Brisbane to Uluru Road Trip: An Epic 5 Stop Itinerary

Brisbane To Uluru Road Trip
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The first time most people see the magnificent rock in Australia’s Red Centre, the experience stays with them forever. Those who have never been there before may find it difficult to understand the directions and figure out how to get there.

There’s no excuse for not putting a visit to Uluru on your list of things to do if you haven’t already. The World Heritage Site receives hundreds of thousands of tourists annually from all over the world who will never forget their first glimpse of the magnificent sandstone monolith.

Ancient Australia’s holy heart is located in this rock. For almost half a billion years, it has been prominently displayed at the height of 863 meters. It wasn’t until 1993 that “Ayers Rock” officially became “Uluru”. The indigenous people who live there believe that the magnificent rock and the surrounding natural beauties were fashioned by Ancestor Spirits during the Dreaming.

Do you want to learn about one of the world’s oldest cultures while taking in breathtaking natural scenery, making traditional artwork, dining al fresco, and sleeping out under the stars? Explore the wonders of the NT for yourself.

Ideal Route From Brisbane To Uluru

On this road trip, we are going to take the straight highway road from Brisbane To Uluru. Our first stop on this road trip will be the stunning Goondiwindi. Then from Goondiwindi, we will go all the way to Cobar. Then along with Wilcannia, we will explore Port Augusta and after that, we will head to Coober Pedy before heading to our final destination. Right after that, we will start towards our final destination Uluru.

Travelling this distance by car will take around 34 hours, as it is a 3250-kilometre journey. I suggest planning for at least 20 days for the Brisbane To Uluru road trip.

Brisbane To Uluru Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Here, we will provide you with a detailed 5 stops road trip plan from Brisbane To Uluru, including information on accommodations, activities, and transportation.

Total distance is approx 3250 km and driving approx 34 hrs

Bus Distance3 Days 4 Hours
Drive / Car Distance34 Hours
Stops5 Stops
Nearest AirportAyers Rock Airport

Brisbane to Goondiwindi

800px Goondiwindi Big Cod 004

Total distance is approx 353 km Driving Approx 4 hrs 10 mins

Bordering both Queensland and New South Wales lies the contemporary rural town of Goondiwindi. Aside from the picturesque Macintyre River that runs through town, the tree-lined alleys are another attraction. Visit the Goondiwindi Natural Heritage and Water Park to get some fresh air and exercise. When the temperature outside is pleasant, you might want to cool yourself in the lagoon. There’s a playground, a picnic area, a hot shower, and clean restrooms for adults and children alike.

The Border Motel provides comfortable lodging at an affordable price, with a variety of public facilities, including Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and a pool. Rooms are large and spotless, and the bed is so soft you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. If hunger strikes, you need just stroll a few blocks to reach a variety of restaurants and other establishments.

Top attractions in Goondiwindi

  • Gunsynd The Goondiwindi Grey
  • Goondiwindi Botanic Garden
  • Customs House Museum
  • Goondiwindi Natural Heritage & Water Park
  • Goondiwindi Visitor Information Centre

Accommodation in Goondiwindi

  • Border Motel
  • Macintyre Motor Inn
  • Country Roads Motor Inn
  • Binalong Motel

Restaurants in Goondiwindi

  • New Dynasty Chinese Restaurant
  • Cascades Restaurant
  • Victoria Hotel
  • Bao Bao Chinese Restaurant
  • The Larder

Goondiwindi to Cobar

Cobar mining

Total distance is approx 730 km Driving Approx 8 hrs 10 mins

It’s worth stopping for the night in Cobar after a hard day on the road. This mining town’s remarkable sense of community is something to behold. There’s a lot to see, from the Peak Gold Mine to the Fort Bourke Hill Lookout. The Heritage Walk is a great activity for history buffs because it takes you past several significant structures. Visit the visitor centre for a free map pinpointing the exact locations of all the key facilities.

At the Great Western Hotel, where you can also reserve a room, you can tuck into some substantial pub fare. The restaurant and bar serve lunch and supper daily. A cafe is also available.

Top attractions in Cobar

  • Fort Bourke Hill Lookout
  • Cobar Miners Heritage Park
  • St Laurence O’Toole Catholic Church
  • Mount Grenfell Historic Site

Accommodation in Cobar

  • Cobar Oasis Motel
  • Cobar Central Motor Inn
  • Cobar Crossroads Motel
  • Cobar Copper City Motel

Restaurants in Cobar

  • Cobar Thai Restaurant
  • Country Simplicity
  • Cobar Bowling and Golf Club
  • The Farmer’s Daughter & Co

Cobar to Wilcannia

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Total distance is approx 260 km Driving Approx 2 hrs 50 mins

Situated on the Darling River, this little town became well-known in the middle of the 19th century as Australia’s third biggest interior port. About 40,000 years ago, Wilcannia became the permanent home of the indigenous Barkindji people. Tour company Mutawintji Heritage Tours is fully owned and run by members of the First Nations community. A native Aboriginal guide will show you around the breathtaking scenery and provide context for the many rock art forms you’ll witness. In gaining an understanding of the Dreaming, your respect for the holy will grow.

You may relax on the banks of the Darling River at Warrawong on the Darling, where there is a selection of contemporary cabins, bush camping, and powered caravan sites, all of which come with views of the river. You have all the conveniences of urban life at your disposal while simultaneously being immersed in nature.

Top attractions in Wilcannia

  • Baker Park
  • Peery Lake
  • Reconciliation Park
  • Mutawintji Heritage Tours

Accommodation in Wilcannia

  • Wilcannia Motel
  • Warrawong on the Darling
  • Victory Park Caravan Park
  • Graham’s Motel

Restaurants in Wilcannia

  • Miss Barrett’s Cafe
  • Emmdale Roadhouse
  • Cooee Coffee
  • Wilcannia Roadhouse

Wilcannia to Port Augusta

Jacaranda Time Port Augusta

Total distance is approx 610 km Driving Approx 6 hrs 50 mins

The fact that the Wadlata Outback Centre is popular with visitors of all ages should not come as a surprise given the amount of recognition that has been given to it. Experience the region’s intriguing, multimillion-year history via interactive displays. Whoever claimed learning had to be boring was obviously wrong.

Put on your running shoes and head to the Water Tower Lookout for a bird’s eye view of the entire city. To provide the local population with potable water, this tower was erected in 1882. Although those times are long gone, the tower is still used by tourists as a vantage point from which to take pictures. Please take it slow if you suffer from acrophobia.

The Crossroads Ecomotel is an easy-going option for lodging that puts an emphasis on both guest convenience and environmental responsibility. The rooms are spotless, the mattresses are soft, and the building uses renewable energy. A limited number of rooms are pet-friendly.

Top attractions in Port Augusta

  • Wadlata Outback Centre
  • Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden
  • Matthew Flinders Red Cliff Lookout
  • Water Tower Lookout
  • Great western bridge

Accommodation in Port Augusta

  • Eco-Motel
  • Majestic Oasis Apartments
  • Acacia Ridge Motor Inn
  • Comfort Inn Augusta Westside

Restaurants in Port Augusta

  • 229 On Main Cafe
  • Tinsmith’s Cottage
  • Archers’ Table
  • Indian Indulgences
  • Standpipe Golf Motor Inn

Port Augusta to Coober Pedy

the breakaways breakaways coober pedy landscape

Total distance is approx 540 km Driving Approx 5 hrs 50 mins

View “opal capital of the world” if you’re like opals. The largest opals in the world may be seen in this little mining community. See the outback transform into a rainbow of hues above ground after sundown. Below ground, visitors to the Jewell Box may take a tour of old mines and go “fossicking” for opals themselves.

Did you know that the majority of Coober Pedy’s residents make their homes below ground? In such a way, may you avoid the scorching heat that prevails there. The Lookout Cave Subterranean Motel offers guests the unique experience of sleeping in a contemporary cave, in addition to the opportunity to see underground museums, churches, and residences. Everything you could want in a beautiful setting, with a dash of excitement.

Top attractions in Coober Pedy

  • Umoona Opal Mine & Museum
  • Old Timers Mine & Museum
  • Faye’s Underground Home
  • Big Winch 360
  • Tom’s Opal Mine

Accommodation in Coober Pedy

  • The Underground Motel
  • The Lookout Cave Underground Motel
  • Comfort Inn Coober Pedy Experience
  • Mud Hut Motel
  • Desert View Apartments

Restaurants in Coober Pedy

  • Outback Bar & Grill
  • John’s Pizza Bar & Restaurant
  • Downunder Gallery and Cafe
  • Big Winch 360 Cafe & Wine Bar
  • Waffles & Gems

Coober Pedy to Uluru

uluru ayers rock australia outback

Total distance is approx 755 km Driving Approx 7 hrs 50 mins

Even the most introverted in Australia have Uluru on their list of places to visit at some point, and no amount of prior exposure to photographs can adequately prepare you for your first glimpses of the magnificent rock formation, which stands as tall as an 85-story building and has a girth of nearly 10 kilometres.

Native Australians consider Uluru and the surrounding rock formation Kata Tjuta to be the spiritual epicentre of the country. For many years, people have thought of this spot as the centre of the country, from which songlines spread out in all directions. The wrinkles, folds, indentations, and ancient markings on the monoliths chart the arrival and departure of generations past.

The Anangu people are the traditional custodians of Uluru, and they have long discouraged visitors from attempting to climb the sacred rock. Instead, they recommend that visitors walk around the base of the formation. The climbing prohibition didn’t take effect until October 2019, and for a good reason.

Get up early or stay late to see the sun rise or set over Uluru and Kata Tjuta while riding a camel train. Camel is docile, sociable beasts with undulating, slow-moving gaits and bright, doe-like eyes rimmed by thick lashes. Plan to spend at least half a day in Kata Tjuta, often known as The Olgas, on your way to or from Uluru, as it is every bit as magnificent as Uluru.

Top attractions in Uluru

  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Centre
  • Mutitjulu Waterhole
  • Mala Walk Car Park
  • Kuniya Walk
  • Uluru Sunset Viewing Area
  • Kata Tjuta – Valley of the Winds

Accommodation in Uluru

  • Longitude 131°
  • Sails In The Desert
  • The Lost Camel Hotel
  • Desert Gardens Hotel
  • Outback Pioneer Hotel & Lodge

Restaurants in Uluru

  • Ilkari Restaurant
  • Tali Wiru
  • Arnguli Grill & Restaurant
  • Sounds of Silence
  • Ininti Cafe & Souvenirs

What Is Uluru Popular for?

An ancient sandstone monolith known as Uluru may be found in Central Australia. It is most well-known for the stunning rust colour of its sandstone, which appears to alter with the passing of the years and the hours of the day. It is regarded as one of the most important tourist destinations in Australia.

The Best Time To Travel Uluru

Between May and September, when average highs range from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, is the ideal time to explore Uluru. As a result of the low temperatures, it is much more enjoyable and secures to go for a stroll, and the little rainfall makes it ideal.


What Is The Cheapest Way To Get From Brisbane To Uluru?

Flight is the most cost-effective transportation option while travelling from Brisbane To Uluru. It will take around 5 hours and 30 minutes of your time and cost you between $230 – $700.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get From Brisbane To Uluru?

The fastest way to go from Brisbane To Uluru is a flight, which will take around 5 hours and 30 mins and will cost between $230 – $700 for each ticket.

Which Airlines Fly From Brisbane To Uluru Airport?

Qantas and Jetstar fly from Brisbane To Uluru, which will take about 5 hrs 30 mins approx and costs $230 – $700 for each ticket.

How Much Is A Bus Ticket From Brisbane To Uluru?

Travelling by bus will cost about $600 – $2200 to travel from Brisbane To Uluru.


It is not enough to just plan ahead for your holiday and make your airline reservations in plenty of time. The most valuable aspect of the journey is the time spent getting to know other travellers and making new experiences along the way.

Do not let the expectations of the journey keep you from seizing the possibilities that life has to give you and making the most of them. No matter how far you have to go, it is imperative that you stop for breaks at certain intervals along the journey. If there is a holiday today, then today would not be a work day. You deserve it. Safe journey!!

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