Brisbane to Longreach Road Trip – 9 Scenic Stops Along the Way

Brisbane to Longreach road trip – The Complete Itinerary Of 2023
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Your road trip to Longreach from Brisbane will surely be the best plan to spend vacations. Longreach is approximately 1179 km from Brisbane, which takes almost 13 hours to get there by car.

Longreach is surrounded by stunning landscapes and natural beauty, including the Thomson River and the Great Western Woodlands. Visitors can enjoy scenic drives, bushwalking, and birdwatching in this picturesque region.

On the way to Longreach, you have many beautiful destinations to stop at. You can enjoy the natural rainfalls, tourist attractions, and beaches and explore historic landmarks. Your trip will be enjoyable, so let me share some best places to stop to make your journey easy and busy with fun.

Brisbane to Longreach Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Transportation ModeApproximate time 
Car12 hours 52 minutes
Bus19 hours

Your travel time to Longreach from Brisbane will vary according to the available transportation facility. I have listed the time estimates for different transportations mode via Warrego Hwy/A2 and A2 routes.

Brisbane to Toowoomba

Driving Distance:127 km

Driving Time:  1 hour and 35 minutes by car

Toowoomba is a beautiful tourist attraction on the way to Longreach from Brisbane. It is about 127 km from Brisbane; it may take one and a half hours to get to Toowoomba. You can drive via Warrego Hwy/A2.

Toowoomba is a popular tourist destination in its proximity to other popular destinations in the region, such as the Bunya Mountains, which offer hiking and camping opportunities, and the nearby wineries in the Lockyer Valley.

Finally, Toowoomba is known for its friendly locals and welcoming atmosphere, which can make visitors feel at home and encourage them to return. All these factors combined make Toowoomba an excellent destination for tourists looking to explore a beautiful, historic city surrounded by natural beauty.

Top Attractions in Toowoomba

You have many beautiful attractions in Toowoomba, but here are some must-visit attractions if you are in Toowoomba.

  • Botanic Gardens
  • Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery
  • Empire Theatre
  • Toowoomba Carnival of Flower
  • Toowoomba Heritage Tramway

Accommodation in Toowoomba

Accommodation is expensive in most hotels, but here are a few affordable hotels that offer good services.

  • Empire Apartment Hotel 
  • Toowoomba Motel
  • Fitzy’s Motor Lodge
  • Toowoomba City Motel
  • Oasis Toowoomba Motel

Restaurants in Toowoomba

You must try lunch or dinner from the below restaurants if you stay in Toowoomba.

  • Spice Room
  • Café Motel 
  • Garden Kitchen & Cellar
  • The Artie & Co 
  • The Barrel 

Toowoomba to Dalby

Driving Distance: 83.5 km

Driving Time:  1 hour and 2 minutes by car

After Toowoomba, another destination via Warrego Hwy/A2 is Dalby. It is about 83.5 km from Toowoomba; it will take almost 1 hour to reach Dalby.

Dalby is known for its picturesque landscapes and rolling hills. Visitors can take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

It is an excellent destination for outdoor enthusiasts, as it offers visitors a wide range of activities. These include hiking, camping, fishing, horseback riding, and water-based activities such as swimming, canoeing, and boating.

Top Attractions in Dalby

Dalby has beautiful attractions that are best to visit for everyone.

  • Bunya Mountains National Park
  • Dalby Regional Art Gallery
  • Western Downs Regional Botanic Gardens
  • Darling Downs Heritage Trail
  • Dalby Cultural Centre

Accommodations in Dalby

For the accommodation I recommend the below hotels to stay.

  • Dalby Homestead Motel
  • Dalby Motor Inn
  • The Quest Dalby Serviced Apartments
  • Big4 Dalby Tourist Park
  • Dalby Hotel Motel

Restaurants in Dalby

Here are some spicy restaurants to try in Dalby.

  • Royal Hotel Dalby
  • Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant
  • Grand Hotel Dalby
  • Dalby RSL Club
  • Wheelhouse Restaurant

Dalby to Dulacca

Driving Distance: 170 km

Driving Time: 1 hour and 51 minutes by car

Dulacca is an excellent place to stop on your route to Longreach from Brisbane. It is about 170 km from Dalby and may take 2 hours to reach via Warrego Hwy/A2 by car.

Dulacca is known for its rolling hills, scenic countryside, and beautiful landscapes. Visitors can enjoy the region’s beauty by taking scenic drives, cycling, or hiking through the countryside.


It has a rich history and culture, with many historical sites and monuments that offer a glimpse into the area’s past. Dulacca provides a wide range of outdoor activities, such as fishing, boating, birdwatching, and bushwalking.

Top Attractions in Dulacca

Staying in Dulacca will be a pleasant experience if you visit the following attractions.

  • Dulacca Heritage Centre
  • The Dulacca Dam
  • Dulacca Heritage Trail
  • Dulacca Heritage Park
  • Dulacca Cultural Centre 

Accommodations in Dulacca

Getting accommodation in Dulacca is very affordable if you visit the following hotels.

  • Dulacca Hotel Motel
  • Retreat at Dulacca
  • The Cattleman’s Rest Hotel
  • Dulacca Station Stay
  • Dulacca Caravan Park

Restaurants in Dulacca

You can enjoy many tasty recipes in the following restaurants in Dulacca.

  • Old Post Office Restaurant
  • Red Bull Inn
  • Dulacca Hotel
  • Homestead Restaurant
  • Stationmaster’s Restaurant

Dulacca to Muckadilla

Driving Distance: 139 km

Driving Time: 1 hour and 27 minutes by car

On the Warrego Hwy/A2, you have another best destination Muckadilla. It is around 139 km, which is about one and half hours car drive from Dulacca.

Muckadilla is home to rolling hills, picturesque farmland, and beautiful scenery, making it an excellent destination for those who enjoy nature and outdoor activities.

It is known for its peaceful and laid-back atmosphere and proximity to natural attractions such as the Bunyaville Conservation Park. The town also has a strong agricultural heritage, with many local farmers producing crops such as cotton, wheat, and sorghum. 

Top Attractions in Muckadilla

You must go to the following places to make your journey wonderful.

  • Muckadilla railway station
  • Muckadilla Dam
  • Muckadilla National Park

Accommodations in Muckadilla

Not Applicable

Top Restaurants in Muckadilla

You can rest and dine in the following restaurants in Muckadilla.

  • The Muckadilla Country Kitchen
  • Muckadilla Station Restaurant
  • The Muckadilla Takeaway
  • The Muckadilla Roadhouse
  • Muckadilla General Store & Cafe

Muckadilla to Morven

Driving Distance: 138 km

Driving Time: 1 hour and 32 minutes by car

Morven is the next beautiful stop on Warrego Hwy/A2. It is approximately 138 km from Muckadilla. It may take one and a half hours to get there by car.

The town is located in the Warrego district, known for its rugged bushland, picturesque ranges, and wide-open spaces. Visitors can enjoy hiking, bird watching, and fishing in the surrounding area.

The town has a rich history and is home to several historic buildings, including the Morven Railway Station. Morven is also home to the famous Cunnamulla Fella statue, which pays tribute to the Australian bush poet and songwriter Slim Dusty.

Top Attractions in Morven

I recommend you visit the attractions in Morven for a pleasant staying experience.

  • Morven Heritage Trail
  • Bellwether Dam
  • Warrill View Dam
  • Morven Museum
  • Warrill View Dam Park

Accommodations in Morven

My top recommendations are the following hotels for a stay in Morven.

  • Grand Hotel
  • The Morven Hotel
  • Royal Hotel
  • The Country Club Hotel
  • The Morven RSL Club

Top Restaurants in Morven

Following are some of the best restaurants in Morven.

  • The Country Kitchen
  • The Local Eatery
  • The Station Café & Bistro
  • The Old Butter Factory
  • The Morven Café

Morven to Augathella

Driving Distance: 92.5 km

Driving Time: 1 hour by car

Now you have to run your vehicle on A2; on this route, Augathella is a beautiful destination to stop. It is 92 km from Morven, and it may take 1 hour to get there by car.

The town is located in the heart of Australia’s Outback, offering visitors a chance to experience this region’s rugged wilderness and unique landscapes.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do in and around Augathella, including hiking, camping, and fishing in the nearby national parks and rivers. The town is also home to several nature reserves and protected areas.

Top Attractions in Augathella

Augathella has many opportunities to explore, but below are some worth-visiting attractions.

  • Augathella Heritage Walk
  • Augathella Dam
  • The Augathella Sports Complex
  • Augathella Rodeo
  • Augathella Museum

Accommodations in Augathella

For affordable but better accommodation, the following are some best options.

  • Augathella Motel
  • Augathella Caravan Park
  • Augathella Hotel
  • Augathella Shearers Quarters
  • Augathella Country Retreat

Top Restaurants in Augathella

To enjoy tasty foods, you have the following restaurant options to visit in Augathella.

  • Augathella Hotel Motel
  • Augathella Caravan Park and Cafe
  • The Meat Shack
  • Augathella Post Office Café
  • Tomahawk Steakhouse.

Augathella to Blackall

Driving Distance:  219 km

Driving Time: 2 hours and 20 minutes by car

Next to Augathella, Blackall is one of the best destinations to stop at and have fun. It is about 219 km from Augathella; it will take 2 hours and 20 minutes by car via Landsborough Hwy/A2.

Blackall is located in the heart of the Western Queensland outback and offers visitors a unique and rugged landscape to explore. There are several natural attractions in Blackall, which offer spectacular views and great hiking and camping opportunities.

Blackall is an excellent destination for those looking for a more laid-back and quiet holiday experience. The town has a small, friendly community, and visitors can enjoy various activities such as fishing, camping, and bird watching.

Top Attractions in Blackall

You may enjoy the best time in the following beautiful places in Blackall.

  • Blackall Range Heritage Walk
  • The Blackall War Memorial
  • Blackall Botanic Gardens
  • The Blackall Dam
  • Blackall Heritage Walk
  • The Blackall Showground and Rodeo Arena.

Accommodations in Blackall

For accessible accommodation in Blackall, you can go to the following hotels.

  • Blackall Caravan Park
  • Blackall Motel
  • Imperial Hotel Blackall
  • Blackall Heritage Guesthouse
  • The Blackall Range Bed & Breakfast

Top Restaurants in Blackall

Visit the below top-rated restaurants with family for a magnificent dining experience.

  • Blackall Chinese Restaurant
  • The Blackall Bistro
  • The Blackall Kitchen
  • The Blackall Cafe
  • The Blackall Steakhouse

Blackall to Patrick

Driving Distance:  84.4 km

Driving Time:  53 minutes by ca

Patrick is another best tourist destination on the way via Landsborough Hey/A2. It is about 84 km from Blackall. It may take 53 minutes to get there.

Patrick is located in the heart of Queensland’s beautiful outback, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. Visitors can take in the views of rolling hills, rugged mountains, and vast deserts.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and kayaking. Visitors can also take a scenic drive or go for a horseback ride in the surrounding bushland.

Top Attractions in Patrick

To explore nature and history, you can visit the below attractions in Patrick.

  • Great Ocean Road
  • Phillip Island Nature Parks
  • Wilson’s Promontory National Park
  • The Twelve Apostles
  • London Bridge

Accommodations in Patrick

In Patrick, you can visit the following hotels for your stay.

  • The Patrick Hotel
  • The Heritage Patrick Hotel
  • The Rosedale Hotel
  • The Patrick Motel
  • The Patrick Lodge Hotel

Top Restaurants in Patrick

You can enjoy local and international cuisine in the following restaurants in Patrick.

  • The Rustic Table
  • Clocktower Restaurant
  • The Olive Grove
  • Rusty Anchor
  • The Riverview Bistro & Bar

Patrick to Longreach

Driving Distance: 129 km

Driving Time: 1 hour and 25 minutes by car

The next stop is your final destination Longreach. It is approximately 129 km from Patrick, which may take one and a half hours to reach there by car via Landsborough Hwy/A2.

Longreach Post Office 2019

Longreach is famous for its natural beauty. The region is home to several national parks, including the Thomson River National Park, a popular spot for birdwatching and fishing.

It is also an excellent destination for outdoor activities. Visitors can take a hot air balloon ride, go horseback riding, or try their hand at fly fishing. The region is also home to several outback stations, which offer visitors the chance to experience working farm or ranch life.

Top Attractions in Longreach

You can enjoy the best time at the following attractions.

  • Longreach School of the Air and Visitor Centre
  • The Longreach Powerhouse Museum
  • Qantas Museum
  • Outback Heritage Centre
  • The Longreach Regional Council Art Gallery

Accommodation in Longreach

For accommodation, I recommend the following hotels where you can stay in Longreach.

  • Longreach Motor Inn
  • Longreach Tourist Park
  • Longreach Parklands Motor Inn
  • Longreach Heritage Hotel
  • Longreach Caravan Park & Accommodation

Restaurants in Longreach

Below are some excellent restaurants for versatile recipes in Longreach.

  • The Longreach Hotel Restaurant
  • Outback Dining Room
  • The Outback Tuckers Restaurant
  • The Golden Ram Chinese Restaurant
  • The Woolshed Restaurant & Bar


How to travel from Brisbane to Longreach without a car?

You have multiple options to choose from. You can reserve a seat on a bus or train. If you want to reach Longreach quickly, you also have the option to reserve a ticket for a flight.

How many days do you need in Longreach?

If you plan to visit all the major attractions, 2-3 days would be ideal. However, one day would be sufficient if you want to explore the town and surrounding areas.

Can I bring my pet on the road trip from Brisbane to Longreach?

Yes, it is possible to bring your pet on your road trip from Brisbane to Longreach. However, ensure that your pet is comfortable travelling in the car. You also have the necessary supplies for the pet (such as food, water, and any medication if needed).

Can you take a train from Brisbane to Longreach?

No, there is no direct train service available from Brisbane to Longreach. The nearest railway station to Longreach is in Rockhampton, located around 700 km northwest of Brisbane. To reach Longreach from Brisbane, you first need to take a train to Rockhampton, then change to a bus or drive to Longreach.

How much is the flight from Brisbane to Longreach?

The flight cost from Brisbane to Longreach can vary depending on the airline you choose. However, on average, a round-trip flight from Brisbane to Longreach can cost anywhere from $200 to $500 or more. 


A road trip from Brisbane to Longreach is a great way to explore the Queensland Outback. The journey is around 900 km, and it takes about 12 hours to drive. Along the way, you’ll pass through beautiful landscapes and scenic countryside and witness the vastness of the outback.

Be sure to take the time to stop at rest stops and enjoy the scenery, as well as to prepare your vehicle and check for necessary supplies such as food and water. This road trip will be a unique and memorable experience for a lifetime.

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