Brisbane To Winton Road Trip: A Guide to the Great Outback

Brisbane To Winton Road Trip
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Travelling to Winton is a breeze because of the proximity of the Warrego, Carnarvon, and Capricorn Highways. The pleasure will last for 16 hours and just over 1,400 kilometres as you travel across the Outback. This outback town is bursting to the limits with natural, cultural, and historical attractions.

It is famous for being the birthplace of the song “Waltzing Matilda,” as well as the “dinosaur capital of Australia,” and it is endowed with a wealth of gorgeous boulder opal. Winton is also the location of the largest film festival in Australia that is solely devoted to Australian movies. This year, the ninth annual Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival will be placed from the 24th of June to the 2nd of July. The festival will feature a varied schedule of masterclasses, seminars, and live entertainment during its duration.

The journey itself is going to be half the pleasure of this road trip beginning in Brisbane, just as it is with most other road trips. Along the road from Brisbane to Winton, you will pass through some quaint little rural communities, some rocky mountain ranges, and some bright red plains. This region of Outback Queensland is home to some of the state’s most gorgeous scenery.

Ideal Route From Brisbane To Winton

On this road trip, we are going to take the straight highway road from Brisbane To Winton. We will be starting this road trip from stunning Brisbane. Then our first stop will be the stunning Roma. Then we will go all the way to Jericho. After exploring Jericho, we will head to Longreach before our final destination and right after that, we will head to our final destination Winton.

Travelling this distance by car will take around 16 hours and 50 minutes, as it is a 1406-kilometre journey. I suggest planning for at least 12 days for the Brisbane To Winton road trip.

Brisbane To Winton Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

Here, we will provide you with a detailed 3 stops road trip plan from Brisbane To Winton, including information on accommodations, activities, and transportation.

Total distance is approx 1406 km and driving approx 16 hrs 50 mins

Bus Distance21 Hours 10 Minutes
Drive / Car Distance16 Hours 50 Minutes
Stops3 Stops
Nearest AirportWinton Airport

Brisbane to Roma

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Total distance is approx 479 km Driving Approx 5 hrs 20 mins

It takes about two hours to travel from Brisbane to Winton via the Warrego Highway, so fill up the car and get going!

Toowoomba is a town in southern Queensland, and as such, it is home to more than 150 parks and gardens that you may enjoy while on your way there. The Bakers Duck has the best pastries and croissants in town, so if you missed breakfast, you should definitely swing by. Pick up some pies or homemade bread for picnic lunches on the go.

Travelling the hour to Dalby from Toowoomba is a great opportunity for a rest stop. You can’t go on a road trip across Outback Queensland without stopping for a tasty snack and enjoying some rural hospitality. Need some sugary snacks to keep you going? Scrummy Cakes, Darby’s Fresh Bake, and Katty Cakes will satisfy your cravings.

Now that you’ve eaten enough to last the remaining three hours of the day’s travel to Roma, it’s time to get moving. Before calling it a night, I suggest stopping by the Roma Explorers Inn for a hearty pub meal.

Top attractions in Roma

  • The Big Rig
  • Roma Courthouse
  • Roma Bush Gardens
  • Roma Visitor Information Centre
  • Roma’s Largest Bottle Tree

Accommodation in Roma

  • Roma Central Motel
  • Starlight Motor Inn
  • Roma Inland Motor Inn
  • Overlander Homestead Motel

Restaurants in Roma

  • Explorers Restaurant
  • Bakearoma
  • Overlander Homestead Steakhouse
  • White Bull Tavern

Roma to Jericho

Jericho from above

Total distance is approx 555 km Driving Approx 6 hrs 30 mins

Get up early and take one last look at Roma before beginning the Capricorn Highway journey that will take you six hours to complete and will take you to Jericho. The Emerald gem fields and the Drummond Range, which are closely located to Alpha, may be seen from the Capricorn Way, which is one of the routes that you have planned for a road trip across Winton.

Before you even get to Jericho, make sure the camera is all set up. This picturesque rural village has a total population of only one hundred residents. The banks of the Jordan River in Redbank Park are the most convenient location for parking a vehicle. Observe the avian life along the riverbank with the help of binoculars as the sun begins to set.

Top attractions in Jericho

  • Crystal Trumpeter’s Sculpture
  • Crystal Trumpeters
  • Paving the Glory
  • Jericho Drive-In Theatre

Accommodation in Jericho

  • Kadina Village Motel
  • Wallaroo Marina Apartments
  • Kadina Gateway Motor Inn

Restaurants in Jericho

  • Jordan Valley Café
  • Jordan Valley Hotel
  • Australia Post – Jericho LPO

Jericho to Longreach

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Total distance is approx 194 km Driving Approx 2 hrs 10 mins

Take the Capricorn Highway to Barcaldine in an hour. The town of Barcaldine has a rich past. Both the Tree of Knowledge and the beginnings of the labour movement in Australia are also traced back to this location. Check the Radio Picture Theatre schedule and see a movie. Longreach is an hour away.

The paddle-wheeler Pride of the Murray, which is 100 years old, made the journey from Echuca to Longreach, which is approximately 1400 kilometres. She cruises the Thomson River after repair. Stockman’s Hall of Fame and Outback Heritage Centre are must-sees. Aboriginal history spans 40,000 years.

Thomson River sunsets are unique. The city is known for the river’s “extended reach” and is located on the Tropic of Capricorn! Experience the sunset while learning about the river’s history, native creatures, and more at Outback Dinner & Show and the Drover’s Sunset Cruise. Camden Park Station, a fifth-generation 80,000-acre sheep and cattle farm, is remarkable.

Your heartbeat will rise as you travel down the historic Longreach-Windorah mail route in a Cobb & Co. stagecoach that has been lovingly reconstructed. Captain Starlight’s watchtower 55km northwest of Longreach is worth seeing. Hike 20 minutes to this spectacular rock structure and admire the sunset from here to see why Big Sky Country is called that.

Top attractions in Longreach

  • Qantas Founders Museum
  • Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame & Outback Heritage
  • Outback Pioneers – Longreach
  • Camden Park Station
  • Longreach Powerhouse and Historical Museum

Accommodation in Longreach

  • Longreach Motor Inn
  • Abajaz Motor Inn
  • Albert Park Motor Inn
  • The Jumbuck Motel
  • The Staging Post

Restaurants in Longreach

  • Harry’s Restaurant
  • Merino Bakery
  • The Birdcage Hotel Pty Ltd
  • Longreach RSL Memorial Services Club Inc
  • Outback Pioneers

Longreach to Winton

Winton outback queensland australia

Total distance is approx 179 km Driving Approx 2 hrs

Start the last day of your trip off with a relaxing morning before hitting the road for the two hours it takes to reach the picturesque outback town of Winton. Visits to the Dinosaurs Museum and the Waltzing Matilda Centre will provide you with an excellent opportunity to learn about the town’s illustrious past.

Winton is known as the “Hollywood of the Outback” in Australia because of its steep ranges and rough scenery, which earned it its moniker. Goldstone, The Proposition, Mystery Road, and Total Control are just a few of the well-known Hollywood movies that have been filmed in this location. It is only fitting that this picturesque town should play host to the Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival, which is the largest film festival in the world that is solely devoted to showcasing Australian filmmaking.

Over the road from the Waltzing Matilda Center is a swimming pool with a fibreglass statue of the Jolly Swagman standing next to it. The statue was created in his likeness. It is only fitting that he should be seated close to a coolibah tree that appears to be in excellent health. The more amazing show, though, can be seen in the centre, where a recreation of the complete billabong scenario can be found. While the town of Winton is home to a variety of interesting places to visit, none of them quite measure up to the experience of going to the Corfield & Fitzmaurice store on the main street.

Top attractions in Winton

  • Waltzing Matilda Centre
  • The Musical Fence
  • Machinery Museum
  • Australian Age of Dinosaurs
  • Arno’s Wall
  • The Royal Theatre

Accommodation in Winton

  • Winton Outback Motel
  • North Gregory Hotel
  • Boulder Opal Motor Inn
  • Tattersalls Hotel Van Park
  • Cottage on Cork

Restaurants in Winton

  • Tattersalls Hotel
  • Balamara Bakery
  • The Winton Hotel
  • Boulder Opal Motor Inn
  • Australian Hotel Winton

What Is Winton Popular for?

It is known as the Dinosaur Capital of Australia, and it is also the area where a legendary Australian airline got its start. Additionally, it is the location where the myth of a merry swagman first appeared in Australian history. From dinosaur stampedes to musical fences, this is a community that takes pride in being the first or only of its kind in the world.

The Best Time To Travel Winton

The months of April through September are the greatest time to visit Winton due to the extreme heat. Visitation to Winton is most enjoyable during the colder months. That’s why April to September is a great time to plan this road trip.


What Is The Cheapest Way To Get From Brisbane To Winton?

The Train is the most cost-effective transportation option while travelling from Brisbane To Winton. It will take around 28 hours and 10 minutes of your time and cost you between $110 – $230.

What Is The Fastest Way To Get From Brisbane To Winton?

The fastest way to go from Brisbane To Winton is a flight, which will take around 7 hours and 50 mins and will cost between $190 – $380 for each ticket.

Which Airlines Fly From Brisbane To Winton Airport?

Qantas, Regional Express, Alliance Airlines and Virgin Australia fly from Brisbane To Winton, which will take about 7 hrs 50 mins approx and costs $190 – $380 for each ticket.

How Much Is A Bus Ticket From Brisbane To Winton?

Travelling by bus will cost about $130 – $260 to travel from Brisbane To Winton. It will take around 21 hours and 10 minutes.


The road trip from Brisbane to Winton is going to be one of a kind. Queensland is surrounded by some of the most beautiful places that are the best in the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a wonderful country, especially during the wintertime. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture your memories and pictures. Make sure you pack your essentials before hitting the road. Travel safely!

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