Cairns to Broome Road Trip – Perfect Way to Explore Australia’s Outback

Cairns to Broome Road Trip
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Cairns boasts an idyllic position between the lush rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef. Many travellers love to start their trip from Cairns to the nearby natural jewels. One such travelling destination is Broome. Broome is located in the northwest of Australia, and it’s a coastal town.

This city is the gateway to the Kimberley region. However, travellers looking for a perfect plan for the Cairns to Broome road trip. The distance between these two destinations is 3924.4 KM. There are 31 attractive places from both ends along this route. 

So, considering your need, we developed a complete road trip itinerary of 7 days. Within this time, you will surely reach Cairns to Broome by driving and will enjoy all the beauties in between this route. So, sharply read this guide till the end!

Cairns to Broome Road Trip: Itinerary, Places, Distance & Attractions

In 4 ways, you can get from Cairns to Broome: car, train, plane, and bus. Under normal traffic, the nonstop drive time to reach Broome from Cairns is 40 hours and 54 minutes, or sometimes 42 hours. There are 31 visiting places along this route that you shouldn’t miss on your road trip.

Bus, Train 6 Days 16 Hours 
Drive/Car Distance40 Hours 54 Minutes 
Stops 31
Nearest Airport Cairns Airport (CNS/YBCS)

However, you should have 7-9 days spare at your hand to enjoy all the beautiful attractions on this road trip. Whatever information you require about visiting places, you will get everything in this article.

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Cairns to Undara

2560px Undara National Park2 1
Undara National – Wikimedia Commons

Pack your bag, ready your car to hit the road, and start your journey on the first day from Cairns.

The 1st stop from Cairns to your Broome destination is Undara. Cairns to Undara distance is 259.9 KM. Driving along National Route 1, you will require 3 hours and 20 minutes to reach Undara. On the other hand, if you drive along National Route 1 and Undara RD, the approximate driving time is 3 hours 39 minutes to cover the 288.2 KM.

Another route following which you can reach Undara is Bruce Highway A1 and National Route 1. The approximate driving time on this route is 3 hours 39 minutes to cross 306.1 KM. There are many places to visit in Undara. Here you can climb down the depth of the volcanic rock or enjoy the sunset and wildlife.

Top Attractions in Undara

  • Undara Lava Tubes
  • Large Underground Walkways
  • Wildlife

Accommodation in Undara

Restaurants in Undara

  • Portside Seaford Restaurant
  • All Antica Italian Restaurant

Undara to Forsayth

Forsayth Church panoramio
Forsayth Church – panoramio.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

In Queensland, Australia, a rural town or locality is Forsayth. Drive along National Route 1 to reach your next destination Forsayth. The Undara to Forsatyh distance is 185.2 KM. The driving time is nearly 2 hours and 11 minutes.

At the central base of Cape York, Forsayth is located. This city is part of Savannah Way. This city contains granite and minerals and is surrounded by mountainous terrain. While in this city you can do numerous things. It is full of attractive places. Surely you will get many options to explore here.

Top Attractions in Forsayth

Accommodation in Forsayth

Restaurants in Forsayth

  • Cobbold Gorge Bistro
  • Georgetown Roadhouse

Several great accommodation facilities are available in Forsayth. So on the first day of your trip, stay in a beautiful hotel here at night.

Forsayth to Normanton

Normanton queensland australia gulf savannah gulf of carpetnaria
Normanton-queensland-australia-gulf-savannah-gulf-of-carpetnaria.jpg – Wikimedia CommonsVisit

Depart from Forsayth early in the morning and follow the National Route to reach your next destination. 

342.2 KM is the Forsayth to Normanton distance. The driving time between these two ends is 3 hours and 47 minutes along the National Route. Normanton features the persevered Victorian architecture. It is the terminus of the Australian Normanton Railway Station. 

In the Shire of Carpentaria, Queensland, a coastal locality and outback town is Normanton. There are several notable attractions for which it is a popular tourist spot. Moreover, many heritages are also listed on this site. Whether you want to visit the points of interest, landmarks, art galleries, nature, and wildlife areas, this city offers you everything.

Top Attractions in Normanton

  • Krys The Crocodile
  • Bynoe Arts Centre
  • Mutton Hole Wetlands Conservation Park

Accommodation in Normanton

  • Albion Hotel
  • Gulland Motel & Caravan Park
  • Central Hotel Motel

Restaurants in Normanton

  • Albion Hotel Restaurant
  • The Central Hotel Restaurant
  • Gobble N Go

Normanton to Cloncurry

Cloncurry River where the Wills Developmental Road crosses TaldoraQueensland June 2019 1
Cloncurry River where the Wills Developmental Road crosses, Taldora,Queensland, June 2019.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Cloncurry is one of the few places that have a crucial role in shaping Australia. The road distance between Normanton to Cloncurry is 381.9 KM. Drive directly along National Route 83, and you will require 4 hours and 5 minutes to reach Cloncurry. 

In North West Queensland, Australia, a popular tourist destination and local government area are the Shire of Cloncurry. This is a little friendly country town.

Top Attractions in Cloncurry

  • Mary Kathleen Memorial Park & Museum
  • Clem Walton Park
  • Chinaman Creek Dam

Accommodation in Cloncurry

  • Leichardt Hotel Cloncurry
  • Gidgee Inn Motel
  • Wagon Wheel Motel

Restaurants in Cloncurry

  • Cloncurry Bakery
  • Wagon Wheel Motel
  • Red Door Café
  • Gidgee Inn Bar & Grill

For the second night, a great place to stay is in Cloncurry. Spend sufficient time exploring the attractive places in this city and then stay here at night.

Cloncurry to Camooweal

Tree of Knowledge Camooweal 2019 01
Tree of Knowledge, Camooweal, 2019 01.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

After having a good night’s stay at Cloncurry, get up at a reasonable hour. Then in the morning, start your journey again for Camooweal.

Cloncurry to Camooweal’s straight distance is 163.92 miles. And the driving distance is 193.47 miles. However, along the A2 road, you must drive for 3 hours and 25 minutes to cross the 310.2 KM distance between these two ends.

Camooweal is known as the gateway to Queensland, Northern Territory. This city is rich in rural lifestyle and history. You will get the essence of a basic rural town in this city. There is no lack of visiting places here. All other facilities are also available in this city like the two petrol stations, supermarket, general store, pub, etc.

Top Attractions in Camooweal

Accommodation in Camooweal

  • Adels Grove
  • Camooweal Roadhouse
  • Post Office Hotel

Restaurants in Camooweal

  • Post Office Hotel Motel
  • Carpentaria Buffalo Club

Camooweal to Barkly Homestead

Cottage at Barkly
Cottage at Barkly.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

260 KM is the driving distance between the Camooweal to Barkly Homestead. The total driving hours are 2 hours and 43 minutes. The straight distance between these two destinations is 149.43 miles. Whereas the driving distance is 161.17 miles.

Barkly Homestead itself is a unique destination to visit. On your way to Broome from Cairns, you must break your journey in Barkly Homestead. In Australia, this is one of the most remote regions. But still, it offers beautiful places, food, accommodation, and fuel to the visitors. Barkly Homestead is located on the Barkly Tableland and is a roadhouse in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Stay at Night in Barkly Homestead

Barkly Homestead offers great accommodation facilities to visitors. So here you can stay at night on your third day of the journey. This Homestead features numerous cabins and 30 motel rooms, all the air conditioning rooms, ensuite bathrooms, and flat-screen televisions. Moreover, it provides a restaurant facility also.

Barkly Homestead to Daly Waters

dsc 0164
Daly Waters Pub Archives » ‘Are We There Yet?’

Enjoy the excellent accommodation facility in Barkly Homestead at night. Then the next day, wake up and be ready for your next destination, Daly Waters.

Drive for 5 hours and 52 minutes along National Highway 66 and Stuart Highway. Within this driving time, you will cross a 568.9 KM distance between Barkly Homestead & Daly Waters. These two destinations’ straight distance is 287.73 miles. And the driving distance is 352.82 miles. Daly Waters is a historical site in Australia. Prior to the Second World War, the first International Airport in Australia was Daly Waters.

The iconic Daly Waters Pub makes this destination famous. The Daly Waters is a fancy name for the locals. Travellers making a long road trip along the Stuart Highway find it worth visiting this place. While stopping here, you can visit the points of interest & landmarks, historic sites, and many more.

Top Attractions in Daly Waters

  • Stuart Tree Historic Site
  • Daly Waters Aviation Complex
  • Daly Waters Pub

Accommodation in Daly Waters

  • Daly Waters Pub
  • Dally Waters Hi-Way Inn

Restaurants in Daly Waters

  • Historic Pub
  • Hi-Way Inn Daly Waters

Daly Waters to Katherine

River in Katherine Northern Territory Australia 2
River in Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia (2).jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Daly Waters to Katherine’s total distance is 276 KM. The estimated driving time between these two ends is nearly 2 hours and 52 minutes. Katherine is a beautiful place to stop on your Broome trip. This place is famous as the crossroads of the north in Australia.

By visiting Katherine, you can explore and experience the world-famous Nitmiluk Gorge. Also, you can conquer the world-famous Jatbula Trail, monsoon rainforest, waterfalls, stone country, camping, aboriginal rock art, etc. Here are different places to enjoy and explore. So don’t miss taking a break in this city on your road trip.

Top Attractions in Katherine

  • Nitmiluk (Katherine) George
  • Katherine Outback Experience
  • Edith Falls

Accommodation in Katherine

  • Knotts Crossing Resort
  • Pine Tree Motel
  • Cicada Lodge

Restaurants in Katherine

  • Maiden’s Lane
  • Pop Rocket Café
  • The Black Russian Caravan Bar

Once you are done visiting during the day, stay in any of the hotels in Katherine at night. After having a long journey of 4 days, it’s wise to stay in Katherine at night.

Katherine to Timber Creek

Timber Creek | Destinations in Katherine & Surrounds | NT, Australia

On the fifth day, start your morning with breakfast. Then pack everything and hit the road with your car to travel to the next stop, Timber Creek.

233 KM is the Katherine to Timber Creek straight distance, and the road distance is 285.7 KM. To cover this distance, you must drive for nearly three hours. In the Australian Northern Territory, an isolated small town is Timber Creek. It is located on the banks of the Victoria River. The Ngaliwurra Aboriginal people’s traditional land is Timber Creek.

Timber Creek is full of different popular attractions. While staying here, you will find many things to explore and experience in this beautiful small city. Whether you want to explore the monuments & statues, special museums, or historical sites, you will get everything here.

Top Attractions in Timber Creek

  • Jackeroo Lookout
  • Durack Memorial
  • Timber Creek Police Station & Museum

Accommodation in Timber Creek

  • Timber Creek Hotel
  • Bullo River Station
  • Wiring Tourism Park

Restaurants in Timber Creek

  • The Croc Stock Shop
  • Mahogany Bar & Grill
  • Timber Creek Hotel

Timber Creek to Kununurra

Elephant rock kununurra
Elephant rock kununurra.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Driving along National Highway 1, you will require 2 hours and 23 minutes to cross Timber Creek to Kununurra 225.7 KM distance. The gateway town to Australia’s East Kimberley is Kununurra. This city is a great place to explore Western Australia’s most remarkable natural attractions.

Kununurra offers you to explore the waterfalls and gorges, secluded swimming poles, and marvel at the epic national parks. Also, you can visit the Aboriginal art galleries, museums, and points of interest here. Moreover, you can experience the wildlife by visiting the national park.

Top Attractions in Kununurra

  • Emma Gorge
  • Ord River
  • Mirima National Park

Accommodation in Kununurra

  • Freshwater East Kimberley Apartments
  • LAKE Argyle Resort & Caravan Park
  • Kimberley Croc MOTEL

Restaurants in Kununurra

  • Café Sandalwood Kununurra
  • Wild Mango Café
  • Corner side Café

After experiencing adventure throughout the day in Kununurra, you will become tired. So at night, stay in a hotel or motel in Kununurra and rest your body.

Kununurra to Halls Creek

18780195073 1c7f6ab45d b
China Wall Halls Creek, The Kimberley | China Wall, a quartz… | Flickr

Five days of your road trip have already been completed. Now it’s time to start the journey on day 6. From Kununurra, start driving early in the morning and reach Halls Creek within a few hours.

The approximate driving time from Kununurra to Halls Creek is 3 hours and 48 minutes. Following National Highway 1, the driving distance is 368.2 KM. In the heart of the Kimberley, Halls Creek is situated. Initially, Halls Creek was a gold mining town. Later it became the gateway of natural attractions.

Whether staying in this place or just passing through this city, Hall Creek has many things to offer every traveller. There are visitor centers that you can visit while passing by the city. We recommend you visit the National Parks to enjoy an adventurous trip.

Top Attractions in Halls Creek

  • Halls Creek Visitors Centre
  • Wolfe Creek Crater National Park
  • Mary Pool

Accommodation in Halls Creek

  • Kimberley Hotel Halls Creek
  • Halls Creek Motel
  • Halls Creek Caravan Park

Restaurants in Halls Creek

  • Halls Creek Bakery
  • The Café Mungarri In The Park
  • Poinciana Roadhouse

Halls Creek to Fitzroy Crossing

133419816 e11a677786 c
Fitzroy Crossing – The Kimberley | Approaching Fitzroy Cross… | Flickr

Drive for another 3 hours along the National Highway from Halls Creek to Fitzroy Crossing. The driving distance between these two destinations is 289.1 KM. This city is a great outback town and is located on the banks of the Fitzroy River.

There are many things to explore here. But the National Park in this town is one of the main tourist attractions. Fitzroy Crossing is also a great base for exploring Tunnel Creek, Devonian National Parks, and Windjana Gorge.

Top Attractions in Fitzroy Crossing

  • Geikie Gorge National Park
  • Mimbi Caves
  • Fitzroy Crossing Visitor Centre
  • DEC Boat Tour

Accommodation in Fitzroy Crossing

  • Fitzroy River Lodge Pty Ltd
  • Crossing Inn
  • Tanunda Caravan Park

Restaurants in Fitzroy Crossing

  • Jalangurru Mayi Café
  • Fitzroy River Lodge

On day 6, your obvious night stay destination is Fitzroy Crossing. Stay here at night, sleep well, and charge yourself for your next day’s journey.

Fitzroy Crossing to Broome

800px Port of Broome Jetty Western Australia
Port of Broome Jetty, Western Australia.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Fitzroy Crossing is the last stop to stay before reaching your dream destination Broome. From Fitzroy, start your journey early in the morning and drive for a few hours to reach Broome.

Again along National Highway 1, drive for 4 hours and 10 minutes. The distance between Fitzroy Crossing & Broome is 396.3 KM. So, on day 7, when you reach Broome, your road trip ends. Finally, you reached your destination. And now it’s time to explore all the attractive places in and around Broome.

Broome is the gateway to the natural wonders of the Kimberley region in Western Australia. This remote town has many treasures to offer its visitors. Here you can enjoy the eye-popping coastal scenery, diversity of shorebirds dot, striking blue seas splash, and many more beauties.

Top Attractions in Broome

  • Cable Beach
  • Malcolm Douglas Broome Crocodile Park
  • Gantheaume Point
  • Broome Historical Museum
  • Tunnel Creek National Park
  • Broome Town Beach
  • Roebuck Bay
  • Broome Visitor Centre

Accommodation in Broome

  • The Continental Hotel Broome
  • Oaks Broome Hotel
  • Oaks Cable Beach Resort
  • Bali Hai Resort & Spa
  • Kimberley Sands Resort

Restaurants in Broome

  • Bali Hai Café and Restaurant
  • Cichetti Club
  • Johnny Sausage Italian Restaurant
  • Little Indian Restaurant
  • Green Mango Café


What is the best month to go to Broome?

Usually, May to October is the best season to visit Broome. During these months, you will enjoy warm days and balmy nights in Broome. Actually, this is the perfect weather for making a road trip or holiday.

What is Cairns Popular for?

Cairns is the gateway to the Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest and Iconic Great Barrier Reef. It is a beautiful city in Queensland, Australia. This city is undoubtedly popular for its oceanic attractions. Moreover, the modern architecture of this area is increasing its popularity among visitors.

The reasons for the skyrocketing popularity of this city are the plenty of close beaches, bustling markets, café, modern architectural design, etc. Cairns is surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns Harbour, Green Island, Daintree National Forest, and many more attractions.

Can I Drive from Cairns to Broome?

Yes! From Cairns, Queensland, Australia, you can drive to Broome, Western Australia. Via National Highway 1, you can drive towards Broome from Cairns. The total driving distance is 3924.4 KM. The estimated driving time is nearly 42 hours.

On the other hand, along the Savannah Way, Cairns to Broome road distance is 3700 KM. This route links five noteworthy World Heritage sites and 15 National Parks.

Is Cairns close to Broome?

No! Cairns is not close to Broome. In fact, you require a huge amount of time to reach Broome from Cairns.

Is Broome worth visiting?

Broome is well known for its pearling industry. But there are many more points of interest, historical and other places in Broome to visit. All these attractive places make this city worthy of visiting.

Final Thoughts

And that is the end of your Cairns to Broome Road Trip itinerary. Road trips are actually fun times with yourself, family, friends, or even kids. So, before starting a trip, any traveller should make a complete itinerary of their destination, including where they want to stop or explore.

Now we have guided you with a complete road plan for 7 days. But this plan is completely flexible. And according to your convenience, you can add or subtract the stops from this list. But we included all those places where you must take a break along this route.

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