogwood Crossing.

Miles is a vibrant rural township in Queensland. It is well known for its well-preserved nature and spring wildflowers. It is a lively town that is rich in natural attractions and history. Moreover, it’s an active arts community, making it a perfect destination for travellers.

There are many beautiful places in Miles to visit and enjoy. You will surely step back in time by visiting the Miles Historical Village. The Museum here features the turn-of-the-century’s 34 replica buildings, including the bank, hospital, café, etc. 

Also, this Museum contains the printers, post office, school, garage, chemist, bakery, etc. For your families, it will offer a fantastic educational experience. 

Another beautiful visiting place in Miles is the Chinamans Lagoon. It is the home to an Australian native rare pink water lily. Over the summer and autumn months, it produces a spectacular display.

Top Attractions In Miles

  • Miles Historical Village Museum 
  • Dogwood Creek Walking Track 
  • Columboola Country 
  • Chinamans Lagoon 
  • Gil Weir 

Accommodation In Miles

  • Starline Motor Inn 
  • Golden West Motor Inn 
  • Miles Outback Motel 

Restaurants In Miles

  • Queensland Hotel 
  • Mace’s Hot Bread Miles 
  • The Australian Hotel 

Miles To Roma 

Miles to Roma’s driving distance is 1.5 hours. In Outback Queensland’s Maranoa Region, Roma is one of the largest towns. The friendly country hospitality of this region offers an array of conveniences. You will find several visiting, shopping and dining options throughout the town. 

Roma serves the taste of outback life to the visitors from the rigs, races to cattle and Carnarvon Gorge. The Carnarvon National Park in Roma is an oasis of unique plant species, birdlife and freshwater creeks. Amongst Central Queensland’s dusty heart, a sparkling gem is this Carnarvon Gorge. 

The several trials here allow you to explore this special place. It is home to 170 or more bird species. However, if you enjoy the great horse racing, lively atmosphere and entertainment, you must visit the Roma Turf Club. 

This club hosts three major race meets, and bush racing meets each year. While staying in Roma, don’t forget to visit the Big Rig. The Big Rig celebrates Australia’s special and unique oil and gas industry history. Visiting here, you can collect intriguing photos, stories, facts and objects

Top Attractions In Roma

  • Roma Cattle Saleyards 
  • The Big Rig 
  • Roma Visitor Information Center 
  • Roma’s Biggest Bottle Tree 
  • Roma War Memorial Heroes Avenue 

Accommodation In Roma

  • Overlander Homestead Motel 
  • Roma Central Motel 
  • Starlight Motor Inn 

Restaurants In Roma

  • Explorers Restaurant 
  • Bakearoma 
  • White Bull Tavern 

After exploring so many places on the first day of the trip, stay at Roma at night. Several accommodations facilities are available here. So you can select a hotel to stay within your budget. 

Day 2 

On the second day of your trip, you have to cover a huge distance again to reach your next destination. So, wake up early and get ready with your backpack. Then start driving. 

Roma To Murweh 

Roma, Queensland to Murweh, Queensland, road distance is 389.6 KM. Drive along the Warrego Highway for 4 hours and 19 minutes to cross this distance. Murweh is a beautiful town located in Queensland, Australia. 

It is home to a stunning selection of experiences and attractions. All these make visiting this place worthwhile enough. Murweh Shire offers visitors plenty of fun things. Moreover, it is rich in history and culture. While staying here, you will get to explore this area’s extensive and impressive nature. 

In the Murweh Shire, the largest town is Charleville. This city covers the towns of Augathella and Morven. Edmund Kennedy first explored this Murweh Shire area. This area boasts many interesting places and attractions. By visiting all these places, you will surely enjoy many more things. 

After exploring Murweh and enjoying your time here, we recommend you stay here at night. The driving time to your next destination is too much. Therefore, stay here at night. 

Day 3

Start your journey from Murweh to reach Birdsville on day 3. The third day is the last day of your trip. On day 3, you must drive for a long hour to reach your destination. So start your journey early in the morning. 

Murweh To Birdsville 

Murweh to Birdsville is a long journey. The distance between these two destinations is 959.3 KM. To cross this distance, drive for 11 hours and 14 minutes along State Route 14. Birdsville is an iconic, isolated and historic outback township in Queensland. It is located in the remote Diamantine region. 

Birdsville is full of different natural attractions. Here you will enjoy the heart-pumping mountain, ice-blue lakes, bike trails, rolling hills etc. Come and explore this beautiful city. From anywhere in Australia, Birdsville is a long way in Queensland. 

It is situated at the Simpson Desert border and the state’s far southwestern corner. Despite a remote location, Birdsville annually attracts thousands of visitors every day. It is full of different attractive places. Recently in Birdsville, one of the popular attractions is Big Red. 

Birdsville west is the first dune travelling through the Simpson Desert. One absolutely stunning spot to watch the sunset over a bubbly beer glass is Big Red. 

Top Attractions In Birdsville

  • Birdsville Races 
  • Big Red Sand Dune 
  • Munga-Thirri National Park 
  • Big Red Bash 
  • Wirrarri Visitor Information Centre (Birdsville)

Accommodation In Birdsville

  • Birdsville Hotel 
  • Birdsville Lodge 
  • Birdsville Tourist Park 

Restaurants In Birdsville

  • Birdsville Pub 
  • Betoota Hotel Restaurant 
  • Birdsville Bakery 


Is the road sealed between Brisbane and Birdsville? 

The road between Brisbane and Birdsville is not sealed but properly maintained. On this road, you can drive with your SUV, 4WD with a camper trailer or caravan. However, road conditions can vary depending on the weather. 

Why is Birdsville famous? 

Birdsville is famous for its annual Birdsville races. Around the first week of September, race week is held. During the race, thousands of visitors visit Birdsville. And at this time, everything goes a little bit crazy here. 

Is Birdsville worth visiting? 

One perfect stepping point for exploring the mighty Simpson is Birdsville. So, Yes, it’s worth visiting. 


The Brisbane to Birdsville road trip is a long drive. But you will surely enjoy your driving time following our three days complete itineraries. To visit Birdsville, one of the best ways is this road trip. 

But if you fail to plan it properly, your trip can be ruined. Therefore we have prepared a complete guide to help you. However, this itinerary is completely flexible. And if you want to add more days to your trip, you can do that too. 

For rearranging your trip plan, comment in the comment section if you need any help. Soon we will reply to you.

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