Brisbane to Carnarvon Gorge Road Trip – The Ultimate Road Trip Itinerary

Brisbane To Carnarvon Gorge Road Trip
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The spectacular Carnarvon Gorge is ideal for a road trip or family camping holiday. Visiting this place, you can view aboriginal art sites and explore various things. Carnarvon Gorge is about 724.4 KM away from Brisbane. 

Most visitors plan for the Brisbane to Carnarvon Gorge road trip via Injune along the Carnarvon Highway. To complete this trip, you have to drive for 8 hours and 13 minutes. So it’s pretty clear that it’s a big journey. 

There are many spectacular places, cities, and attractions along the Brisbane and Carnarvon Gorge route. Therefore you need to plan for at least 3-4 days so that you can explore all these places on your trip. 

So, in today’s guide, we will explain a complete three-day road trip itinerary from Brisbane to Carnarvon. Now, let’s dive into the discussion: 

Brisbane To Carnarvon Gorge Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions 

Drive along the Warrego Highway / A2 and Carnarvon Highway to cross the 724.4 KM distance between Brisbane and Carnarvon Gorge. The approximate non-stop driving time is 8 hours and 13 minutes. 

There are different routes of flight through which you can reach Carnarvon Gorge in the shortest time.  But by driving, you can enjoy and explore all the beauty along the Brisbane to Carnarvon Gorge route. 

Now go through this entire three-day itinerary to know the stopping points, what to do, & explore, etc.

Drive/Car Distance8 Hours & 13 Minutes 
Nearest Airport to Brisbane Brisbane Airport (BNE/YBBN)

Day 1 

Pack your bag early in the morning. Have your breakfast and start your road trip from Brisbane. Starting from here, the first destination on the first day of your journey is Toowoomba. 

Brisbane To Toowoomba 

127.3 KM is the road distance between Brisbane and Toowoomba. Drive along the Warrego Highway / A2 for 1 hour and 32 minutes to cross this distance. Toowoomba is the largest inland city in Queensland. This big city buzz is ready to welcome you with an enviable quaint country charm. 

This is a stunning place to enjoy a heritage walk or soak up the fresh air along the garden strolls. Also, you can enjoy a show at the theatre or explore the unbeatable urban art scene here. You can fill your trip with culture, history, food, and heritage by visiting Toowoomba. 

Top Attractions In Toowoomba 

  • Laurel Bank Park 
  • Japanese Garden 
  • Cobb + Co Museum 
  • Queens Park Botanic Gardens 
  • Empire Theatre 

Accommodation In Toowoomba 

  • Highlander Motor Inn & Apartments 
  • Quest Toowoomba 
  • Potters Hotel 

Restaurants In Toowoomba 

  • Ice ‘N’ Spice 
  • EI Attar Middle Eastern Grill 
  • Sofra Turkish Cuisine 

Toowoomba To Chinchilla 

Along the Warrego Highway / A2, Toowoomba to Chinchilla road distance is 163.9 KM. The driving time on this route is approximately 1 hour and 54 minutes. So, on the first day of your trip, your second must-stopping point is Chinchilla. 

It is a friendly Queensland town that offers you to experience many great things. The vibrant country town of Chinchilla is located in the heart of the Western Downs. The best thing about this city is it’s a clean and good place. 

Every day and every time here you can experience the country feel. The ever-changing landscapes of this city are full of different popular attractions. 

Top Attractions In Chinchilla 

  • Chinchilla Visitor Information Centre 
  • The Big Melon 
  • Chinchilla Historical Museum 
  • Charley’s Creek Walk 
  • Chinchilla Botanic Parkland 

Accommodation In Chinchilla 

  • Kings Park Accommodation 
  • Chinchilla Motor Inn 
  • The Palms Motel, Chinchilla 

Restaurants In Chinchilla 

  • Masala Hut – Chinchilla 
  • The Downtown Café 
  • The Club Hotel 

After enjoying the first day of your trip, you must feel tired at night. So we recommend staying at Chinchilla at night as there is no lack of accommodation options. 

Day 2 

Wake up early on the second day of your trip. Be fresh and prepare yourself. Then start hitting the road with your car as you have to cross a few more miles to reach your destination. 

Chinchilla To Roma 

So, on day 2 of your trip, your first destination is Roma. Leave Chinchilla and drive along the east direction following the A2 route. 184.40 KM is the driving distance between Chinchilla and Roma. 

Roma is a must visiting place in Queensland to experience the unforgettable outback adventure. It is the largest town in the Maranoa region. 

The excellent star gazing and ancient landscapes make visiting Roma worthy enough. Actually, in your Carnarvon Gorge road trip, the best and biggest outback adventures start in Roma. The unique flora, fauna, and spectacular ancient landscapes make it more worth visiting. 

Roma offers visitors-friendly country hospitality with city-like conveniences. An abundance of cafes is located throughout the town, including niche cafes, dining restaurants, etc. Whether you want to enjoy the best outdoor activities or food here, this city offers you every opportunity. 

Top Attractions In Roma

  • Roma Cattle Saleyards 
  • The Big Rig 
  • Roma Visitor Information Center
  • Roma’s Biggest Bottle Tree 

Accommodation In Roma

  • Overlander Homestead Motel 
  • Roma Central Motel 
  • Starlight Motor Inn 

Restaurants In Roma

  • Explorers Restaurant 
  • Bakearoma 
  • White Bull Tavern 

Roma To Injune 

Roma to Injune road distance is 90.7 KM. Along the Carnarvon Highway / A7, the approximate driving time is 1 hour. Injune is a small country town in Queensland. This town contains breathtaking natural landscapes, history, character, spectacular views, etc. 

Injune is the perfect place to take a break during your trip. This is a vibrant but small town. The economy of this town is based on tourism, agriculture, and cypress forestry. In the middle of the city, there is a visitor information centre. 

Here you can look for the necessary information. Before reaching Carnarvon George, the last place to fuel your car is Injune. To enjoy your Carnarvon Gorge road trip, a great “Home Base” is Injune. 

Stay here for some hours and explore what it offers. In the Maranoa district, Injune is the most northern town. And this town sits on the western spur of the Great Dividing Range. 

Top Attractions In Injune

  • Injune Information Centre 
  • Locomotive 824 
  • Old Injune Mine Museum 
  • Gunnewin Railway Station Memorial 
  • Meraki Reach 

Accommodation In Injune

  • Injune Motor Inn 
  • Injune Motel 
  • Injune Haven Motel 

Restaurants In Injune

  • Café On Second 
  • Injune Hotel 

So end the 2nd day of your trip by visiting some beautiful places at Roma and Injune. And after a tiring day, Injune is the best place to stay at night. Here are several accommodations facilities available. So, you can choose a hotel or motel to stay within your budget. 

Day 3 

The third day is the last day of your road trip. Finally, on day 3, your trip will end by reaching Carnarvon George. So wake up early in the morning. Get ready and start driving again. 

Injune To Carnarvon Gorge 

For 1 hour and 53 minutes drive along the Carnarvon Highway to reach the Carnarvon Gorge from Injune. The distance between these two ends is 155.2 KM. The leading visiting destination in Carnarvon Gorge road is Carnarvon National Park. 

Planning a trip to Carnarvon Gorge is worth enough. It is the most popular natural wonder in Queensland. Visit this place and explore the rugged wilderness and natural beauty of Carnarvon Gorge. 

The Sheer beauty of this place will blow you all away. In Central Queensland’s dry environment, Carnarvon Gorge is an excellent and moist oasis. Nationally this place is well recognized because of its outstanding cultural and natural values. Carnarvon Gorge protects significant and unique plants and animals. 

Top Attractions In Carnarvon Gorge

  • Carnarvon National Park
  • Moss Garden 
  • Mickey Creek Gorge Walk 
  • Amphitheater Walk 
  • Bulimba Bluff 
  • Wards Canyon 

Accommodation Near Carnarvon Gorge

  • BIG4 Breeze Holiday Parks – Carnarvon Gorge 
  • Sandstone Park Carnarvon Gorge 
  • Wallaroo Outback Retreat 

Restaurants In Carnarvon Gorge

  • Mar E Sol Café Bistro 

Final Words 

Carnarvon Gorge is a great holiday destination and prosperous service town. It is full of rugged wilderness and beauty. The best way to explore this place’s natural beauty is the Brisbane to Carnarvon Gorge road trip. Through the road trip, you will also easily explore all the nearby stunning places and attractions. 

However, after this road trip, you will surely leave with a greater smile. We have prepared a three-day itinerary for this trip. But it is entirely flexible. And you can add or subtract your trip days according to your convenience.

Anyway, we have explained almost everything from our end. Now, if you have any further queries, you can comment. ASAP we will reply to you! 

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