Brisbane To Darwin Road Trip – 9 Ultimate Destinations to See

Brisbane To Darwin Road Trip
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The journey from Brisbane to Darwin covers a mammoth 3,426 Km and takes around 37 hours by car. However, with different modes of transportation and amazing sites to see along the, it is a journey you will surely remember. 

The journey from Brisbane to Darwin will set you off on an epic outback adventure in Australia. With many attractions on the way to Darwin, the journey is a complete package for anyone who loves to travel. Moreover, the trip is more enjoyable and memorable, with many attractions and natural sites on the way.

As you start your journey, you will come across Dalby, Roma, Blackall, Winton, Cloncurry, Mount Isa, and much more, with some of the best sites in the world. If you are excited to know more, keep reading, as there is a complete guide and many more amazing things to discover on your road trip. 

Brisbane to Darwin road trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

The entire journey from Brisbane to Darwin takes around 37 hours by car via the A2 and the Stuart Highway. However, there are other options like the bus or flights. Here are the modes of transportation available with the approximate travel time –

Transportation modeApproximate time
Car37 hours
Bus3 days 3 hours

Brisbane to Dalby


Driving Distance: 211 Km

Driving Time: 2 hours 36 minutes

You start from Brisbane via Warrego Hwy/A2 and continue along the road to Dalby, which is a 2 hours and 36 minutes drive. 

If you take the bus, the approximate arrival time will be around 11 hours and 29 minutes; however, no flights are available. 

On the way, you will come across Toowoomba. There is a great place called Garden city, which can be a soothing resting place for you before reaching Dalby. 

The city is well known for providing you with activities of the countryside of Australia like the Jimbour house. Moreover, they have amazing views of the mountains.  

Top attractions in Dalby

  1. Jimbour House
  2. Muntapa Park
  3. Bunya Mountains

Accommodation in Dalby

  1. Dalby Tourist Park
  2. Windsor Hotel Dalby
  3. The Australian Hotel Motel

Restaurants in Dalby

  1. Russell Tavern
  2. Urban Paddock Cafe
  3. Dalby Sushi

Dalby to Roma

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Driving Distance: 268 Km

Driving Time: 3 hours

As you set off from Dalby, the next top is Roma which is a 3 hours drive from Dalby and is famous for its cattle sales in the Southern Hemisphere. Taking the bus takes around 4 hours and 32 minutes, but no flight is available from Dalby to Roma. 

On the way to Roma, you will pass through Miles which is known for Chinaman’s Lagoon. It’s a perfect place to take a break. When you reach Roma, the city is just amazing, full of natural attractions like Roma’s largest bottle tree and a full tour of the saleyards. 

Top attractions in Roma

  1. Big Rig Tourist Park
  2. Bush Gardens
  3. The Big Rig

Accommodation in Roma

  1. Villa Holiday Park
  2. Big Rig Tourist Park

Restaurants in Roma

  1. The White Bull Tavern
  2. Overlander Homestead Motel
  3. ROYAL on Ninety-Nine

Roma to Blackall

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Driving Distance: 487 Km

Driving Time: 5 hours 11 minutes

From Roma, the next stop is Blackhall, which takes around 5 hours and 11 minutes to drive via the A2 highway. Taking the bus from Roma leads to a journey of 7 hours and 45 minutes; however, there are flights available that take approximately 4 hours and 35 minutes. 

Blackall is famous for its displays of the achievement of Jackie Howe in 1892; apart from then, there is an aquatic centre and the wool scour, which allows visitors to experience scouring wool.

Top attractions in Blackall

  1. Blackall Wool scour
  2. Aquatic Centre

Accommodation in Blackall

  1. Oasis Motor Inn
  2. Coolibah Motel
  3. Blackall Caravan Park

Restaurants in Blackall

  1. House and Garden Cafe
  2. Barcoo Hotel
  3. The Lodge On Hawthorn

Blackall to Winton

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Driving Distance: 392 Km

Driving Time: 4 hours 9 minutes

As you continue your journey from Blackhall, the next stop is Winton which is a 4 hours 9 minutes drive from Blackhall, and by bus, it takes around 5 hours and 31 minutes. 

Winton is famous for having the largest collection of dinosaur fossils and also the iconic ‘Waltzing Matilda’ was performed there in 1895. 

Top attractions in Winton

  1. Waltzing Matilda Centre
  2. Rangelands Rifts and Sunset Tour
  3. Australian Age of Dinosaurs

Accommodation in Winton

  1. Outback Motel
  2. North Gregory Hotel
  3. Tattersalls Hotel Van Park

Restaurants in Winton

  1. Tattersalls Hotel
  2. The Hideaway 201

Winton to Cloncurry

1280px Dinosaur Trail Kronosaurus Korner Richmond

Driving Distance: 348 Km

Driving Time: 3 hours 46 minutes

Driving for 3 hours 46 minutes via the Landsborough Hwy/A2 for 348 Km, you will reach Cloncurry. 

It is a long drive; however, there is almost nothing to stop for on your way to Cloncurry. The only worth stopping is the Kynuna; it is a perfect place if you prefer fancy beer. Another one is McKinlay.

Cloncurry does not have that many historical and amazing places. However, it is a great place to see the lake and have some rest before taking off on your trip. 

Top attractions in Cloncurry

  1. Lake Moondarra
  2. Kronosaurus Korner
  3. Underground Hospital and Museum

Accommodation in Cloncurry

  1. Gidgee Inn Motel
  2. Discovery Parks
  3. Caravan Park Oasis

Restaurants in Cloncurry

  1. Cloncurry Bakery
  2. Come to the Table

Cloncurry to Mount Isa

Mount Isa Queensland Lake Moondarra

Driving Distance: 121 Km

Driving Time: 1 hour 22 minutes

From Cloncurry, you will join Barkly Hwy/A2 and move to your next amazing destination, Mount Isa. It is a 1 hour 22 minutes drive from Cloncurry, covering 121 Km in total. Taking the bus is also a great option as it takes approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Mount Isa is a beautiful outback full of natural beauty and as you pass through, you will come across deep underground working mines and you can take a full tour. 

Top attractions in Mount Isa

  1. Mount Isa Underground Hospital & Museum
  2. Riversleigh Fossil Centre

Accommodation in Mount Isa

  1. Sunset Tourist Park
  2. Outback Motel
  3. Isa Hotel

Restaurants in Mount Isa

  1. The Buffs Club
  2. Rodeo Bar and Grill
  3. The Coffee Club

Mount Isa to Elliott

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Driving Distance: 866 Km

Driving Time: 9 hours 

Passing through Mount Isa, you will then continue on the National Highway 66 and Stuart Hwy/A87 and move towards Elliott, which is on the Northern territory. It is a 9 hours drive covering a total of 866 Km.

The first thing that will catch your eye in the Northern Territory is the Tenant Creek facilitating the Nyinkka Nyunyu Art & Culture Centre. 

Top attractions in Elliott

  1. Spruce Beach
  2. Miner’s Memorial Park
  3. Lake Fire Tower

Accommodation in Elliott

  1. YHA Port Elliot Beach House
  2. Beach Huts Middleton

Restaurants in Elliott

  1. Thunderbird
  2. Port Elliot Bakery
  3. The Flying Fish Cafe

Elliott to Mataranka

River in Mataranka Northern Territory Australia 5

Driving Distance: 313 Km

Driving Time: 3 hours 11 minutes

From Elliott, you will continue on Stuart Hwy to Mataranka. It is a 313 Km drive from the port of Elliott and takes around 3 hours and 11 minutes by car and 4 hours 33 minutes if you take the bus. 

Mataranka is south of Katherine and is very well known for its pastoral history and sandy-bottomed thermal pool. The town is full of exhibits of local Aboriginal art and many activities. 

Top attractions in Mataranka

  1. Bitter Springs
  2. sandy-bottomed thermal pool
  3. Elsey National Park

Accommodation in Mataranka

  1. Mataranka Homestead
  2. Territory Manor Motel and Caravan Park
  3. Bitter Springs Cabins and Camping

Restaurants in Mataranka

  1. BP Mataranka Roadhouse & Cabins
  2. Territory Manor Motel & Caravan Park
  3. Mataranka Pub

Mataranka to Darwin

sunset darwin northern territory australia

Driving Distance: 421 Km

Driving Time: 4 hours 23 minutes

Finally, continuing along National Highway 1, you will reach Darwin. From Mataranka to Darwin, it is a total of 421 Km. By car, it takes around 4 hours and 23 minutes and by bus, it is approximately 6 hours and 42 minutes. 

Darwin is the former frontier outpost and the capital of the Northern Territory of Australia. It is famous for its Museum and Art Gallery, displaying mostly Pacific and Southeast Asian art.

Top attractions in Darwin

  1. Waterfront Precinct
  2. Crocosaurus Cove
  3. Mindil Beach Sunset Market

Accommodation in Darwin

  1. The Cavenagh Hotel
  2. Club Tropical Resort
  3. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Esplanade

Restaurants in Darwin

  1. Alfonsino’s
  2. Tim’s Surf & Turf
  3. Pee Wee’s at the Point


How do I travel from Brisbane to Darwin without a car?

If you do not have a car, then the best option for you to travel from Brisbane to Darwin is by bus or train. It can take up to 3 days and 17 hours to reach Darwin and a total cost can be up to $950 – $3,300.

How much does it cost to drive from Brisbane to Darwin?

Averagely it takes around 36 to 37 hours from Brisbane to Darwin by car. Calculating the miles from these two areas, which are 2123 miles, and the cost of gas per mile, it stands at 372 USD in total.

Which airlines fly direct from Brisbane to Darwin?

If you are travelling by flight from Brisbane to Darwin, then the best option for a flight is the Virgin Australia 447, which is the most economical option. Moreover, Qantas 1918 and Virgin Australia 451 are also great options.

How much are return flights from Brisbane to Darwin?

The ticket pricing depends on the time you are travelling and the fare type. However, it typically ranges from AUD 215 to AUD 295 on holidays.

Do you need a border pass from QLD to Darwin?

There is no need to have a border pass from QLD to Darwin. You will not face any restrictions while entering the NT from interstate. 

Are 3 days enough for Darwin?

It’s an ideal time frame to spend your time in Darwin. That way you can experience the Kakadu National Park along with the city life of Darwin.


A road trip from Brisbane to Darwin is an amazing journey especially if you do it in a car. That will allow you to stop at every exciting and beautiful place on the road and have an experience of a lifetime.

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