Brisbane to Byron Bay Road Trip – The Travel Insider’s Guide

Brisbane to Byron Bay Road Trip
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The distance from Brisbane to Byron Bay can be covered by car in a straight line, which is 104 miles (164 kilometres) long and should take around 1 hour and 50 minutes to do so under typical traffic conditions.

If you leave Brisbane in the most direct direction, the trip to Byron Bay should only take you around two hours by car. It’s possible that you’ll need the whole day if you want to stop at all of the different beaches and other natural sights along the route.

Because there are many attractions to see and do in Brisbane, and Byron Bay is just a short drive away, Brisbane is an ideal starting point for your road trip to Byron Bay. This allows you to spend less time in traffic and more time exploring when you get there! You’ll be able to go at your own speed while camping out in the wilderness.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Brisbane to Byron Bay Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Total Distance104 mi (164 km)
Car Drive Time1 hour and 50 minutes in normal traffic
Bus TimeApproximately 3h 15m
Stops33 Stops
Nearest AirportBrisbane International Airport

Many of us who live in Brisbane make the journey to Byron on a fairly frequent basis, and we’ve decided that instead of speeding to the beach, we should take some time to appreciate the sights and sounds that can be found along the road. Prepare for the journey of a lifetime from Brisbane to Byron by stocking up on gas, rounding up your best pals, and loading up on your favourite tunes: we’ve got the perfect itinerary for you! 

If you’re going on a road trip, you shouldn’t focus just on getting to your end destination; instead, you should make the most of the journey itself by unearthing hidden treasures and creating unforgettable moments along the way.

So, in order to make sure that your next road trip is one for the books, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest spots to pull off the highway and take a break. These places to stop between Brisbane and Byron are not to be missed for any reason, as they provide something for everyone, from the beach to the hinterland and all in between.

Now, let’s take a look at the overall distance of this road journey as well as the entire amount of time it will take:

Brisbane to Fo Guang Shan Chung Tian Temple

Driving TimeDistance
24 min23.6 km

We are going to start our Brisbane to Byron Bay road trip by leaving for Fo Guang Shan Chung Tian Temple which will take around 24 mins and a distance of about 23.6 km. 

The Chung Tian Temple, also known as the Middle Heaven Temple, is a Chan Buddhist temple that can be found in Priestdale, Queensland, at 1034 Underwood Road. The Buddhist monastic order of Fo Guang Shan, of which the temple is a member, may be found here.

The building of the temple started in January of 1991, and it wasn’t completed until June 1993 when it was finally inaugurated. The Venerable Master Hsing Yun, who is also credited with establishing the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist order, was the one responsible for the establishment of the Chung Tian Temple.

Through the practice of Humanistic Buddhism, the Temple offers a tranquil and culturally significant location for the local population as well as for tourists, who bring with them a wide range of cultural backgrounds and religious perspectives.

Top Attractions in Fo Guang Shan Chung Tian Temple: 

  • Fo Guang Shan Chung Tian Temple
  • The Chung Tian Temple
  • The Middle Heaven Temple
  • Chan Buddhist temple

Fo Guang Shan Chung Tian Temple to Yatala Pies

Driving TimeDistance
21 min21.6 km

Your journey from Brisbane to Byron Bay wouldn’t be complete without a pit break at this legendary pie store, would it? The delectable pastries that they create are unrivalled as a source of sustenance for lengthy journeys.

It’s safe to say that Yatala Pies makes the most delicious pies in all of Brisbane. They produce their own dough, which results in an exceptionally delicious aftertaste. They provide a wide selection of pies and other sweets in a number of different flavours.

They have their own large parking lot that is completely separate and exclusive to them. The neighbourhood that surrounds the business is one of the most tranquil and picturesque in the city. For when you’re going to be in the car for a while and need some nibbles.

Top Attractions in Yatala Pies: 

  • The great Yatala Pie Shop

Restaurants in Yatala Pies:

  • Yatala Pie Shop
  • Burnside Tavern
  • Subway

Yatala Pies to Ormeau

Driving TimeDistance
9 min7.3 km

Ormeau is a town in the outback that is also a suburb of the city of Gold Coast, which is located in the state of Queensland in Australia. Ormeau was counted as having a total population of 14,460 residents at the census that was conducted in 2016.

Ormeau may be found in the far north of the Gold Coast, around 41 kilometres (25 miles) to the north of Surfers Paradise, and approximately 49 kilometres (30 miles) south of Brisbane.

The house of Major Alexander Jenyns Boyd, a sugar planter in the 1860s, was given the name Ormeau House, which is whence the town got its name.

The Gold Coast City Council has a mobile library service that travels to Ormeau every two weeks and makes a total of four stops there.

Top Attractions in Ormeau: 

  • Ormeau Village Shopping Centre
  • Genfit Training Centre
  • Too Easy Tours

Accommodation in Ormeau: 

  • Tranquill Garden Hideaway
  • Gold Coast Way Brisbane
  • Kia Ora

Restaurants in Ormeau:

  • Thai River Kwai Restaurant
  • Garlic Clove Indian Restaurant
  • No ego
  • Gills Indian Cuisine
  • Norfolk Tavern
  • Shearers Arms Tavern
  • Ormeau Chinese Restaurant

Ormeau to Warner Bros. Movie World

Driving TimeDistance
13 min16.7 km

The ideal location for an enjoyable day trip. They offer a large number of shaded spots, so you can still enjoy yourself even if the weather is hot. Activities, parades, and the general management of ensuring everything were in perfect order were very well organized and handled. There was a chance for everyone to take a picture with the cartoon characters and figures.

In addition to that, going there with children of a somewhat older age may be a lot of fun.

It is highly recommended to get a fast pass ticket in order to avoid spending a significant amount of time waiting in line for rides. With this ticket, you will be able to experience the attractions without delay. However, you should be aware that the price will be much more.

As the closing time draws near, there is a possibility that there could be a little decrease in noise level since several families with small children will be departing.

The ambience across the whole park is quite pleasant. It is highly recommended that you see a few of the performances in addition to going on the roller coasters.

Top Attractions in Warner Bros. Movie World: 

  • Movie World Theme Park from Brisbane Hotel One-Way Transfer
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary General Entry Ticket
  • 2.5hr Gold Coast Kayaking & snorkeling tour
  • Gold Coast 1.5-Hour Sightseeing River Cruise from Surfers Paradise
  • Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Jet Boat Ride: 55 Minutes
  • Learn to Surf at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast
  • 50-Minute Aqua Park Session

Accommodation in Warner Bros. Movie World: 

  • Paradise Country Farmstay
  • Kintail Bed & Breakfast
  • End Results

Restaurants in Warner Bros. Movie World:

  • House of Siam Thai Restaurant
  • Ginger Indian Gourmet
  • Black Sheep Bistro
  • Betty’s Burgers
  • The Fresh Pantry
  • Tasty Magic Chinese Restaurant

Warner Bros. Movie World to Highland Park

Driving TimeDistance
16 min15.1 km

In the state of Queensland, in the country of Australia, the community of Highland Park is a suburb of the City of Gold Coast. Six thousand five hundred seventy-four persons were counted at that year’s census in Highland Park.

On January 27, 1987, William Duncan State School officially opened its doors to students. Ivan Gibbs, who represented Albert in the Queensland Legislative Assembly at the time, was the one who cut the ribbon and formally opened it on October 31st, 1987.

William Duncan, an early immigrant, and timber-getter in the region is honoured with the naming of this educational institution. There was a suggestion made in the past that the institution is known as Boorajing (an Aboriginal word meaning windy place).

Restaurants in Highland Park:

  • Le Vintage Boutique Cafe
  • Mozzafiato at Elite
  • Foodie Indiya
  • Mike’s Kitchen Rib & Steakhouse
  • Arakawa
  • Montmartre French Patisserie

Highland Park to Burleigh Heads

Driving TimeDistance
15 min15.8 km

Within the Town of Gold Coast in the state of Queensland in Australia is where you’ll find the suburb of Burleigh Heads. The population of Burleigh Heads was recorded as 10,077 during the census that was carried out in 2016.

One of the greatest beaches on the Gold Coast for swimming, body boarding, and surfing is located on the Gold Coast’s north-eastern facing beach, which is shielded from the ocean by Burleigh Head to the south. A large stand of Norfolk Island Pines, which were first established by the Justins family and are said to be among the oldest planted at the shore, and more recent plantings, which together comprise around 450 Norfolk Pines, serve as a background and are home to local birds.

Top Attractions in Burleigh Heads: 

  • California Tacos
  • Burleigh Heads Beach
  • Burleigh Head National Park
  • Pie Pie

Accommodation in Burleigh Heads: 

  • Burleigh Beach Retreat
  • Burleigh Beach Pad 100m from the beach – stunning
  • Burleigh On View – Fabulous!
  • Luxury Beachfront Sky Home – Ocean Views
  • Burleigh Beachfront – Best Location on the Coast

Restaurants in Burleigh Heads:

  • Rabbath
  • Jimmy Wah’s
  • The Little Plate
  • Willow Dining
  • Commune
  • Paddock Bakery
  • Govindas

Burleigh Heads to Cudgera Creek

Driving TimeDistance
32 min44.8 km

There were 386 people living in Cudgera Creek at the time of the survey in 2011, with 53.1% being female and 46.9% being male.

The population of Cudgera Creek had a median age of 36 years old, which is one year younger than the national median age of 37 years old.

The average resident of Cudgera Creek was born and raised in Australia, making up 87.6% of the total population. Other countries that had a high number of replies for being their nation of birth were New Zealand, England, and Sweden.

At home, the most prevalent language was English, which was spoken by 94.8% of people. The second most common language was Vietnamese, which was spoken by 0.8% of people.

Top Attractions in Cudgera Creek: 

  • Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park

Accommodation in Cudgera Creek: 

  • Currumbin Sands on the Beach
  • Palm Beach Hotel
  • Red Star Palm Beach
  • Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park
  • 19th Avenue On The Beach

Restaurants in Cudgera Creek:

  • Balboa Italian Restaurant
  • Odyssey Bistro
  • The Collective
  • Burgster
  • Rabbath

Cudgera Creek to Byron Bay

Driving TimeDistance
27 min37.9 km

Finally, we arrived at our destination which is Bayron Bay. From Cudgera Creek to Byron Bay, it will be a distance of around 37.9 km which would take about 27 minutes to reach. 

New South Wales, located in the southeast of Australia, is home to the town of Byron Bay, which is situated on the coast. It is a well-known vacation spot that draws tourists from all over the world because of its beaches, waves, and opportunities for scuba diving and surfing. On a headland that also has a lighthouse is where you’ll find Cape Byron State, Conservation Park. Viewpoints atop headlands, such as the Captain Cook Lookout, are prime locations for seeing humpback whales between the months of June and November.

Top Attractions in Byron Bay: 

  • Kayaking with Dolphins in Byron Bay Guided Tour
  • 3-Hour Sea Turtle Snorkeling Experience in Byron Bay
  • Premier Snorkeling in Byron Bay
  • Byron Bay Hinterland Tour Including Rainforest Walk to Minyon Falls
  • Premier Whale Watching Byron Bay

Accommodation in Byron Bay: 

  • The Lord Byron
  • Crystalbrook Byron, formerly Byron at Byron
  • Cape Byron Retreat
  • Beach Suites
  • Byron Bay Hotel & Apartments
  • Wake Up! Byron Bay
  • Waves Byron Bay

Restaurants in Byron Bay:

  • Manna Haven
  • Betty’s Burgers
  • Dip
  • BayGer
  • Chihuahua
  • Il Buco
  • Bay Leaf Cafe
  • Orgasmic
  • The Cyprus Tree


To go from Brisbane to Byron Bay by car, how much would the petrol cost?

Depending on the fuel efficiency of your car, the price of gas between Brisbane and Byron Bay would be between $12 and $28 USD.

How long is it by car to go to Byron Bay from Brisbane?

The distance from Brisbane to Byron Bay while travelling by car is 164 kilometres (167 km).

What is the estimated travel time from Brisbane to Byron Bay by car?

It should take you 1 hour and 46 minutes to drive from Brisbane to Byron Bay under typical traffic conditions.

Where should I stop between Brisbane and Byron Bay to see the most interesting cities?

People have a lot of fun travelling to places such as the Gold Coast, Caloundra, and Burleigh Heads.

Final Words 

You have made it! The lengthy journey from Brisbane to Byron Bay, during which you made several great stops along the way, has, at last, come to a close. This article about the things that you can do on a road trip from Brisbane to Byron Bay is meant to be amusing, and I really hope that it has been so for you. Happy journey! 

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