Brisbane to Goondiwindi Road Trip: Find the Best Way!

Brisbane to Goondiwindi Road Trip
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Goondiwindi is an excellent escape if calming locations, historic structures, and rural vistas covered in amber and golden leaves sound like your idea of the perfect vacation.

Brisbane To Goondiwindi Road Trip is one of the many excellent reasons to go on this road trip; it’s a chance to bring up your family in a secure, wholesome atmosphere.

Compared to most other cities worldwide, crime rates are far lower. All year long, your family may lead a healthy outdoor lifestyle. Also, it helps to explore the Queensland area. 

Travel Distance359 km
Travel Time by car4 Hours 18 minutes

Queensland is known for some of the world’s most diverse ecosystems, flora, wildlife, and landscapes. Queensland is described as “beautiful one day, perfect the next,” going from the warm tropical north to the more moderate south, with starkly magnificent inner desert scenery.

Indeed, the fact that Brisbane and Queensland have something to offer everyone is one of the best reasons to relocate there.

Brisbane To Yamanto

It is the first destination after you start travelling from Brisbane. Here is the travel distance and the time you need to go to your destination. 

Travel Distance43.9 km
Travel Time by car48 minutes

If you’re considering visiting Yamanto, we’ve included some neighbouring attractions you may check out or do while you’re here. These comprise lodging options, excursion destinations, forthcoming events, and dining options. Brisbane’s nearest hot air ballooning company is right here at Floating Images. To take a one-hour city and rural balloon flight, simply take a 30-minute drive west of Brisbane’s central business district. 

It is highly convenient to pause shopping and grab a coffee and macaroon. You can have milkshakes or coffee to go with your sweets. Alternatively, go all out and try one of their vegan or gluten-free options. They provided oat milk for my coffee, and the vegan carrot cake was delectable.

Wait until you attempt the Four Winds Revolving Restaurant food if you need more than the vistas to convince you to go. The buffet selections are delicious. The meal cost includes a three-course buffet that is all-you-can-eat.

Yamanto To Willowbank

It is the second destination after you leave Yamanto. Here is the travel distance and the time you need to go to your destination. 

Travel Distance43.9 km
Travel Time by car48 minutes

All ages can have fun in Willowbank. Visitors are free to lose themselves in the varied and unspoiled New Zealand landscape on the interactive and personal tour of Willowbank. Many animals are friendly to visitors and will eat from their hands. The highly popular long-finned eels that congregate in anticipation of being fed will be the first stop on the tour. From here, you may explore Wild New Zealand’s wetlands and Canterbury plains while getting up close and personal with many imported species to New Zealand, including deer, wallabies, lemurs, gibbons, monkeys, and parrots.

In Christchurch, New Zealand, there is a wildlife reserve and park called Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. Along with holding open-air exhibits of various animals, it also works to preserve native species such as the tuatara, kiwi, brown teal, and Duvaucel’s gecko.

In our nighttime house, which opens every day at 10:30 am, you may have a unique experience with guaranteed kiwi viewing, no glass to obstruct your view, and kiwi that are frequently only a few feet close. Our excellent cafe offers a la carte, cabinet meals, retail space, and a gift shop.

Willowbank To Summer Land Camels

It is the third destination after you leave Yamanto. Here is the travel distance and the time you need to go to your destination. 

Travel Distance11.4 km
Travel Time by car9 minutes

The largest dairy and training facility for wild camels in Australia. Situated in South East Queensland’s stunning Scenic Rim. Summer Land Camels, the world’s largest camel training facility and Australia’s largest camel dairy is a fascinating day trip for families, tourists, or groups. Here, you can participate in camel rides, farm tours, and other activities or stop by to meet and feed the animals.

Entry to Summer Land Camels is free, and you may buy bags of hay to hand-feed the camels for a low cost. While it is a working farm, there is a lot to see and discover and numerous opportunities for you to do so. Learn about the beneficial effects of camel milk on the immune system and meet their friendly camels, feed them, and snap pictures of them. Experience the freshest items straight from the farm while watching them. Taste beautiful camel milk, gelato, incredible cheeses, pastries, and their famous camel-cino while dining on the country fare at their lovely café. Discover why camel milk is the best ingredient for skincare by utilising their anti-ageing skin care products.

Summer Land Camels To Main Range National Park

The fourth destination after you leave from the beautiful camel land. Here is the travel distance and the time you need to go to your destination. 

Travel Distance47.2 km
Travel Time by car36 minutes

Located primarily in Tregony, Southern Downs Region, 85 km (53 mi) southwest of Brisbane, This is a mountain range and national park known as the Main Range. It is a piece of Australia’s Gondwana Rainforests, a World Heritage Site. It guards the western edge of the Scenic Rim, a group of mountains in South East Queensland.

The Main Range National Park has three designated camping areas: Spicers Gap, Poplar Flat, and Manna Gum near Goomburra. Both at Goomburra and across from Queen Mary Falls are private campgrounds. Walking in Queensland National Parks is an enjoyable approach to improving your health and happiness and spending unique moments with loved ones.

Main Range National Park To Freestone Hall

The fifth destination after you leave Main Range National Park. Here is the travel distance and the time you need to go to your destination. 

Travel Distance31.2 km
Travel Time by car20 minutes

Freestone is a small town and town in Queensland, Australia’s Southern Downs. On the traditional grounds of the Keinjan and Gidhabul peoples in Bundjalung Country, they have one Freestone Memorial Hall.  

Freestone Memorial Hall, initially constructed in 1900 as a School of Arts, was relocated to its current location in 1921, travelling almost four km. This relocation brought it closer to the recently constructed railway station, which had grown to be the centre of the neighbourhood. Although the building’s name officially changed from “School of Arts” to “Memorial Hall” in 1954, it has held numerous gatherings, concerts, dances, cabarets, family celebrations, and memorial events. 

Two hundred seventeen people are living in Freestone at the moment. It consists of multi-generational farming families and some urban emigrants who all love the calm country life and stunning views. Residents of nearby areas like Sladevale, Clintonvale, Gladfied, Maryvale, and Warwick are frequently welcomed through the doors of Freestone Memorial Hall.

Freestone Hall To Inglewood

The sixth destination after Freestone Hall. Here is the travel distance and the time you need to go to your destination. 

Travel Distance123 km
Travel Time by car1 hour 19 minutes

On the Cunningham Highway, halfway between Goondiwindi and Warwick, you’ll find the quiet town of Inglewood, perched on the banks of the peaceful Macintyre Brook.

This welcoming rural community, founded in 1862, is blessed with productive agricultural fields and is home to just over 1000 people. It also has a flourishing rural economy. Once a sizeable tobacco-producing region, the area now focuses on agricultural food, grains,  and forest processing. While in town, try local cuisines like wine, olives, olive oil, and premium honey before bringing them home.

Remember to stop by the Inglewood Heritage Centre, which is diagonal across from Lions Park, to see the Australian Tobacco Museum collection and early written and visual accounts of Inglewood and the neighbourhood.

Enjoy observing the many different species of birds here, such as the vibrant grass parrots, wrens, raptors, and the rare regent honey eater. Additionally, watch out for the distinctive Inglewood wattle and the local cypress. Even a platypus might be seen in a calm stream.

Inglewood To Goondiwindi

The final destination is Goondiwindi. Here is the travel distance and the time you need to go to your destination. 

Travel Distance91.4 km
Travel Time by car58 minutes

Goondiwindi is a small town and town in Queensland, Australia’s Goondiwindi Region. It is near the boundary of New South Wales and Queensland. Goondiwindi has a population of 6,355 as of the 2016 census.

A trip to Goondiwindi would only be complete with seeing the statue of Gunsynd, the 1972 Horse of the Year, and the only grey horse in Australian racing history to be memorialised by both song and statue. His statue is on Main Street and serves as the town’s main entry point.

The town has excellent shopping opportunities and is a fantastic spot to acquire real estate because the cost of homes is still within most people’s reach. Additionally, Goondiwindi has a lot to offer. The streetscape of the town’s central business district begins at Bowen Lane, where you can view the brushstrokes of regional and out-of-state painters like Kate Owen. You can go through Goondiwindi to the nearby towns of Inglewood and Texas and one of Australia’s most significant silo artworks at Yelarbon by following the street art, sculpture, and silo trail.


Q: Which Cities Is Located Between Toowoomba And Goondiwindi?

A: Driving from Toowoomba to Goondiwindi takes you through Queensland’s Darling Downs, skirting the edges of unremarkable communities like Athol and Southbrook. Then, it passes through Millmerran and Pittsbrook, which are slightly larger.

Q: Between Brisbane And Dubbo, Where Should One Stop?

A: The most fantastic attractions from Brisbane to Dubbo include Queens Park Toowoomba, UniSQ Japanese Garden QLD, and Queens Park Cafe & Kiosk. New South Wales, the Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre, and Darling Downs Zoo are a few more well-liked visits.

Q: Between Brisbane And Stanthorpe, Where Do You Stop?

A: We did the homework if you’re on a road trip from Brisbane to Stanthorpe. We came up with some great stops along the way, like Toowoomba and Caloundra, top attractions like Slickers Horse Riding and Roma Street Parkland, and the consistently well-liked Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology.

Q: Which Australian City Is Closest To Brisbane?

A: With a population of more than 165,000, Redland City, commonly called the Redlands, is located southeast of the Brisbane metropolitan area. Along with island communities such as North Stradbroke Island, Peel Island, and Russell Islands, the site also contains suburbs on the mainland, like Capalaba, Cleveland, and Redland Bay.

Q: What Cities May Be Reached By Car In 3 Hours From Sydney, Australia?

A: There are many options if you’re looking for a road trip destination less than three hours from Sydney, including Shoal Bay, Nelson Bay, Tea Gardens, Bathurst, Newcastle, and many others. You may see everything from breathtaking coastlines to lush mountains and forests within a few hours’ drive.

Ending Of The Journey

Brisbane reaches the border between New South Wales and Queensland To Goondiwindi Road Trip. We have provided you with the shortest Brisbane To Goondiwindi Road Trip route. If you plan a road trip to Goondiwindi, you can look up places to stop.

Before you start the journey, get an idea about the weather and double-check the road conditions. Do the proper research to visit all important places and enjoy the trip.

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