Cairns to Perth Road Trip: Ultimate Guide!

Cairns to Perth Road Trip
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The Cairns To Perth Road Trip starts from tropical North Queensland, where the ocean and rainforest collide, and is the starting point of our eight days adventure. Before leaving for a day excursion to swim the magnificent Great Barrier Reef, go sightseeing around Cairns.

Afterward, go to Darwin to discover the natural attractions, including Edith Falls, Katherine Gorge, and Kakadu National Park. Next, travel to Broome to see a native wilderness camp and learn about the occurrence of Horizontal Falls. With a free day to explore on your own, the tour ends in Perth.

Detailed Guide From Cairns To Perth Road Trip

Let’s look at the places of attraction that will add excitement to this journey.

Day 1: Cairns – The Starting Point

Board, a fast catamaran for a full-day sail to the Great Barrier Reef. Which is one of Australia’s most incredible natural gifts. The reef is home to over 3,000 reef systems and coral cays, supporting various marine life. Numerous beautiful tropical islands with some of the most excellent golden beaches surround the reef. One of the top tourist sites in the world is the Great Barrier Reef.

Day 2: Darwin – Nitmiluk National Park

Distance: 2355 km

Duration: 26 hrs

The 292,008-hectare Nitmiluk National Park, owned by the Jawoyn Aboriginal people, is jointly maintained by them and the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission. The area’s main draw is the deep 13-gorge system the Katherine River excavated through old sandstone, which provides a fantastic natural playground for various sports and the ideal location to utilize as a base to explore the broad valleys, rocky landscape, and important cultural sites.

The park’s main entrance is accessible through a sealed road 30 km northeast of Katherine. Watch out for wallabies who haven’t yet mastered the laws of the road. May through September are the most pleasant for travel because of the slightly lower temperatures and less chance of rain. When it rains between September and May, floods may limit some activities and even bar visitors from entering the park.

The Jawoyn Aboriginal people have lived in Nitmiluk for countless years, where food and water are abundant. It now serves as a live example of prehistoric Aboriginal culture, with relics and antiquities illuminating the rich history of the Jawoyn people.

We invite you to take advantage of one-of-a-kind experiences and develop a solid connection to this magnificent area and its people, regardless of whether you are a day visitor, have a few days to appreciate Nitmiluk’s offerings or have time to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and culture of Nitmiluk Gorge. No matter how long you stay, the trip to Nitmiluk National Park is worthwhile.

Day 3: Darwin – Leliyn Edith Falls

Distance: 150 m

Duration: 1 min

Leliyn Edith Falls is situated on the park’s western edge, 60 km along the Stuart Highway north of Katherine. Leliyn is the perfect place for camping because of its lush, grassy campgrounds and picturesque wooded backdrop. A well-equipped kiosk offers a delicious supper for those who have just finished hiking the Jatbula Trail or are hungry after a swim.

Although it may occasionally be closed to swimming from November through to April, you may enjoy swimming in the paperbark and pandanus-fringed most of the year. There is a natural pool at the foot of the falls. 

The 2.6 km Leliyn Trail offers a strenuous trek through a high, rocky circle and is one of the best bushwalking areas in the region. Halfway along the walk, the upper pool of Leliyn offers the opportunity for a cooling swim. You may also enjoy the other 9 km roundtrip trek to Sweetwater Pool, a serene bathing place. The 62km Jatbula Trail trekking track starts at the Gorge end of Nitmiluk National Park and ends at Leliyn Edith Falls.

Day 4: Darwin – Kakadu National Park

Distance: 127 km

Duration: 1 hr 22 min

Start your day journey to Kakadu National Park early in the morning. Start on Stuart Highway, one of the nation’s longest roadways. Arrive next in Kakadu National Park, a more than 11,800-mile-long UNESCO World Heritage Site. Numerous animal and plant species, including birds, flatback turtles, and saltwater crocodiles, may be found in the park.

Join a local guide for a trip along the Yellow Water Billabong in search of saltwater crocodiles. In case you notice a few crocodiles, have your camera ready. Given that these waterways are home to more than 1,000 crocodiles, the likelihood is high. The Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre is the next destination on the itinerary. The traditional park residents, the Bininj People, will welcome you and tell you about their daily lives in Kakadu National Park. In the evening, travel back to Darwin and spend the night alone.

Day 5: Eighty Mile Beach

Distance: 2011 km

Duration: 20 hrs 30 min

Western Australia’s Eighty Mile Beach is a stunning shoreline that stretches for an incredible 128 kilometers (or 80 miles). This undeveloped beach is a beautiful natural treasure, providing tourists with a tranquil and undisturbed setting. Long lengths of white sand that flawlessly blend with the turquoise waves of the Indian Ocean make this beach one of the most beautiful in the world. Due to the richness of unusual marine and birds, it is a refuge for beachcombers, nature enthusiasts, and birdwatchers.

The vast intertidal flats offer an intriguing chance for exploration during low tide when a complex ecology of marine organisms and vivid seashells are revealed. The region is home to various bird species, including migrating birds that temporarily use the beach, which will thrill bird watchers. 

Fishing, swimming, beachcombing, and just enjoying leisurely walks down the shore are just a few recreational pursuits visitors may partake in. Eighty Mile Beach is the ideal place for individuals looking for tranquillity in nature and a respite from the stress of everyday existence because of its unspoiled beauty and peaceful ambience.

Day 6: Coral Bay And Brown Range

Distance to Coral Bay: 990 kmDistance to Brown Range: 234 km
Duration: 10 hrs 12 minDuration: 2 hrs 22 min

Coral Bay: This little, laid-back coastal community, Coral Bay, is a must-visit spot for nature enthusiasts owing to the stunning coral gardens only a few meters from the immaculate white sandy beach. It’s impossible to resist falling in love with Coral Bay since the town is so lovely and is all about the ocean and the shore.

Coral Bay is a dreamy start to the spectacular splendour of the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef, with its immaculate white sand beaches and blue seas. It’s one of the few locations where you can see fascinating aquatic animals like whale sharks up close. Alternatively, if catching a large one is more your style, embark on a fishing excursion to bring home your prize catch. The once-in-a-lifetime water excursion has it all.

Brown Range: The Brown Range in Western Australia is the most popular place. It is well known because of the largest Northern Mineral’s dysprosium excavation factory. The primary goal of the Northern Minerals’ Browns Range project is to produce dysprosium. This heavy rare earth element is essential for creating permanent magnets, electric motors, and wind turbines. The Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) approved the proposal in August 2015 after a final feasibility assessment for the Browns Range project was finished in March 2015.

As part of a three-year pilot study to determine the economic and technological viability of a larger-scale operation at Browns Range, the business started producing heavy rare earth carbonate in late 2018. A three-year, 60,000 tpa factory will be built as part of the $56 million pilot plant project to create 590,000 kg of total rare earth oxide (TREO) annually, including 49,000 kilograms of dysprosium.

Day 7: Shark Bay And Geraldton

Distance to Shark Bay: 252 kmDistance to Geraldton: 338 km
Duration: 2 hrs 30 minDuration: 3 hrs 29 min

Shark Bay: Shark Bay, a natural wonderland, offers several possibilities to see unique vegetation, beautiful birds, and exotic creatures on land and in the sea. Wild dolphins at Monkey Mia swim to the shore to greet guests as they arrive. This stunning area of West Australian bush is a sanctuary for those who appreciate the outdoors and the natural world, promising one extraordinary experience after another as well as nearly year-round sunshine.

Continue to Francois Peron National Park to experience the outback with your camera ready for more picturesque vistas. Witness the red earth’s collision with brilliant white beaches and turquoise-blue waves by taking off on a self-guided walking path or taking a four-wheel drive over challenging driving roads.

Geraldton: Enjoy thrilling outdoor experiences amidst the grandeur of the secluded Abrolhos Islands while taking in Geraldton’s breathtaking seascapes. Geraldton is a vibrant coastal city that proudly invites adventure seekers, fishing enthusiasts, and cuisine lovers to experience its numerous attractions. Geraldton proudly showcases its rich maritime and Aboriginal heritage at every step.

You may plan a jam-packed trip to Geraldton with activities like kiteboarding and snorkelling. Start your excursions by travelling to the Abrolhos Islands for diving or snorkelling, or take a scenic flight to see these gorgeous coral-fringed islands from above.

Day 8: Perth – The Ending Point

Distance: 419 km

Duration: 4 hrs 25 min

Perth borders the Indian Ocean with 19 white, sandy beaches framed by the massive Kaarta Koomba and sculpted by the Swan River’s s-bends. Western Australia’s capital is a robust city that balances its scenic surroundings and bustling nightlife. Perth is a safe, hospitable, clean, and easy-to-navigate city, whether you want to use the public transport system, drive yourself, or hail a cab or an Uber. Most visitors arrive by plane. The airport is approximately 20 minutes from the city core. However, some choose to go across the Nullarbor Plain, a long, arduous desert trip along Australia’s base that may be completed on foot or by the Indian Pacific railway.

The Western metropolis is Australia’s sunniest capital city, and its residents are as radiant as the clear sky above. Days on the lake stroll in one of the biggest inner-city parks and 30-minute excursions to nearby wineries and wilderness where you may spot kangaroos and cockatoos that coexist with summer arts events. It takes only 30 minutes to traverse the ocean by ferry to reach Rottnest Island, known for its picturesque coves.

The light in Perth is noticeably evident. In addition to shining on the city’s waterfront at Elizabeth Quay and illuminating the bridge leading to Optus Stadium, which was named the world’s most beautiful sports venue at the 2019 Prix Versailles Architecture and design awards, the sun also warms the sand at Cottesloe Beach. It casts amber rays into the water at sunset.

Perth’s distinctive neighbourhoods are worth visiting. The Perth Cultural Centre, which houses the recently completed WA Museum Boola Bardip and the Art Gallery of WA, and Yagan Square, a busy public road, connect Northbridge’s tiny pubs, street murals, and micro-stores to the city’s centre. Urban settlements Leederville, Mt. Lawley, and Subiaco, which are only ten minutes. drive away, provide a diverse array of regional eateries, stores, and pubs.


How Many Days Does It Take To Drive From Cairns To Perth?

Yes, it is 5251 kilometers to drive from Cairns to Perth. Driving non-stop from Cairns to Perth takes about 2 days and 9 hours.

Are 3 Days Enough For Perth?

Three days in Perth are more than enough time to see everything it offers, mainly if your plan includes excursions that blend the city’s attractions, culture, and adventures with the southwest coast of Western Australia.

Is Perth Cheap Or Expensive?

Living in Perth is typically seen as cheaper than in the eastern capitals. For an 85-square-meter flat, the projected monthly charges for a combined power, water, and trash bill should be around $299.84.

Why Is Perth Famous?

Perth is known for its love of fine coffee and has hundreds of coffee houses where the craft of creating delicious coffee concoctions is celebrated. The city has great markets and retail places, including Kings Street, London Court, and Northbridge.

In The End

Cairns to Perth road trip is an adventure that perfectly captures the spirit of Australia. This tour is a tapestry of many natural treasures, ranging from the lush rainforests of Cairns to the magnificent coastal scenery of Perth. The journey gives chances to discover undiscovered attractions, get up close and personal with unusual creatures, and take in the grandeur of the outback.

You’ll forge lifelong memories, become immersed in the community, and discover Australia in all its glory. A journey from Cairns to Perth is a life-changing expedition displaying this extraordinary continent’s splendour and diversity.

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