Brisbane To Stanthorpe Road Trip – A Guide To The Day Trip

Brisbane To Stanthorpe Road Trip
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During the journey from Brisbane to Stanthorpe, you will have the opportunity to explore the most beautiful areas of the Scenic Rim and Southern Granite Country. The most thrilling part of a road trip is planning it. We left the ocean behind in exchange for the fresh vegetables, waterfalls, granite boulders, stargazing, and country farm life that Queensland has to offer because of its diversified environment.

Even though the distance from Brisbane to Stanthorpe via the most direct route is just about 250 kilometres, we have jam-packed this itinerary with a variety of natural experiences. Enjoy a variety of natural experiences, as well as off-the-beaten-path excursions.

What Is Stanthorpe Popular for?

Stanthorpe is a rural town that can be found a few hours drives to the southwest of Brisbane. It is found in the Southern Downs and Granite Belt Region. The region is widely recognized for its amazing wine and tasty local fruit, but it also offers many beautiful National Parks in the surrounding area and a wide variety of outstanding attractions that are family-friendly in Stanthorpe.

Ideal Route From Brisbane To Stanthorpe

Rather than taking the direct route between Brisbane and Stanthorpe, we will be taking a detour. This incredible road journey will begin in beautiful Brisbane. Then, we’ll head straight to Laidley, a stunning town in the area. Afterwards, we’ll travel all the way to Warwick. After seeing what Warwick has to offer, we’ll continue on through Thulimbah, and then we’ll reach Stanthorpe.

The 250-kilometre drive will take about 2 hours and 50 minutes. I suggest planning for at least 2 days for the Brisbane To Stanthorpe road trip.

Brisbane To Stanthorpe Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Here, we will provide you with a detailed 3 stops road trip plan from Brisbane To Stanthorpe, including information on accommodations, activities, and transportation.

The total distance is approx 250 km and driving approx 2 hrs 50 mins

Bus Distance3 Hours 20 Minutes
Drive / Car Distance2 Hours 50 Minutes
Stops3 Stops
Nearest AirportAerodrome Airport

Brisbane to Laidley

Exchange Hotel 2 Laidley Queensland
Exchange Hotel 2 Laidley, Queensland.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Total distance is approx 86 km Driving Approx 1 hr 10 mins

Laidley, Queensland, attractions include the Das Neumann Haus, the Cunninghams Crest Lookout across the Lockyer Valley, and Lake Dyer watersports near the Bill Gunn Dam. Both of these attractions are located in Queensland. Laidley, located in Queensland, portrays the traditional image of an Australian agricultural town. Laidley is a town that is mostly agricultural and serves as a centre for the surrounding farms. Beetroot is the most important crop in this region, in case you were wondering.

If you are travelling from Brisbane to Toowoomba, it is highly recommended that you make a stop at Laidley. Among the activities available in Laidley is a trip to the Neumann House. Hermann Neumann constructed this unique historic building by himself in 1893, and it has been kept in the manner of the 1930s. Das Neumann House is not just a museum of vintage artifacts but also a centre for providing information to tourists and a gathering spot for locals. There is a delightful outdoor deck area located on the premises, and it is shaded by a jacaranda tree. Aside from that, the core of Laidley, which is located in Queensland, is quite walkable. There are a number of charming ancient buildings, as well as businesses where you may browse and purchase antiques, arts & crafts, and books.

Top attractions in Laidley

  • Laidley Pioneer Village and Museum
  • Laidley Showgrounds
  • Cunninghams Crest Lookout
  • Das Neumann Haus
  • Schultz Lookout Road

Accommodation in Laidley

  • Hatton Vale Motel
  • Laidley Hotel
  • Lake Dyer Caravan & Camping Ground
  • The Old Britannia

Restaurants in Laidley

  • Queensland National Hotel
  • Community Grounds Cafe
  • Das Neumann Haus
  • Laidley Florist and Tea Room
  • The Old Britannia

Laidley to Warwick

Warwick Post Office Warwick Queensland June 2020
Warwick Post Office, Warwick, Queensland, June 2020.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Total distance is approx 110 km Driving Approx 1 hr 30 mins

Patrick and George Leslie founded the Canning Downs ran in 1840 and constructed a mansion in 1846 in Warwick. With a blacksmith, shop, lodging, and dining, the station became a regional hub.

The Palmerin Street Post Office is a two-story structure with Saracenic arches, a dome, and Tuscan columns. Locally quarried sandstone was used. The Palmerin Street Town Hall was built from local sandstone. Its magnificent clock tower makes it one of Queensland’s oldest local authority buildings.

St. Mary’s Church, a sandstone Gothic Revival structure with lancet windows and a big rose window on the eastern side, and the Criterion Hotel, which preserves its early attractiveness, are both important Palmerin Street buildings. The historic Court House, Police Station, and Warwick East State School, one of the state’s oldest and Australia’s few 1860s-built schools, are nearby on Fitzroy Street.

The Jackie Howe Rest Area on Glengallan Road and the Cunningham Highway commemorated Warwick’s famous son in 1983. The top has big shears. He studied blade shearing in this district’s woolsheds before travelling to Central Queensland in the 1800s, according to the memorial plaque.

Top attractions in Warwick

  • Downs Explorer
  • Leslie Park
  • Warwick Art Gallery
  • Warwick Visitor Information Centre
  • Australiana Park

Accommodation in Warwick

  • 53 on Victoria
  • City View Motel Warwick
  • Abbey Boutique Hotel
  • Centre Point Mid City Motor Inn

Restaurants in Warwick

  • La Mesa
  • Tasca Dali
  • Tailors Restaurant
  • New Bowling Green
  • The Tilted Wig

Warwick to Thulimbah

Thulimbah Queensland town sign
Thulimbah, Queensland town sign.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Total distance is approx 48 km Driving Approx 40 mins

Don’t be fooled by Thulimbah’s lower profile relative to other Australian metropolises; it’s a great place to visit anyway. Despite its modest size, the growing beauty of Thulimbah makes it a promising tourist attraction. A lot of the attractions and activities at this secret location are truly one-of-a-kind.

Thulimbah is a town that spans both sides of the New England Highway and is home to a variety of providers that serve everything from unique goods to fresh food and prepared meals. You’ve arrived in the heart of “apple country,” the one and only region in Queensland where the climate and soil are ideal for cultivating high-quality apple orchards. In addition, the Granite Belt would not be complete without at least one vineyard.

The best apple pie is waiting for you right here. Suttons Farm is right across the street, and Vincenzo’s at the Big Apple has an incredible selection of deli meats, cheeses, and fresh fruit. Stanthorpe Cheese, just off the motorway, has cheese manufactured on the premises using milk from Jersey Cows. The Jersey females in the next paddock are always happy to say hello.

Top attractions in Thulimbah

  • Stanthorpe Cheese
  • Suttons Juice Factory
  • Summit Estate Wines
  • Castle Glen Australia
  • Truffle Discovery Centre Stanthorpe

Accommodation in Thulimbah

  • Apple & Grape Motel
  • Summit Backpackers
  • Taits Place Vineyard B & B
  • Honeysuckle Cottages

Restaurants in Thulimbah

  • Suttons
  • Jersey Girls Cafe
  • Granite Belt Dairy
  • Vincenzo’s Cafe Deli
  • Granite Belt Brewery

Thulimbah to Stanthorpe

7597351814 f83b4e16a0 b
Stanthorpe from Mount Marley lookout | winter in Australia. … | Flickr

Total distance is approx 13 km Driving Approx 15 mins

Stanthorpe is an exceptionally pretty town located in the midst of a thriving, diverse farming region where grapes and apples are grown alongside sheep and cattle. Compared to the rest of Queensland, Stanthorpe is surprisingly cool. The town’s average nighttime temperature drops below freezing throughout the winter.

A shearer’s hut, the North Marylands School, Chambers of the Stanthorpe Shire Council, a small gaol, a few fascinating railway artifacts, and a large collection of artifacts from the area can all be found at the Stanthorpe and District Historical Society Museum, which is a classic, well developed rural museum. The structures have all been meticulously maintained.

However, the natural aspects of Stanthorpe are more popular than the historical ones. Stanthorpe is in the centre of “The Granite Belt,” an area that stretches for fifty kilometres north of the New South Wales border. Huge outcrops of granite form the town’s entire perimeter. Girraween National Park and Sundown National Park are the two most significant parks in the region.

Sundown National Park on the Severn River is located on the border between Queensland and New South Wales, and it provides excellent bushwalking chances through high rugged gorges, rainforest and eucalypt forest and alongside remote waterways. However, bushwalking is not advised during the warmer months due to the extreme heat.

This town’s surrounding environment is cool enough to cultivate non-tropical fruits, including apples, pears, and stone fruits like plums, peaches, apricots, and nectarines.

Top attractions in Stanthorpe

  • Granite Belt Christmas Farm
  • Ridgemill Estate
  • Lawdogs Australia
  • Kominos Wines
  • Sundown National Park
  • Girraween National Park

Accommodation in Stanthorpe

  • Alure Stanthorpe
  • Stannum Lodge Motor Inn
  • Granite Belt Motel
  • The Vines Motel & Cottages

Restaurants in Stanthorpe

  • ZEST Pastries
  • Varias Restaurant
  • Granite Belt Brewery
  • Brinx Deli & Cafe
  • Anna’s Restaurant

The Best Time To Travel Stanthorpe

The months of March through May are the greatest time to visit Stanthorpe because of the flights and accommodation costs.


What Is The Cheapest Way To Get From Brisbane To Stanthorpe?

Drive is the most cost-effective transportation option while travelling from Brisbane To Stanthorpe. It will take around 2 hours and 40 minutes of your time and cost you between $27 – $40.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get From Brisbane To Stanthorpe?

The fastest way to go from Brisbane To Stanthorpe is to drive, which will take around 2 hours and 40 mins and will cost between $27 – $40 for each ticket.

Which Airlines Fly From Brisbane To Stanthorpe Airport?

There are no flights from Brisbane to Stanthorpe.

How Much Is A Bus Ticket From Brisbane To Stanthorpe?

Travelling by bus will cost about $35 – $55 to travel from Brisbane To Stanthorpe. It will take around 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Wrapping Up

The drive from Brisbane to Stanthorpe offers an enjoyable day’s adventure. This is the kind of road trip that you should consider doing if you want to make the most of one or two of your vacation days.

Even if you are travelling by yourself, with family, or with the person you love, this road trip is sure to be incredible since it includes so many excellent places to visit along the way. But before you set off on your journey, double-check that you have packed everything that is necessary. Safe travel!!

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