Brisbane to Broken Hill Road Trip – A Discover Guide for the Ultimate Adventure

Brisbane to Broken Hill Road Trip
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The Brisbane to Broken Hill road trip is the easiest way to enjoy all the beauties and attractions on Broken Hill drive. Broken Hill is a rare National Heritage listing site in Australia. It is full of different histories, cultures, and attractions. Therefore a trip to Broken Hill is a must. 

Brisbane to Broken Hill road distance is 1541.3 KM. The driving distance is 16 hours and 27 minutes. Non-stop driving at this time is not possible. Therefore to make your journey easier, we are dividing this trip by three days. 

However, let’s go through this article to know what you should do in these three days and where you should stop and stay. Let’s dive into the main discussion: 

Brisbane To Broken Hill Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions 

Broken Hill is 1541.3 KM away from Brisbane. If you drive along the Barrier Highway / A32, the non-stop driving time is 16 hours and 27 minutes. The easiest and quickest way of reaching Broken Hill is taking a flight. 

But we bet whether you take a flight or drive non-stop, you will surely miss exploring cities and attractions on this route. Therefore take our suggestion and plan for a road trip. To make your job easier, we have already planned three days’ trips for you. 

So, go through this trip details to learn more:

Bus 31 Hours & 10 Minutes 
Car16 Hours & 45 Minutes 
Stops 35

Day 1 

Start driving from Brisbane. And on day one, you will reach your first destination Toowoomba within a few hours of driving. 

Brisbane To Toowoomba 

Toowoomba Post Office 04 scaled
Toowoomba Post Office 04.JPG – Wikimedia Commons

Drive along the Warrego Highway / A2 for 1 hour and 31 minutes to reach Toowoomba from Brisbane. The road distance between these two ends is 127.3 KM. Toowoomba is the largest inland city in Queensland. 

The street art scene and growing urban coffee culture create the country charm in Toowoomba. Also, it is known as the garden city. It is home to hundreds of gardens and parks. Moreover, this city hosts the iconic Flowers spring carnival event. 

Here in this city, you can enjoy heritage walks or soak up the fresh country air. Toowoomba is full of culture, history, food, and heritage. All of these make visiting this city worth enough. 

Top Attractions In Toowoomba

  • Laurel Bank Park 
  • Cobb + Co Museum 
  • Queens Park Botanic Gardens 
  • Japanese Garden 
  • Picnic Point Lookout and Parkland 

Accommodation In Toowoomba

  • Oaks Toowoomba Hotel 
  • Platinum International 
  • Burke and Wills Hotel Toowoomba 

Restaurants In Toowoomba

  • Ice’ N’ Spice 
  • Sofra Turkish Cuisine 

Toowoomba To Goondiwindi 

800px Goondiwindi Big Cod 004
Goondiwindi Big Cod 004.JPG – Wikimedia Commons

You can reach Goondiwindi from Toowoomba following three routes. Along State Route 85, the road distance is 221.4 KM. And driving time is 2 hours and 28 minutes. Again along State Route 85, Mililmerran Inglewood Road / State Route 82, the road distance is 241.8 KM. And the driving time is 2 hours and 42 minutes on this road. 

Along the 3rd route, the driving time is 2 hours and 43 minutes. The third road is State Route 48 and National Route 42. The distance between the two ends following this road is 240.6 KM. Goondiwindi in Australia is the centre of agriculture. 

It is the base of producing various crops and fibres, including cotton, beef, corn, barley, wheat, etc. However, Goondiwindi is a beautiful location to stop along your Broken Hill road trip. It is a charming destination. Goondiwindi offers wide-open space, plenty of picturesque scenery, and great attractions nearby. 

Top Attractions In Goondiwindi

  • Goondiwindi Botanic Gardens 
  • Gunsynd The Goondiwindi Grey 
  • Customs House Museum 
  • Goondiwindi Visitor Information Centre 
  • Goondiwindi Natural Heritage & Water Park 

Accommodation In Goondiwindi

  • Border Motel 
  • Binalong Motel 
  • Macintyre Motor Inn 

Restaurants In Goondiwindi

  • New Dynasty Chinese Restaurant 
  • Victoria Hotel 
  • Cascades Restaurant 

Goondiwindi To Moree 

A.C.Reid Co Moree NSW 2021 02 scaled
A.C.Reid & Co, Moree, NSW, 2021, 02.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

125 KM is the driving distance between Goondiwindi to Moree along the Newell Highway / A39. The driving time is 1 hour and 22 minutes. Moree is a beautiful town to visit in Australia. It promotes itself as “Australia’s Artesian Spa Capital” and “Home of Artesian Water Country.” 

Moree is a place of rejuvenation and relaxation. Northwest NSW is a beautiful Gwydir Valley. From deep inside the Great Artesian Basin, this city is sourced naturally. 

Thousands of road trippers and Travellers flock to Moree each year to enjoy the soothing thermal springs. This place also offers many more natural attractions to its visitors. 

Top Attractions In Moree

  • Moree Visitor Information Centre 
  • Waa Gorge 
  • Rocket Park 
  • Bank Art Museum Moree 
  • Woolaway Wines 

Accommodation In Moree

  • Angel’s Rest Motel 
  • Winchester Motel 
  • Albert Motel 

Restaurants In Moree

  • Café Omega 
  • 61 Balo Café 
  • Tandoori Bites 

On day 1, stay at Moree at night. Several accommodations facilities are available here. So, there will be plenty of staying places. Enjoy your night’s stay in this beautiful city and make memories. 

Day 2

On the second day of your trip, exploring beautiful places will begin again. So, early morning leave from Moree. And move toward your next destination. 

More To Lightning Ridge 

Amigos Castle Lightning Ridge
Amigos Castle, Lightning Ridge.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Moree, New South Wales, Australia to Lightening Ridge, Australia distance is 263.3 KM. Drive along the Gwydir Highway / B76 for 2 hours and 49 minutes to cross this distance. Lightning Ridge in Australia is best known for its stunning black opal. It’s very rare. 

Moreover, this town is rich in colourful mining history and other attractions. Lightening Ridge is the perfect destination to experience the Quintessential outback. In Outback NSW, this is a historic and unique opal mining town. 

Here you will find rare opals and jewellery. Explore the glittering display of nature while staying in this city. 

Top Attractions In Lightning Ridge

  • Chambers of The Black Hand 
  • John Murray Art Gallery 
  • Artesian Baths 
  • Carinya Station Farm Stay 
  • Lightning Ridge 

Accommodation In Lightning Ridge

  • BIG4 Opal Holiday Park 
  • Bluey Motel 
  • The Wallangulla Motel 

Restaurants In Lightning Ridge

  • Morillas Café 
  • Piccolo Italian Restaurant 
  • Bruno’s Italian Restaurant & Takeaway 

Lightning Ridge To Nyngan 

52038323237 690fc24911 b
Nyngan. The 1883 railway station is now the information ce… | Flickr

Along the Carinda Road, Lightning Ridge to Nyngan road distance is 313.3 KM. The driving time on this route is 3 hours and 37 minutes. Nyngan is the home to agriculture. It is rich in heritage, colonial history, and the Big Bogan statue. 

On the bank of the tranquil Bogan River, this city is located. There are several popular attractions in Nyngan that you can explore. You can visit the Cobb & Co museums and heritage trails here. This heritage trail runs through Nyngan between Bourke and Bathurst. 

Also, Nyngan offers you to enjoy its natural beauty and other significant things. One of the most extensive inland wetlands is Macquarie Marshes Nature Reserve in Southeast Australia. 

It’s a significant water bird breeding area. You can explore this beauty also. There are huge attractions available to explore in Nyngan. 

Top Attractions In Nyngan

  • Nyngan Museum 
  • The Big Bogan 
  • Mid-State Shearing Shed Museum 
  • Nyngan Coach House 
  • Helicopter Flood Memorial 

Accommodation In Nyngan

  • Nyngan Riverside Caravan Park 
  • Alamo Motor Inn 
  • The Country Manor Motor Inn 

Restaurants In Nyngan

  • Mart’s Café 
  • The Bogan Coffee Shop 
  • Nyngan RSL Civic Club 

On day 2, spend your night at Nyngan. Here you will find several hotels or motels to stay in. From the available options, select one that is within your budget. 

Day 3 

On the third day, wake up early at a reasonable hour. Then start your journey from Nyngan. Your next destination to take a break on the third day is Cobar. 

Nyngan To Cobar 

50570240182 624c41c43f b
CB_Cobar North Mine | The Cobar North Mine This shaft was 51… | Flickr

Nyngan to Cobar road distance is 130.9 KM. Drive along the A32 road to cross this distance. Cobar is known as “The Copper City.” It is located on the Barrier Highway crossroads. It is a fascinating town that is rich in history and culture. 

This city is most famous for its natural attractions and mining heritage. Break your journey here in Cobar. Take some time and explore the fascinating colonial buildings and museums here. Also, explore the marvel at the ancient Aboriginal rock art and open-cut mines. 

Due to the mining history of this city, it has become famous to the world. At Cobar, you can do many things. Here you can enjoy the art sites or walk along the road and talk. Also, you can visit and explore the historic building of this town. 

Cobar To Wilcannia 

Shire Office Complex Wilcannia 2017 02 scaled
Shire Office Complex, Wilcannia, 2017 (02).jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Drive along the Barrier Highway / A32 for 2 hours and 41 minutes to reach Wilcannia from Cobar. The driving distance between these two ends is 260.1 KM. Wilcannia is located between the Cobar and Broken Hill in the Outback of New South Wales. 

On the Darling River, a crucial staging point for supplies the wheat and wool exports is Wilcannia. The Barrier Highway crosses the river through Wilcannia. In Australia, it is the third largest inland port. 

This town is rich in history and full of different natural attractions. Many rustic surviving sandstone buildings are available to explore here. Moreover here you can visit the natural park to explore the wildlife. 

Top Attractions In Wilcannia

  • Baker Park 
  • Reconciliation Park 
  • Peery Lake 
  • Mutawintji Heritage Tours 

Accommodation In Wilcannia

  • Warrawong On The Darling 
  • Wilcannia Motel 
  • Victory Park Caravan Park 

Restaurants In Wilcannia

  • Miss Barrett’s Café 
  • Cooee Coffee 
  • Emmerdale Roadhouse 

Wilcannia To Broken Hill 

Broken Hill Post Office 2017 05 scaled
Broken Hill Post Office, 2017 (05).jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Wilcannia to Broken Hill road distance is 196.7 KM. Along the Barrier Highway / A32, you must drive for 2 hours and 5 minutes to cross this distance. Broken Hill is a legendary outback city. 

It is rich in history, cultural heritage, the cast of colourful characters, and a vibrant artistic community. Visiting this city, you can discover famous sculptures, unique galleries, palatial federation heritage, cool cafes, etc. Broken Hill is the first heritage-listed city in Australia. 

Explore this city and learn about its most fascinating history. Broken Hill is the oldest mining town in Australia. So this city offers you to enjoy and explore many things. 

Top Attractions In Broken Hill

  • Royal Flying Doctor Service 
  • The Broken Hill Sculptures 
  • Pro Hart Gallery 
  • Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre 
  • Line of Lode Miners Memorial 

Accommodation In Broken Hill

  • Broken Hill Tourist Park 
  • Red Earth Motel 
  • Broken Hill Outback Resort 

Restaurants In Broken Hill

  • Tydvil Hotel Bistro 
  • The Palace Hotel Restaurant 
  • S-Que Restaurant 


How many days should you spend in Broken Hill? 

To explore the beautiful places in and around Broken Hill, 4-5 days are enough. 

Is Broken Hill worth visiting? 

Broken Hill is worth visiting because it offers to explore and discover a wide range of diverse landscapes. 

What is unique about Broken Hill? 

The specialty of Broken Hill is it is the oldest mining town in Australia. Moreover, it is famous for its picturesque and dramatic landscape. 


The Brisbane to Broken Hill road trip is full of different adventures. Sometimes More than three days are needed to explore all the cities and attractions from both ends. However, after going through the above itinerary, you now have a clear insight into your trip plan. Now you know where to stop, eat and stay. 

However, this trip plan is entirely flexible. Therefore if you have to change the trip days or destination, you can do that. If you need any help in making a change to the itinerary, you can comment. Soon we will reply to you.

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